All Over: Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC

I hope this isn't a spoiler.
Bum. I’ve just realised I’ve not actually finished the previous Dishonored DLC, The Knife of Dunwall. I’m halfway through the second mission. Usually that wouldn’t be a problem, but Arkane took the odd decision to make their DLC episodic, and Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches continues the story they started in the Knife of Dunwall. You are still Daud, fighting for redemption. If anyone else is in my position then it’s best you don’t look below the cut. Spoilers!

Ooh. Ahh. Right. Interesting… aw. Well, that’s that spoiled for me. So it turns out the mysterious Delilah of the previous DLC was the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, currently attempting a ritual that Daud must stop. To do so he needs the help of a pair of gangs, the Dead Eels and the Hatters, to pass through some new Dunwall districts.

That’s what we’re really here for: those lovely buildings. Draper’s Ward is one new area, and it sounds pretty packed. Says the press release: “Explore its streets, hazardous sewers and the two rival gangs’ home bases: the textile mills and the boat docks.” You’ll also return to Coldridge Prison to bust out the leader of one of the the Dead Eels, before rounding off the tale in Brigmore Manor. They’ve even squeezed a new power in: Pull will let you draw enemies to be held in front of you and used as a human shield.

I’m a big fan of the manors and houses of Dishonored, so at least I have an incentive to continue on. If you did complete it, any amendments you made to your character will be carried through to this DLC.

Clicky for big screenshots, though I have shrunk these down from the ridiculous 7 kajillion pixels they were.

It’s out August 13th.


  1. RobinOttens says:

    I’ve been hesitating about buying the knife of dunwall DLC in the steam sale. Since it featured an incomplete story and opinions were sorta mixed. Anyone here played it and feel the need to convince me to buy it anyway?

    These screenshots look neat.

    • RedViv says:

      For this price, there can hardly be any arguing. Maybe on the basis that it is still a third of the permanently reduced main game. But really, it’s the price of a big coffee.

    • Tally says:

      I really enjoyed it. Gameplay-wise it’s every bit as good as being Corvo (I like some of Daud’s powers even better), the first level is gorgeous, the second is good but fairly standard Dunwall, and the third is one you’ve seen already but is still plenty of fun. All in all I think it’s a solid addition and as rewarding as the rest of the game. More than worth its small price for the next 9 hours.

    • TheTingler says:

      If you enjoyed Dishonored and would like more single-player story it’s definitely worth it, since you get two excellent chapters with a great deal of choice with how you approach them.

    • Dave L. says:

      Absolutely buy it. My one problem with the main story was that Corvo never displays any personality through the whole game, and Knife of Dunwall fixes that. Daud’s no Garrett, but he’s not the blank slate that Corvo was, and there are some conversations that fill him out a bit more. The structure is also a bit more Thief-like, in that it Briefing cutscene -> Loadout screen (funded by whatever money you found in the last mission for the second and third missions) -> Dropped straight in to the game.

      And really, it’s more Dishonored. How could you not want more Dishonored?

    • cunningmunki says:

      I think I’ll wait until all the DLC is dirt cheap in the January Steam Sale.

    • Snidesworth says:

      Story wise it’s similar to the main game in execution; wonderful world building, underwhelming plot, High Chaos ending seems more fitting. Though the ending is also all sorts of abrupt and awkward, regardless of which version you get. Gameplay wise it’s marvellous, especially once you realise the new trick to Daud’s Blink power. Charging the power while remaining still (or not pressing any directional buttons in the air) will freeze time while you aim it. It’s a small tweak, but it makes all the difference.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Ken Daud?

    • Craig Pearson says:

      You can do better than that, Gappy.

      • Gap Gen says:

        It’s hot and I’m tired. Uh, Alphonse Daud-et? Prolific man of letters and deadly assassin?

        Letters from my Well-timed Kill?

        Yeah, OK, it’s too warm here to pun.

        • lowprices says:

          Your lack of commitment to puns does you great Dishono(u)r.

        • The Random One says:

          You should have said you did think of a lot of puns and just couldn’t decide witch to use.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      The DLC levels aren’t taxing apparently.

  3. maximiZe says:

    I’m actually in the exact same position as Craig, I’ll just wait for Aug 13th, then finish Knife and go into Witches immediately afterwards.

  4. DrScuttles says:

    So is this going to be the conclusion or are they planning on another DLC?
    The Knife of Dunwall was a pleasing sojourn back to Dunwall but was understandably something of an anticlimax. They should have renamed Daud as Squint Blinkington though.

    • TheTingler says:

      This is going to be the conclusion. Bethesda really should’ve been more up-front and clear about it being a two-parter however.

  5. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    Something else that Craig hasn’t played?

    Gosh darn it, Craig.

  6. mangrove says:

    You can pick up Dishonored and all it’s DLC for a tenner on steam until around 6pm GMT today.

    link to

    • frightlever says:

      I actually justified not-getting it by figuring I can pick it up at Xmas with the final DLC. I only have about 400 games to get through so I should be all right until then.

      • Zekiel says:

        Me too. I really appreciate them creating proper story DLC. But I really don’t like leaving things on a cliffhanger if I avoid, so I’m incentivised to not buy Knife of Dunwall until I can get Brigamore Witches too. This does feel slightly like I’m punishing Arkane in spite of really really liking their game…

    • Screamer says:

      You can’t get Void Walker DLC if you already have one of the 4 pre-order DLC……fuckin stupid!

  7. cunningmunki says:

    Imagine a world where Valve released Episode One and Episode Two as DLC with as much regularity. Everyone would be demanding “Where’s Episode Fifteen, Valve?!” by now.

  8. Branthog says:

    I enjoyed the game, but I just have not had the slightest interest in more of it. Haven’t touched any of the DLC and probably never will. The gameplay was just too “meh” (seriously, the ending level took like a minute to beat, because you could just “blink” and “backstab” all the way through it — zero challenge).

    Also, I figured it was fine as a one-off story. Don’t need more of it. Just let it be one great story that was told and moved on. Instead, I understand we’re due for a sequel in a year or so. Blaaaaah.