The RPS Bargain Bucket: Sacrifice Made

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to my emporium of discounted video game software, my temple of frugality, the one and only Rock Paper Shotgun Bargain Bucket. Come take a look at my bucket, and if you dare, reach inside and see what you find. Remember to visit to hear about all the gaming discounts as and when they happen.

Bioshock Infinite – £14.99/similar price in other currencies.
Registers on Steam.
3ioshock. This was certainly divisive, wasn’t it? Here’s some words from a man who liked it a bit more than I did:

Some of the scenes it offers are outright majestic, catnip for any game photographer, and even had me nodding appreciatively at my screen, convinced they were the finest sights it had ever held. Characters are perhaps the sacrifice made to achieve these superb environments: as well as their non-interactive nature, I’d encounter oddities such as a group of three chatting women all bearing exactly the same face. It all adds to that nagging sense this isn’t a real place. But the architecture is magnificent even if the population isn’t.

More this-a-way.

Patterns – £3.25/similar price in other currencies.
This caught my eye earlier in the week, and then this morning I saw it was available for half price. Do we think that they are spying on me, or have I begun to develop supernatural gaming-discount powers? Either way, I think I might plonk down my three pounds and twenty five pence for this Minecraft-a-like from the people that brought you second life. There’s a trailer here. Look at it. It looks delightful.

Risen 2: Dark Waters, Sacred 2: Gold, Saints Row 2 & Saints Row: The Third – Pay What You Want
Beat the average price to also get Dead Island [A Game That Came Out That Year Edition] and all the Saint’s Row DLC.
Dead Island: Riptide is cheaper here, so unless you need everything else, that is the better deal.
Reports say that the bonus games they will add to this bundle are: Metro 2033, Risen & Sacred Citadel. So don’t buy them in the meantime. It’s nice of Deep Silver to make their games available globally at pay what you want pricing, their it means anyone can buy these games for whatever they think is a fair price. Deep Silver’s usual policy is to region lock all of their PC games down super tightly, so that NA serials won’t work in Europe, and Europe is split into multiple regions, and so on. That’s why if you compare the price of upcoming Saints Row 4 across different regions, you can see some people are getting charged a lot more.

King’s Bounty: The Legend, King’s Bounty: Armored Princess, Men of War & Men of War: Red Tide – Pay What You Want
Beat the average price to also get King’s Bounty: Crossworlds & Men of War: Assault Squad.
Registers on Steam.




Deal of the week
Fallout 3: Goatee Edition – £1.99
Fallout: New Vegas – £1.99, or get the Ultimate Edition for £3.
Apply coupon “GFDAUG20UK”. New Vegas registers on Steam.
Both of the recent entries in the Fallout series, and these both represent an astonishing amount of game for the money. Both of these have their good bits and their bad bits, but overall I’d say I definitely enjoyed my time with both of them. Here’s Alec reviewing the first one for a different website, and some bloke called Quinns on New Vegas here.

Also of note:
Aliens: Colonial Marines for probably still too much.
Sentinel – Pay What You Want
A Virus Named TOM – $2.50/similar price in other currencies.
Hotline Miami – $3.99/similar price in other currencies.
Papo & Yo – $3.74/similar price in other currencies.

I command you to go to


  1. oceanclub says:

    Fallout says “Windows 7 Not Supported” – is that really the case? I’m sure I’ve run it on W7 – is there an issue with the Gamefly version?


    • qizarate says:

      There’s a notice on the steam store page too, along the same lines. It’s definitely possible to have it running perfectly under windows 7 with a little patience – i’ve been running it, modded, on w7 64 bit and enjoying the hell out of it. Lots of people seem to run into issues though – there’s a lot of grumbling on the steam forum.

    • woodsey says:

      I’ve run it on 7, so go nuts.

