Arma 3’s Helicopters Can Actually Land And Stuff

It’s story time again with community Arma tsar Andrew “Dslyecxi” Gluck, who has been explaining all about how to play Arma 3, via a series of videos. His latest tackles an aspect of the previous games that always gave me – and I am sure a few others like me – the willies: helicopters. Sure, it’s often possible to take off with a helicopter in these games, but parking them in a tree just seems impossible. Fortunately Dslyecxi explains that I’ve been doing it wrong all this time, as you’ll see below.

Whenever military types talk about helicopters it reminds me of the character Karl Agathon in Battlestar Galactica, because his callsign was Helo. Did that mean is full callsign was Helicopter? Oh, that would have made for a funnier space opera.

You can buy and play Arma 3 now, but it’s not finished yet.


  1. mrmalodor says:

    I think you should cover the awful news that there won’t be a single player campaign on launch day.

    • wengart says:

      It isn’t that awful. We’ll just end up getting a nicer single player campaign after release.

      Also the Arma and Arma 2 campaigns weren’t that great either. So more time they put into it the better.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        Where has this been confirmed? I’ve not see this anywhere else, except for this comment.

        • wengart says:

          link to

          I guess part of the problem was the frequent updates that they were doing to the game. It essentially meant that they couldn’t build content for the campaign because updates would often change/break things.

    • Slabs says:

      This isn’t a bad thing.

      ArmA 2’s campaign was buggy as heck on release. Multiple missions had bugs that would render them un-finishable, and there was a pretty good chance the game had chosen to autosave at a point that you’d have to start all over again.

      • Turin Turambar says:

        No one is saying they should release a buggy campaign. It’s a question of if they should delay the game or not, if a a core component of the game is that buggy.

        • Ansob says:

          It’s not a core component of the game, though, that’s the point. The core components are the tutorial/showcases, the editor, the multiplayer and the general engine stuff. The rest is garnish.

          • KirbyEvan says:

            The singleplayer is most definitely a core component of the ArmA series.

            But I suppose everyone nowadays has only played DayZ or something, to think otherwise.

          • soldant says:

            The campaign and single player missions have been key features of the series going right back to Operation Flashpoint. The numerous scripting bugs often result from the entirely dynamic AI – while major events are scripted the AI groups are still mostly just given waypoints and told to figure it out, unlike most other games where every movement is scripted.

            MP has only really exploded because of DayZ – before that most groups were milsimming, and SP was (still is) a very big part of the game.

          • mrmalodor says:

            The SP campaign has always been the core component of the ArmA series. Stop pretending like it isn’t.

          • fish99 says:

            I consider the SP campaign a core component, to the point where I wouldn’t buy the game without one.


          • wengart says:

            After the quality of the Arma 1 and Arma 2 campaigns I wouldn’t consider them a core component. Core components, to me, are the pieces you need to make interesting missions in the editor.

          • Premium User Badge

            phuzz says:

            Single-player is a core-component for me (and the people just above). I’m not saying they shouldn’t concentrate on MP as well, but some of us are antisocial sods who would rather play against the AI, than be all social and talk to people and stuff.

    • ch4os1337 says:

      This isn’t that bad at all, I’ve been playing since ArmA 1 and I’ve never finished a single official mission.

      The real meat of the game comes from the online and custom missions.

    • neofit says:

      I agree, it is bad. When would you play this campaign if not at release, when all the major MP mods are updated to the new version and playable? Of course not! But hey, they got our money, they can cut whatever they want from release now.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Don’t you worry. Organised multiplayer is where its at. FOLKARPS is a great group to play with, and they’ll be moving to arma3 soon enough.

    • Turin Turambar says:

      Agreed. Also, releasing the game in modules is just not very serious, and it will be a nightmare for PR when the game launches, as not everyone read the news and the forums.

    • Chickenfeed says:

      You guys are missing the bigger issue. The lack of a singleplayer campaign is not the worse thing. They said they are delaying the campaign because they don’t feel that the AI is good enough, so instead of fixing the terrible AI, they are happy to release the game with crap AI AND a missing campaign.

      • Reapy says:

        Are they charging extra for all that stuff? I mean the game is on steam for cash, I fail to see how that isn’t released? Would it make you feel better if they kept calling it an alpha until they were done with sp and ai? It’s just a label on the product, i don’t really see the problem.

        • bit_crusherrr says:

          They should delay the game the co-op vs ai is a major part of the game for me. Also they can’t complain when they get bad reviews for releasing an unfinished product. I bought ArmA 3 in alpha and I appreciate what it means to be in alpha/beta. But when a game is released I expect it to be a full product not “Oh uhh you can have part of the game we’ll give you the rest at some point”.

