Ranger In A Strange Land: Metro LL Factions

Want to know all about Metro: Last Light’s Factions DLC? Sure you do. Three short stories featuring new player characters from different groups. Nathan’s already written quite a lot of words about the chaps in question and the kind of things that can be expected but he made a schoolboy error. Why write words when there’s probably a trailer just around the corner that will show such weapons as the Hellbreath in action? Words can not do justice to the Hellbreath. Actually, hang on, the words are better than the reality could ever be. Hellbreath. It’s just a bloody flamethrower, isn’t it?

When will somebody release DLC called Guns and Corpses?


  1. F3ck says:

    So between all the groovy face-punching and seven foot Silverback Lizard lurking about and neat-o new guns I am kind of excited about what I’m seeing…but what exactly am I seeing here?

    Is this some pvp stuff, tower defense, or am I going to get to (at long last) explore the surface for “artifacts”?

    • ZombieDawgs says:

      It’s all singleplayer stuff, there’s 3 missions. The Reich one is terrible, the Red Sniper mission is okay but nothing special and the Ranger one by far carries the entire DLC (and is still worth it). You can explore the surface and manage your own little bullet economy to purchase much needed upgrades to explore further in the world.

      There’s also Librarians.

      • dufake says:

        You’ll revisit the library in Metro 2033.

        It’s great but it’s still recycled levels from the last game.

  2. lilly_watson says:

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  3. The_Hunter says:

    The faction pack is really hit and miss. The “Heavy” mission is a poorly optimized bore, which places the player in everyone’s least favorite scenario from Last Light: a restrictive horde battle

    The Sniper mission is a bit better but extremely short.

    The STALKER mission is incredible, I think most people wish 4A would have just made a longer version of this as opposed to the other two missions. That said, this cool “roguelike” chapter has a game killing bug which can prevent the player from changing air filters…

    I’m let down…

    • Sidewinder says:

      A S.T.A.L.K.E.R roguelike? Such a thing has been imagined- and yet does not exist. If we ever needed more proof of the ultimate unpleasantness of the universe, there you have it.

  4. buxcador says:

    Last light was not good enough to get me interested on more Metro.

    It was too short. Didn’t gave opportunity to take advantage of weapons.
    I had no idea over the weapons available. No clue about the advantages/disadvantages of each one. The game was too short to discover, so basically, I was forced to pick any at random, and stay with it.

    The only information I had was that bullets were money, so I saved a large cache (like 1000 bullets), and when I was expecting to get the first opportunity to invest the bullets, the game ended.
    So, the bullets were useless.

    The entire game felt like a single mission on Fallout, with nicer graphics, and worse gameplay.

    To be fair, the stealth mode was fun, but not enough to rescue the game.

    Any DLC surely is shorter than the already short game, so, it doesn’t make the cut to me.

    I had a similar opinion on the first Metro, so I gave it an opportunity, and it didn’t improved, neither delivered. I had enough on the franchise. I’m not interested on sequels.