    • Werthead says:

      FALLOUT 3 sort-of works with Windows 7, which means some people will encounter no problems at all and others will not be able to get it working no matter what they do. It will work with mods and technical tips though. As usual, check PCGamingWiki:

      link to

      NEW VEGAS should work absolutely fine, though some may encounter the dreaded, “Can’t load saved games from the menu screen bug,” wherein if you try to load a game from the front menu it will hang and you need to Ctrl+Alt+Del+ out and shut it down. To avoid, click ‘Start New Game’ and then hit load the second you enter the worldspace. It adds about 3 seconds to the start-up of the game, so is a pretty negligible issue.

    • revan says:

      There seems to be an issue with video codecs like CCCP freezing the game. So if you encounter that, just uninstall those. It seems to be ffdshow within that pack which is the culprit. Other then that, game runs fine for me on Win 7 x64 Ultimate. Keep in mind that I’m using retail version and not Steam.

      • Gargenville says:

        oh my god what in fuck’s name is the game doing that it’s interfering with directshow video filters?

        Also CCCP switched from ffdshow to LAV filters recently so the problem might be gone now.

        (also also I don’t get why CCCP still exists when the same MPCHC they include can play anything on its own without the horrible DLL hell-esque mess of a million systemwide video filters. Are people that dead set on using WMP?)

        • Universal Quitter says:

          People use Windows Media Player?

          The poor bastards…

    • gwathdring says:

      I haven’t had problems on either 7 or 8. I have fairly new hardware, though. And it’s the OS-to-Hardware seam that usually shows wear in these kinds of situations.

  2. JonClaw says:

    Still waiting patiently for The Old Gods to go on sale at GamersGate…

    • yoggesothothe says:

      Oh man, for CK2? That was on sale just this last Sunday :(. Well, in the US anyway. Grabbed that and Republic for $6.23 on steam. I guess you don’t really want to hear that though…

      But yeah, once it gets discounted at that rate, you probably won’t have to wait too long for it to come around again. Hopefully?

      • Dextro says:

        The Steam version DLC isn’t compatible with the Gamersgate version of the game (and vice-versa). So yeah, having Steam throw a sale is a slap on the face (again) to those who somehow ended up with the gamersgate version of the game.

        • yoggesothothe says:

          Ah, that bit about gamersgate wasn’t on there originally, heh.

  3. Ansob says:

    Don’t buy New Vegas on its own, the story DLC is all worth getting (yes, even the slightly boring Honest Hearts) and so it’s pointless getting anything other than the Ultimate Edition.

    • NathaI3 says:

      I accidentally acquired the basic game in a bundle a while back, now steam won’t let me buy the Ultimate Edition. So if I wanted the DLC I have to buy it all separately for more than the cost of the Ultimate Edition! No thanks.

      • Vandelay says:

        Why is it not letting you buy the Ultimate Edition? I have standard Fallout New Vegas (actually not played it yet, despite buying quite some time ago,) and picked up the Ultimate Edition last night for a few pence more than the above price through Steam without any issue. I don’t believe I bought F:NV in a bundle, but I don’t see why that would make any difference.

        If you are buying the DLC separately, the story stuff only comes to a little under £4.

        Looking forward to actually getting around to playing it some time. I quite enjoyed just wondering around Fallout 3 and dabbling in the occasional story mission/DLC mission, but wasn’t particularly invested in my search for Liam Neeson. I understand NV gets the story and world building much better, although it does require a bit of modding to get the most out of it (handy forum thread for that.)

        • Werthead says:

          NEW VEGAS doesn’t really need any more modding than FO3, and arguably less (since it works natively in W7 and FO3 is hit-and-miss with it). Certainly in terms of weapons, storyline, characters, reactivity, writing, (most of the) quests and making the game more hardcore to play (though you need the official JE Sawyer mod to get the most out o fit), it’s better than FO3. However, it’s setting is a bit less evocative and the opening 2-3 hours are much weaker than FO3’s. Once you get over that hump, it’s a brilliant game and the DLC makes it all a lot better.

          I must admit I cheated a bit and did the DLC out of order, doing OLD WORLD BLUES early on to get the sentient cyberdog AI minigun, which is both a mighty weapon and extremely hilarious.

