The RPS Bargain Bucket: Just Loaded

How am I supposed to tell you what I think of the games that are on sale this weekend when I have played hardly any of the games that are on sale this weekend? It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. With super-powers comes super-responsibility, and my super-power is being quite good at finding deals on video games you might want to buy. More gaming discounts are chronicled throughout the week over at

Gun Monkeys x2 – £3.99/€4.49/$5.99
Bit a crafty move here from from Dan ‘Size Five’ Marshall. He’s not only slashed the price of entry for his online primate shooty deathmatch, but he’s also doing a buy one get one free on it. Forever and ever. It’s even retroactive, so if you already bought this, you should have a spare copy knocking around your Steam inventory. He wants to get more people playing it online, and get his players acting like an army of recruiters. Very shrewd.

L.A. Noire – £3.99
Or get L.A. Noire: Complete Edition for £5.
Apply coupon “GFDJUL20UK”. Registers on Steam.
L.A. Noire is a game about picking words to say, driving to a place, shooting some men, and then watching that bloke off the telly try to convince you that he’s not a baddie (he is totally a baddie). At least that’s what I have gleaned from not having played it but watching a video on youtube and then reading some words. I suggest consulting with the RPS databank if you want to find out more before parting with your cash.

Democracy 2, Gratuitous Space Battles, Gratuitous Tank Battles & Kudos – £2/€2.32/$3.08
Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles register on Steam.
Cliffski’s been on the scene forever, he was a solo bedroom coder long before Notch invented voxels, before GabeN invented digital distribution and before JoBlo invented indie games. He makes strategy games about all sorts of things, and he’s done a nice video discussing his career making games so far, and explaining a bit about the games included in this bundle. You can read comrade Stone’s words all about Gratuitous Tank Battles over here.

Antipole, Chester, Dead Pixels, LaserCat, Little Racers STREET, Orbitron: Revolution, Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos & SpyLeaks – £2.87/€3.33/$4.41 at time of writing.
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here.
Dead Pixels registers on Steam.
This a selection of games that have been dredged from the swamp of Xbox Live Indie Games, ported over to Windows, and then bundled together for not very much money. Reminds me of The RPS Xbox Indie Outreach Program. I jettisoned my Xbox 360 recently, so it’s great that games that might have otherwise been consigned to the history books are still available to me and others that don’t want to keep their wheezy Microsoft advert boxes around. I haven’t played any of these yet, but at this price maybe it’s worth taking a gamble? Orbitron: Revolution looks pretty cool to me.

Deal of the week
Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, Titan Attacks! & Ultratron – £5.74/€6.99/$7.49
Loads of Puppy Games for cheap. Here’s what Adam thought of Ultratron:

It’s a small game, self-contained arenas with a few enemy types and four bosses, but it doesn’t waste a beat of its tiny machine heart. I just loaded it again, after writing that last sentence, and I still see new things. Tiny details that are completely meaningless in the context of the shooting, dodging and circling that forms the futurist idea of progress, but details that are as important as the distant horizon in your favourite RPG, or the accurately modelled dashboard of that sports car you’ll never be able to afford in real life. Byte marks litter the ground at the end of a wave; the shop unfolds electronically when new upgrades are available.

More here, also read Jim’s thoughts on Revenge of the Titans here.

Also of note:
Metro 2033 – £2.49
End War, H.A.W.X., Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter & Rainbow Six: Vegas – £5
Soulcaster II – Pay What You Want
Manhunt – £1.59. Apply coupon “GFDJUL20UK”. Registers on Steam.

Head over to for cheap games across all platforms.


  1. Freud says:

    Which game has been on sale the most times? Saints Row: The Third perhaps. It seems to be on sale every week somewhere.

  2. Juxtapox says:

    I had Gratuitous Space Battles previously on Impulse, but I payed a symbolic fee now to get it on Steam.

    • trjp says:

      I was going to do that and then I realised I paid full-price as a pre-order and yet to get a key on Steam I’d have to pay more than some people paid for the whole fucking game.

