The Tales of Guild Wars 2

Until you have seen bears turn into snowballs en masse I am not sure you have really seen anything on the internet
We sent Cara to talk to meet Guild Wars 2‘s Mike Zadorojny and find out about their new “Living World” system. This is her report.

Remember Guild Wars 2? It is this really pretty MMO that looks sort of bluey-purply like the side of Ben Nevis and has magic in it and stuff. Well anyway, I have totally sussed out their plan. Arenanet want to take over the world by instigating real war via virtual war in Europe. There is no real evidence for this, but it is fact. They sent for me to talk to them about their new episodic story system, Living World, but I stumbled across their sinister machiavellian undertones after too long. Read on for Hard Hitting Journalisms On An MMO Scale.

Arenanet are rolling out a new system in Guild Wars 2 called ‘Living World’ that adds story updates every two weeks:

“We’ll refine and update existing content and locations, we’ll overhaul our explorable dungeons to make them more exciting, update our reward systems, add new fractals, create new activities, and turn our world’s giant bosses into even more epic encounters. We’ll introduce holiday festivals and other events that will appear on a yearly basis, but with updates and changes each year. We’ll create events that change the landscape of the world forever, leaving behind epic monuments, destruction, new playable content, and fantastic memories in their wake. We’ll introduce new maps and regions permanently to the world, but with a storyline that drives their creation and discovery to make them feel natural and seamless rather than suddenly tacked on.”

I went over to see Mr Lead Content Designer Mike Zadorojny to ask him why they’d decided to even do this because they’ve already taken our initial one-off payment – Arenanet could probably just run off to a tropical island with daubs of cash and drink out of coconuts all day, the scoundrels. Instead they are actually making new stuff. “We wanted to revitalise where the MMO was going,” he said. “The game had been out for a couple months so we said we want to look at the game at a more macro level to have a story that’s changing, and adding more permanent content to player interaction and things that are happening. We started this experiment at the beginning of the year with the Flaming Frost team… It gradually got bigger, and now we have four full teams actually working on this. They get up to four months at a time to build one whole month’s worth of content that’s constantly changing.”

Mike has clearly been watching way too much Lost. “We look at it kind of like television shows ‘stay tuned for next time when something exciting is about to happen’” he explains. “For us, we’ve got two weeks, and we’re going to tell you something new. We’re tying everything together from the content to the gems store to the rewards, and they’re controlling what the player experience is going to be.”

If there's anything you can say about Guild Wars 2 it's that they get 10/10 for graphicsability

But this isn’t the only thing Arenanet has planned. “We are planning on other features with other teams,” Mike says. On the 25th of June, they rolled out a new mastery track in World vs World, and they are still adding things to structured PvP. “We’re still supporting those things as well,” he said, adding that feedback from the community also shapes the content. “We are listening, there are multiple ways we are listening,” he said. They go to conventions and on the forums, and use in-game metrics to respond to the way players want to play.

“There’s a lot of things that we are working on and that we have done based on things that have been requests,” he says. “One of the major features we are looking to integrate now, one of the teams that I am working with is actually designing an in-game looking for group tool, which up until this point the fans have really kind of owned on various fansites and things like that. Because we have actually access to much more information live we’re going to be adding features that they just couldn’t do because they don’t have access to the same stuff we do.”

“We’re also looking at how do we develop our dungeon systems… With this Living World strategy we can… have a story that talks about how one of these villains takes over a dungeon path or something like that, we can go change things, and so our goal is to really change the world but use the story as a mechanism to basically tell what’s happening.

“For us it’s really about gameplay in the moment-to-moment: for us it’s the stories you’re going to walk away from when you put down Guild Wars 2 and you remember fondly about oh I had this awesome time.”

Wakey wakey Adon from Cho Aniki

Guild Wars 2 is interesting in that you can play World vs World vs World: battle other regions of the world in a full on assault. This often means that UK servers end up playing against France or Germany like some sort of weird World Cup tournament, but with injuries that are only slightly more virtual than any footballers’ ones. I found this very suspicious. “Most of the reason we did the language servers the way we did is because people would congregate on more of their natural home – it’s just a bonus that it kind of ended up with country versus country,” Mike says innocently. I ask if they deliberately want to start an actual war in Europe. Mike and Craig Stephens, the PR, giggle a little bit. I get tougher. IS THE US TRYING TO INFILTRATE EUROPE VIA INSTIGATING WARS IN GUILD WARS 2? I ask. There is no desklamp to shine in their faces and so I scrabble around the table. There are only some biscuits and drinks on a tray.