      • Malleus says:

        Buy the Ultimate Edition from wherever you want, activate on Steam and it will merge with the base game. At least that’s what happened to me. Got the base game from GreenManGaming and activated it on Steam, a few months later got the UE from GamersGate, activated it on Steam, and it simply merged and started to download the DLC.

        • Gargenville says:

          I actually just did that with Skyrim LE and Steam proceeded to lose its shit and redownload the entire game. Luckily I didn’t have a save I wanted to continue because this turned my data files folder into a warzone.

      • thruddle says:

        I had the same issue, but buying it from gamefly with the voucher as above, then registering the key on steam solved it pretty neatly for me. (Im assuming you have the same issue as me where the steam store claims you already own it the ultimate edition, but not any of the dlc)

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        That’s odd. I bought the base game a while back and later bought all the DLC during a sale. Yet, I can still buy the Ultimate Edition on Steam.

      • HadToLogin says:

        My only guess: you’re from different region than New Vegas you bought. They use different steamIDs and you can’t use DLCs from one steamID with other steamID.
        If that’s the case, bug steam support about it, they changed game to correct region for some people in this case.

    • revan says:

      At €4.99 Fallout: NV Ultimate Edition is truly a steal and DLC are awesome. I’ve picked it up right away. When you account for mods as well, that’s a lot of content for practically nothing. Gave some cash to Humble Bundle as well. Very nice to see Deep Silver practically giving away their games for charity.

  4. Malleus says:

    EDIT: Misunderstood something. Nothing to see here, move on. :)

  5. Shadowcat says:

    “Sentinel is an interactive audio tower defense game.”

    I was fairly sure it wasn’t going to be a new version of The Sentinel, but I’m still disappointed.

    (This might well be a fine TD game, mind; I just can’t stand the genre.)

  6. Genchou says:

    Bioshock price is more like 25€. Am I missing something ?

  7. FriendlyFire says:

    About the Deep Silver bundle, I was wondering… How good are Risen and Sacred? I already own and love SR3 and SR2 doesn’t particularly interest me, so I’d largely be going in for the SR3 DLC and those two games.

    • Baines says:

      The bit that I’ve played of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel in the past felt like a fairly mediocre [game name that RPS comments won’t let me say] 2 clone. I recall the Sacred games are also buggy, though there are (potentially substantial) fan patches to fix issues and enhance the games. While people speak fondly of Titan Quest and praise Torchlight, you hardly ever hear anyone saying much about Sacred other than to say that it existed. That, and Sacred 2 has a Blind Guardian (the metal band) quest, but you can YouTube that if you really care.

      I’m not sure what felt off in Sacred 2, but the game just never clicked for me. I did go ahead and get the bundle though, and will try it again in the future. (I only owned Fallen Angel, Gold includes the expansion that came after Fallen Angel.) But I bought the bundle largely because I was on the fence about the SR3 DLC (which even on sale cost more than the BTA at the time.)

      As for Sacred Citadel, which looks like it will be an unlock bonus next week (as the current bundle keys are for bundles A/B/D and the Metro/Risen/Citadel bundle is C), it is apparently a fairly mediocre side scrolling beat’em up. Arguably below mediocre, depending on who you ask.

    • TheMopeSquad says:

      Risen is excellent definitely a must play if you enjoy these types of RPG’s especially Gothic though I have heard the second one is not nearly as good.

    • Boult Upright says:

      I wonder what they will do with us Australian folk regarding Risen. It’s banned y’see – and therefore clearly far worse than SRIV……

      • LutherBlissett says:

        I bought Risen from Gamersgate the minute I heard it was banned in Australia. Never had a problem. It’s only because you can smoke and sell weed in it. Also I remember Sacred 2 being a decent transition between Torchlight 1 and Torchlight 2. It needed quite a bit of modding though.

  8. Malibu Stacey says:

    Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition
    Not for Sale
    This title is available for purchase in United Kingdom.

