It’s Like We’re Wanted: Rayman Legends Coming To PC

Perhaps rather predictably, Ubisoft have just announced that the follow-up to the excellent Rayman Oranges, Rayman Legends, will be coming to PC. And even better news – on the same day as all the other formats, 30th August. To celebrate there are some screenshots, which are like a trailer, but very, very slow-moving.

And slightly more helpfully, here’s the game running, albeit on something altogether less important than a PC.


  1. lowprices says:

    Hooray! Co-op on Rayman Origins was one of the most fun experiences of the last year. Well excited about this.

    • Emeraude says:

      Totally agreed on Rayman Origins, really waiting forward to that one.

    • eraserhead says:

      So true! There’s no better co-op game to play with your kids. Even the youngest who hardly knows which buttons to press can happily play along without getting frustrated thanks to the “bubble transformation” and the chance to revive your mates over and over again. And the animations are so diverse and so very well done!
      I’m really glad Legends has finally been confirmed for PC – I’m sure my boys would have forced me to buy a console otherwise.

  2. Moraven says:

    The same is has been finished on the Wii U, but then they decided to hold it as they went multiplatform. Good to see it to come on PC.

  3. Lars Westergren says:

    1000 year old screenshots are noticably thicker at the base. Scholars still argue whether screenshots are in fact slightly viscous, or if rendering programs back then just assigned more pixels there.

    Also, Rayman yay! Rayman Jungle Run is just about the only really good game I’ve played on Android yet.

  4. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Rayman Oranges was great. Looking forward to Rayman Feet.

  5. XhomeB says:

    Weeee! Considering that Origins had its debut on GOG recently, is there a chance of Legends becoming available for purchase there, too? Will it be DRM free or require UPlay (don’t mind it, but…), that is the question.

    I’m wondering whether Ubisoft will ever give another 3D Rayman a chance. Rayman 2 is easily one of the best 3D platformers ever created if you ask me.

  6. I Feed on Frenzy says:

    I’m so excited for this! Pre-ordered it the moment I could! brings back a lot of satisfying memories. Ah… Rayman.

  7. Keyrock says:

    **** yes! Although, I’ll believe same day release for PC when it actually releases on the same day for PC.

    • soco says:

      Yeah, I’m going to keep my skeptical hat on as well for that release date staying the same as consoles.

  8. Shrewsbury says:

    Rayman Lemons.

    • Keyrock says:

      Rayman Legumes

    • Fataleer says:

      Rayman Lettuces

    • Gap Gen says:

      Guys, stop coming up with all my puns before I think of them. It’s not cool.

      • Vandelay says:

        I thought RPS came up with the Lemons pun a long time ago. It is definitely the name I’ve been using for it for quite sometime and I doubt I would have been smart enough to come up with it.

    • TreeFrog says:

      Rayman Noodles.

  9. pakoito says:

    It comes with 40 remade Origins levels, by the way.

    • Urthman says:

      Does that mean it would be wise to just get Rayman:Legumes if I haven’t already picked up Oranges yet?

      • welverin says:

        Steam says: Rayman Oranges includes over 60 levels of 2D platforming gameplay designed for all ages and playing styles. Unlock new abilities progressively and return to previous levels to discover new paths and secrets.

        So, you would be missing some stuff, but then Oranges has frequently been dirt cheap, so you could get Legumes nowish and Oranges later during a sale.

  10. RedViv says:

    Origins was grand, and the addition of Gaul-Viking fluffy-haired redhead barbarian girls makes it only better to me, as inclusive as that is.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s nice to see someone who actually likes the character. After this trailer (link to I’ve seriously seen more people claiming that her addition is sexist and they wouldn’t want kids seeing the game now.

  11. engion3 says:

    I beat the previous game in like two sittings. Loved it.

  12. Zanpa says:


    My friend and I had a blast playing through the first game in split screen. Origins was an absolutely lovely game, fun and refreshing. Legends seems to be at least as good as its predecessor, and I was really disappointed that it was a console exclusive.

  13. Dowr says:

    2 thousand ‘hooray’s!’ for everyone!

  14. Shooop says:

    I take it the reception of Rayman Origins on PC was a great success then?

    Great news.

    Now if only someone could resurrect Earthworm Jim.

  15. Theory says:

    Loved Origins, really missed online multiplayer. Does Legends have it?

  16. DanMan says:

    So, it’s Poochie time already then.

  17. Njordsk says:

    Might be one of the very very, oh so very few time I say that. But there : Thanks Ubi, greatly appreciated.

    • Prime says:

      How did that feel? Are you ok? Look, sit down. Breathe…breathe…

  18. Keyrock says:

    Amid all this good will and celebrating, I just had a horrible, terrible, most heinous thought: Uplay

    • XhomeB says:

      Meh… It’s an unnecessary thing that requires you to log in, sure, but it’s no different than Steam or Origin. Assuming there’s no GOG version, I’ll try to buy either a retail version or a Gamersgate one – that way, I won’t have any additional DRM layers for no reason, for example Valve’s.

      • Theory says:

        I’m not exactly one who suffers from Kneejerk Hatred Syndrome, but I’ve encountered nu-UPlay via Anno 2070 and it really is obnoxious. That its slogan is “A Ubisoft Experience” speaks volumes.

        Thankfully you can put it into offline mode and get it (mostly) out of your face.

        Edit: Oranges shipped with no DRM whatsoever, not even Steam’s. That was at the height of Ubisoft’s always-on madness so there is hope.

    • pakoito says:

      Origins is on GOGcom.

  19. Prime says:

    And even better news – on the same day as all the other formats,

    Now Ted, you’ve done this to me before…so I’ve taken the liberty of recording Ubisoft’s promises, and how often they’ve come true…

  20. Vandelay says:

    I might be a lone voice on this site, but I’m still bitter about the way Ubisoft treated the Wii U version of this game. As one of the five people that bought that machine, this was one of the big games I was looking forward to. Then, no more than a month away from release, they announce that, actually, they weren’t really that bothered by the exclusivity deal they made with Nintendo and will actually be making it for all the consoles. Oh, and also, because people (apparently) aren’t interested in buying a game that has been out for another system for a few months, they had to also delay the practically completed game for about 6 months! (Conspiracy theories abound that this is connected to some Microsoft deal that they will not release any game after it has already been out on another system, but just creating some exclusive level would probably have been enough to bypass that, if such a thing even exists.)

    I can imagine that Nintendo were fuming afterwards, as it meant there was pretty much nothing being released on the Wii U for months. It was meant to come out in February and the only other real big release the system has had since then, excluding the Monster Hunter remake, was Lego City Undercover.

    For me personally, it has dented my enthusiasm for the game. The release of the free challenge game on the Wii U was a nice addition, but those quickly became tedious after a lot of repetition in the challenges. They were releasing them daily and weekly, so kind of to be expected.

    I’m sure I will get this, but it won’t be the day one purchase it once would have been.

  21. rockman29 says:

    Ha, as I suspected!

    PS4 similarities to PC architecture will only further benefit PC.

    I look forward to multiplatform love everywhere :)

  22. DizzyCriminal says:

    I don’t know how Rayman can have leg ends when his feet just float around.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Why didn’t I think of that joke? Damn your eyes!

      …hehe, leg ends.