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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Much More

Congratulations, you have successfully navigated to the Bargain Bucket. Your reward is as follows: You will receive a meticulously collated infodump containing a selection of offers to purchase discounted digitally distributed games for your computer. And if that’s not enough, then there is more of this sort of thing over at

Metro: Last Light – £14.99
Registers on Steam.
Here’s wot Jim made of this bleak shooty game:

Stupidly, I keep imagining that the MAN IN TUNNEL genre of shooter will run out of ways to impress me, but that didn’t happen with Last Light. It’s exquisite, and even though the post-apocalyptic theme has been done to death over the past decade, it’s delivered with such skill here that I ended up finding the game more visually arresting than Bioshock Infinite. That’s not something that I expected to say, but it’s most definitely the reality.

More here.

Shank 2 – £2.40/€3
I can’t actually link to this page on Origin because it seems as though their website is broken, and any links I include just seem to get stuck in a redirect loop and then dump you at the homepage. It sure is tough maintaining a rudimentary store frontend when you are one of the biggest publishers on the planet. Hopefully the website starts working again, or all the effort EA have gone to arrange this current sale will have been for naught, not that many of the other discounts are particularly exciting. Perhaps you can buy it through the client? I quite liked Shank 2, they added a few new cool things.

The Whispered World – £1.99/€2.49/$2.49
John wrote down some words surmising his opinion on this game over at Eurogamer:

The Whispered World gets as much right as it does wrong, and for that it becomes sad for the wrong reasons. It’s so achingly pretty, and clearly so much love has gone into it. But the crappy puzzles and painful voices (not all are bad, most are dull, Sadwick’s is agony) do a huge disservice to a lovely world and some splendid writing.

The rest of this review is here, and you can read some additional thoughts from John here> Sounds to me like it is worth a pop at this price.

Civilization V – £4.17/€4.85/$6.37
Civilization V: Gods and Kings – £4.17/€4.85/$6.37
Civilization V [Gold Edition] – £6.96/€8.09/$10.62
Apply coupon “Gooncave”. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
I’ve only played the vanilla version of Civ5, and although I enjoyed my time with it, and it’s a far more polished package than previous Civ games, I found Civ4 to be a little meatier. It’s hard to actually pin down what it is about 4 that I prefered the feel of, and it’s not like any of the aspects of Civ5 are especially lacking, but in my mind Civ5 fell a little short of being the definitive Civ game. Word on the street, however, is that the Gods and Kings and recent Brave New World expansions do a good job of building complexity on top of the solid foundations of Civ5. Is this the case? Do you reckon I should grab both expansions and dive back in?

Deal of the week
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – £5.56/€6.46/$8.49
Apply coupon “Gooncave”. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
Much anticipated, and then much enjoyed X-COM rebootquel, now for cheap. Here’s Alec’s opinion:

I love XCOM, I’m so glad it was made and I expect to be playing it and replaying it for a long, long time to come. There are things, big and small, I would change or don’t see the reasoning for, but it all-told it does so much more than I ever thought possible, both in terms of resurrecting XCOM’s core values and making a turn-based strategy game with high-tech, 2012, thrilling presentation.

More over this way.

Also of note:
Pitman – Pay What You Want
Modern Warfare 3 – £11.13/€12.93/$16.99. Apply coupon “Gooncave”. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
Steam Summer sale is still going.

For more of the cheap games, head over to

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