No! The Real Journalism Hat is on! Along with the Special Leather Gloves I can use to SLAP the face of Craig the distractingly handsome PR [have they plastic surgeoned him as a way to try and distract me from my duty?] to make him talk. I have SUSSED THEM. THEY ARE TRYING TO START A REAL WAR WITH GERMANY AGAIN VIA THE VIRTUAL MEANS OF AN MMO WHERE SOME OF THE MOST POWERFUL ENEMIES ARE BUNNIES.

Bunnies are bastards. I’ve sussed you, Arenanet. I have The Scoop.

“This is going to be the headline,” Craig says to me. “This is going to be the headline of the piece, I can see it now.”

I have scared them, RPS. They are running for cover. Craig is laughing, though I choose to interpret this as laughing OUT OF FEAR. I imagine myself polishing a small medal for Good Journalism. (They give out medals for game journalism, right? Like, I bet Ellie Gibson has medals pinned to her journalism dress uniform and there is some sort of ceremony like at the end of A New Hope.) Mike looks over at Craig Stephens, who is our PR chaperone for the day. “PR, are you going to get me out of this?” he says. Scared of me. Scared.

I am partial to players who dress in fuschia pink

“Just luck really, that it did turn out that way,” Craig says, before saying “no, I’m joking, I think it’s amazing that essentially people are playing with each other all over the world. And this is gonna sound like the classic PR answer, but generally it does bring people together – it levels any sort of rivalry.”

A likely story. I bet it’s fucking murder out there.

I like to think this guy's hat has special powers

“We did think that rivalries were going to happen, but we didn’t think it would be on the nationalistic level, it was more on the world level,” Mike says. “I’m on Stormbluff Isle, we’re a super competitive server and Jade Quarry and I can’t remember the other one but there was one other server, and the three of us just had the biggest rivalry, that whenever the three of us got together in a matchup, it was ridiculous.”

I ask about the big war stories: the feuds, the rivalries. Because Mike’s the content creator, he didn’t have any immediate answers. “That’s the stuff that we’re looking at more – going how can we support this,” he said, before suggesting that I look to the community managers for more of the war stories.

I went to the forums. I opened my arms, and then I bellowed very loudly to you to embrace me and whisper in my ear. You gave me the stories.

Undisputed King of the Guild Wars 2 RPS war stories is Krathor, who runs a blog over here and is a moderator over on the RPS forums. Some of his reports from the field sound gloriously like they could be told over a campfire cup of cocoa. Gunnar’s Hold is Krathor’s playground.

“When I joined I discovered that we were under more pressure than I originally thought we’d be. While Gunnar’s were putting up a valiant effort with defending Bay, we were losing camps on the northern part of the map. I put out a call in /G chat for [RPS] to rally and assist our server’s efforts and seven noble heroes responded. Admittedly, most of those who joined me also used it as an excuse to level their alts, but at least we were doing good work!

To be honest, I expected for us to wipe without the assistance of a bigger group. Luckily, we headed over to the camp Foghaven first and joined up with a roaming [MARA] group there. Pure serendipity brought us together and that same serendipity came into force a few minutes later, when our combined force marched south. As we passed under the Redlake tower tunnel from capping the Redwater Lowlands camp, we heard a call from above.

It turned out that a little Asuran mesmer had managed to hide in the Lord’s Room as it was being capped earlier in the afternoon. We had no idea as to how long he had been there, but given that we had to casually loiter around the front of the tower while the buff on the lord wore off, I would say that Dzagonur had just managed to take it but had not checked for mesmers.

As far as I could tell, [MARA] had not been alerted to the presence of this person in the tower, so I wonder if he just intended to wait there for as long as it would take for a group of our size to come along – whether that take five minutes to happen or thirty.
We nabbed Redlake easily thanks to a lack of German presence in that area of the map and then marched on to stir things up at Bluebriar.

Following that we lost [MARA] but ended up merging with the map’s main zerg, smashing the Dzagonur break-out at Redlake.”

