20 Minutes Of Payday 2’s Gallery Heist

VG247, the getaway driver in the daily news job, have grabbed 20 minutes of Payday 2‘s PC version in action, complete with a chap from Overkill talking through the onscreen happenings. I’ve been instructed by an elite panel of my peers that I missed out on not playing the original Payday, and that Payday 2 is looking rather good, too.

So this might be worth watching…


  1. wodin says:

    I wish the first game had more focus on the heist and planning rather than a plain old shooter with the heist being the back story.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

      Okay but it didn’t and this one is. Why do people keep bringing up the same comments about Payday 1 not being any good, or just being okay in every thread on Payday 2, completely ignoring the actual information about Payday 2.

      • The Random One says:

        Because until we can actually play Payday 2 our only points of reference are marketing hype and Payday.

        • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

          There’s videos of the game in action right up there, people are playing the thing in beta right now, the game is only a month away from release, I think we have a little more to go on than marketing hype at this point.

      • wodin says:

        Fair enough..

  2. Leb says:

    I didn’t find the first pay day all that great to be honest.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I liked it, a nice shooter.

    • zin33 says:

      best co op experience ive ever had

      • Leb says:

        Personally I felt the shooting unsatisfying, the AI unsatisfying, and the mission design unsatisfying

        I played with a group of friends for one night – we bought it for a 5ver on sale. Did not really click with any of us beyond that one night.

        I could see the appeal I suppose… to me it just felt empty though.

        • Deston says:

          That’s a shame man. It’s one of the better co-op games I’ve played with my mates, we’ve had a lot of good Sunday afternoons playing through it.

          The first one had its flaws for sure, but for me the major problems I had with it were mostly with the levelling system more than the actual in-game mechanics. I’m really glad to see they seem to have put a lot of changes in there, as it needed it.

  3. Synesthesia says:

    It was kinda good, but the horde of brain dead cops that assault you were no fun at all. The gunplay was also quite mediocre. IMHO, they should focus on the stealth and heist bits, and make the combat more challenging.

    • zin33 says:

      stealth hardly ever works with strangers. and with a group of people it becomes frustrating real quick
      sure doing it a few times and getting it perfect is cool. but after that?
      in diamond heist for instance it was always ME doing the boxes thing because my mates werent as good
      no mercy was really frustrating because it took a lot of time and it was kinda horrible to be near the end and have one random civilian screw it up and then its restart from scratch
      didnt try out monaco nor the swat games yet but ive never seen a stealth game on co op work very well

      also take a look at the most popular co op games and youll find that most enemies are indeed “brain dead” (killing floor, l4d2, cod zombies, serious sam, alien swarm, etc)

    • Ansob says:

      Did you watch the video at all? That’s exactly what they’re doing.

  4. jonbro says:

    ha, I like the idea that someone would steal outsider art. seems like maybe not the best haul. Also I am excited to play this, I enjoyed the first one. It pulled off the scene from heat exactly

  5. darylicked says:

    I like that the names they had in this video were characters from the movie Heat lol

  6. Harlander says:

    The idea of your degree of stealth affecting how much trouble you get later in the mission appeals to me. Here’s hoping they pull it off

  7. Mctittles says:

    Everything looks pretty great except for the fact that bullets don’t seem to hurt people. I’d love an option to make a shot to the head actually kill you, but have a feeling higher difficulty will just make the cops more sponges.

    On another note, I’m surprised how closely it resembles Rainbow Six: Raven Shield in both movement speed and graphics.

    • wodin says:

      I agree this sort of game should be similar to red orchestra or Arma…i.e one shot one kill.

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  9. GameDreamer says:

    I love the sound design, the music and guns sounds great!

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