Cardboard Cretin: Witness My Defeat In Card Hunter

I am speaking to you from beyonnnnd the graaaaaaaaaaaave. Said grave being ‘exhausting 24 hour child care’ and said beyond being ‘the sabbatical I am supposed to be on until October.’ While the tiny beast is distracted by a brief milk-daze, I shall seize the opportunity to quickly share with you this video of me playing upcoming TBS/CCG/boardgame delight Card Hunter (which we last wrote about here) against the developers. I’m roundly beaten, naturally, but at least I very nearly manage not to sound bitter about it. Myself and Card Hunter dev Joe McDonagh also quasi-interview each other as we play.

It’s my first ever attempt at the multiplayer in this early D&D-evoking game from Blu Manchu (which counts two senior BioShock developers amongst its staff), but I doubt it’ll be the last. Card Hunter’s a smart, good-natured genre-blend that adds just enough of the random into its battles so as to avoid predictability. Hopefully you can hear that I’m enjoying myself in the video, though I fear it’s all too apparent that the beer I drank during the course of it initially made me excitable, only to later crash into slightly sleepy muttering. Don’t drink and dice, kids.

Right, that’s almost certainly it from me until the Autumn. This means I won’t be hear to read whatever awful things you might say about me below. Whatever you do say, however, it can’t possibly be as traumatic as dealing with a shit-filled nappy at 4am. BYE.


  1. Chris Wray says:

    I like Card Hunter, not played it in MP yet though like Alec. I imagine the same sort of thing would happen to me though, being defeated that is. I shall now finish watching the video!

  2. Deadly Habit says:

    Well I have a couple spare keys for Card Hunter, so if anyone is interested link to
    Just leave a comment once you take one so others don’t waste their time.

  3. Bluenose says:

    I spat my coffee when I misread ‘Card Hunter.’

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Wassup Alec!

    Was wondering where you went. Now i know (can guess, rather).

  5. Coulla says:

    I’ve got one code left to hand out if anyone wants it: ZMGP-KXTG-RYJM Reply if you use it.

  6. Reapy says:

    Just trying to follow the action…when do you draw cards for the characters? Does each character move once, or you can move say 3 times and the hands are refreshed? Are decks reshuffled when out?

    • Arathain says:

      Each player takes turns to play a single card. Each character has their own hand, and you are free to play your card from any of these. If you do not wish to or are not able to play a card, then you may pass. When both players pass the round ends. All characters discard down to two cards, and draw fresh cards for each character.

      Clear enough?

      Note that movement is handled by cards. Each character is given a move card every round, based on their race (so elves are faster than dwarves). They are likely to have additional cards allowing movement in their deck.

      • Steelphoenix says:

        I just logged in to make the exact same answer, but you were faster. Well done sir, well done.

        • Reapy says:

          Extremely clear, thank you both! Game looks very interesting, can’t wait to try it out!

      • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

        This was a mystery to me too, until I hunted for the information in the FAQ. Maybe the game should be clearer about how this system works. (Though it works very well, once you know.)

        I got me a beta key from a nice gentleperson on the forums and it ate my day. Very slick game.

  7. Rev_Sudasana says:

    Any more keys out there to be had?

  8. Neosubu says:

    Anyone have another spare key? Dying to try this out..

    Email it to shitblade at hotmail dot com

    Thanks guys :)

  9. Darimir says:

    3 more keys for you hungry people. use the key to register a new account at
    link to


  10. Butterbeard says:

    Here you go, have two more keys;

  11. HappyPig says:

    I used this one – PXKQ-XBNS-MXFN – thanks so very much!

  12. zergrush says:

    Some more keys:


    Register at: link to

  13. cooler266 says:

    3 more keys for fellow RPSers


  14. dwiggles16 says:

    Some more keys (I decided to make my first RPS post a helpful one!):


  15. pailhoarse says:

    Aaaaand three more:


  16. Kohlrabi says:

    Some more keys for this gem:


    • Seerinox says:

      Thank you so much kind sir. I took the third one.

    • Reapy says:

      Took number 2 and number 3 was taken… thank you so much all for posting these keys!

  17. Vesuvius says:

    If anyone has a key to spare I’d be much obliged- I applied to the beta 2 months ago (June 1st!) and haven’t heard anything :(

  18. Card Hunter Joe says:

    I almost feel bad for beating Alec. But then again…..


  19. Phendron says:

    Even more keys!


  20. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    What’s that? There aren’t enough keys?


  21. aepervius says:

    I haven’t tried the MP yet. But the SP is IMHO a bit unbalanced after level 8-9. I am now at a point where I have barely attacks which do 4/5 damage with my warrior and nigh protection, whereas my mage has only a few “forgetting” card but a lot of electricity or fire card. Problem is, I am already encoutnering mob whicha re immune (no even a dice throw needed) to acid, electricity and fire *and* when they die they splash for 18 damage *and* my team is spread over the whole field.

