Here’s Looking At Yu(rt): New Cradle Footage

Every yurt needs one
The new Cradle trailer has provoked some interesting responses in the RPS forbidden chatroom of mystery. John imagines it’s what the Source Engine should look like by now, whereas I think it looks like a long lost game from the Stalker developers. This is on top of it previously putting me in mind of a happy Amnesia. I guess that’s what happens when you make an adventure puzzle game set in a yurt on a futuristic Mongolian mountain. People scrabble around, looking for something familiar. The truth is that Cradle’s its own thing, with a robot wearing a Groucho Marx mask, and this line of dialogue: “You have a flower vase instead of legs”. More in the trailer below.

The IGF build I played had lots of drawer opening and crashed every five minutes, but it did look as pretty and detailed as this video. I seem to remember having to make a drink, so while the goal is to put together the robot you see at the opening of the trailer (please don’t be a sexbot), there’s also the sort of relaxing tent based activity you’d expect to find on top of a Mongolian mountain.

That gnarled, abandoned theme park is place of blocks and puzzles, but even then it retains a fanciful, even pretty, aesthetic. The collective at Flying Cafe for Semianimals has remarkable design skills.

No release plans, but it has been Greenlit.


  1. XhomeB says:

    Beautiful. I don’t know why, but the weird atmosphere of this game reminds me of Pathologic…
    link to

    By the way, there’s a robot woman (!!!) … with a removable chest (!!!!!). In before John Walker. :P

    • Gamboni says:

      I watched the video on the dev’s blog before it was posted here and found myself thinking about RPS, wondering whether this is something that’s offensive.

    • ZIGS says:

      I also got some Pathologic and The Void vibes. This looks weird and strangely appealing. I just hope it’ll have some “substance” and not be just some art house hipster wank material

    • Zenicetus says:

      It’s going to depend on how they handle it in the game, and there isn’t much to go on here. They did amp up the creepiness by giving the robot a human’s breathing animation, but maybe there is a reason for that…

      Also, notice the naked rear-view pinup (robot?) tacked on the panel behind the bus driver. If it means something in the game world and isn’t just titillation for its own sake (like the collector cards in the first Witcher game), then personally it doesn’t bother me. But then, I’m not really in the demographic to be highly sensitive about it. All I ask is that it mean something in the plot and the game world, and isn’t just tacked-on for the hell of it.

      I like the art style and setting. The only thing that was a turn-off was the 3D puzzle minigame, probably because I suck at that kind of thing in games.

    • crumbsucker says:

      Yes, it looks like an Ice-Pick Lodge game. Both devs are russian :)

      • crumbsucker says:

        The plot thickens. Julia Butenko, the woman who sings in the video, is apparently a member of the Ice-Pick Lodge team too.

      • Kevin says:

        Ukrainian, in the case of Flying Cafe. Though actually Russian for Ice Pick Lodge. Nonetheless, the vibes of Ice Pick Lodge this gives me makes me a true believer.

        • Don Reba says:

          Russian, Ukrainian — same culture, different politicians.

  2. Wurstwaffel says:

    Weird, also very well crafted. And then there’s completely different, less interesting game in the middle. What’s that about?

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I’m guessing that’s the “hacking” or “repairing” of the robot and/or some other place you must overcome/get to.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      The trailer definitely made me interested. I do hope that middle bit you’re referring to is not the main part of the gameplay, though. Because the rest of it looks rather good. Even with the creepy fembot.

  3. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    The scenery and the way it’s rendered reminds me of the original COJ.

    I take it psilocybin is readily available in the autumn just outside your yurt. People/sheep in the dales round here are always a bit wierd in the late autumn till the first frost.

  4. Muzman says:

    In the scope of gaming this is like some weird sci-fi short story magazine from the 60s you find underneath a pile of dumb Star Wars fan fic and novelisations.

  5. Stevostin says:

    This is hands down the most amazing visual since forever. I want to be there so hard.

    • Kollega says:

      Just visit Kazakhstan, Mongolia, or Ukraine then! In my city, Karaganda, you can take an electric train (sadly, not a flying tram like in the video) straight to the depths of the steppe, or just drive there in a car. No-one’s stopping you.

      • dolgion1 says:

        Yes and the graphics are even more amazing. You’ll feel like your using an Oculus Rift for you ENTIRE BODY too!

  6. xp194 says:

    Oh hey, I’ve been wondering what happened to this. Glad it’s still being made

  7. crumbsucker says:

    Quite ironic that the robo-girl has more life in her eyes than any human character in any AAA game I’ve seen.

  8. Rikard Peterson says:

    Yes, pretty it is. Will read a WIT with interest.

  9. Treebard says:

    This is a little TOO reminiscent of my trip through Mongolia, right down to the robot woman I assembled with my my own two hands.

  10. jacko says:

    Man, how did I miss this. Straight out of a william gibson novell (the early stuff).

  11. RubyW says:

    Uncanny valley in an uncanny valley.

  12. Kollega says:

    You know what this game reminds me of? Machinarium. Yes, superficially it’s very different – but there’s the same desolate atmosphere, crazy technology like robots or that flying tram, beautiful music, even the color palette is sort of similar. So yeah – i’m not too excited, but excited nontheless. Perhaps i’ll be buying this game when it’s released.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Then there’s that hideous looking orange blocks part. To me that has about as much appeal as the HL Xen level.

  13. dolgion1 says:

    Ok, long time reader, first time commenter. I just had to say something: since I’m Mongolian, this was kind of amazing to see. This must be the first time I’ve seen a yurt and steppe in a video game, so that alone is a first. Let me say to you that the Mongolian steppe is very authentic looking. If you can ignore the wacky stuff that goes on in the video. The game itself looks awesome. Must keep this game in mind.

  14. bakerman says:

    That robot looks like Miyazaki’s interpretation of Ghost in the Shell. And the abandoned theme park makes me think of Spirited Away as remade by GSC Game World. That’s like, all my favourite things right there.