Don’t Forget: Planetside 2, This Sunday

And we want everyone to be there. Planetside 2 is free, so there’s no excuse. The honour of our internet is at stake: we will be taking on the PC Gamer outfit in a battle to the warpgate. Forum details over here. We need as many folks online as possible. You will need Mumble installed and set up to get in on the action.


  1. Mr. Mister says:

    Nah, this weekend is Just Cause 2 multiplayer test time. Plus, their new Faction Wars mode will already give me my Planetside 2 fix:

    link to

    You could probably challange PC Gamer at that too, as you can create your own faction.

  2. Goolashe says:

    I’d be there if the game was any fun anymore. After game update 9 or so things just went downhill as higby tried to make the game more and more like a battlefield clone and is trying to optimize the game more and more for major league gaming play, which you really can’t have on a game of this scale and never actually has an end to matches.

    If the game was taken back to it’s roots of involving vehicles as part of the core gameplay, I’d totally be up for playing it. The game was best back in beta as it was still somewhat balanced between the different factions and vehicles actually were more than cert piñata.

    • darkChozo says:

      I don’t have much insight on the current state of PS2’s balance, but from I remember, alpha/beta was MAX spam, then ESF spam, then tank spam, with each being OP to the point where it drove other playstyles out. Still was rather fun all-in-all, but it wasn’t well-balanced gameplay-wise and isn’t something I’d suggest going back to as compared to (my rather limited knowledge of) today’s state.

      • Goolashe says:

        I don’t claim that it was perfect or anything, just that it was better than it currently is. The game heavily focuses on infantry so much that you can’t really take vehicles into fighting areas unless you’re part of the massive zerg rush that the gameplay favors now. Any kind of smaller group tactics are now out the window because of that, too. lock-on rockets from heavy soldiers have longer ranges than what the game actually renders for the person that is being targeted, so you can be flying over an area, get a frantic beep, and then suddenly blow up one second later. For around a month or so the Vanu had an extremely OP lockdown mode for their Maxes that could kill Vanguards with armor in the front in just a couple hits, and thier range was so long that they didn’t render in for you to fire back at them, and forget trying to fight them with vehicles when they grouped up.

        I know that previously the game had turned into TankSide and AirSide at times in the beta, but currently there isn’t much of an incentive to get a vehicle aside from being transportation from one area to another outside of the zerg rushing. If I wanted to play an infantry-geared game, I’d play BF3 or something that is much more refined in that area.

        There is also the factor that hacking is absolutely rampant in the game, and SOE is doing next to nothing to put in preventative measures (such as putting in more server-side checks). For instance, they’re just asking for aimbot hacks if they have hit-detection calculated on the client-side and not on the server-side, and even when people have K/D ratios of 48:1 with infantry, they still don’t ban that person. And even when they do ban people caught hacking, it’s only a /temporary/ ban, and that doesn’t stop them from making a new account to do it again. It’s entirely possible to get the game client to do a hardware fingerprint of their computer and then ban them based on that combined with their IP, but they don’t.

        And then there is the implant update they were just about to push into the live game that would have made the game heavily Pay2Win (you could pay cash for temporary modifications that let you ignore grenade explosions and appear invisible to radar and night vision, for instance). They still have the current issue of being able to buy cammos, helmates, and decals to the point you can make yourself look like another faction’s soldier. And with how the game is picky on identifying allies to you when you look at them, I find myself second-guessing shooting at enemies and getting weapons locked because I keep accidentally firing at allies that made themselves look like enemies, or when their friendly color didn’t appear above them.

        Don’t get me wrong, I really loved the game and the idea behind it has some awesome potential, but Higby’s design choices and their history of pushing out updates that completely break the game have completely turned me away from playing. I’ve spent a good $60 or so on the game to support them on the triple station cash days, so I really didn’t want to quit, but when they charge $7 for weapons they just end up nerfing a few weeks later, it just makes me incredibly hesitant to buy anything in the game or even want to play when my investments just get trashed.

        • Rizlar says:

          Agree with some of what you say – pricing is higher than I would want to pay (outside of really cheap deals), and it is tricky to survive in a vehicle at the moment (but far from impossible).

          But your description of the VS ‘lockdown mode’ is inaccurate. In my experience hacking is nowhere near as common as you describe either. Small groups can be super effective too, as our own Tactical Giraffe squads proved a few days ago.

