GASP: Journey Coming To PC!


Well, a journey is coming to PC. Journey of a Roach, specifically. I’m sorry. I know you hate me now, and I’m fully prepared to accept the shoulder-straining burden of your lodestone of loathing. I just couldn’t help myself. The idea crept into my mind, and I knew it would never die no matter how much I tried to poison, stomp, or nuke it – much like, well, a roach. I had to sweep it out of my brain chambers once and for all. So. Here we are. Anyway, Journey of a Roach. It’s a point-and-click adventure from Swiss developer Koboldgames about two roaches named Jim and Bud. There’s apparently no dialogue whatsoever, which could be quite interesting! There is also no sand surfing, majestically billowing scarves, or profound, wordless heart-to-hearts with other human beings. Again, sorry.

Roach adventures do have a history of greatness, though. There’s the exceedingly Kafka-inspired Bad Mojo and… ummmm. Well, there is that. Journey of a Roach doesn’t sound quite as unsettlingly grotesque, for better or worse.

“Roach Jim and his sidekick Bud are out and about to find their way from a deserted vault to the Earth’s surface. Players steer them through classic point & click adventure game puzzles. Certain challenges can be overcome by using the roach’s natural features, though: Being roaches, Jim and Bud have the ability to crawl up walls and on ceilings, as well as on items. Players use the third-insect-perspective to guide Jim and Bud through the 3D comic world. There will be no written or spoken dialogues in Journey of a Roach, by the way, as the insects are using their very own, easily understandable signal language.”

So yes, it’s about roaches after the apocalypse, which could be a fun plot setup – or a super bog-standard one depending on where Koboldgames goes with it. Also, the roaches can do roach things, and who doesn’t love doing roach things? I kind of doubt we’ll be doing much human-horrifying, though, seeing as most apocalypses vaporize our frail, non-carapaced skin long before that of hardier insects like roaches, scorpions, and Twinkies.

I do like that they refer to their main character as Roach Jim, though. I think I’m going to start calling ours Human Jim. Or maybe Dreary Stereotypical British Countryside Robot Jim. Perhaps DSBCRJ (pronounced “Disbickraj”) for short. But what about you, dearest readers? How do you label the most important Jims in your lives?

Oh, er, right: Journey of a Roach will be out in November. Anyway, BACK TO JIMTALK.


  1. ChiefInspectorLee says:

    I really hate you right now.

    • Choca says:

      Yup :D

    • Arcadia says:

      Yeah, same here. Seriously, don’t do that. It’s mean.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        Quite. Quite mean. I’m not entirely certain that was really necessary.

    • gravity_spoon says:

      Words can’t describe my anger right now. If my anger was a Supernova then Grayson would be the first sentient organism on a nearby planet to look up at the sky and say “Oh shi……..”

    • Dingbatwhirr says:

      Same here…
      I shall now probably never even look at Journey of A Roach as it will be forever connected in my mind to that feeling of abject, PS3-less disappointment which you created. It’s like expecting to be given a Mars bar and getting an apple instead. There’s nothing wrong with apples per se, but you rather wish this one were slightly more confectionery-like…

      I hope you’re pleased with what you’ve done…

      • ooktar says:

        I know right?

        I hope Nathan hates this game because When this game comes out now, No one who reads this article is going to bother with it after he pretty much plowed everyone’s hopes and dreams.

        • Don Reba says:

          I don’t even know what game this article is about.

          PS: damn, looked it up. Never mind, now.

    • Don Reba says:

      Just to let you know, Nathan, I hate you.

    • Makariel says:

      I want your badge and your gun, Grayson. And then get the hell out of my office.

    • Alien426 says:

      Listen to Journey’s soundtrack (especially the song link to and be angry at Sony who steal our indie devs (Unfinished Swan was going to be on PC, too).

    • Synesthesia says:

      Stop the hate train, im getting on it.

    • fco says:

      In aggravation, now you you must go buy me a PS3. And hurry up, Grayson.

  2. Rather Dashing says:

    Seriously, Nathan? Seriously? I almost got a heart attack ;_;

  3. FurryLippedSquid says:

    I am somewhat aggrieved.