    Yeah whatever. It’s £3.74 on Steam until 18:00 on Saturday anyway.

    Also Fallout 3 & New Vegas show up at £2.49 not £1.99 on Lewie’s links.

    Beware Fallout 3 requires GFWL.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Shows as £8.99 for me. :(
      At 18:00 you say? I logged in at 10 past! DOH!

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      GFWL disabler for Fallout 3 can be gotten here: link to

      There’s some technical issues, so beware. And, of course, you won’t get achievements, but I doubt anyone who wants to remove GFWL actually cares about that anyways.

    • Curundir says:

      Just use FOSE. (Fallout Script Extender) It has a launcher for FO3 that bypasses GFWL. FOSE is needed for a lot of mods, so you are probably going to need it anyway.

  9. mwoody says:

    I asked in the Steam forums if a Desura Patterns purchase netted you a Steam key. They said eventually.

  10. Aedrill says:

    I need an advice. I bought this Humble Bundle and I don’t know with which King’s Bounty I should start. There’s no way way I’m installing all of them at once, because it’s friggin’ trillion bytes, so what should I do?

    PS. Heroes V: Tribes of the East FTW!

    • revan says:

      I’d go with Legends first. Both games are great, but Legends is practically an introduction to the world and you’ll have more context when playing Armored Princess. I recommend romping up the difficulty as well. Game is dull on normal, while on hard you have to utilize every creature to the maximum, and minimize your losses as much as possible.

    • Casimir Effect says:

      I’d recommend Armoured Princess first. Legends can be too hard at times with you either running out of troops or spending most of the time playing going back and forth to get reinforcement. Coming from Heroes V you might find Legend ok, seeing as you’re obviously familiar with the genre. AP does have a pet dragon though.

    • MondSemmel says:

      If you own Crossworlds, you need not install Armored Princess; install Crossworlds directly and select the campaign “Orcs on the March”, it’s Armored Princess + extra expansion content from Crossworlds.

      And I second the recommendation to play these games at least on Hard. I played them on Impossible and (successfully) aimed for 0 casualties each, but that took me many dozens of hours, which I can’t really recommend, given that most people have enormous game backlogs.

      (I think I’d recommend skipping Legend altogether: Armored Princess/Crossworlds is just a better game (since it’s a proper sequel), and both games are so huge that you might not want to play both.)

      • Aedrill says:

        Thank you all for the tips. Crossworlds it is!

        PS. Am I the only one who keeps reading that as Crosswords? It sounds like some sort of Puzzle Quest variation.

  11. Liudeius says:

    It’s a shame Humble Bundles are getting less and less DRM free. (The weekly sale also has DRM)

    Soon a DRM free bundles from Humble Bundle will be unheard of and it will be “pay-what-you-want” minimum $20.

  12. Dominic White says:

    Because the internet needs it pointed out, apparently:

    Humble Indie Bundle = Multi-OS, DRM free.

    Humble [Some Other Word Here] Bundle = Rules set by whatever publisher or group is involved.

    • Liudeius says:

      Obviously Humble Bundle can slaughter puppies if they want to, but your snarky sarcasm misses the point that HB previously had been exclusively DRM free and multiplatform.

      Now that you CAN make a bundle with DRM and Windows only, we will quickly see fewer and fewer DRM free (/multiplatform) bundles.

      And you can’t claim it will just sell more DRM games and the same number of DRM free games, there are multiple games which have ONLY been available DRM free from HB (At least so far as I can find outside HB).

      • HadToLogin says:

        There already was only-steam afaik-only-Windows THQ bundle.

        • Liudeius says:

          Yes, but that was the first occurrence, until now, we did not know if that would be a one time thing or not. Now with two more DRM bundles, we know it’s not a one time thing.

      • lomaxgnome says:

        The number of “true” Humble Indie Bundles has not decreased at all, they were never common. In addition, their very existence has spawned many similar bundles, quite a few of them drm free. These additional bundles like the Deep Silver Bundle only serve to provide more benefits to all of us, drm free or not. This bundle simply wouldn’t exist if drm free was mandated, and that serves no one. Maybe you could make an argument that the humble weekly bundle should follow the same standards, but more often than not, the “humble rule” that gets discarded by the weekly is the mandatory Linux version.

