Built To Spill: Crashtastic

Vehicles that look like scaffolding on wheels are doomed to fail. Drop them on an obstacle course, no matter how simple, and they’re likely to struggle with simple concepts such as ‘moving in a straight line without toppling over like a giraffe wearing roller skates’. That’s why it’s sensible to attach rockets to them so that they can at least collapse in a glorious heap, spindly segments shattering and pirouetting through the air. That’s the vehicle, obviously – don’t do that to a giraffe, or a vehicle in fact. People would get hurt and/or cross. Crashtastic allows you to construct pretend vehicles and put them through their paces destroy them. Preorder to receive immediate alpha access.

Is it wrong that I want the same game but with genetically modified creatures? Yeah. It almost definitely is.


  1. Chalky says:

    It looks like all the things you construct shatter into their components as if they’re made of lego rather than deform at all which is a bit of a shame. It looks like it’s a bit predictable that an impact will result in a shower of cubes and not a whole lot else.

    Probably still fun, but I’m not entirely sure what would convince me to pay for it.

    • Marik Bentusi says:

      You can just play it like Kerbal and focus on overcoming whatever hindrances the current level throws between you and the exit. Build something you think that’ll work, watch it fail spectacularly and have a little chuckle, then go back to the drawing board and repeat until you succeed.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    It looks like the Toribash of vehicle games.

  3. jonnychimpo says:

    Built to spill; amazing band

  4. Liudeius says:

    I don’t see why they removed the free version.
    If the alpha is really any more than that, the free levels should help sell it. If the alpha is just the free version repackaged with “Alpha” written on it, it wouldn’t even be worth it for $1.

  5. hjd_uk says:

    I had a set of that building-kit stuff as a kid, grey plastic bars that connected together with blue plastic cubes with connectors on, had the same kind of wheels too, but i’ll be damned if I can remember what it was called. Wasnt lego or mechano, something else.

    Ha! Found it: link to en.wikipedia.org

  6. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    It’s taking porrasturvat and rekkasturvat to their logical conclusion. I approve.

  7. phelix says:

    The buy page doesn’t mention a price, and the link to the FAQ 404s. Hmmm.

  8. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Hasn’t this been in Alpha for a couple of years now?

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Actually “pushed towards BETA” in January 2012.

      So back to alpha now?

  9. squareking says:


    link to grooveshark.com

  10. dr. fondles says:

    you have won my heart forever with the built to spill reference

  11. purex. says:

    Impossible Creatures would’ve been a thing people nowadays would still play if it wasn’t an RTS.

  12. sgt. grumbles says:

    My heart has also been won for the band reference.

  13. councilxvb32 says:

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