I could just eat those clouds

MMO blogger Chris Wray got in touch with me to tell me a World vs World story. It was long, but I’ve got enough room for a little bit of his favourite tale:

“The men behind the wall were starting to lose out to the enemy who had built both a cannon and a battering ram, they were starting to take down the gate and we couldn’t get to repair it as, like with the cannon, a few mages were dropping firestorms behind the wall, keeping us away, and archers were doing the same with volleys of arrows. I had started to resort to desperately taking potshots with my rifle, just hoping I could distract them or take one or two out when I saw a few allies running from behind to attack. I leaped off of the wall directly onto a hunters head and killed him, then charging and stunning a mage. It felt like we could actually do this, the odds had evened a little and we gained the element of surprise. Only that didn’t help much and, still outnumbered, I died.

As soon as I respawned I raced down to the keep only to find the gate nearly open, the enemy were still battering away, firestorms, volleys of arrows and a catapult crashing against the wall and behind the wall, keeping the defenders away from the gate while a battering ram pounded away. That’s when the gate finally gave way and the attackers charged in. I tried to get close but was spotted and was chased away, I did the only heroic thing I could do and retreated to Stonemist, which was now under attack from the west by the Green army, who had captured the surrounding resource camp and tower to the west and resource camp to the north-west…”

Needless to say, Chris’ battle there was eventually lost, but it’s the story and not the outcome that’s the thing. Although Guild Wars 2 wants to bring this new Living World episodic content to the fore, having it change every two weeks to give players unique, one-off experiences, it’s clear that the stories that stick in our minds are still very much the ones that players make with each other. The narratives we make for ourselves are more important to us than the ones that run alongside us: the overarching idea that our World might be playing against Holland’s in WvW changes the narrative frame for us – it somehow becomes something else again, even if there is little nationalistic sentiment in players. Isn’t that one of PC games’ greatest experiments? Persistent worlds on a grand scale, where we live out other stories, trappings of the mundane or extraordinary that only echo in our real life travels. Places where people can convene through technology colliding.

All of the screenshots in this article were taken from the RPS Guild Wars 2 forums. You can read the rest of the war stories the RPS forums have to offer over here, courtesy of squirrelfanatic, another lovely RPS Guild Wars 2 soldier. Arenanet have started rolling out their new Living World scheme already. Pop back in if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think of it.


  1. lowprices says:

    Cara, you are the best at games journalism. Don’t ever let anybody tell you any different.

    Of all the MMO’s out there, Guild Wars 2 looks the most tempting. Now that I know Secret European Wars are happening, I may have to dive in.

    • Kpatrpa says:

      Considering there was a middle school level error literally in the first sentence, she actually might want to learn how to proofread, not that it matters as the quality of most game journalists is crap.

      • The Random One says:

        Cara, you are the least painfully awful at games journalism, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

  2. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Since I built a new PC the other week (which I’m going to give a Witcher 2 workout with soon) I was going to try GW2 again and see how it ran. Wuvwuv used to be a strange experience of watching the occasional spell fly around followed by horrible death-by-2FPS (because none of the enemies would load until it was far, far too late). I did get to sit in a trebuchet and take pot shots at an enemy keep. Pot shots are always the best shots.

    But on firing the game up last week, I saw I had to download 30GBs worth of patches and bluh bluh.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      That’s weird because on the recording I had I specifically asked if this content would mean I would be sitting at my computer for hours and hours on end, and Mike said that wouldn’t be the case. Perhaps I should have been more structured about asking him what effect new content would have on patches downloading. I hate waiting for games to update too: LoL is the worst for that.

      • Revolving Ocelot says:

        To be fair I haven’t played the game since that giant enemy crab beach patch was released, or whatever it was.

        I’ll get round to it eventually. Hopefully with a i5-4670k and a GTX 760 I’ll experience death-by-10FPS, instead.

        • Cara Ellison says:

          I hear you. I once played The Witcher 2 on my old PC and it was a lot like watching a Geralt gif

        • Flopper says:

          You’ll be fine. I have an i7 2600k and 2 GTX 580’s and I stay at 60 FPS in combat. Sometimes I go down to 40 on weekly resets when the entire universe is in eternal battlegrounds. The key is to tweak the new WvW character limit options. During the week I can keep it on high but on reset day when it’s so overpopulated I turn it down to low.