      So I decided against it.

      • nearly says:

        My thoughts regarding the DLC. The conquest expansion was exactly what it would take to get me playing more, but where it costs more than I paid for the actual game, it’s a tough sell.

        • trjp says:

          Tougher still is the fact that the game (on Steam) is £12.99 – the complete pack with all the DLC is £14.99 but the DLC (to people who already have the game) is £29.93!!!!!!

          I’m sorry but someone is taking the piss here – I’ve certainly spent my last cent on Positech’s games – at least before they appear in a ‘cheaper than chips’ bundle in their entirity.

          It’s not making games cheaper which is the issue Cliffski, it’s disadvantaging people who actually bought the game at full price from you in the first place – something they won’t repeat.

  3. Xercies says:

    STALKER is on sale in steam, just got Call of Pripyat myself after years of thinking I should get it.

    • Scumbag says:

      That it was, and what a happy day it was!
      Now that Stalker is gone, Crusader Kings II is 75% off in its place. I’m sure someone will want that.

      • boundless08 says:

        STALKER is still on sale for another 23 hours, just taken off main sale thing.

        Great price, 1.74 yoyos. Clear Sky is 2.49.

      • Xercies says:

        Darn it both the expansions for cheap as well! Getting!

      • mgardner says:

        Thanks for the CK II tip! This is the first time I’ve seen the Old Gods expansion for sale on Steam (75% off).

      • BarneyL says:

        The Crusader Kings sale includes the latest DLC (The old Gods plus a few misc unit and portrait packs) at 75% off too. I believe this is the first time it’s had a big reduction.

    • phelix says:

      Great timing. MISERY 2.0 (massive fricking overhaul for CoP) is coming out in 4 days.

    • Shooop says:

      You have made a very good decision.

      The new Misery mod for it is almost done too.

    • povu says:

      Lets hope MISERY lives up to the hype that the team has been generating with their fancy images and trailers.

  4. Low Life says:

    I’m sure most of these were on the Steam sale, but there’s a bunch of Square Enix games 75 % off on Green Man Gaming: link to

    I”m guessing all of those register on Steam.

    • trjp says:

      Squeenix’s own store also has a sale on – they take PayPal and most of their stuff is either a Steam key or completely DRM free

      link to

      Startopia for £1!!

      Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 for very little monies (Steam keys)

      • malkav11 says:

        I would recommend the ($5ish) Dungeon Siege III far more than either previous Dungeon Siege. There are some oddities about how they handled multiplayer, granted, one of which means you really don’t want to try to play with random internet folks (because everyone plays on the host’s save and uses the host’s locally cached version of that character with no progress transferring – this is actually really convenient for drop-in-drop-out coop with friends, and I’ve had people pinch hit on particularly hard bosses, but it would be frustrating with strangers). But other than that, it’s a gorgeous, thoughtful and intelligent action RPG with a nuanced and challenging combat system that plays significantly differently depending on your character, and a storyline with plenty of moral dimension and a sense of rich history and multiple legacies to it. It sounds like they’re drawing on previously established Dungeon Siege continuity lore but despite having played a good chunk of the first Dungeon Siege I would not be willing to swear that there was any meaningful story or setting there at all. It’s strange. maybe that stuff was in the manual?

        • Yosharian says:

          Jesus… Shill much?

          • malkav11 says:

            It’s a game that’s unfairly maligned in a lot of circles, and suffers from association with two incredibly bland and boring previous games in a franchise that it shares very little with. It needs all the cheerleading it can get. And I just finished a very enjoyable multiplayer session last night, so it’s fresh in my mind.

  5. Aaax says:

    Any idea if Starcraft II is going to be cheaper than $20?

  6. PatrickSwayze says:

    Does this version of Gratuitous Space Battles have the DLC?

    • trjp says:

      Nope – which is understandable and yet also a bit cynical at the same time.

