End Of Nations Begins Anew As A MOBA

Show no fear, troops. Remember: we're built Tonka Tough.

Is End of Nations cursed? I’ve consulted with shamans (and even one soothsayer) from as many cultures as possible, but I’ve yet to reach a definitive conclusion. In the meantime, here are the facts: the massive-scale RTS went through countless states of beta, got pushed way back when Trion deemed it not up to snuff, parted ways with original developer Petroglyph, and then descended back into Trion’s development catacombs, never to be heard from again. Now, however, it’s finally emerged, but it’s looking a little bit, um… different. Can you say “tactical MOBA”? Because Trion sure can. Also “fast-paced military MOBA/RTS,” because genre identities are hard.

End of Nations’ beta page is sporting a shiny coat of paint and new, arena-friendly engine under the hood. Also, a super weird, demeaning image of a lady sidling up to a coloss0-man with orgasmic hunger, because that’s what military women do. Clearly. Siiiiiiiiiigh.

Anyway, here’s what Trion’s saying about End of Nations now:

“End of Nations is a tactical MOBA where your success on the battlefield depends on the heroes and units you command and quick decision making in the heat of combat. Dominate during team based matches and catapult your commander to the top of the ranks.”

Meanwhile, the Defiance and Rift developer has revealed five heroes, all of which are vehicles. Col. Boze is a mech, Sidewinder is a helicopter, Decibel is tank thing, Hippocrates is an ambulance that eats other ambulances, and The Judge is some kind of… eagle car? Yes, an eagle car, the most majestic of all death machines.

Quite a change from Trion’s stated intention of tweaking the learning curve, improving the UI, and giving strategy some extra oomph, huh? But I suppose that if EoN wasn’t working as an RTS, it just wasn’t working. Here’s hoping Trion’s putting in the work to make a good MOBA, despite what is, so far, an astoundingly quick turnaround time.

So then, is anyone more interested in this one now that it’s a MOBA?


  1. Shezo says:

    All we need right now is MOBA-styled game, where one side is all types of zombies and the other side is some military cod-like guys.

  2. Iskariot says:

    Very disappointing. I have been an RTS gamer for more than 30 years, starting on my MSX or Amiga and this trend toward online only RTS is something I deplore.
    I want my RTS games off-line, with a cool AI and infinite replayability, like the Dawn of War 1 series and SupCom Forged Alliance. I am still playing them.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      The MSX was a fantastic machine! What RTS’ did you have on it? Couldn’t agree more with wanting my games offline and with solid single player.

    • Arathain says:

      It might not be your thing, but Wargame: Airland Battle is quite the thing. In some ways it has a SupCom-ish feel to it, with very large maps and that whole strategic zoom thing. It certainly has replayability, with the need to craft your own force composition for skirmish and multiplayer. Having something like 800 different units helps here too.

      It’s a different sort of RTS to… well, anything, really, it’s kind of its own thing, but watch some matches on Youtube and see if it appeals.

  3. KirbyEvan says:

    Great, ANOTHER MOBA.

    Is this the new FPS?

    • Gnoupi says:

      Actually, I believe it’s the new WoW or farmville: something seems to make insane amounts of money in F2P (Dota2, LoL), so you have your usual gold rush, hoping to get some of the dust which fell through the sifts of the bigger players.

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        Heroes of Newerth is pretty much a twitching corpse outside of the South East Asia region since Dota 2 invites became so prolific.
        Demigod died before it could even get going.
        Rise of the Immortals/Battle for Graxia shut down last month after a 6 month open beta of the new game.
        Super Monday Night Combat’s playerbase is non-existent.
        Bloodline Champions was abandoned by the developer 9 months ago presumably because of the low player numbers & the lack of support from their publisher (Funcom).

        Dev’s can keep trying to get in to the lane pushing genre but as long as League of Legends exists & Icefrog is working on Dota 2, they’re just throwing development time & money away.

  4. chris1479 says:

    Every time whoever writes this stuff slips in more irrelevant BS about misogyny I want to read this site a little bit less. Stop it. If I wanted politics I’d be reading the news instead. Also End of Nations was/is a complete mess, a jumble of incomprehensibile ideas that don’t gel at all.

