Heist Master’s Voice: Payday 2 Footage

One art, please!
Nature seeks balance. That is the way of things. So it was that following news of a police procedural game (coming soon), I was also told of more footage of Payday 2, which is Overkill’s heist ’em up. Below there are 24 minutes of developer narrated action of the co-op shooter as they take part in an art heist. Then follows the inevitable betrayal. They steal things, then they are shot at. Balance was sought, and balance was got.

It is a confusing game. It has elements of Swat 4, which is still the pinnacle of this type of co-operative shooter, but the stealth looks a little messy. Why did the guard not notice his fellow guard in the “I’m being held at gunpoint pose”? It’s particularly egregious when he so easily spots the player beside him.

I did enjoy the first one, but in a limited fashion. I joined the game a few weeks after everyone else had it, and they already knew what to do, where things where, and everyone seemed hardier than me through levelling. I felt like a weak link. At least this Payday will have more interesting and varied content, with loot being randomised, and how you play in the previous missions having an effect on the next mission’s response.

Oh hey, it’s out in August. Neat. It says the 13th, which is a Tuesday. I feel a plaintive cry of No Oceans welling up.


  1. Pamplemousse says:

    Its a damn shame the body count is so high, especially for a ‘stealthy’ run.

    • Wurstwaffel says:

      that’s because they botched it. I’m sure you’ll be able to do a no kill run too

      • Pamplemousse says:

        Fair enough. I guess what was looking for was a SWAT 4 style game where you play the people on the other side of the law.

        Just have to wait for reviews but this is looking pretty sweet!

    • Craig Pearson says:

      Yeah. Apparently a stealthy run is possible, just really hard to pull off.

    • kouru225 says:

      You can do that entire mission stealthily (as well as every mission that isn’t an “escape” mission)

      • MarcP says:

        Do bots follow your lead if you go for the stealth approach? Finding meatbags who are willing not to shoot everything is a crapshoot.

        • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

          There are two missions you can do stealthily in Payday 1, and when playing alone it is possible to turn off the bots so you are alone. I’d hazard a guess that this would be the way to do it in Payday 2 as well.

    • notlimahc says:

      Here’s a couple of stealthy videos:
      Art Gallery stealth
      Bank Heist stealth

  2. Tridae says:

    That article title. .

    *slow clap*

  3. Hypnotron says:

    Looks like Bokeem Woodbine is playing the lead character.

    Gameplay looks run of the mill though…

  4. Malleus says:

    Is the article title a reference to this?

    link to en.wikipedia.org

  5. airknots says:

    It would be fun to troll this game as Waingro by killing all hostages when your team’s trying to do a no-kill run.

  6. Snoken says:

    Looks fun enough, but I’ll have to say killing a dozen people over four crappy paintings for a 130k dollars seems kind of insane and highly unlikely. That said I think that because of this fact the game might get some real “nice” feedback from the gamer-and game-hating community. Lets toss some more gasoline into the fire…

  7. GameDreamer says:

    Can’t be wait to play this game!

    Love it so much!

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