The Lioness Roars

Raaaaar, money!

We’ve discussed adventure game and mysterious existential-’em-up Lioness before but after twenty three days of funding I’m happy to report it has now well over doubled the $7,000 target, with a view to carry on into the crazy wilderness of $20,000 and above. Developer Zak “mooosh” Ayles, working mostly by his lonesome, describes himself as “interested in exploring the potential of games as a storytelling medium” and with a quick glance at the trailer’s speedy descent into madness, embedded post-cut, he’s assuredly in uncharted territory.

Lioness’ great strength, and a must have for oh so many successful Kickstarters, is in visual and sound design. With such a focus on story, expanding on elements of the game beyond the bare minimum will do more harm than good for would-be players and investors. However, a single screenshot or the hauntingly beautiful music Zak’s collaborator Phillip “PostPre” Lanzbom has gifted to the project can take someone from utterly unaware of its existence (say, me five minutes ago) to intrigued and begging for more (me now). While punching through their target is great, Zak sensibly explains that there will be no game-expanding stretch goals, preferring to improve the quality of his creation rather than diluting such with added scope.


  1. Meat Circus says:

    Oh look. A new boy. Let’s taunt the outsider.

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  3. Ross Angus says:

    Welcome, Ben. Help yourself to anything from the pun buffet. No – I’d avoid that horse pun, if I were you. It gave me the trots.

  4. kwyjibo says:

    If RPS has written about the project before,try adding some new information rather than repeating what has already been covered. (Ed: this fellow does not approve of such sourness)

  5. lowprices says:

    Are we certain this “Ben” character isn’t just Nathan writing under an assumed name after Journeygate this morning? If he isn’t, then welcome! Just remember: Indie games are good, EA and misogyny are bad, and use the ‘Staring Eyes’ tag as often as possible.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Nah, the “Staring Eyes” tag has weird rules like it can’t ever be added before publication, it must always be called for in the comments.

      And it can’t be a pseudonym, nobody would believe in someone called “Ben”. That would just be silly.

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      Ben Barrett says:

      It’s not, Nathan got me too. I’ll never forgive him.

      Damn, I quite like some of the games EA publish.

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        There. I think they’re gone. For now.

  6. Morte66 says:

    Did I fund this one?

    I really can’t remember.

    There’d be an email, right?

  7. engion3 says:

    “Of course, nothing is as it seems and he soon befriends a nicotine addicted cat and unravels a plot involving time-travel, yakuza, and interdimensional coffee.”

    Sounds like my weekend.