    • PoulWrist says:

      It’s not irrelevant :)

      • chris1479 says:

        Computer Games ………………….. Politics, faaaaaaaaaaar awaaaaaaaay.

        • Chris D says:

          Dude. Everything is political.

          • Gap Gen says:

            But Chris, everyone knows politics is boring men not women in suits talking about boring things and not the subtle balance of power that pervades our every waking moment.

          • chris1479 says:

            I don’t give a shit about the subtle balance of power

          • The Random One says:

            You don’t until it starts to screw you, and then it’s too late.

          • chris1479 says:

            We’re all screwed, already, it already came and went. Politics-wise. And besides, if you want to see who the enemy is take a look in the mirror “I have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    • aepervius says:

      In this case it is very relevant. Look at the imagery : a big man with ripling muscle and a much smaller woman (by what, 50 to 60 cm?) which “hang” on the guy, looking at us smiling from the side. What is this ? A Space marine dating sim ? Usually i tend to think like you , but they managed to even make me rise my eyebrow sky high.

      What the heck were they thinking ?

      • lowprices says:

        I would play a space marine dating sim. Particularly if it was set in the 40K universe.

        • Gap Gen says:

          Cilla Black hosts “Blind Cloning”

          • lowprices says:

            “Nah this lovely fella is Captain Titus, an’ ‘ees an Ultramarine. ‘Is turnoffs include Chaos, Xenos and ‘eretics. ‘Is perfect partner would be someone oo shares ‘is passion for wagin’ eternal war against the enemies of the Imperium of Man.”

        • The Random One says:

          Someone call the Redshirt devs, I think we have some DLC for them…

    • Rich says:

      It was one snarky comment. Get over yourself.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Right, because games aren’t part of our culture and don’t at all reflect how we view the people in our society. Nope.

      Oh, also “read the news to understand politics”. Haha. Comedy is amazing.

    • Koozer says:

      It isn’t some far away ‘political’ issue we the common folk don’t need to worry about.

      When I got their email about the relaunch, the first thing I rolled my eyes at was the MOBA thing. The second was that weird background image. Makes them look immature.

      Irony: This thread wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t complained about this kind of thing being everywhere!

      (Also: The internet doesn’t know what misogyny means any more…)

      • chris1479 says:

        Misogyny is the latest revision to the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate lineup isn’t it?

    • mondomau says:

      I don’t care about the snarky misogynistic comment, but people that type ‘sigh’ in comments or articles make me want to scream with impotent internet rage and punch lolcats.

    • Strabo says:

      It’s something that should be pointed out every time it happens. It’s not malice often enough on the PR/developer side, but simple thoughtlessness. If only one developer thinks about it before posting some girl pole dancing along a big fat gun (and hey, it might be fitting sometimes to post it) it’s worth it.

      • tpwoods28 says:

        Absolutely. The imagery on the website is pathetic in its pandering to a male audience, and equally demeaning to women by reducing them to sexual objects to be used for marketing purposes. We can try and live in a vacuum where we ignore the incessant sexism prevalent in the games industry, or we can do the right thing and consistently and loudly call those in the industry out on this indefensible bullshit so that they start to get it into their heads that it is not, in any way, okay. I’m gonna go with the latter.

        And, like you said, if it makes just one developer think twice before throwing up yet another demeaning image of a woman, then it will have been worth it.

        • chris1479 says:

          “Absolutely. The imagery on the website is pathetic in its pandering to a male audience, and equally demeaning to women by reducing them to sexual objects to be used for marketing purposes. We can try and live in a vacuum where we ignore the incessant sexism prevalent in the games industry, or we can do the right thing and consistently and loudly call those in the industry out on this indefensible bullshit so that they start to get it into their heads that it is not, in any way, okay. I’m gonna go with the latter.

          And, like you said, if it makes just one developer think twice before throwing up yet another demeaning image of a woman, then it will have been worth it.”