      I was going to throw-in to get a Steam key for it (as they won’t give Steam keys to people who bought GSB from them directly) but then I thought “nah – fuck it”

      • KDR_11k says:

        Then again the DLC is probably not worth it. I got maybe three DLC races and all they are is a graphics change and some minor stat changes.

  7. Turkey says:

    Well, it looks like I just went for the Crusader Kings 2 steam deal.

    How hard is it to get into this game if I just want to mess around with it? I’m terrible at strategy games, but I’m kinda interested in this one since it’s more about the simulation than necessarily winning the game.

    • Ironclad says:

      ireland is considered the newbie island. I’d say to play as the duke of munster, since it gives you a position of (relative) power, with 1 vassal where you can mess around with.

      • mike2R says:

        One point, as I think they’re saying above that the Steam deal comes with the Old Gods expansion, is that Ireland is not a good newbie starting point from the new early starting date. Because vikings.

        Probably best to completely avoid the new starting point for the first game. Start in Ireland from one of the 1066 bookmarks would be my advice.

    • Xercies says:

      My girlfriend who doesn’t really play much games except Sims and stuff got into it quite well actually, its not to complicated to be honest. Just has a lot of depth and options. I would suggest definitely reading this wiki and going for one of the Ireland counties since this gives a great way to learn a lot about the game without having some big neighbours kill you and more about how you can go from one county to ruling the entire europe if you want to.

      link to

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        Yeah, CK2 has a veneer of being very complicated, but it’s not, really. I found it relatively easy to get the hang of things, although some elements are a bit obscured or not explained all that well.

        Personally, I have yet to actually play the vanilla game, instead playing with the A Game of Thrones mod.

    • Ed Burst says:

      My experience of Crusader Kings II:
      I played as the Earl of Suffolk or something to be close to home.
      I discovered I had no children and focused on trying to find a suitable wife.
      Then I got died because it turned out England was at war with a bunch of Vikings and I had started the game in the king’s army.
      Since I died childless, I was immediately given control of my closest heir: the king of England.
      And so, having taken my family all the way from semi-humble beginnings to the throne itself, I retired from the game. Haven’t got around to trying it again.

  8. Quinnbeast says:

    The Ultrabundle lists a saving of £5.75, but at a cost of £22.99 … I take I missed the sale price on this one?


    • ravencheek says:

      Yeah looks like this is a mistake.

      It raised my hopes then instantly ruined them in 10 seconds flat.


    • Kuschelwampe says:

      Well, Puppy Ultrabundle was the Daily Deal on Thursday. I rather look here instead for all the deals:
      link to


  9. JohnS says:

    What’s the final verdict on LA Noire? It sounds a bit like the type of game I’d want to love but secretly be annoyed to death by.

    • Jimbo says:

      It made me furious.

    • Rubyace says:

      I really liked it but I played it on console and I liked it. PC port is not that good and it annoyed me while trying it on PC after finishing the console version. Menus and so on do not work that well with mouse and keyboard, I would almost recommend using controller.

      As a game I really enjoyed it, loads of interesting crimes to solve with different solutions depending on your deduction skills. If you like detective stories, I am confident you will like L.A. Noire

    • Turkey says:

      It’s basically a mid 90s FMV adventure game made with all the latest technology.

    • basilisk says:

      It’s a rather fascinating artefact. A game that has tried solving every single design problem that cropped up in development by throwing ridiculous amounts of money at it and hoping it would go away. Needless to say, it never did.

      All things considered, it’s a rather bad, clumsy and extremely long adventure game, but it’s somewhat worth experiencing just because it is so very odd.

    • mwoody says:

      It’s a tough call. The tech really is fantastic; the facial expressions are unmatched, though of course, this only means that the characters are as good as the actors portraying the characters, which isn’t always a good thing. The city is certainly an enjoyable portayal of LA during that time period, and while there’s not a lot to do in the city, it’s fun to drive around and just soak up.

