PlayStation Hit Guacamelee Double-Dipping On PC

awwww can we keep him

RPS Headline Generatron 5000, are you taking side jobs again? We agreed to let bygones be bygones after those puntastic Leviathan: Warships ads, but come on: Guacamelee? You’re under contract, and you didn’t think we’d notice your obvious handiwork there? This is a heinous betrayal of our trust, and to make matters worse, I can’t even come up with a pun to top it in our headline for the announcement of Guacamelee’s PC version. Heh, top it. As one might some form of snack food with guacamole. ARGH THAT WAS TERRIBLE SEE WHAT YOU’VE MADE ME DO.

The gorgeous Metroidluchadoravania turned eyes and walloped skulls on PS3/Vita earlier this year, and now it’s looking for repeat success on PC with Guacamelee! Gold Edition. Interestingly, it’s gold not because it’s made of shiny yellow rocks, but instead due to two packs of something called DLC – which I assume is street slang for some kind of narcotic.

Also doing a series of death/physics-defying airborne cartwheel cannon ball flips into the ring: a full suite of Steam features. Trading cards, cloud saves, achievements, leaderboards, etc. The works, basically.

Guacamelee will be out on PC on August 8th for $14.99/£11.99. I’ve heard pretty good things about it, so I’m looking forward to taking it for a whirl. Now then, if you’ll excuse me, I have a sentient headline (and now apparently game title; the nerve!) generator to scold. We love you, Generatron 5000 – just as we loved your 4999 brothers and sisters before you. But, well, have you ever sat down and wondered what ever happened to them?

Thanks, IGN.


  1. GernauMorat says:

    The Nahuatal word ahuacatl from which avocado is derived means testicles. Just thought I would let people know

    • Frisky Dingo says:


    • Don Reba says:


    • jrodman says:

      Now I like the game even more!

      Also, the art style is fantastic. (And the game’s.)

    • LukeNukem says:

      The word “avocado” comes from the Spanish aguacate which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word āhuacatl [aː’wakat͡ɬ], which goes back to the proto-Aztecan *pa:wa with the same meaning.

    • Fanbuoy says:

      Are the Nahuatal aware that ahuacatl kind of sounds like Nahuatal?

  2. RedViv says:

    That’s grand news. It’s a really good Metroidvania game. More of that on PC is always good.

  3. Creeping Death says:

    Finally! Have been waiting for this since seeing the game at Rezzed 2 years ago. Was really annoyed when it came out for PS3 and the devs refused to acknowledge any plans for a PC release :/

  4. Chalky says:

    The art style reminds me of patapon. I’d love to see that come to the PC too – also a PSP exclusive previously.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, I love the art style – the rhino/bull/whatever thing in the first screenshot is ace.

    • Niko says:

      Wish more of those PSP exclusives were released on PC – there are some great games that went kinda unnoticed, like Dead Head Fred.

    • welverin says:

      Sony owns Patapon, so that’s not going to happen.

  5. Mbaya says:

    Oh good, look forward to getting my hands on this, the style seems rather compelling…and now I’ve learned you can seem to turn into a Rooster, I want it all the more.

    I did however have to reread the article to make sure it was in fact coming to PC and you didn’t pull another Journey on us! >:P

    • welverin says:

      Not just seem to, can turn into a chicken whenever you want as often as you want!

      Well, once you unlock the ability to do so anyway.

  6. golem09 says:

    I kind of have different plans on 8/8

    • botonjim says:

      Yup. As fine as Guacamelee is, out of the two platformers arriving on Steam on 8/8 it’s gonna be Spelunky for me.

      Unless you meant you’re getting married on 8/8 in which case, congratulations!

  7. Ulaxes says:

    Woohoo!!! ‘Tales from space: Mutant blobs attack’ was already great, really looking forward to this.

  8. InternetBatman says:

    That’s pretty cool. I know they were funded by Sony somehow, so I guess Sony got a timed exclusive out of the deal.

  9. aliksy says:

    Neat. I think I was excited when I first heard about it, and immediately lost all interest when I realized it was a console exclusive.

  10. dagudman says:


  11. jonahcutter says:

    It’s so cool looking.

    But I’m thinking to myself: “I have plenty of games to play. No need to buy this on release. Just be patient and wait. Pick it up down the line.”

    And then he turns into a chicken…

  12. soundsofscience says:

    Erm, in a post about a game based on Mexican culture, it might not be cool to joke about the game being bundled with narcotics (even if it was subconscious or accidental).

  13. Shadrach says:

    It does look amazing, but it also looks quite similar to Rayman Origins in gameplay which makes me fear it might turn into another exercise in frustrating gameplay, especially considering the console origin.

    • welverin says:

      It’s nothing like Rayman Oranges, that’s a pure platformer. This, as Nathan mentioned, is a Metroidvania.

      There are some difficult parts, but a little perseverance will get you through. There are only two parts I found really hard and they were optional areas.

  14. MellowKrogoth says:

    Hmm, a puzzler platformer metroidvania brawler? How interesting.