          Don’t be such an imbecile, developers put that shit IN games because people like a) tits b) pictures containing tits c) things that are tit related, not because they are evil warped geniuses perpetuating an outdated gender paradigm in order to corrupt people into purchasing their game.

          Now. Piss off back to the VIth form common room you came from.

          • hotmaildidntwork says:

            I question whether you are fully qualified to determine what “people” like.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      …and right across from them on the right side of your screen is a confident pilot lady who don’t need no man.

      If you want to do a story about this, this is a really tame example. I’ve seen adverts for one of those fly-by-night F2P city builder strat games that literally advertised “Join a Roman Orgy!” with a pouty sexy lady in a toga, breathlessly whispering “Play now, my lord!”

    • aldo_14 says:

      Just because it’s irrelevant to you doesn’t mean it is to everyone else.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      “Every time whoever writes this stuff slips in more irrelevant BS about misogyny I want to read this site a little bit less.”

      Good. We’re better off without you.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Forget the word misogyny for a bit and just look at those images. Don’t that look dumb to you?

    • Serenegoose says:

      My favourite thing about the misogyny discussions on RPS is how someone can see a 3 line paragraph about tasteless sexism in a game amidst a much larger article, and then completely ignore the rest of the article to complain about complaining about tasteless sexism, prompting far more replies and a much larger discussion than if they’d just said nothing. Brilliant.

  5. Rich says:

    Anyone else think those big mechs in the piccie are horribly impractical? Wouldn’t the point of power armour be to protect its fleshy driver? You could defeat that thing with a pointy stick.

    • Jonfon says:

      These are the convertible models. Nothing worse* than being trapped in a 5 tonne suit of power armour on a sunny day. Days like that it’s time to let the top down and cruise (well, lumber) with some Fresh Prince playing in the background.

      (*Well actually maybe being in a 5 tonne suit of power armour and then being felled by a well aimed brick is worse)

    • tpwoods28 says:

      They’re like the mechsuits in the final Matrix film, and make as much sense as they did.

      “I’m gonna be attacked by flying robots that want to cut me up, but I should definitely leave my whole body clearly exposed.”

      • DrScuttles says:

        Damn. I’d managed to forget they made a Matrix 2 and 3. Well, at least they stopped making Indiana Jones films after the great one with Sean Connery.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        What are you talking about? There was never a Matrix 2 or 3. The trilogy ended with The Matrix after the Cohen Siblings had that horrible Lutefisk accident. lalalalalalalalalalalalala

    • Gap Gen says:

      Those aren’t mechs, they’re fully autonomous AI war machines. They just have fleshy meatsacks attached to them like truckers staple teddies to their trucks.

  6. Saranis says:

    MOBAs are cheap and easy to make. Theres no reason for them not to make one considering if you deviate any from the set path in this genre you get a ton of fanboys screaming about it.

  7. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    By the time it is ready to release they will have scrapped it to turn it into a 2d platform game, an open world sandbox, a turn based strategy game, a fps, an Octodad clone, and a TV series.

    • Gnoupi says:

      With 8-bit graphics. In HD.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      For maximum frustration somebody really should do an open world sandbox, with almost limitless possibilities, but controls that handle like Octodad… Oh wait, there’s already Dwarf Fortress.

  8. Strabo says:

    Man, I’m incredible excited for Yet-Another-MOBA #17. I’m sure it will be a big hit.

  9. Tei says:

    At least they tried to make a different thing. I think they tried “RTS-squad team deathmach”. But that was not a frame of reference as popular and efective as a moba game, so they are changing.

    Why Constantinopla is now called Istambul?

  10. Kollega says:

    I have one, and only one thing to say… You have got to be fucking kidding me.

    I wished End of Nations would become the first successful MMORTS. I really did. I even planned on playing it. But now it has been turned into another stupid MOBA, which means that a MMORTS dream is again miles away. Thank you, Trion Worlds… you’ve just made me completely disinterested by killing the only one of your things that i thought was worthwhile.

    • Moraven says:

      You could say Shattered Galaxy is the first successful MMORTS. The game is still alive and well after 12 years.

      • nimzy says:

        All I wanted coming in to the End of Nations beta was Shattered Galaxy 2.0… I left incredibly disappointed.

