Buckets And Spades: Sanctum 2 Adds Sandbox Mode

The lovely people at Coffee Stain Studios have given their first person tower defence game Sanctum 2 a big giant patch with lots of lovely new updates in it, like pausing (I love a good pause) (………) and a sandbox, so get out your bucket and spade!

What is a sanctum really, you might ask, besides a word that sci fi and fantasy games love leaving pretty much everywhere like a rabbit might leave droppings. Well, I might say to you, it is usually used for sacred places like shrines and churches, or is simply a “private place from which most people are excluded”. I have been calling our fridge that for a whole day now, guarding it very carefully with a prongs-out fork, and my housemate Alice is getting very cross.

Sanctum 2 is a first person shooter tower defence game set in one of those blue-lasery Bowie-purply type worlds where everything looks like it evolved from teh Haloez. Jim wrote a very favourable review of it back in March, where he said that it enhanced team play very well, though it had a few problems with scarce resources.

It seems to have a kind of cute lovely community, which is demonstrated by the willingness of its community members and developers to simply arse around together. There is in-game text to speech (each character has a different voice) which is always amazing fun, and when an oncoming rush of enemies come towards you it is always good form to yell, “Aaaaaaaaaaa” at oncoming traffic. Voila:

Well maybe that wasn’t as impressive as first thought.

Coffee Stain rolled out a big new patch yesterday with a new sandbox mode, “where people can tweak resources, enemy hp and disable tower cap,” as well as adding a long needed pause function and making the Targeting System perk a standard feature of the game. You can catch the full patch notes here, and check out the game over here. It’s on sale for a tenner!


  1. Mbaya says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable game that I’d recommend to fans of FPS and Tower Defence, though personally, it didn’t quite enthral me as much as the original. I think that’s due to the sequel feeling more shooter heavy rather than tower heavy – but still a good time to be had! It also received some very timely patches that smoothed over some of the rough edges.

    Main reason why I commented however, was to say just how much I like the world they’ve created. The visuals are lovely, the characters and enemies are well made and the locations are varied – I’d love to see a more fleshed out game that really brings to life the universe of Sanctum a little bit more than the conveyor belt arena’s we’re used to up to now.

    I also had too much fun with the text chat in multiplayer ;)

  2. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    Sounds like this is the closest the game will get to actually having a proper singleplayer, so I guess it’s good news. But I wish I didn’t need to feel like I was cheating just to have it properly balanced for SP, because it’s such a lovely game on so many other levels.

    • bleeters says:

      I feel like Sanctum 2’s singleplayer was more a victim of how they chose to handle the perk unlocks than anything else. Cannon and lightning towers are pretty much useful forever, and you don’t need a particularly high level to unlock the weapons unless you’re wanting to use one of the default guns on a different class, but pretty much all the low-mid level perks are based around buffing your damage rather than that of your towers, and there isn’t aywhere near enough experience to get to the higher levels without grinding.

      Which, when you’re far more reliant on your towers in singleplayer than in co-op because you literally can’t be everywhere at once, kind of sucks.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    This is good news. Shooting things all the time can get very stressful, so it’d be nice to have a map where you can just build sandcastles and get ice lolly all over your face.

  4. Vinraith says:

    I have to give Coffee Stain a boatload of credit here. When this thing was released I was extremely disappointed, it was a rather sizable step down from Sanctum 1 (which was and is brilliant). Coffee Stain, however, have been working on it tirelessly ever since then, listening to feedback from their users, and have steadily improved it into the excellent game it now is. It’s rare you get a developer that can admit they’re wrong and go out of their way to fix bad design decisions, so kudos to these guys.

    • F3ck says:


      I was a vocal fan of the first, yet the sequel seemed to have little (aside from visuals) to attract the SP-only gamer in me.

      Well, now I’m sold…they’ll get my dollars today.

  5. Charon says:

    Derp Force Charon here. Just signed up to say thank you to the RPS staff for linking our video. We’re extremely grateful and hope we managed to put a smile on one or two faces. :)