          You don’t lose any graphics quality in the world. It just lowers how many players the game draws on your screen. But with the removal of culling you won’t see their character model but you will still see their nameplate and they are targetable. I found that’s a good tradeoff. Flawless framerate but I have to deal with a few invisible player models.

          • aliksy says:

            I turned some setting down and now it shows everybody but me in some default amor. I kind of like it- it looks like a proper army with uniforms instead of the usual MMO mismatch of gear.

        • sasayan says:

          This is, unfortunately, my biggest barrier for playing as well. It runs, most of the time, but my geriatric pair of Mobility Radeon 3872s throw out errors on regular occasions that cause the game to freeze for several seconds while the cards recover.

    • woodsey says:

      I bought it only a week or so ago and the download was something like ~16GB. 30 seems odd.

      • typographie says:

        My entire GW2 folder is 18.3 GB. It was no less than 16 GB at launch, nearly a year of updates ago. There’s always a download when a new update goes live, of course, but its never been longer than 2-5 minutes to get into the game over my mediocre 10 Mb connection.

  3. Ginger Yellow says:

    Arenanet want to take over the world by instigating real war via virtual war in Europe. There is no real evidence for this, but it is fact.

    Arenanet has more in common with crabs than you or me. Fact.

  4. Chalky says:


    No word on the massive timezone problems the WvW format has? Caps on the number of participants in WvW mean that at peak times, all servers are even so the most successful servers are defined as “who has the most players online in the middle of the night”.

    They can dance around the edges of the format all the want adding little bits here and there but unless they address this fundamental problem it will always fail to meet expectations.

    • Dominic White says:

      Short of installing some sort of electrical artificial sun in the skies above geographically disadvantaged nations, there’s not much that Arenanet can do.

      In other news, Arenanet have announced that they’re planning on installing some sort of electrical artificial sun in the skies above ‘geographically disadvantaged’ nations.

      • Chalky says:

        I don’t know, it seems like it would be pretty easy for them to leverage population caps to resolve these issues.

        At the moment the mechanics encourage and almost force off hours guilds and players to clump together and steamroll. If they simply set population caps so one server cannot have more players than the two opposing servers combined, suddenly it would be impossible for a single server to field 200 players vs 10 total. Off hours guilds would need to spread out across servers and avoid clumping in order to get play time and the system balances itself.

        There are a whole load of ways to balance a game so one group of players can’t spend 20 mins at 3am ploughing through all the work that the prime time players fought solidly over for 6 hours. It’s a ludicrous situation at the moment.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          Totally. I mean, screw anyone who wants to play WvWvW on the more populous server, right? They’ll just have to wait until “off-peak” hours.

  5. Squirrelfanatic says:

    Cara, many thanks for putting this together. It is great to see screenshots of guild events taken by our guild members showing up on the frontpage.

    To anyone who might be interested in checking out the RPS GW2 guild, please visit our subforum. We are currently working on making space for more people.

  6. Soulstrider says:

    Despite the first mediocre Living World updates I am really enjoyed the latest, I loved the Sky Pirate dungeon of the last one and I really enjoy the massive platformer new zone of the current living story.

  7. Halbarad says:

    Wouldn’t call me an MMO blogger (Chris Wray), but what the hell. That fight/war/slaughter is one of the few experiences in gaming I remember long after it happened. The best, and most memorable, to me was a long-running war in Rome:Total War which had more changes than the opinions of a tory policy maker

  8. Ultra Superior says:

    Why do Cara’s articles always begin “We sent Cara to…” is it put there because she’s not authorized to make decisions on her own; because she’s not really one of ‘us’ ?

    • lowprices says:

      My guess is that it’s a claim of responsibility. In the same way a terrorist group might claim responsibility for a bomb going off.

    • RedViv says:

      Cara is a weaponised inquisitive freelance game journalist of rank X. I think there’s an international agreement on those somewhere, so this has to be done.

      • colossalstrikepackage says:

        More weaponised Cara, please. Her lunatic ramblings are a joy to behold.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      They usually start Brendan’s the same way. I think it’s a way of a) being able to disavow all knowledge if we let the NOC list get out or b) telling you that we are essentially just freelancers being asked to do a correspondent’s job

      Please note I am not official Hivemind; I hustle all over for my dollaz

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Cara is a freelancer, same as Brendy. We tend to preface as such.

      Also it’s wise to distance ourselves from their lunatic barkings.