      The real problem with the game is… oh, alright, I’ll call this a SPOILER though it doesn’t go in to specifics at all, but just in case:

      The real problem with the game is this: at some point, you’re going to be penalized by your superiors and, more importantly, by the in-game scoring system for “letting the suspect get away”. You will later be vindicated in your suspicion, but it will too late to do much about it in story terms. It’s almost clever, this forcing you to ignore in-game queues if you want to be right, but the problem is that you receive neither story nor gameplay rewards for doing so.

      Additionally, your character has fatal personality flaws that would make for a fascinating movie protagonist, but will drive you absolutely batty when they force you to make illogical and/or clearly incorrect decisions.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I really enjoyed it LA Noire. Not a perfect game, by any stretch, but it’s a fun little romp. Sometimes the questioning can be a little odd, especially if you haven’t all of the clues, but it’s unique enough and interesting enough that, if you like adventure games, you’ll probably be willing to somewhat forgive it.

      Visually, and for the facial mocap work, it’s definitely impressive. Gameplay-wise, it’s average. I guess it depends on how much you like adventure and hidden-object games. For me, I was willing to look past its quirks to enjoy it for the unique gem it is.

  10. Simplisto says:

    I own Crusader Kings II with the Songs of Faith and Ruler Designer DLC. What other DLC should I pick up (while it’s 75-76% off on Steam)?

    • Skull says:

      I bought the complete pack in the Steam Summer Sale and The Old Gods is by far the expansion I have been getting the most enjoyment from. However, I am interested in Nordic culture so that was going to be my favorite from the start. Sword of Islam looks like a must buy for any serious CK2 player for the complete experience.

      • Simplisto says:

        How much was it in the summer sale? It’s £17.49 now (or £15.27 for all the DLC without the game).

        • Anders Wrist says:

          More expensive, since The Old Gods wasn’t on sale then.

        • BarneyL says:

          There’s a £9.99 DLC only pack too which is cheaper than getting the DLC one by one (it doesn’t have the old gods in but even adding that in you save a few pounds).

    • Vinraith says:

      Sword of Islam, Legacy of Rome, The Republic, and The Old Gods are the substantial “expansion” DLC’s. They add new playable nations and new game mechanics. You’ll probably ultimately want all four of them.

      Most of the other stuff is nice aesthetic touches and new music, the only “bad” DLC would be Sunset Invasion (which is not only ahistorical, but also just flat-out stupid).

      • Leb says:

        Invasion is worth the 1.25 it’s on sale for

        I never get the ‘not historical is dumb’ argument in this expansion , the game does a good job of screwing history up on its own and that’s half the fun

        In my current game Bavaria blobbed up the Carling and formed the HRE, pagan Lithuania is crushing the rurkovich, Scotland is blobbing up the British Isles and England isn’t even formed yet, abbasid dynasty rules from Persia to Egypt, Spain almost formed and pushing into north Africa, Bulgaria is eating the byzantine empire alive

        This is all from 867-960

        Throwing in an Aztec invasion really isn’t that much more crazy

  11. The Random One says:

    Looks like the Ultrabundle is already expired. I can attest that Ultratron is the best twin-stick shooter to be on PC, and will remain so until Geometry Wars ends up in here – and even then it’ll be a toss-up.

  12. Ludovik says:

    I’m still reeling from the Steam Summer Sale. Managed to come out relatively unscathed:
    Just Cause 2: 2.99 USD
    Torchlight II: 4.99 USD
    Bioshock Infinite (WW): 29.99 USD
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Standard Edition: 2.99 USD
    Fallout 3 – Game of the Year: 4.99 USD
    Fallout New Vegas Ultimate: 4.99 USD

    Anyone brave enough to share their haul?

