Sate Your Curiosity: A Take On Mars Trailer

Ooh, I want to name him!
Not content with simulating Earth in all its glory, including tiny shadows of flying insects, Czech simulation specialists Bohemia want to take on (aha!*) the red planet. Take On Mars is bonkers in the best possible way, a game where you take your little lander onto the surface of Mars for the purposes of science! The new trailer shows off a tiny bit of how the game will work, with you collecting samples and taking photos of the surface, but I’ve also discovered a long E3 video by Gamespot that you should watch, because by the end of it you’ll have fallen in love with a plucky Mars rover.

It looks like the obsession that Take On Helicopters had with it’s choppers (it simulated the fuel sloshing around in the tank) is at play here. The rover has 150 physically simulated parts, any of which can break at any time. Just remember that when you’re creating your Martian dust art masterpiece: Dust Cock In The Night Sky, A Series.

Here’s the trailer.

Fnarr. No, really. This is it. Promise.

And here’s half an hour of footage. It proves once and for all that humanity will not make a Mars Lander that I don’t want to adopt as a pet.

*This “aha” is actually my way of pointing out how much I enjoyed that terrible joke. I stole it from a Terry Pratchett** book, but it fits into the whole “Take On” theme as well. I want you to know that as delicious as the connection between the two is, it was entirely coincidental.

**I’m also stealing Terry Pratchett’s footnotes to tell you.


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  1. The Random One says:

    This kind of stuff really mars the site's reputation. You should have planet this better.
  1. Smion says:

    Sry, doublepost!

  2. Malleus says:

    That mashup was awesome. Clearly, this is the superior post.

  3. DrScuttles says:

    Fight RPS, fight!

  4. The_B says:

    I envisage the right way that events should now transpire is that both articles will contain very similar comments but with minor changes. Maybe one with a A-Ha musical promo in it.

  5. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    I’ll post this in both Articles;

    How long till the content from this gets ported into ArmA III? ArmA II content has been ported into it and so has Take on Helicopters content.

    Imagine the battles on Mars via the Real Virtuality Engine…

    • mondomau says:

      That…… would be pretty damn good actually.

    • plsgodontvisitheforums_ says:

      I think you’ll find the truck bouncing and helicopter floating physics already quite martian – probably where they got their inspiration in the first place

    • Comrade Roe says:

      Looks like no rovers lasering rocks on Altis. Apparently it uses the Carrier Command engine, or so I’m told.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Battlezone remake!

    • Professor Paul1290 says:

      Models, textures, and other assets like that maybe, but anything else would be more of a longshot than it was with Take On Helicopters because Take On Mars is not built on Real Virtuality engine.

      Take On Mars uses Black Element’s (one of Bohemia’s subsidiaries) Enforce engine, which is a completely separate engine and tool-set.

      If I recall correctly this game started out as a mod for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.

  6. mondomau says:

    Dammit Pearson, how could you let the colonial get the drop on you? You’re letting the side down! Poor show!

    • Craig Pearson says:

      But this way means I’m top of the site, and I wrote my post first. Nathan just spawned one in the middle of the night.

    • distantlurker says:

      ☼100 RPS COINS $4.99
      ☼200 RPS COINS $9.49
      ☼500 RPS COINS $25.99 (BEST VALUE!)

      ☼200 Increase Craig’s ‘TEA’ flask to double size for more stamina!
      ☼1000 Increase Stiff Upper Lippedness by 50% for 48 hours!

    • jonahcutter says:

      Coffee > tea


      • mondomau says:

        Just for that, I’m going to throw a jar of nescafe in a pond. That’s how it’s done isn’t it?

        • hotmaildidntwork says:

          Ideally it should be someone *else’s* nescafe, but you’ve got the gist of it.

          • mondomau says:

            Right-o, back in a tick. Just going to see if the neighbour has any I can borrow.

          • jonahcutter says:


            Nescafe will make your pond taste worse than the ordinary, scum-encrusted, stagnant, mosquito-infested variety.

            Try grinding legit beans. With some populist politics thrown in for kick. Tasty and satisfying.

            And in a few hundred years or so, the entire act will be misappropriated by ill-informed, right-wing nutjobs.

  7. Vondrak says:

    These posts really made me do a double take.

  8. Prokroustis says:

    I like this one beter. Though Nathan has a healthier respect for music.

  9. Jason Moyer says:

    Would hit the like button since Craig managed to avoid referencing example #1 of the 80’s being a cultural wasteland.

    Edit: Or I could read the article.

  10. Tei says:

    I already posted my opinion on the other thread about Take on Mars.

    just kidding. heres my real comment:

    Actually, Imagine if this game actually implements realistic lag, from wen you send a command to the drone, to it executing it.

    • Sir Buildbot Winslave says:

      The frustration would incur a death toll we should not be willing to accept.

      Also, we would have to suffer people calling “laaag!!1” during a single-player game.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        If it’s single player, you don’t have to.. well, unless you’re doing it yourself, of course.

        • Sir Buildbot Winslave says:

          That is an annoyingly astute observation.
          Oh, and sorry about the late reply, but you know … laaaag!!1

    • Contrafibularity says:

      That would be one way to demonstrate the usefulness of manned missions.

  11. Pony Canyon says:

    Clearly the only course of action now is for every RPS contributor, past, present, and future, to write a Take on Mars article.

  12. Skabooga says:

    I wonder, in the alternate post’s world, am I sporting a sinister clean-shaven face?

  13. Nick says:

    And so the great RPS schism begins.

  14. Jimmy says:

    …half of it in the other.

  15. Dowr says:

    I think this is Craig’s acknowledgment (or lack thereof) of Nathan’s existence.

  16. Didden says:

    It’s almost like you don’t work in an office together… oh wait…

  17. Professor Paul1290 says:

    Oddball semi-unrelated side trivia:
    The project lead who also started the mod that eventually grew into Take On Mars was also a member of the mod team that made the Thief-inspired The Dark Mod.

  18. InternetBatman says:

    Beaten to the punch, but with a far better pun.

  19. The Random One says:

    This kind of stuff really mars the site’s reputation. You should have planet this better.

  20. denizsi says:

    This just in: BI developers on a trip to Mars were detained by Martians on suspicions of espionage.

  21. Premium User Badge

    Junch says:

    Craig and Nathan neural-drifted at some point before they went off to post their articles.

    That’s the only way to explain the uncanny similarities in both posts.

  22. mikmanner says:

    The only thing this game is missing is synthesized text to speech game chat link to

  23. lilly_watson says:

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