      • Cara Ellison says:

        I like to think that if Brendy and I taught writing classes we’d create a marauding mass of slightly tweaked Lord Of The Flies-esque gonzo kids

    • Ultra Superior says:

      I see! The good ol’ plausible deniability / autorship claim double speak .

      Cunning bunch them RPSers, careful around them.

    • I Got Pineapples says:

      The drills and the needles and the wires into the brain to Make The Cara Work.

      To Send Her To Places.

      Voltage messages to make her work happy gaming fun.

      No happy gaming fun?


      More Needles.

      More Wires.



      How RPS works.

    • aurious says:

      It kind of sounds like Cara has been weaponised..

      Mike Zadorojny of Arenanet borrowed Jims pen at Rezzed and never returned it.
      We sent Cara to talk to him…

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Cara Sandiego.

  9. Flappybat says:

    The Living Story approach gives me no reason to go back. I haven’t touched the game for a year but if I reinstalled the only content left over is a new island with a couple of small quests and the fractal dungeons. I’ve been hoping for an expansion pack so there’s substantial content to see but they poured cold water on that.

    • I Got Pineapples says:

      I liked it while I playing but without a largish content update, I’m not so interested in going back, since outside of the fairly fun levelling process, what it mostly offers is do that all over again, but even grindier.

      • Kinch says:

        I concur! Leveling and exploring was the best part of GW2 for me, too. The game kind of ended for me once I got 100% world completion several months ago… Which is sad because I generally love the world and adore the visuals. There’s no better looking MMO out there.

        I still dislike the same things – combat is meh as an engineer, everything is so expensive if you don’t play 24/7, there is so much grind (optional but still). I returned for the current event but afraid I won’t be staying for long. /oldmancomplaints ;)

        • Squirrelfanatic says:

          I cannot say that I agree 100%. Combat as an Engineer is a lot of fun for me, switching kits, kiting while throwing grenades over your shoulder, glueing people to the ground then setting a Big Ol’ Bomb next to them – all very flexible and without any set rotation.

          If you feel that gear is too expensive, check out the new options for buying weapons and armor with Badges of Honor from WvW. Also, running with Rare quality items for a while isn’t so bad.

          • Kinch says:

            The problem with engineers is that most things apart from grenades, bombs and the elixir gun tend to suck. I seem to be at a loss if I prefer the flamethrower, two pistols, or even a rifle. I made a guardian/thief alts and they’re so much more straightforward. /sadface
            But it’s not just about engineers. In general, I have the feeling that combat is a huge, spammy fustercluck.

            About gear, exotic armour is a non-issue in most cases. I bought most of mine with karma just after reaching 80. Still, you want a few sets if you want to stay flexible/competitive (e.g. have a glass cannon set, toughness set, healing set, and what not). Ascended pieces is a different subject, they’re really grindy to get. Do I care to get them? No. I’d rather do other things or play other games.

  10. Laurentius says:

    While Living Story is cool feature, I don’t understand while they threw their own story out of the window doing it. So GW2 is about fighting dragons, campagin ends with killing Zaithan but we there are still four other dragons left and none of these updates is connected to this theme even remotly.

  11. tnzk says:

    Wow, this Cara Ellison is fantastic, and the way she talks about Ellie Gibson is like Luke talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Dunno how you do it RPS, but you’re always finding writers that are a joy to read!

  12. malkav11 says:

    The Living Story thus far does remarkably resemble a biweekly television program. Specifically, from the era before VCRs, DVRs, season releases on DVD, Hulu, Netflix, and any other way to enjoy television content on your own schedule. Miss the specific two weeks they’ve dedicated to that content, and you’ll never see it again!

    For people playing Guild Wars 2 day in and day out, I’m sure it’s exciting. For people who have other games they’d also like to play, it would only be relevant if they actually let you go back and play that stuff later, and so far that’s not happening.

  13. Tei says:

    I tried to play GW2 yesterday, but never got very far. The game is too MMORPG-y.

  14. Cara Ellison says:

    Also, Guild Wars 2 blogger Zach Best – “Ravious” link to got in touch to tell me one of his Epic Stories:

    We had just successfully defended our keep in the Hills even after losing the outer wall, and our spirits were high as we pillaged supply camps to rebuild the keep’s broken doors. Our valiant commander was left with only 8 of us, with most of the shock troops heading off to other maps after the successful defense. With the Refuge supply camp on our sights we had only this last objective before we would begin building trebuchets for a tower assault.

