RPS Are At Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2013, This August

There’s a new conference taking place in a couple of weeks, following some successful Kickstartering: Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2013, near London. Heathrow, in fact. Convenient for our aeroplane readers. And I’ll be there, along with Cara Ellison and some mysterious, besuited stranger called Kieron Gillen. Along with proper famous names like Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow, the Guardian’s Laurie Penny, Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell, game writer Rhianna Pratchett, Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie, and a squillion others. The conference covers comics, sci-fi, science, geek feminism, and of course, gaming. Cara and I are on panels for the latter two, and you should come along.

I’m on a couple of panels on the Saturday, beginning at 1.30pm with Gender And The Games Industry, where I’m honoured to be sharing a stage with Rhianna Pratchett, Cara Ellison, and Dr Jo Twist, where we’ll talk about, well, that. It should cover the three prongs of gaming culture’s ugly fork – representation of genders in games, the experience of women working in the games industry, and the treatment of women gamers. Hopefully it should be a good, lively discussion, with plenty of high-fives.

The second time I’m up is 6.45pm, this time for From Space Invader to Starfleet: Inclusiveness in Geek Spaces, where I’m again ridiculously honoured to be included in a panel with pinko-lefty-Guardian writer Laurie Penny, and Paul Cornell whose Father’s Day episode of Doctor Who was amazing. This is a more broad discussion of the nature of prejudice within geek culture, and how to tackle these issues.

Cara will also be on stage with Rhianna on Sunday night for a Fireside Chat, and appearing on a panel on Saturday afternoon called Games For Us: The Rise Of LGBT And Feminist Gaming.

And Kieron, for he is everywhere, will be talking about writing for Marvel, and on my favourite-titled panel of the event, Cyberpunk: The Dystopian Prism/Prison.

There’s an enormous amount going on, including perhaps most importantly an entire My Little Pony track, including cupcakes. You should come say hi, and receive hugs.


  1. Skull says:

    John Walker is a bronie!? It all starts to make sense….

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I trained a team of ninjas to infiltrate and destroy brony society from the inside.

      The last message I got from the team leader was “WHY YA SO SAD-FACE BEARDY-MAN? I LOVE IT WHEN MY FRIENDS SMILE!” then the sound of giggles… Giggles and brushing. Brushing, brushing, always brushing… Like someone running a tiny brush through a tiny mane.

      Sometimes I hear brushing as I lay awake at night. I fear I will be next.

      • The Random One says:

        If you want to imagine the future, imagine a tiny brush being run through a fluffy pink mane – forever.

    • John Walker says:

      I’ve never seen an episode, I’m afraid.

  2. darkmorgado says:

    Kieron Gillen?

    I wonder if he would be open to signing some of his X-men issues…

  3. darkmorgado says:

    “It should cover the three prongs of gaming culture’s ugly fork – representation of genders in games, the experience of women working in the games industry, and the treatment of women gamers.”

    I’d say there are other prongs on that fork too, like the marginalisation of black characters, or representation of LGBT people in games and treatment of gay gamers. Also accessability of gamers to people with disabilities (of all varieties) and depictions of people with disabilities.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      Geekfest covers all those topics. Check the schedule for those. I am discussing LGBT with some very lovely people on the Saturday afternoon.

    • Skeletor68 says:

      All the prongs!

    • Nine Worlds VG culture says:

      As Cara said, 4 of the 12 sessions on the VG culture track are devoted to diversity in gaming: Saturday has gender in gaming and LGBT issues in gaming; Sunday has disability in gaming and race in gaming. You can find all the details here!

  4. bstard says:

    I wonder if Chris Barrie got some extra weight again. Still, actor of one of humanities greatest characters. And no, I don’t watch anything other than telly. Stupid question.

  5. TwoDaemon says:

    There’s also a panel on challenge acting as a barrier in games in the Video Games Culture track – I emphasise mostly because I’m on it. Hey, if I don’t push my stuff, who will? There’s a bunch of other cool things going on too, though.

    I’m aware I don’t really punch at the same weight as the RPS crew, but I have written about similar topics before – that piece was even in the last Sunday Papers, in fact (thanks RPS!).

  6. Chiron says:

    Tempting but its 42 quid for a single day at the con, to rich for my blood

    • phoenixdk says:

      ayup, far too pricey. Worth noting that the only people I know going are those who can swing a free press pass to get in… :(

  7. stoopiduk says:

    I like the programme and would love to come up and meet you all, but damn that’s some pricey prices.

    • Nine Worlds VG culture says:

      I don’t disagree that it’s kinda expensive but it’s our first year and each day has over 12 hours of track content. However, we are planning to record the VG culture track so you can catch the discussions after!

      • Premium User Badge

        Hodge says:

        Thanks for recording the talks, those of us trapped on the other side of the world appreciate it.

      • Some_Guy says:

        Any chance that you may do some level of discount for broke students?

    • Daniel Johnston says:

      Incognito convention organiser here, adding to Tim’s answer. There’s an FAQ about ticket prices on the Nine Worlds website. It doesn’t talk about pricing with reference to video games events, but the explanation would be broadly similar.

  8. tomnullpointer says:

    I’m there too talking on a panel about difficulty in games getting in the way of art in games, or something…

  9. nindustrial says:

    Oh man! Pretty sure I can’t hang the time or flight from the States, but will any of this be recorded/streamed? Sounds great.

  10. Cryptoshrimp says:

    A con that hosts both feminism panels and a brony mini-con. That’ll be fun.

    • phoenixdk says:

      As a feminist AND a Brony (Pegasister – if you want?) I don’t see that as a problem :)

  11. Laurentius says:

    Geek cons are depressing.

  12. Koozer says:

    When you mentioned a ‘My Little Pony Track,’ I thought you meant a little circuit with actual ponies to ride. The reality of in-depth discussions is far more terrifying.

  13. Gothnak says:

    Gah, I did a couple of lectures on gaming earlier in the year up at Middlesborough Uni, i’m about 40 mins from Heathrow and i had no idea this festival was on or i could have been a speaker or guest or something….

    Me = Stupid…

    • Daniel Johnston says:

      Oh darn it. I’m afraid the schedule’s completely rammed at this point as well. We’ve got over 370 sessions. Maybe next year?

  14. Ansob says:

    Someone please go there and tape the cyberpunk panel and then put it online somewhere I’ll find it. Thanks. :(

    • Daniel Johnston says:

      I’m pretty sure this has happened. If you mean the Prism/Prison panel, then that’s been professionally filmed and will go up in the next couple of weeks. If you mean the Cyberpunk 2077 panel, I’m not as sure, but hopefully. There are also about five different people who’ve written up the Prism/Prison panel on various blogs and sites already. :)

  15. Breonna says:

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    • Chiron says:

      So I guess this means you can afford the entry fee then? Have fun!