Rum Doings: Fourteen Minutes Of Assassin’s Creed 4

Would you like to see 14 minutes of Assassin’s Creed 4 footage? Well tough, because you have to. It’s PS4 footage, which means there’s a good chance it’ll match PC on release. Should it actually get released at the same time, of course. Oddly enough, Ubisoft hasn’t found time to get back to us regarding that.

Blimey, it looks huge. Check out the map at about 1:20. A bit of Far Cry 3 influence there, methinks. The demo nicely shows how naval combat isn’t some mini-game tucked in there, but rather something that fluidly occurs as you’re playing. Which is good news.

It’s interesting, watching, thinking, “Wow, this looks amazing!” And then remembering that when you’re actually playing it it’s going to fuck around with bloody obligatory time-travel DNA bullshit tedium in between. If only they’d accept that was always SO STUPID, and just be the game they’re obviously supposed to be.

I’m not sure “demasted” is a word.


  1. luukdeman111 says:

    The main problems of ac3 were the stupendous tutorial, the boring main character and the most interesting thing was probably the naval battles.

    This game focuses on naval combat, has a new main character and the debs have said that the full open world be available to you in around 30 minutes of gameplay.

    Colour me interested…

    • soulblur says:

      I liked the Homestead. I thought that was interesting. Wish it had been even more developed, actually. The sailing was also good. What I dislike about the latest iteration was of course Connor – so petulant. But they’ve missed a real trick by not having his character grow and loosen up (much as Ezio stopped being such a prick over time). Also, the whole economy behind the game made no sense. And you rarely actually assassinate anyone – you’re just running in, killing everyone in your way, then running back out. but it had good potential. I’m attracted to potential (never could have finished Dead Island otherwise).

    • Premium User Badge

      basilisk says:

      The introduction definitely was too long, but on the other hand, allowed them to do some pretty cool stuff with the story which would be otherwise impossible, so in the end, I’d argue it was worth it. The game has some very noticeable problems, but this particular one feels relatively minor to me.

      • woodsey says:

        I think for most people it’s not about spending so long as Haytham as it is his entire 5 hours or so being an insultingly slow tutorial – which then continues when you start playing as Connor!

    • Andrew says:

      This video has me feeling very apprehensive. It seems they’re sticking with the kitchen sink approach that I feel ruined the third game. Upgrade everything, trinkets everywhere, and it looks like the bizarre trading and manufacturing system is coming back in full force. It’s not that I don’t like upgrading things, I think they got the balance just right in the second game, I just feel there are other systems, combat, movement, that need a serious overhaul.

    • MooseMuffin says:

      My AC3 problem was that there was very little assassinating. There was lots of “walk in the front door and kill half an army because combat is a joke and then kill the main guy”. The naval battles were well done, but I don’t know what they were doing in my AC game. Why didn’t they start a game franchise about being a pirate if they wanted to make pirate games?

  2. staberas says:

    Dammit ac4 look to nice, but i know there definitely something wrong with it D:

    • bstard says:

      I guess it’ll be missing an alcoholic (beverage) called Yellow Beard :(

  3. MeestaNob says:

    I quite like the Desmond story in principle, but the way they are deliberately dragging it out to suit their insatiable need to sequel the sequels has made it impossible to enjoy.

    • Ein0r says:

      Same goes for me partially.

      After watching this video i am really excited. The world looks cool, the naval system looks very interesting.
      And it seems you can do a lot in this world.

      But what put me off most were the movements of the main character. The same jump, the same style of moving around and walking and about the same kill animations and moves as in all the other ACs.
      (the new weapons not included though). This is probably the only thing that throws this feeling of “yea.. cool.. the same old stuff again” into my face and this particular one feels like a 10 ton hammer hitting it.
      Yes i can understand that the main characters all share about the same background, but some more diversity would have been cool in my oppinion, except only some minor differences in clothing.

      Mh.. i am going to wait and watch more teaser vids that will come, maybe i can get over my problem ;D

    • BTAxis says:

      Same for me. I actually rather liked the Desmond angle, DNA stuff and all, in the first two or three games, but then it turned to crap. That, paired with the basically-not-very-interesting AssCreed mechanics of the later installments makes me think I’ll pass this one up.

    • The Random One says:

      I like Desmond’s tale as well, and I love that Ubi’s response to the complaints that it was silly on the first game was to bring it up to eleven in the next one. I hate being pandered to, and l’d say that’s the opposite of pandering.

    • gi_ty says:

      When I played AssCreed 1 the time travel Desmond bits were great, by Revelations they were stupid and disruptive and in 3 I wanted to scream every time that idiot woke up. Just give me a historical playground! I don’t need fictional rationalizations of time skips and the meta story has gotten completely stupid.

  4. DrScuttles says:

    This is a disappointing misappropriation of the good Rum Doings name.

    • DiamondDog says:

      It’s shameful is what it is.

      At least Jim has the decency to be honest with us when he uses this site to hawk his wares!

  5. Mahmoth says:

    Last I heard, they’d decided that all the time travelly futurestuff was going to be optional, rather than constantly pulling you out of the past and letting you get on with piratey facestabbing.

  6. hjarg says:

    It is very important to use the word important all the time or people will not understand how important this game is.

  7. RedViv says:

    I expected a “Hullo!” for the opening. I was disappointed.

  8. Aibrys says:

    Pirate Simulator 2013?

    • Cinek says:


      Stupid Total War: Shogun 2 is a naval simulator comparing to this garbage.

  9. ran93r says:

    Although I misheard what the talky man said, I’m looking forward to ships with Fun Cannons.

  10. Laurentius says:

    My main problem with this game is that Ubisoft probably will cram all this Assassins/Templars stupid crap on the otherwise good looking pirate game. I liked AC series for its historical settings but its general narrating is just so plain bullshit, apparently Ubisoft not bringing it forward when promoting ACIV indicates that they realize it’s not best selling point.