  11. Tayh says:

    Fuck. That. Shit.
    Petroglyphs’ RTSMMO was at least interesting and new. Had quite a lot of fun playing their beta.
    This piece of news is such a kick in the head, they could all go financially bankrupt for all I care.

  12. Jokzore says:

    This is soo horribly disappointing . End of Nations was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Command and Conquer . I played the beta and it looked like the game was on the right path to be just that. But then suddenly the development slowed down because the dev decided that they want to make yet another boring moba game that was without a doubt going to be shot down by DoTA and LoL (its as if devs didnt learn anything from WoW and its clones) . So now after their moba project failed horribly instead of returning to what they are good at they decided to take a perfectly good beta build of a game that was going to be breath of fresh air in the currently RTS deprived market …. and they take it apart and twist it into yet another hunchback abomination of a moba.

  13. malkav11 says:

    I’m guessing the whole MMORTS thing wasn’t really gelling. Which is fine, I suppose. But that was what was interesting to me. It would have been something, well…maybe not entirely new (I think there’s a couple games that have poked toes into those waters), but if done well and singleplayer/coop friendly still unique enough to stand out and be potentially compelling for people like me. But a MOBA? I really have not had any time at all for that genre so far and the only thing that seems to be different about their version of it is the theme. That’s just not nearly enough.

    The only MOBA I’ve seen so far that seems like it might potentially interest me is Sins of a Dark Age, which apparently is going to have mid-battle events that change things up on a regular basis, and IIRC a mode that’s specifically designed for cooperative play rather than just a bot match like League of Legends (or I assume DOTA 2, but I haven’t tried that one). But we’ll see. Ironclad’s previous game doesn’t do that much for me.

  14. DMK says:

    “Also, a super weird, demeaning image of a lady sidling up to a coloss0-man with orgasmic hunger, because that’s what military women do. Clearly. Siiiiiiiiiigh.”

    Do you know the lore behind the moba? Do you know what the picture may represent?

    I know plenty of military women and men who have no issue showing affection to each other in a picture together. It’s insulting and sexist to assume that such a pose is demeaning to either sex.

    Sexism is what you made it out to be. You demeaned the girl in the photo by saying it was demeaning for her to be hugging a man. Would it be demeaning for a man to be a hugging a women in the picture? No. Matter of fact you would problem make a statement on how great it is for a women to be “seen in the position of power” which is again sexist.

    If you want to support equality how about you start thinking of women and men as equals and not subtly make women seem weaker then a man that she can’t show her emotion without being ‘demeaned’

    Also if this site is legitimately trying to make a difference I’d love to see equality for all minorities not just women. Racism and gay hate is still alive within gaming and yet I never see RPS write about that…

    • aldo_14 says:

      Racism and gay hate is still alive within gaming and yet I never see RPS write about that…

      Well, they have. So, um, err, there!

      However, sexism is far, far more accepted and prevalent within the games industry and thus there will be more to report. When images like the ones reference here crop up, it tends to have more influence upon views than any single individual player.

    • deejayem says:

      I don’t normally get into this kind of discussion these days, but it strikes me there’s a misconception here that needs addressing. I’ve seen a few comments equating campaigning against sexism with prudery, comparing people who point out sexist images/attitudes to the Daily Mail / other-self-appointed-moral-arbiter-of-your-choice. That’s a fallacy, I think.

      The point isn’t that these images are objectionable because they have sexual content. It’s more to do with power dynamics and the underlying assumptions. The problem here isn’t that these are two people showing affection, it’s that the man is represented as potent and heroic while the woman is passive and admiring. The problem with the girl isn’t that she’s hugging the man, it’s that she’s relegated to the role of eye-candy rather than an active participant in her own right.

      Sexual pictures of women aren’t automatically sexist – any more than sexual pictures of men are. But sexualised images of either gender (that is, images in which sexual attributes are exaggerated at the cost of any sense of character or agency) are sexist, because they turn people into objects rather than subjects.

    • jrodman says:

      I find it a bit odd to read about women being called “minorities” because they are in fact a majority. Of humans, anyway.