  4. Zinic says:

    Don’t worry Nathan, I hated you already.

  5. BooleanBob says:


  6. Archipelagos says:

    You will suffer for this, Grayson.

  7. StranaMente says:


  8. DrScuttles says:

    Nothing like a mid morning weep of disappointment.

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    Fired, Grayson.

  10. Smion says:


  11. CelticPixel says:

    I came to RPS with a song in my heart, but now I feel dead inside…

  12. lowprices says:

    If this game fails commercially, we can put it down to the hostility generated by your hijinks.

  13. mrwout says:

    Fuck you, Nathan.

    Also you do know that nobody has actually read the rest of the article after that first paragraph of heavy disappointment, do you Nathan?

  14. 1Life0Continues says:

  15. Zoeytrope says:

    Nathan Grayson, from Hell’s heart I stab at thee.

  16. Ross Angus says:

    You’ve let yourself down. You’ve let us down. And you’ve let the hive-mind down. I imagine they’ve sent you to the amygdala until you’ve learnt your lesson.

  17. Kefren says:

    I hadn’t heard of a game called Journey until I looked it up. With it not being a PC game.
    Anyway, Bad Mojo – I enjoyed that. Played it a few years ago after tracking down a CD version. The spider that ran out from under something and ate me was horrible.

  18. ooktar says:

    Seriously, Go fuck yourself, and I mean that honestly. As someone who doesn’t own a PS3 and has really wanted to play Journey, that was not funny in any way shape or form. I’m seriously done With RPS if your just going to post joke headlines like that to get attention.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:


      • ooktar says:

        Okay, Maybe a bit of an overreation. But still, I honestly expected better from Rock Paper Shotgun that this.

        • Miltrivd says:

          This is great. We got a good joke, a game that sounds interesting, and “outraged” people leaving.

          There is not a single downside to this article.

    • Fanbuoy says:

      On the next episode of RPS – Tears and Hatred: ooktar bursts every blood vessel in his body after Nathan jokingly reports that Red Dead Redemption is headed to PC. No one cares.

      • ooktar says:

        You can joke all you want. No other news source (I.E. Destructoid, Kotaku, Eurogamer, Joystiq, Etc.) would post a headline like that knowing how much shit it would end up stirring.

        • lowprices says:

          And that’s why we all love RPS, as much as we complain.

          Incidentally, I have a PS3 and have played Journey. It’s really good. Anyone who hasn’t played it is missing out.

    • Kollega says:

      Well, i don’t particularly care about Journey one way or another, but i’m dissatisfied with the fact that RPS posts headlines like these to trick the RSS-using people into reading an unrelated article. It does seem like something done for the sake of cheap hits.

      • ooktar says:

        In all fairness, That’s what I was really upset about, Not so much that I won’t get to play it., but the fact that RPS would trick people with a stupid headline to gain hits. Completely unprofessional for a News Outlet.

    • Rivalus says:

      at least for today, I presume.

    • Lukaspz says:

      You must be that kind of guys who send death threats to devs when they update call of duty ;)

  19. Jekhar says:

    And now for something completely different: Have any of you tested this Bad Mojo Redux version? The link in the other article is dead, but i remember reading some not so nice things about it. Like that the PC versions graphics are still inferior to the Mac ones.

  20. frightlever says:

    I’m platform agnostic. I’ve played Journey. Best multiplayer experience ever. Nobody insulted me once. Not once.

  21. Shazbut says:

    This is even worse than Craig not playing Dark Souls

  22. Niko says:

    I say! First Craig and Dark Souls, and now this!

  23. Kollega says:

    I have a thing to mention about roach games: apparently in mid-2000s there was a Russian game called “AgORa: Battle For The Bread Bin”, which featured brown and black roaches fighting in a war. And just like a roach, it was utterly insignificant.

  24. sk0pe says:

    oh man. how mean D:

  25. revan says:

    I don’t engage in profanity, but you Mr. Grayson are an a**. :D

  26. povu says:

    Borrowed my bro’s PS3 just to play Journey on it. Worth it.