    • Iskariot says:

      “Ubisoft probably will cram all this Assassins/Templars stupid crap on the otherwise good looking pirate game. ”

      Although I do not really mind the SF component in AC, in general that is the same problem I see. I like what I have seen so far from this game and it is a first day buy for me, but I believe it should have been a separate new pirate franchise with its own storyline. It is full of incredible cool possibilities that will never get utilized if this does not get its own Pirate IP.

  11. lowprices says:

    Given that the new consoles architecture seems to be much closer to that of a pc this time round, would that theoretically make porting to a different platform an easier and faster process? I ask this having absolutely no knowledge of porting or programming in general.

    • Iskariot says:

      From what I have read it should indeed be easier to create a game for the architecturally related platforms.

  12. Tiguh says:

    Well I’ve never been interested in an Ass game since the first one, but I DESPERATELY want to be a pirate!

  13. draigdrwg says:

    Dismasted is the more usual word.

  14. Dowr says:


    There we go.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Well then I look forward to the Lewis Carroll inspired, Assassin’s Creed: Down the Rabbit Hole.

  15. Iskariot says:

    I love everything I have seen so far. A unique game an a huge lot of fun.

  16. MartinNr5 says:

    I like that it’s 13 minutes of footage and not 14 as the article claims. Thought John was going for some sort of obscure joke but I can’t figure it out if that’s the case.

    Still very amusing to someone with my odd sense of humour. :)

  17. Calabi says:

    Its a bit weird the immediacy of it. Ships accelerate and stop faster than a sports car. You can jump in and out of the boat and, surface immediately.

    • Iskariot says:

      Yeah I never knew those old frigates could accelerate as fast as a Ferrari :).
      It looked a bit weird to say the least. They should have had the fleeing target jump into a crewed rowing boat and then have him transported to his ship.

    • The Random One says:

      Yeah, that was part of what made the world feel compressed to me, like the lack of rowboats to get to places and the sea battle that happened to be going on at a spitting distance from the random island that was being explored. It’s Skyrim complex: the world feels weird because the point of interest density is too high, and there’s no downtime.

  18. Surlywombat says:

    Demasted is correct, though it doesn’t sound right.

    I quite liked the idea of the Desmond stuff, but it felt very much like a wasted opportunity. It would have been interesting to play around with that. Lets face it, the guy was spending years in the lives of ancestors, which then turned out to be days when he returned. I can’t see how the story could have had him going anything but insane as time went on.

    When Minerva faces and speaks to Desmond directly at the end of Assassins Creed II is still one of my favourite gaming moments.

  19. elsewhere says:

    i hope that you mine unobtainium on the island misteriosa

  20. Mr.Snowy says:

    14 minutes gameplay? By my expert calculation that would equate to 0.0073 of the duration of the tutorial, 0.013 of the time you will spend in cutscenes, , and 0.096 of the time spent tediously Desmonding*.

    * all estimates assume a permanent internet connection of course…

  21. MattMk1 says:

    “This is the type of ship we call a frigate.”

    Why? What is so wrong with the way an actual frigate looks like? The gameplay doesn’t actually look bad (though I’m worried that, as with most AC games, it will turn out to be relatively shallow and repetitive), but I want to punch whoever was responsible for the ship design in this game.

    And you’ll be fighting “warships with over 100 guns.” Awesome. I wonder how they’ll model the crew of 1500+ men needed to fight such a ship in boarding combat.

    • gi_ty says:

      Would it be too much to ask for a decent 1700’s naval combat sim?

  22. Lawful Evil says:

    Did I hear stealth? Where is it!?

  23. Astalnar says:

    I think it is about time they introduce some additional customization when it comes to clothes, hair and facial hair. Because at this point I think we all realized that this is Assasain’s creed in name only. And that hood is getting ridiculus.
    Where is the logic as the assasain to look different than everyone else? You want to be recognized? Well, if that is the point, why not be recognized as any other pirate. A man with a beard and a large hat. I’d like to see who will get found faster. The guy who stands apart from the rest or the guy that looks like hundred others.

  24. Shadrach says:

    Yarrr, the olde sailing ships of yore sure were fast matey. Aye, the Ferraris of the Caribbean they were!

  25. Freud says:

    I’m feel a bit like AssCreed like I do about MMORPGs. Once you’ve played a few of them, while enjoyable you reach a very short entertainment half life. I’m sure there will be stuff to collect, zones to gain influence in, assassinations to perform and challenge dungeons to navigate. Which is all good and fun. But I’ve done it already.

    I’ll just save myself for GTA5, which looks like the mother of all world is a theme park games.

  26. honky mcgee says:

    Why do I have this sinking feeling that to get PS4 level graphics on my PC I’m going to need a $400 GPU, $200 CPU and a brand new mobo. Never underestimate what you can be achieved when programming to bare metal vs. multiple layers of api’s.

    On topic: This game looks great! Just going to need a pc upgrade or a ps4 to run it.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      I think my PC is already going to be as good. PS4 isn’t going to be more advanced than PC, just more advanced than PS3, which is like 7 generations of PC hardware ago.

  27. woodsey says:

    “And then remembering that when you’re actually playing it it’s going to fuck around with bloody obligatory time-travel DNA bullshit tedium in between. If only they’d accept that was always SO STUPID, and just be the game they’re obviously supposed to be.”

    They’ve said all that shiz-niz is optional this time around.

  28. Wurstwaffel says:

    oh finally a free-aim system

  29. dbreed says:

    I love how articles about this game bring out the self proclaimed experts on 17th century naval tactics. Not to say that they don’t know what they’re talking about, but their knowledge would not translate into a fun gaming experience.