      • wengart says:

        Although they are working on the AI. They even have a dedicated dev thread for the work they are doing.

      • gunny1993 says:

        Is the AI terrible though?

        Only problem i’ve had with them is getting them to follow roads on the editor, rest of the time they’re pretty good.

        • mrmalodor says:

          The AI is pretty damn awful. It can do all kinds of psychic bullshit like see you through trees, rocks, bushes, buildings, kill you with one perfect shot without a scope from 500 meters and all other “fun” stuff that shouldn’t be in a game that calls itself a milsim.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I heard the problem was that with the helicopters they spent too much and went over-Budgie.

    • Dualation says:

      …And this matters why? The term “launch day” mean almost nothing when you’re using a “playable beta that updates until release” model.

      You can argue semantics all you like, but the fact is that Arma’s release date could be pushed forward all the way to 3030 or pulled back to two weeks ago and it wouldn’t matter, it wouldn’t get me a Singleplayer campaign any faster.

      If you want a singleplayer campaign then wait until one is released for it; If you don’t care, or if you’re happy with player-made missioning then buy into it now. It’s really quite simple.

  2. neofit says:

    replay fail

  3. Rob Lang says:

    “Helicopters don’t fly, the Earth repels them because they’re so damn ugly” – Chinook Loadmaster.

    • Dozer says:

      “If there’s no hydraulic fluid leaking out of it somewhere, it’s because there’s no hydraulic fluid in it.” – Chinook loadmaster.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        Last year during my MOT* I had an advisory that there was ‘Fluid leaking from the FR shock (absorber). Fluid leaking from the FL shock’.
        This year I mentioned these leaking shock absorbers to the (same) guy checking my car:
        “Well I can’t see anything leaking out now mate so I’d forget about it if I was you”.
        I passed my MOT.

        *note for non brits, compulsory test of your car’s safety and bits and bobs

  4. Shooop says:


    I was able to fly the chopper in the alpha, but couldn’t land it. That however is tremendous for me considering I couldn’t fly one in 2 for more than a minute.

    I’m looking forward to this game more and more as I see how great the community is.

  5. WeeMadAndo says:

    And here I was hoping that this was actually going to be a story about them making the chopper pilot AI actually reliable, so that when I need them to land a team or extract a team they will actually land in the area Intell them to, not 4 klicks away because they don’t think a 50mx50m clearing is safe enough.

  6. Choca says:

    Nonsense, as anyone in Hollywood will tell you, Helicopters lift off then they proceed to explode. Every time.

  7. Hunchback says:

    I have a feeling i won’t be spending my money on the next BF this year, but i’ll be getting this for my military shooter kinda game. Hmmm

  8. Mctittles says:

    I thought this guy’s video series on Helicopter physics was great. There is so much I didn’t know about how they work, like the gyroscope physics of force left to go forward and how the rotor is always spooled up but the blade angle determines lift.

    Plus there’s some awesome upside down heli flying.

    Plus it might help your understanding of Arma flying.

    Well, you can watch here:

    • panda says:

      I made an account just to say thank you! This video series is awesome!

  9. AlmostPalpable says:

    I’ve always preferred the choppers to the actual people parts of Arma II, choppers kick ass and the human mechanics are god-awful. Even carrying only a pistol you move as if you’re cocooned inside a carpet that is tied to you with giant elastic bands, it’s just so bloody weird.

    When I couldn’t land a chopper I just made a mission in the editor with a few waypoints and tried to land an Mi-8 on all of them until I could manage it every time. It sounds like people are so eager to just give up and miss out on the glory that is choppers rather than overcome a trivial difficulty these days.

  10. Stitched says:

    Nobody noticed he was able to call up Altis map ? I’m running the latest Beta Dev build and don’t have access to it.

  11. EBass says:

    I think most people who are “serious” into Arma will agree that large scale organised play is the definitive Arma experience. However this should not take away for how vital the campaign is, I think players who hang out in places like RPS often underestimate just how massive the playerbase is who only are interested in single player, or feel intimidated by large scale clan-like organisations like FOLK/ARPS.

    I have always played through and enjoyed the campaigns and to a large degree this comes down to trust for me. Bohemia have always been great to their community, and if they say they’re doing it to make the best campaign they can, I believe them. Ultimately, does it make a large difference if you are only interested in SP? It just means you won’t play the campaign for the first X amount of weeks after release. But then if it wasn’t released, you wouldn’t be playing it anyway.