Neverwinter’s Fury Of The Feywild Update Dated, Detailed

There are finally some useful details about Neverwinter’s “first” content pack. As we knew it’s called Fury Of The Feywild, but other than that they were tight-lipped. Now we know that it’s adding a new area, races, weapons and items, more enemies, and so on. And it’s out on the 22nd August, and will be freeeeee.

The new area is a wood called Sharandar, and you’re not going to believe it! They’re enchanted! First RPG to add some non-enchanted woods wins a special prize. But the denizens of these woods, the Sun and Moon Elves, will now be playable characters, with their own sets of everythings.

You see, some naughty Fomorian Giants are attempting to seize an Elven outpost in said woods, and this simply won’t do! You must jolly well stop them and their antics. And… oh, you know what – as much as I’ve loved playing Neverwinter, I can’t bring myself to explain the nonsense of the story surrounding all this. So, here’s the guff from the website. I challenge you to read it all the way through without either barfing, or weaving flowers through your hair and racing to the nearest circle of stones:

“Sharandar. Once the heart of the moon and wood elf kingdom of Iliyanbruen, it was nearly destroyed by invading hordes of orcs long ago. Though the war was won, the Iliyanbruen people were scattered. A few wood elf communities survived in what is now known as Neverwinter Wood. Meanwhile, many of the moon elves used powerful magic to transport much of what remained of Sharandar to their ancient homeland in the Feywild.

In the Feywild, the Iliyanbruen were confronted by the same creatures from the Feydark who forced their ancestors to flee to Faerûn long ago. Fomorians, cyclops, redcaps, and trolls dominated the forests of the Feywild, and only after many battles were the elves able to secure New Sharandar for themselves.

Centuries later, the Feywild has aligned with Faerûn once again. Descendants of the original Iliyanbruen elves of New Sharandar have returned to reclaim their legacy. Venturing through the fey crossing between worlds, they seek the ruins of old Sharandar and the elven kin they left behind.

But now the forces of the Feydark have returned. Led by King Malabog, the fomorians seek to destroy New Sharandar and seize control of the fey crossing into Neverwinter Wood. The Iliyanbruen elves are besieged, and need allies in their fight against Malabog. Will you answer the call to battle?”

There are some new features attached to all this. Pets are now to be upgradeable, meaning that you don’t have to abandon an early pet you’ve grown fond of – for the cost of Astral Diamonds of course. There’s something they’re calling a “meta-quest”, where you join forces with Iliyanbruen elves against that chap Malabog. And the Foundry is receiving an update to make building locations significantly easier, with drag-and-drop options. A couple of new professions (weaponsmithing and artificing), new gear, and new enemies finishes it all off.

Of course, being F2P there are ways to spend vast amounts of money on all this too. Orderable now are the Knight Of The Feywild Pack at a mad $60 (but $150 value they say, based on their own made up prices), of the Feywild Starter Pack at $20. The former gets you the Moon Elf race (little bait and switch there – perhaps the Sun Elves will be available to all?), as well as a unicorn mount (no speed mentioned), a Sylph companion, then clothes and enchantments and a whopping 600,000 Astral Diamonds. The latter scores you a measly Portal Hound companion, some ring, some bag, and a rando-pack. Neither is of course in any way necessary for playing the new content.

There it all is. Unquestionably a great lump of new content a couple of months into full launch, and mostly properly free.


  1. Noviere says:

    The way they price things for this game is… astonishing.

    • Moraven says:

      When it comes to F2P games, I try to apply the price to the amount of content I get for it. Will the new content provide a few months of play? Sure, I’ll chip in $20-$40 for some extras to go with it. I will get a unique skin time to time in LoL because I have gotten more than my moneys worth for the amount I play without spending anything. Then I think on how much I pay for a standard subscription price ($10-$15/month). Same thing. The prices seem high when bought separate but the bundles are decent value for how much of the game you are already playing for free.

      • Ny24 says:

        Sure, you are right, but nonetheless the pricing is still very expensive. I would love to spend a few bucks to get some cool items, but they are all just too expensive. I don’t want to pay 60 Dollars to get a few items that wouldn’t add that much to the actual game or my game time&experience. And the 20 Dollar package is just … well … shit.

        It’s better to buy Zen then, where you can choose how much you want to pay, but Zen are easily acquired by playing too. For some perspective: A good companion costs 2000 Zen, for example. You would need to spend 20 € for that but you can get it by playing the game for approx. 2 months. So I just play. Because I play anyway. If it would cost 5 € or 10 € I would probably have bought it, but you just don’t get enough for your money. I would also spend 10 € for the floating new earth-rock-companion that gives you more defense, but you can’t acquire it without paying 60 $ for a whole package of stupid unicorns. So I just keep playing and don’t spend anything.

      • Flopper says:

        But the gameplay sucks penis’s in the first place. So paying anything would be too much.

  2. darkmorgado says:

    It’s a shame that this just sounds like more of the existing go here-kill lots of things-go here-kill lots of things, whilst still not having ANY of the choice or actual role-playing associated with Dungeons and Dragons. It’s just a dull hack and slash which has about as much in D&D roleplaying as Devil May Cry does (beyond being set in the FR).

    • aliksy says:

      That was pretty much the whole game. D&D 4e is a reasonably interesting system, but they didn’t do anything with it. Instead it’s another by-the-numbers MMO. The only interesting thing is the user created content, and that’s hit-or-miss anyway.

  3. Keyrock says:

    Ooh, another elf race.


    Hopefully the new areas to adventure in are decent. The stuff in the packs they’re selling I have zero interest in.

  4. Cryptoshrimp says:

    Man, this doesn’t sound very good, and even if it did, I doubt I would play it. I’d much rather pay a subscription for an MMO than feel like I’m cheated of content/ripped off. Which, with the vast majority (if not all) F2P games, you really are.

    • Keyrock says:

      Actually, this is one F2P game that actually is free to play. The pay stuff is mostly cosmetic stuff. The “new races” are just reskins of existing races. You can easily play the game and get to the level cap and have a viable (even powerful) character without ever spending a single penny. None of the areas to adventure in require any payment whatsoever and all the pay stuff is basically superfluous or can give you a short boost of exp, which is useless as you level ridiculously quickly in the game anyway.

  5. 2helix4u says:

    Doesn’t this game already have 3 races of elves? Does it really need 5? I appreciate the new free races, thats a good sign, but DnD has a lot of interesting species to play as. I’m kinda mystified by the lack of Dragonkin given their visibility in 4th Edition. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were added as premium content.
    As it is now the Teiflings are the only token non-tolkien creatures.

    I recently read an article about WoW from before the game’s release that talked about how refreshing it was to play an MMO where the races weren’t all standard Tolkien/DnD affairs, I think its more important than people recognise in MMOs. Most games have the token weird race but WoW launched with a whole faction of them. Its also why people remember the Charr (or mech-gnomes and tree-elves i guess) from GW2 and were excited to play with and amongst them.

    E: of course now as well as not being tolkien you have to not be WoW, looking at you Wildstar or should I say Warcraft Wars 2

  6. TheMick says:

    In the name of all things sacred Neverwinter please add more classes post haste