    I stood over the corpse of a dead sentry watching the commander and the others run through the supply camp’s entryway. It appeared with all the recent victories I had been feeling a bit invincible with our crew, and so I was a tad shocked to see a lone enemy guardian run past me to get to aid the camp’s guards. Surely he knew he was a dead man? His death did slow us down, but we started claiming the camp as was our right.

    Then the bar stopped. An enemy thief, ally to the now-dead guardian, was trying to stall our inevitable capture of the supply camp. With the 8 of us, her game of cat and mouse did not last long. Placing Torment on her was especially satisfying accompanied with watching the claiming bar continue to rise.

    At three-quarters of the way to objective victory, it stopped again. Instead of an invisible opponent, two more enemies had appeared to stall our claim. Our small squad expertly split in to two units and swept the enemies around and back in to the central yard, where a guard had respawned.

    The bar rose, but I felt the change in the wind. Now I saw a steady stream of red coming from their border. We only needed to free the land of their folly for one tick, and we could flee away. The enemy continued to die, but they also did not stop coming. They felt mindless in their one goal to stop us from claiming the supply camp. And then like a crashing wave, I knew we had lost. A sea of red names poured in to the camp. We rallied together in the central area facing the inevitable. As my screen turned the color of defeat, I sent a prayer through the gray to the gods for such an amazing battle.

    The capture bar began to fall.

  15. engion3 says:

    The guy who wrote the short story about his battle must have been playing a different game than I, or on drugs.

    • Halbarad says:

      It was slightly lost in the writing, having being cut down to fit the article. I didn’t kill the Hunter by landing on his head. I landed on the top of him then in about four attacks mauled him. It was over in the space of four seconds, not giving them time to react and stop me getting one kill.

  16. aliksy says:

    I decided to give gw2 another go, even though I really disliked the progression stuff (ascended items, wvw perks). It’s still the best MMO out there.

    The living story is a neat idea, but it kind of feels like an obligation. Especially the current one, where you get a permanent resource node if you do enough. Once I completed enough, I went “Finally, now I can do the stuff I want to do.” I feel the same way about the daily and monthly achievements because of the fucking ‘laurels’ currency.

    I really just want to dick around in wvw, spvp, and go looking for crafting materials. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out because I’m not doing the content on their schedule.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      I would agree with that, Arenanet still has a long way to go if they want to make Living Story content engaging without people feeling that they need to quickly play through all the content because it might go away again soon. The devs have acknowledged the problem of time limited content however and promised to have more permanent content coming out at some point. Hopefully soon.

    • Anders Wrist says:

      That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about their “living world” updates. They feel like a chore because they’re time limited, and are not particularly fun. Especially when there’s not enough content to get you the reward, and you have to go around to the jumping puzzles that you might have already done to death, in the rest of the world.

      It’s a weird design decision to throw your content away after two weeks, when it wouldn’t take that much more effort to make it something permanent.

      • malkav11 says:

        Or even if they wanted to have regular story progression in the main world that makes permanent, overwriting changes (which is a reasonable and laudable goal), they could implement some sort of flashback/time machine functionality for people to catch up. What’s lame is just expecting you to play the game on their schedule.

  17. acu says:

    Yay for new permanent content. I also hope they also reduce how many living story achievements you need to get the skins/items. Most of them are just boring and repetitive..

  18. Tasloi says:

    I’m impressed with the way they keep bringing out these living story updates twice a month now. The rewards you get for every 500 achievement points are a welcome addition aswell.

    However they really should get around to radically overhauling the wvw matchup system though. The Glicko 2 rating modifications haven’t really worked out well so far imo. Ideally there shouldn’t have even been a global ranking of the various servers either. Keep the competition between 3 servers not 24/27.

  19. Capernatious says:

    I’m the guy with the weird hat and dragon staff! It’s awesome to see Cara included screenshots from our dedicated band of photographers.

  20. Scott says:

    Hurrah, I’m Krathor! It brings me great pride to see my WvWvW ramblings on the front page of [RPS]. :D

  21. Chris says:

    Guild Wars 2 was a fun game until the the whole world became deserted, except for Lionsarch.

    Which is when I stopped playing.