          • Goolashe says:

            Tanks were improved notably a couple updates ago from when you could pull one out and die almost immediately even near contested bases, but the fact that they’re trying to even out weapon damage with ESFs is completely ruining why people choose different aircraft for their various advantages and disadvantages, and with the render distance problem it makes it a death wish to try and use your vehicle to contribute to a contested base. It doesn’t help at all that using a vehicle takes upwards of half your maximum resources now, and you get stuck on a timer if you happen to roll over a mine on the road on the way to a base, or are even trying to use a tank to help take a base.

            The zealot mode used to be an issue. I know they’ve nerfed it now, but the fact that it went on for so long shows where their priorities lie with the game in that they’d rather get people to buy new things than keep old items balanced.

            As for hacking, the obvious stuff has gotten better, but there is still a notable amount of aimbot hacking, and it’s surprisingly easy to do it and not get caught. Take a loot at some of the top scorers on the leaderboard, for instance, or see some of the videos and tutorials people post on youtube. Another possible factor in decreasing in number of hackers is that they might just be losing interest, especially since the player base is dropping dramatically (I keep getting spam from SOE, too, basically begging me to keep playing and get others to join)

            And yeah, smaller groups can be effective still, but all you’re essentially doing is ghost capping bases if you’re not facing the zerg. That has been my experience on the Watterson server.

  3. Cooper says:

    CMaster has put together a useful guide on how to get involved on a Call to Arms night:
    link to

    • Rizlar says:

      Also there is a new referral system in PS2. If you want to sign up for the first time hit up this link for a free gun, courtesy of a randomly selected [RPS] outfit member’s referral code!

      link to

  4. CMaster says:

    Don’t forget the video guide: link to

  5. lilly_watson says:

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  6. Yosharian says:

    Played this the other day, pretty damn hard learning curve, spent half an hour running around not knowing what the fuck to do, and dying.. often. Didn’t get a single kill. Bleh.

    • CMaster says:

      Join uo with the outfit then.

    • BTAxis says:

      It also doesn’t help that you usually get instakilled when there’s a lot of people in the fight, so you can’t even tell why you died or how to stop it from happening.

    • Goolashe says:

      It was super fun for new people when the game first came out of beta. They literally launched you from orbit into a contested base and told you to fight for your team while sticking you in a random squad, then tell you nothing else about how to play the game.

  7. Aberaham says:

    Are you and PC gamer paid to promote this game?

    • Dowr says:

      They most likely aren’t but even so; does it matter?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Have you read any of Jim Rossignol’s posts? When there’s a potential conflict of interest he (like with his upcoming game) clearly states that. That, and he really enjoys tactical multiplayer and big worlds like EVE online and the previous Planetside.

    • EsotericReverie says:

      Nope, we just really like it, and want to share the experience with other people.

  8. Cleave says:

    I would if it ran at more than 15 fps :(

    • TWChristine says:

      I kind of feel like the guy in the dungeon in The Life of Brian who’s going on about “oh I wish I had the chance to be slapped in the face by a centurion..”, but oh what I would give for 15fps.. I usually am around. 5 :(

  9. figvam says:

    How to participate in this event, you know, from the other side? I don’t even have a VS character. Any links to the other side recruitment info?

  10. Aethelwulf says:

    I would love to roll with RPS but unfortunately you chose Vanu Scum and I would sooner cut off my left testicle than parade about in purple. Many years of PS1 filled me such a great hatred for the Barneys, a hatred that can never heal.

    • Premium User Badge

      Harlander says:

      There’s also Rock Traitor Shotgun, the unofficial RPS NC joint

      • Duke of Chutney says:

        +1 Giraffe hunt. Look on the forums, install Mumble and have a chat with peoples on the server. There are alternatives to the cult of Vanu

  11. His Dudeness says:

    Free it may be but my excuse are the multiple metacarpal fractures I’m nursing. I can just about do some typing and using the touchpad with my left hand. Will join you guys hopefully in a couple of weeks again.

    Capt Dingleberry out.

    • EsotericReverie says:

      Ouch, that rather sucks! Hope you get well soon!

      • His Dudeness says:

        Thank you and yes, it’s very frustrating having only a sprained left hand available when being right-handed. Hey ho, silly me for taking on an Mercedes Benz head-on and coming out a distant second…