    • KDR_11k says:

      Let’s see…

      – Duke Nukem 3D (being German this was unavailable to me as a child, all I had was Descent)
      – Toki Tori 2+
      – Kinetic Void
      – System Shock 2
      – AC: Assault Horizon
      – Eador
      – The Swapper
      – Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
      – Reus
      – Defiance
      – Evoland (Bad game…)
      – Fallen Enchantress
      – Sonic Racing Transformed
      – Civ V Gold upgrade
      – Zeno Clash 2
      – Star Forge
      – Razor 2
      – Costume Quest
      – Fallout New Vegas
      – Smash Cars (unfortunately not much like Excite Trucks)
      – Critter Crunch
      – Stacking
      – Thunder Wolves
      – Anomaly 2
      – Proteus
      – Rogue Legacy
      – Slambolt Scrappers + Go Home Dinosaurs

      I also preordered Dragon Commander.

      It’s hard to keep an overview of the new entries in one’s Steam library.

      • Ludovik says:

        I hadn’t heard of most of those games, I spent the last few years playing rogue likes and older classics I missed out on so I’ve now decided to chew on some AAA to see what some of the fuss was about. Additionally, I wonder when I made the change from pirating games to just paying for them; I imagine it was probably around the time I started to work and had some disposable income.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Let’s see…

      Don’t Starve
      Hearthfire for Skyrim
      A couple DLC packs for New Vegas
      Counter-Strike GO
      System Shock 2
      Under The Ocean
      DLC for Rochard
      And Sacred 2 Gold showed up in my library, but I’m drawing a blank as to how it got there.

      I only ended up spending around $3-$4 of real money thanks to the trading cards, so I made out relatively well.

    • Curundir says:

      From the summer sale I got:
      All 3 Skyrim DLC
      Don’t Starve
      Sleeping Dogs
      Civ Brave New World DLC
      Triple Town
      Fallout Collection (Fallout 1, 2 and Fallout Tactics)

      But just before it, I also got:
      FTL ($2.50)
      Defender’s Quest ($2.99)

      And just after it, I also got:
      Trine Complete
      Gratuitous space/tank battles

      Why, oh why, is there a before and after the Steam Sales?

  13. stupid_mcgee says:

    Just out of curiosity, but does anyone use

    It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t narrow the results, but it’s the first place I go to to see if any game I want is on sale at any given moment.

    • Kuschelwampe says:

      Yep, great site! I use it also to compare the prices in different regions.

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one. I had problems with the RSS feed when I used to run Firefox (it would freeze up when the RSS feed was loading), but it runs great on Chrome.

        That’s a good point about comparing currency. Never really thought about that. :)

    • mwoody says:

      Hunh, neat little site, that. Thanks!

      A great feature would be if it could automatically sync in your Steam/Amazon/etc. wishlist.

      EDIT: Well hello there, previously unnoticed giant “import Steam wishlist” button…

  14. Kuschelwampe says:

    Also, please everybody check out Gun Monkeys! It’s really fun. At least if you don’t get challenged by some veteran player :)

  15. MondSemmel says:

    Again: In the Soulcaster II deal mentioned above (Indie Game Stand), paying above the average price of ~3$ also gets you Escape Goat and Soulcaster I. Plus the OSTs of Soulcaster II. I recommend all of them highly. Including the music.

  16. kalirion says:

    Groupees’ not so well named Adventure / RPG bundle

    link to

    $1.50 for 2 games, additional games cost $0.75 each or less the more you go. Bonuses added to every purchase.

    Rune Classic (Steam | Windows)
    Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! (Steam, Desura, DRM Free | Windows)
    They Breathe (Desura, DRM Free | Windows)
    Vox (Desura, DRM Free | Windows)
    Aztaca (Steam, Desura, DRM Free | Windows, Mac)
    Reef Shot (Desura, DRM Free | Windows)
    Pickers (Steam, DRM Free | Windows, Mac)

    Bonuses added to each purchase:
    Laxius Force 1 + Guide (DRM Free, Windows)
    Rune Classic OST
    Exoplanet: First Contact (alpha, unlocks in 118 more sales at time of post)