Tangiers Mixes With The Kickstarter Crowd

Of all the weird outliers gaming is set to produce in 2013, Tangiers has to be the one I am most excited about: a surreal stealth game set in a world cut from the uneasy modernist fringes of the 20th century. I previously had a chat with it creator, Alex Harvey, and that revealed a dark and ambitious project of stealth, shadow, Thief-like game mechanics, and an open world filled with strange imagery and dynamic, remixing environments. The two man team want a mere £35k.

So go take a look at their pitch, or gander at the first gameplay video, below.


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    Hodge says:

    Ooh, this one is looking nice.

  2. j.r.r.token says:

    link to youtu.be

    Finally, someone figured this would make a great game.

    • Premium User Badge

      gotno says:

      holy crap, it’s uncanny. also, madvillain fan here, but i’ve never seen that video. thanks!

  3. SuicideKing says:

    What does “Tangiers” mean? Sounds almost like it’s in Hindi/Urdu.

  4. cqdemal says:

    This is so backed.

  5. jonahcutter says:

    Ugh… Kickstarter is killing my wallet far more effectively than all the recent game sales combined.

    This looks so good though.

  6. Kein says:

    That BGM was really unsettling, it literally hurts my ears and make me want to mute audio output. I hope they will change it.

    • Gamboni says:

      Yes, there’s skillfully crafted dark ambient music to create a dense atmosphere (Thief, Fallout 1 & 2, Stalker) and then there’s this distorted, droning noise, which from a sound design standpoint is somewhat interesting, but doesn’t work as background music any more than a recording of a loud machine hall would. There’s a limit to how much continuous saturated noise the human ear can comfortably stand and this goes way beyond that.

      • Alex Harvey says:

        Hi Kein + Gamboni – the music in the gameplay demo is a little more… unhewn than the tracks you’ll find in the full game. Our musician got caught moving house just as we were doing the final preparations for the Kickstarter so I had to stitch together something based on the early demos that he’d sent us. I do, unfortunately, have a tendency to go overboard with the abrasion! Around the middle of the campaign we’ll be putting up some standalone tracks, so hopefully they’ll be more palatable.

      • honuk says:

        “There’s a limit to how much continuous saturated noise the human ear can comfortably stand and this goes way beyond that.”

        my music tastes beg to differ

  7. strangeloup says:

    Given that this is so much up my alley that it’s sitting in the living room, drinking my tea and making a weird face at the cat, it would be entirely wrong of me to not back this. Signed up for a £15 contribution as I’m a bit skint lately, but I may well bump that up a tier or two closer to the deadline.

    Really really hope this gets made; first computer-game kickstarter I’ve backed in a while, actually, having departed to the realms of roleplaying ‘starters of late.

  8. Shooop says:

    I love the aesthetic, but I’ve never been a fan of pure stealth games.

    Still on the fence for this one.