Music And Maps: Europa Universal IV

We are approaching the historical strategy event horizon. I’ve been playing Civ V all weekend, exploring the Brave New World expansion, which has sucked me back with all the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner in a black hole, triggering a late night Michael Corleone impression that left my flatmate concerned for my wellbeing. Then there’s Rome War: Total: The Second, which threatens to march into my life on September 3rd and conquer all of the free time that remains. There won’t be a great deal of free time because on August 13th, Europa Universalis IV arrives. I might as well say goodbye to the world for the rest of the year. Several developer diaries and songs below. Paradox really do like their songs.

Tech is first up:

A side order of religion:

Finally, for dessert, exploration and colonisation:

It’s to my eternal shame that I haven’t already shared this song about prestige. It’s a thing of beauty, a love song about complex mechanics in a grand strategy game. It’s almost certainly one of the most important songs ever recorded.

And here’s Casus Belli and a musical behind the scenes video.


  1. Discopanda says:

    A Europa Universalis game I can finally play! :D

  2. orionsmasta says:

    “It’s to my eternal shame that I haven’t already shared this song about prestige. It’s a thing of beauty, a love song about complex mechanics in a grand strategy game. It’s almost certainly one of the most important songs ever recorded.”

    This peaked my interest just long enough to click play on the video, then immediately regret my decision…

    • LTK says:

      Apparently every homophone of ‘peak’ has been made into a homonym and nobody told me.

  3. RedViv says:

    The actual title theme (here: link to tickles parts of my happy glands that had not been touched by fresh creations since Basil Poledouris left this mortal plane.

  4. Anders Wrist says:

    I am really looking forward to this!

  5. sPOONz says:

    Haha, this is the best thing Ive seen in ages. Good fun.

  6. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    This will almost certainly be my game of the year.

  7. killias2 says:

    EU2 and EU3 are among my favorites (throw in CK2 and one of the Vickys as well…). Needless to say, I’m stoked. In some way, I can’t really believe it’s coming so soon….

    • michaelfeb16 says:

      Everyone one RPS makes me feel defective for not like CK2 at all. I love HOI, EU, and Vicky, but I found CK2 to be slow and dull.

      • nimrod123 says:

        thats your problem, you understand the other games, whereas CK2 is basically a starter game for paradox noobs (what! it is).

        • killias2 says:

          Strongly disagree. EU, Vicky, CK, and HoI are all quite different from one another and offer different experiences. I think EU, being the core, is probably the strongest all around. I never liked the HoI games much, but they’re the best for more of a wargaming angle, which I’m not really into. Victoria 1 was a personal favorite of mine, but I found Vicky 2 to be a bit finicky. I need to give it another strong go now that I finally have HoD. CK1 was a broken mess, largely due to the development process. It was, to my knowledge, the first time Paradox tried to farm out the development of an EU spinoff to a third party.. and got burned by the deal. They then started over on an abbreviated development schedule, and the game just had too many structural flaws to really make good on its promise.

          However, on the failure of CK1, Paradox built a fantastic game. I agree that CK2 is probably the easiest to learn in the series, but that’s hardly a negative. It’s still a rich and deep experience. IMO, it’s the most dynamic of Paradox’s games and probably the most unique. I really consider it an achievement, even if, at the end of the day, I’ll probably still pick the EU games as my favorites.

          • BobbyDylan says:

            Agreed. I’ve never been able to get into the HOI games, and I really enjoyed Vicky2. But CK2 has been by greatest timesink of recent years. Over 300 hours ingame and counting (I’m playing a campaign as we speak).

      • Cinek says:

        I’m an avid fan of Hearts of Iron.

        I tried EU3 and it was a HORRIBLE MESS. Dozens of DLCs and Expansion Packs stacked on top of each other without explaining anything at all (popups are not there 90% of times when I need them to explain something obscure) PLUS horribly counterintuitive interface (still can’t find any screen with a country overview (not statistics) ) PLUS ugly fonts that are very difficult to read PLUS horribly obscure maps and controls (Took me a longer while to even figure out how to build anything in a province! Not to mention the fact that the political map is a joke – thousands of colors and god only knows which of these provinces are yours and which are other countries) make this game 10 times more obscure and time-wasting than it should be. This game is totally unplayable if you don’t have an internet connection and google at hand to answer your questions (that is – unless you are a long-time veteran).

        Still though I pre-ordered EU4 as it seems they fixed majority of issues (fonts still being needlessly difficult to read though) and some additions, like the trade view that actually lets you see something useful and do some stuff in it, seem to change this game into something an employed person can play without sacrificing weeks to learn the basics. Hopefully they won’t fail this time!

        • bstard says:

          There can be said much bout the state of the game EU3, especially the UI, but not about ‘dozens of dlc’ since there is only 10 when you buy it separate, and this wonderful all-in Europa Universalis III Chronicles which contains everything. Secondly pre-ordering makes satan happy..

          • Cinek says:

            ‘only 10″ – lol. Exactly what I’m talking about.
            And yea – I got Chronicles. Still it has this feeling of a random pile of DLCs put together to the point where initially designed UI simply cannot handle anything more (already some texts look like if they’d be put randomly in there simply because there was no space anywhere else – first random example: a percentage chance of inserting merchant into the port).
            “Secondly pre-ordering makes satan happy.” – o_O erm… it doesn’t really matter with Paradox – they don’t release Demo versions so I’d need to play it myself anyway to judge (as most of the reviewers don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about functional aspects of the game), and all of the materials I seen so far were enough for me to preorder.

          • Peptidix says:

            Paradox actually have released demo versions of all their recent strategy games, usually a week or so before release.

          • bstard says:

            On steam: EU3 demo, CK2 demo
            Vic2: link to

            Less time ranting, more time researching.

  8. TC-27 says:

    Probaly the best couple 3 months for historical strategy heads for a long time…Civ 5 BNW just out…EU4 next month and then Rome2.

    Also will need to fit in GTA V at some point….

  9. bstard says:

    Hope this game will do PI good financially so we get more Vicky and CK, and the new messy DLC bollocks model of EU4 fails and we go back to big chunk expansion packs.

  10. foop says:

    “Like most other game developers I grew up thinking about musical theatre ”

    I’d like to see that world. Briefly.