    Trying to get more stuff like forgetting card does not help as there aren’t many.

    Frankly also I thought initially that getting more slot was actually advantaging me to get more option. But in reality, you get more option BUT each option is far less probable. And if you intentionally do not put anything in the slot, trying to limit your number of card, the game put a default crappy card in it.
    So the system which looked nice initially, is actually limiting your strategy later to be fully random. You can’t predict which card will come when you got 60 of them rather than the 20 (30?) you got initially.

    But here is where it is a problem : the mobs DO NOT have that problem ! They got small decks with high probability of nice cards coming up. But you as aplayer cannot do that. That is where the unfair part came in , where the game “change” the rules udner you to give an advantage to the mob. In a fair and more balanced game the mob would get the same problem with not many dupes.

    People will know that, if you got a huge magic the gathering deck, you lose in the strategy, but a tight deck will be small with a lot of duplicate to have a good chance to apply your strats and get the cards you want.

    In this case, it is not possible. In addition the power orbs yellow and blue limit seriously what sort of items you can equip.

    So far my feeling is that the MP might be load better, because contrary to SP, everybody got the same limitation.

    maybe I should try it if they have “tier”.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      I’ve not reached those levels yet, but I suspected it would turn out like that when I realized the game keeps adding junk cards to the deck. It would be interesting with an option to remove cards, maybe special items that provide “negative” cards that you can use to cancel out others from your deck and/or a blank placeholder item that simply negates the slot it’s in.

      An acquaintance of mine once designed a space strategy board game where fleet combat was handled with a similar system. You started out with a small deck of crap cards, and could pay for research, adding new cards to your deck, but you could also spend the research points on a special “recon” action that allowed you to remove a single card (typically one of the starting cards) from your combat deck. I think such a feature could work well in Card Hunter.

    • xao says:

      Sounds like you have some deck building issues. As someone who’s made it to level nineteen or so with a few different parties, I hit a few areas where I either didn’t have strong enough gear, or I didn’t have the right setup for a scenario. Also, reminiscent of System Shock 2, fuckin’ monkeys.

      If I may offer a few suggestions:

      – Look for cards that can destroy armor or force discards. Some enemies have some very annoying defenses.

      – Try to have multiple suits for your wizard. They tend to run into more immunity issues than the melee types (though skeletons and oozes can cause problems for melee-types too). If you run into a bunch of creatures with fire defenses, it’s handy to be able to bust out a couple of lightning staves or trinkets for the next go-round.

      – Don’t be afraid to re-run scenarios for gear. The second time is often much faster as you’ll have a good grasp of the tactics you need.

      – Later on, you’ll find loot runs that guarantee a high quality item. Do these!

      – Finally KEEP YOUR GOOD LOW LEVEL GEAR. It will come in quite handy later, especially the stuff that doesn’t require a power token.

  22. mrwout says:

    I would like to notify my fellow RPS readers that all keys posted above (and before 19:18 GMT) have already been taken.

  23. lanthala says:

    In case anyone else wants to try the game:


  24. Card Hunter Joe says:

    Moar keys!


  25. LimeWarrior says:

    Congrats to Mr. Meer. Boy or girl?

  26. tnankie says:




  27. DrSlotch says:

    Anyone else have a beta key?

  28. tnankie says:

    As for the actual game in the video….I did sit there wincing while you both played…Alec, a little more practice and you can take him!

  29. Card Hunter Joe says:

    Alec was drunk. I am simply inept.

  30. rudi says:

    Here’s mine:


  31. Zogtee says:

    Anyone else want to play a game of Key Hunter, then?


    • darkwhite says:

      Used FKVL-MLJT-CKYW.

      Was just about to moan about not having a valid key, while absolutely everyone on RPS has at least a dozend keys… that I am the only one in the world not being able to play the game. .. that it’s a cruel world etc. ;-)

      Big-big thank you!

    • cadwallader says:

      i took JVBJ-VMDP-CDHQ.
      rest was already used.
      big thanks

  32. mike_p says:

    I’d be much obliged if anyone has a spare key. Came into work this morning to find my mate raving about this.

  33. Jaseone says:

    a few more keys (If you come across me in MP you have to let me win…it’s the rules :p)


  34. Wiz0 says:

    One more for the road:


  35. liance says:


    Go forth!

  36. HKEY_LOVECRAFT says:

    Unless someone does all of his or her RPS reading on the weekends, these will likely get overlooked since this article is days old, but here’s two more keys:


    Enjoy, whoever you are. That’s behind on your RPS reading. Or has a really wonky schedule.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Thanks Lovecraft. Grabbed the first one. The second has been taken by another already.