Day Z Dev Diary Explains Many More Things

Day Z‘s standalone release still isn’t upon us, unfortunately, and the conciliatory explanations in this video (below) suggest that it’s still some way off, too. Personally I’m content to wait, however, because it looks like Rocket and friends are taking time to add the kinds of detail that will make that wait worthwhile: Rocket explains the new animation systems and so on that work with the injury system, while Ivan talks new Chernarus: there’s a lot more going on in there.

It does look like the standalone will have quite a different flavour to the original game, and I’m intrigued to go back in there after over a year’s break. Oh my God it’s been that long.


  1. DarkLiberator says:

    He probably should turn down the game sound next time he makes a dev diary. I could barely hear him.

    The places where he was picking up loot was pretty cool, instead of it being all over the ground in one spot. The weather system looks decent too.

    • Syra says:

      Sprinting, leaping zombies… sigh.

      Didn’t he say that the the reason the zombies moved fast in the mod was because the pathfinding was a mess and they would just walk off randomly. Now he’s fixed that they should be just a little faster than walking speed imo.

      • NickNerd says:

        Yeah if the zombies are like Usain Bolt on angel dust then I want no part. The game was hard enough with the other players camping and trying to find water and supplies – I don’t want to have to worry about benny hill fast forward speed 28 days later zombies.

        • guorley says:

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      • anduin1 says:

        That bothered me a lot in the mod, not into the whole sprinting zombies, should be more of them to compensate if anything but the game became less about survival and more about robbing players

        • Lone Gunman says:

          How will making the zombie less deadly stop players from shooting each other?

          I am glad the zombie still fast as an enemy you can just gently jog away from is not that scary.

          Also 28 days later is my favorite zombie film. So good news for me ^^

  2. SooSiaal says:

    He’s way too late now with the zombie mods that are showing up in arma 3…

    • Continuity says:

      I don’t think so. Dayz SA has things going for it that the mod will never have, i.e. the mmo style engine. The one major flaw in dayz mod is hackers, SA will deal with that to a large degree… thats invaluable… even if it takes another 18 months.

  3. Universal Quitter says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of zombie games, but this actually looks pretty cool.

    Obligatory cynicism and snark.

    • Clavus says:

      I always thought about DayZ to be more of a survival game with zombies than a zombie game.

      • Universal Quitter says:

        That’s probably a pretty good analysis, and only makes me more interested. I merely meant zombie game as the setting, in the sense that Star Wars takes place in space but is as far from being Sci Fi as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

        I would assume rival characters, thirst, and starvation are for more of a threat than the actual zombies, which sounds awesome.

        • DarkFenix says:

          On certain maps I’ve played starvation and thirst can indeed be a greater problem than zombies. And yes, the greatest threat by far is other players. Yeah sure, the zombies want to rip you apart and eat your brain, but they’re predictable, stupid and don’t have weapons, other players are malicious (usually), smart (sometimes) and can often kill you before you even know they’re there.

      • Rizlar says:

        You could probably describe Night of the Living Dead as a survival film with zombies. Zombies are often just the background for survival stories, DayZ seems to follow in this tradition (moreso than something like Dead Island or Resident Evil).

      • Alfius says:

        But who are the real monsters?

        … it’s still the Zombies isn’t it?

      • Lone Gunman says:

        Well that what I want. I am sick of action shooty games dressed up as a zombie game.

  4. razgon says:

    oh – that works VERY well thanks! I hadn’t noticed it before now.

  5. Syra says:

    Why can’t people recording games for official purposes turn off their steam popups >.<

    • elliott says:

      They probably should have edited out the AO popping on in that first shot too…

  6. chris1479 says:

    Loved DayZ and played it seriously for a long time. But after all the hype for the standalone has built up to a crescendo and then faded away probably 3 times now I’m just fed up of it. Call me when it’s just released already because by the time this thing comes out Arma 3 and its accompanying mods – perhaps even made by another developer in the mold of Rocket himself (except who can actually release things on time) will overtake this whole mod/game and leave it in the dust.

    • Blue_Lemming says:

      I find it unlikely that someone will just “create a better mod for Arma3” by the time Day-z standalone is ready. Its been delayed, possibly due to some rather fiddly game breaking bugs, its not as easy as you’ve just made out.

    • Continuity says:

      Patience Chris, you sound bitter… but why? Good things come to those who wait etc…

  7. S Jay says:

    Looking good. Too bad they are having a tough time with deadlines. I am really looking forward to the alpha. Let’s hope it happens this year.

  8. Baines says:

    A lot of footage of players shooting zombies, with a bit where players strip another player but leave him alive.

    Maybe Rocket needs to hold a test with more real world Day Z players, so that they won’t be surprised when the final release turns into another deathmatch game.

    • jonahcutter says:


      Will the systems developed in a laboratory environment survive in the wild? Will the cooperative spirit displayed in that video survive the zero-sum thinking most actual players will engage in? Will it survive the basic reality of bored gamers and trolls sniping for the simple fun of it, and the ragequits they can induce?

      Or will the standalone just be a less-janky version of the same slow-paced deathmatch that the DayZ mod rapidly (d)evolved into.

  9. Piecewise says:

    [Trigger warning: Zombies, Bugs, Whisperkicks]