        Furthermore, we all get it. We don’t like drm. At this point, companies know that. The general internet public knows it. And the people that don’t know it by now, sure as hell aren’t seeing random posts on various comment boards to change their minds. So maybe put down the torch and move on to something more consequential? Especially if you are lambasting one of the groups that has actively done more to promote drm free gaming than many places have, by your own admission.

        • Liudeius says:

          If you had bothered to read the comment you would see that I said now games which would have previously gone DRM-free to be on Humble Bundle will keep their DRM, resulting in few to no games which weren’t already DRM free being DRM free for the Humble Bundle. (Meaning this will result in fewer DRM free games.)

          There are plenty of other ways to get non-DRM free games for cheap, look at the Steam sale just a week or two ago, and there are already plenty of bundles which sell DRM games (Indie Gala, Bundle Stars).
          Cheap DRM games are not something we are lacking.

          And I never said they’ve done a lot for DRM free games. CD Projekt has done a lot for DRM free games, with AAA DRM free releases and GoG.
          From my understanding, Humble Bundle is just run by some guys wanting to get rich, not crusaders for PC gaming. The HB was started by Wolfire (Overgrowth), when it was profitable, half their team (so two people) ditched them and did HB full time, earning millions thanks to the default 15% cut to HB (and millions more now).
          Before this I would set the HB tip low, for reasonable bandwidth and organization costs, now I’m setting it to 0% because they are clearly in it for the profit and nothing else.

          Companies and the general public only know that we don’t like DRM on consoles (if you consider only core gamers to be the general public, I doubt most people even know what DRM is), but companies aren’t doing anything about it, they are just making worse and worse DRM.
          I will continue complaining about DRM until it stops. If someone is stealing your money, you don’t complain twice, then just let them take it, you stop them.

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            Thanks for looking in your crystal ball and warning us about the slippery slope.

          • FriendlyFire says:

            You think the only reason people don’t put DRM on their games is that they want a spot in the Humble Indie Bundle? That’s funny, I thought it was largely a financial, technical and ideological decision rather than something focused on a usually late-stage special sales avenue.

          • The Random One says:

            Liuedeius may have put it a bit… forcefully, but it is a worrying trend indeed. Before Ubisoft’s heart melted and they removed their always-on shenanigans, they still had quite a healthy bunch of their back catalogue on GoG, including Far Cry 2 and Assassin’s Creed. You can bet your ass that if GoG didn’t mandate DRM-free they would have tied those five-year-old games to Uplay.

          • Liudeius says:

            You’re welcome, only it’s not a crystal ball, I’m a superhero (my power is “Common Sense”), this is how this type of thing works.
            Once you accept a slight offense as the status quo, it makes way for greater offenses. That’s how we got into this mess with DRM and DLC in the first place. If you people hadn’t accepted day-one money-grubbing, explotative DLC practices wouldn’t be profitable and would be stopped. If you people hadn’t accepted excessive DRM, games with it would have failed and we wouldn’t have so much always online stuff coming out.

            Why is it so hard to just read my comment before being snarky? Multiple games had DRM REMOVED solely to be on Humble Bundle, they are not available without DRM unless you purchased them on Humble Bundle.
            Now that Humble Bundle does not mandate no DRM, it will likely be the case that, in the future, no previously DRM games will be made DRM-free for Humble Bundle.

            I’m not going to waste time trying to confirm every single game in the list, but so far as I’m aware, Limbo
            Brutal Legend (until GOG release)
            Dungeon Defenders
            and Shank 1/2
            were, at the time they were sold in the Humble Bundle, not available DRM free anywhere else, and the only one that I know to have changed since then is Brutal Legend.