  27. Tony M says:

    I hope that joke was worth the -500 Karma Points it cost you. In a pleasing bit of irony, Nathan will live his next life AS a roach.

  28. Jerppa says:

    Dammit, I hope you get bitten by a radioactive roach.

  29. Kefren says:

    I don’t understand why people seem upset, or what percentage of the comments are jokes and the people aren’t really upset. There are more fun PC games than any of us will ever play, so why worry about games that aren’t on the PC? Also I’m sure it isn’t easy continually creating fun puns and titles for RPS posts, this strikes me as just another playful title. “Knickers in twists get you must not,” as Yoda once said. It’s probably horrible to write something in fun then find such vitriol aimed at you – please people, try and think how you’d feel to find the comments full of apparent meanness. +1 for Nathan, as good a writer as all the other RPS writers, who are already goodplusbetter writers than all the non-RPS writers. Keep on going.

    PS The most important Jim in my life is my Jimbo Sausage.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’m pretty sure most people in this thread are sad that Journey isn’t coming to the PC and appreciated the joke anyway. Nathan is awesome.

      • Tony M says:

        We’re all joking, except for the guy who said specifically that hes not joking and very angry. 1 angry man makes this the least offensive post in RPS history.

  30. Ianuarius says:

    Hah! Nice try. Journey is never coming to PC.

  31. adwodon says:

    haha well played RPS, well played.

  32. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    *begins working on an indie platformer called Red Dead*

  33. internisus says:

    Uh, don’t you think it’s kind of dumb to expect people to feel the slightest interest in the new, unknown game about which the article is actually written after intentionally screwing with them about the availability of a widely celebrated and completely unrelated game? Why even make this joke? At the absolute best, it’s a distraction, a poor form of humor that has nothing to do with the subject at hand, and at worst it’s an upsetting disappointment that makes it impossible to care about the news of this new game. Most everyone who read this at the very least rolled their eyes at the prank and felt too deflated about that to seriously care about Journey of the Roach, which means you’ve done that game a disservice.

    Honestly, this is just the most obvious of many examples recently in which RPS has been so busy trying to be funny that it’s obscured the content. I really respect the journalism that you lot often do, but more and more I find it difficult to wade through your writing to get to it.

    • Skabooga says:

      As seen above:

      30/07/2013 at 10:54 Jim Rossignol says:

      “Completely unprofessional for a News Outlet.”

      I’ve got that on my business card.

      I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

  34. TheApologist says:

    Grayson is chaotic evil

  35. JRHaggs says:

    Fuck you, Grayson

  36. Skabooga says:

    I will say that learning there will be a comedic adventure game about two non-speaking roaches has made me even happier than when I thought we were just getting a port of ‘Journey’. Right, friends? Friends?

    Also, I call the most important Jim in my life “papa”.

  37. jonahcutter says:

    HAHA! Didn’t get me Grayson. I just woke up and haven’t had my coffee. I completely missed the gag in the title.

    Slow wits 4tw!

  38. JackShandy says:

    Grayson! Here’s your prize, Grayson. Some of the greatest commentors in the world.

    Does it please you, Grayson? You feel a sense of excitement at just being near them? A comment means as much to you as a string of pearls to an ape. You are nothing, Grayson. A lump of flesh.

    The comments are mine. They always will be. Beauty belongs to the man who can appreciate it. They will always belong to me, or a man like me.

    Now, this minute, you couldn’t tell me why you did what you did.

    (mown down by machine-gun fire)

  39. brulleks says:

    erm, Dick Grayson?

  40. BambamCZ says:

    Nice…oh…wait. Nevermind, I’ll be crying in the corner.

  41. Urfin says:

    Bloody cockroaches in mah news :/

  42. donaldlee says:

    I have a PS3. I played Journey. I didn’t even like it that much. I still registered just to comment on how mean this article’s title is.

  43. Ribonizer says:

    I remembered my password and logged in to say: Hate

  44. Scumbag says:

    Reactions to the headline: All of them
    Reactions to the game being reported: None of them

  45. WaytoomanyUIDs says:

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.