  15. WarOnGamesIndustry says:

    This article and these comments disgust me.

    The game from alpha and beta had instanced battles and arena style maps, and certain maps even had creeps and towers. The fact that the game is now rebranded a MOBA should not be a surprise to anyone since the game they showed us had no MMO components to it . It was already a MOBA. There was no persistent world, no guild structure, or anything else that resembled an mmo except for the fact that some maps allowed up 24 players. 24 players on doesn’t make the game an MMO dispite what those idiots at Petro want to tell you. This article just shows how reactionary and uniformed games journalist are.

    Short time, short staff… Occam’s razor speaks pretty clearly.
    There’s always room for surprises, but it seems obvious that the media is enjoying it’s attention right now with all the rabid fuming over things like Xbox One and big companies failing. This isn’t a jab at EoN directly, but more a sensationalizing of a company that’s become perceived to be on it’s way down. Trion and Petro split. Rift went F2P. Layoffs. Zynga is crashing. THQ died. Holy shit, people love to watch a trainwreck! Let’s manufacture one out of circumstantial and tangentially related evidence, to the point that were this company to to have been actually succeeding, now it won’t because we got every single consumer and investor to think maybe it was.
    It’s weird that if enough chicken littles scream that the sky is falling, sometimes it actually does because they yank it down onto themselves to justify their claims.
    This was the entire villainous plot of one of the dumbest Bond movies I’ve ever seen, and it felt about as transparent and BS then as it does now with what’s going on right now within the gaming industry’s “media sources”.
    You know, I’d be willing to go so far as to say that should Trion ever completely crash, it would be the media’s fault. We’re being conditioned to interpret the company’s behavior negatively. This latest blast against EoN just feels like the most petty and unjustified attack yet, because it so clearly has no legs to stand on.

    • Doomsayer says:

      The extremely angry person actually makes an important point. Can ye refute it, RPS, or shall drama dominate gaming news for the next thousand years days?

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        This doesn’t seem particularly dramatic to me. At least not as dramatic as the reply by “WarOnGamesIndustry”. If that is your real name.

      • WarOnGamesIndustry says:

        Why would I not be angry seeing all the misinformation and mass assumptions made? The fact is no one knows what Trion changed and if any changes equate to a major overhaul of the game. But everyone seems to be outraged at Trion and EON. Wait to see what they did before bashing it.

  16. SkittleDiddler says:

    Oh look! Another lane-pusher! Just what the world needs right now.

  17. radishlaw says:

    All I wanted is a spiritual successor to Shattered Galaxy. Why is it so hard, developers?

  18. Tasloi says:

    Pretty cool fantasy space marine couple in an obvious romantic embrace. Arguably an odd choice for a landing page but ok. The badass female pilot on the other side looks good too. They should release them as downloadable wallpapers.

    • jrodman says:

      I’m not sure most flight suits are as boobular as that one. Perhaps that’s what makes it bad-ass?

      • Tasloi says:

        In my opinion the entirety of the image she portrays makes it badass not any particular aspect of it.

  19. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    The first time I read the names of the different vehicle-characters, I somehow smooshed together Sidewinder the helicopter and Hippocrates the ambulance, reading it as a character named Helicopcrates.

    Someone please make a game starring Helicopcrates.

  20. rockman29 says:

    Ewwww…. so much fail..

    Just make a clone of C&C Red Alert or TibSun for crying out loud…

  21. solymer89 says:

    I didn’t care for what EoN was the first time I gave it a whirl. Static maps each with their own objective, some requiring a partner some not. I didn’t mind the static maps issues but, and this maybe me hyping this game up for myself, I imagined a static map like planetside 2 where generals drop in to continent size maps and fight for a region, building a forward base to reinforce your squad. Instead it was an RTS with 5 maps all having different objectives and 5 sets of squads with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Planetside 2 size map in the realm of an RTS would admittedly be huge and I don’t know all the issues of having so many people control a decent amount of units all at the same time on a map like that but that’s what I was expecting. Even after discovering what the game was it just wasn’t enough to keep me playing and I didn’t see enough of a future for that style of game.