          • lomaxgnome says:

            Humble Bundle, in the grand scheme of things, is just a blip. Just as GoG is. GoG has done far more for drm free gaming, and in terms of games removing drm, there’s been a lot on GoG. I’ve never heard of a single game removing drm for Humble Bundle. I’m sure it has happened, but it isn’t nearly as widespread as you make it sound. And given that there’s been exactly EIGHT Humble Bundles, that’s not very many games anyway.

            The Humble Bundle people are pushing Linux, not drm free. They help games develop and release Linux versions that wouldn’t have otherwise, which is where a lot of their share of the bundles have gone. Many games would not be on Linux if not for Humble Bundle. The drm free has almost always already existed prior. And you can’t have it both ways, either Humble Bundle helped drm free as you stated, and no longer doing so is a loss, or it didn’t, and it doesn’t matter anyway. If GoG suddenly changed its policies it would be a big deal. Humble Bundle just gets lots of us cheap games. That makes far more people happy than the few curmudgeons who bitch “THQ isn’t indie” or “Steam is evil.”

          • Liudeius says:

            ” I’ve never heard of a single game removing drm for Humble Bundle.” Except you know, every one that I named and more.
            There have been more than 8 Humble Bundles. All of the non main ones were DRM free until THQ’s bundle.

            You’re getting far to absorbed in semantics, the fact is you were wrong.
            DRM has been removed from games for the purpose of HB, and now that you don’t need to be DRM free to be on HB, that will likely no longer happen.

            The scale is irrelevant, if you buy HB, it impacts you.

  13. Vinraith says:

    If you get New Vegas Ultimate edition, be sure to turn OFF the Courier’s Stash DLC in the Data Files at startup. It drops a bunch of game breaking loot into your inventory at the start of the game.

    • HadToLogin says:

      Or download JSawyer mod – beside making game harder (especially for Hardcore gamestyle), it puts Courier Stash stuff into world, for example Classic Pack goes to Wrecked Highwayman.

      • Vinraith says:

        That’s a nice touch, I didn’t know that. JSawyer mod is good advice for newcomers to the game, though I personally prefer the greater flexibility (and greater challenge) of Project Nevada.

    • Boult Upright says:

      Y’know, I actually first started the game with this (unknowingly), and then tried and restart and then re-install the damn thing without DLC checked on data files, but those instruments of unfair destruction remain present at the start of the game. And it has been a factor in why I haven’t taken the game on at this stage

      • HadToLogin says:

        They are not a quest items, you can drop them on floor and quite possibly they will disappear after some time – depending on place you dropped them.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Cheers for the advice. I picked it up on Steam for £3.74 since Gamefly refused to sell it to me because I come from somewhere horrible called the “United Kingdom” & they don’t do business with the likes of me or something.

    • Werthead says:

      The Courier’s Stash stuff isn’t that gamebreaking. In fact, it’s recommended if you don’t want to hurl your computer out the nearest window once you wander into cazadore territory at low level.

  14. fish99 says:

    Both F3 and F:NV are prone to crashing in my experience, but both can be almost completely fixed with the ini tweak in the 3rd post here-

    link to

  15. Theon says:

    I’m sorry I’m late, but this here is a sale worth taking a peek at (if only really for Rune Classic Steam key):
    link to

    Vox looks okay too, and there’s a game that lets you photograph fish.
    7-8 hours left.

  16. kalirion says:

    The GamesRage bundle has some nice games for next to nothing

    link to

    The Few
    Nightmares from the Deep
    King Arthur’s Gold

    Cinders is a non-manga style looking Visual Novel that has been receiving glowing reviews everywhere. There’s been an RPS article about it too, but can’t link because then this post will likely be stuck in approval limbo until end of days.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      The games in that bundle sound fairly interesting. Any words about the rest, apart from Cinders?

      • kalirion says:

        I’ve tried Nightmares from the Deep, seems decent for a hidden object game – has very light adventure game elements too (use the right object with the right spot on the environment, etc) and the background / item graphics are rather good, though the cutscenes are often rather lowres and weirdly animated.

        Haven’t tried any others yet.

  17. bill says:

    So, hypothetically, if I have limited gameplaying time, I could skip Fallout3 and go right to New Vegas?
    Which is standalone, works on win7/8, is better and doesn’t have GFWL?


    • WrenBoy says:


      And its a way better Fallout game.

    • revan says:


      Go with New Vegas. It’s a better game, has better story DLC, and in my humble opinion, much better mods.

    • Gargenville says:

      Yeah Neo-Vegas is the superior package, Fallout 3 is pretty much the worst thing Bethesda’s ever done with how poorly written and railroady it is. NV offers far more freedom and is much less stupid overall.

      (for the record I still spent like a hundred hours with FO3)

      • kalirion says:

        Worse than Battlespire?

      • Werthead says:

        That’s pretty hyperbolic. FO3 is much better than OBLIVION and the pre-MORROWIND ES games, and probably around par with SKYRIM. It’s not as good as NEW VEGAS, but it’s still a perfectly decent game.

    • fish99 says:

      I don’t even get why they’re saying it doesn’t work on W7, it absolutely does, I played it through last year (inc DLCs). Steam just says ‘not optimized for W7’, whatever that means. It may relate to the fixable crashing problem I posted about above.

      Also if it doesn’t work on W7, why aren’t Bethesda fixing it? It’s not an old game, it’s still selling, and W7 is easily the most used gaming OS.

      Having said that, yes New Vegas is better in all respects IMO, especially the story. And you don’t need to play F3 first.

      • dE says:

        Also if it doesn’t work on W7, why aren’t Bethesda fixing it? It’s not an old game, it’s still selling, and W7 is easily the most used gaming OS.

        Implying they know how to do that. Their gamebryo engine is a quickly decomposing corpse in danger of collapsing and falling apart any second, basically kept alive by a constant feed of human souls and unholy rituals. It’s the emperor of game engines.

    • Vinraith says:

      That depends completely on what you want. If you want a very story-driven game with a highly populated and civilized “wasteland,” you want New Vegas. If you want a wide-open post-apocalyptic exploration and survival game, you want Fallout 3 with the Wanderer’s Edition mod. Personally, I actually prefer the latter to the former.

    • Werthead says:

      Hmm. FO3 is pretty good, but I think it’s more disappointing if you play it after NEW VEGAS. It might be worth playing FO3 and NEW VEGAS afterwards because FO3 eases you into the world a lot more gently (no insanely-hard-to-kill giant death-insects in the opening half-hour of the game), has a better opening section (the first 2-3 hours of NEW VEGAS can be pretty dull until it kicks into gear) and a more focused – if considerably more boring – storyline. FO3 is very railroady, with unkillable NPCs and quests that can only be completed a certain way.

      NEW VEGAS is far more reactive and wide-open and lets you do pretty much anything you want, even break into the enemy camp and kill the main bad guy halfway through the game if you take enough firepower with you. It’s a much cleverer game at accomodating what YOU want to do, rather than forcing you to do what the game designers want and getting cross if you try to do something else.

      If you do play FO3, you really do need to install the BROKEN STEEL DLC as a minimum. It raises the level cap and also makes the ending of FO3 less terrible. You may also not want to do the OPERATION ANCHORAGE DLC for a while, as it gives you the best armour and some of the best weapons in the entire game, and you can do it at pretty low level.

  18. doodler says:

    I have to bring this up because I feel this bundle has been tragically overlooked everywhere.

    You have to spend at least a dollar and it does send you to like a polish paypal but it is completely worth it for King Arthur’s Gold. This game is a little rough around the edges but still playable and incredibly enjoyable. You can feel the potential and while its still in beta it gets better every week. Imagine terraria in medieval times but with multiplayer and destruction with a class based system. They are supposed to be adding CTF soon and are polishing a zombie mode to coop where the zombies actually stand on each other to get over your walls. So much fun with friends.
    Not sure about any of the other games in the bundle as I haven’t gotten around to them yet…KAG is that much fun