Knight Here, Knight Now: King Arthur’s Gold

It was 2011 when RPS took its first and only look at King Arthur’s Gold, a 2D multiplayer action game from the makers of Soldat that’s been inspired by Minecraft, Age of Empires, and TF2. It remained in alpha (Alphurian?) for all the time in between. That time was well spent: new graphics have been chiseled out, and there’s now mod support. Merlin waved his wand (tee-hee), and now the ever-so silly medieval multiplayer game has grown some teeth. It is beta, it is buyable, and it looks like a lot of fun. I have hollowed out a hole for some videos beneath.

It is a fight for the other team’s gold. Grab a builder, knight and archer, and build an impregnable (or willy-shaped) base, while assaulting the enemy. It’s a proper little battleground, with battleships and catapults aggressively attacking collapsible structures. I really like that idea: the construction is based on support, not just carving out squares that will end up floating mid-air. Trees are felled, walls built, but with dynamic fire and water, not to mention fricking drills and rideable sharks, things can change over the course of a fight. I’ll be hopping on this when my frightening backlog of games has shrunk.

Here’s the beta trailer.

Here’s a fuller video, showing a bit more of the game.

You can buy it for $10, and that’s not even a risk: “When purchasing on this site you get a money back guarantee. This means that there is no risk in buying and trying the game. If for some reason it doesn’t work or you just expected something else contact us for a full refund.”


  1. Leb says:

    This looks splendid, and the full refund offer shows they have some confidence in their product.

  2. godzillasushi says:

    The game is also available in this Indie bundle at the moment

    link to

    • baby snot says:

      Thanks! Finally picking up Cinders with that bundle also.

    • wengart says:

      I would recommend getting this game in the bundle. If you scroll own some posters have brought up issues with the game devs that make me wary about throwing a whole $10 at it.

      • Wonkyth says:

        I can assure you of its worth, if anyone cares to trust my opinion. ^_^
        But yeah, if the devs weren’t okay with people paying a dollar for it in a bundle, then they wouldn’t have gotten it in the bundle in the first place. They’re pretty chill guys. :)

    • FuzzyBlueBaron says:


      Eh, there’s always two sides to every coin. Yes, there have been issues; but on the flip side many of these were some time ago, and on the whole things have only improved since then.

      Quickly addressing some concerns raised in the comments:

      — Abusive admins:
      As Kouji explains further down, the particular incident Fatikis refers to was about 2 years ago. It grew out of a misunderstanding that was compounded by moderator inexperience and, once it migrated to PMs, everybody and their dog wanting in on the action. >_< It's not something we're particularly proud of, but learning from our mistakes we've since taken measures to improve how we go about handling global moderation, administration, etc.

      — Evil/incompetent devs:
      As darkChozo notes further down, taking everything into consideration (especially the nature of indie game development) the release schedule and sometimes fluid nature of the features list are par for the course. In my time as a forum admin I have gotten to know MM & Geti as friendly, hardworking, extremely dedicated developers who (particularly Geti, as MM is often irretrievably buried in mountains of code) go out of their way to engage with the community answering questions, listening closely to feedback, and explaining patently time & time again why magical rainbow unicorns won’t be making it into the game and how very sad they are about it. These guys are golden. Seriously, if I didn’t enjoy the game I would probably still hang around just so I could help them succeed– in this and in any other world, they deserve it.

      — Toxic community:
      I’ve said it a number of other places in the comments but I’ll say it here too for clarity’s sake: vocal rude people =/= the KAG community. Yes, we have our share of people who like their profanities nice and, well, profane; but scratch the surface pretty much anywhere on the internets and, sooner or later, you’ll find people like that. Yes, there is a contingent of players who only frequent the game proper (never engaging with other elements of the community like the forums or IRC) and habitually display the social graces of a retarded hamster suffering from coprolalia; but to judge the core community by its fridges is grossly unfair (and neglects the fact that we built an ‘ignore’ button for encounters with such people). The KAG community isn’t perfect, but we’re by no means toxic. Okay, maybe a little pimply in places…

      Don’t just write us off based on first impressions and a vocal minority. Come on over to link to and see the real KAG! ;)

      • Noburu says:

        This man speaks the truth. A couple of disgruntled players do not speak for us all.

  3. Jerppa says:

    That screenshot reminded me of Clonk Planet.

  4. Demiath says:

    Might be worth mentioning that this game looks like it must have been inspired by the similarily named, quirky console RTS “King Arthur’s World” (1993) from the eminently British developer Argonaut Games.

    • Luringen says:

      It is inspired by it, it’s mentioned (along with a few other games) in the artbook thingy.

      • Reapy says:

        I don’t know why I haven’t fired this up yet as the SNES game was a personal favorite of mine, just grabbed it via the above mentioned bundle, too hard to pass up on that.

    • apocraphyn says:

      Cheers. Saved me the effort of saying that myself. Quite enjoyed the SNES game, back in the day.

    • Geti says:

      Both MM and I really loved that game, glad there are other players out there that can see the resemblance.

      The 3 games quoted in the description were chosen for impact, there are of course many other games that have influenced us over the years directly or indirectly when making KAG – it tends to just look disorganised and lazy quoting tens or hundreds of games on the front page as “similar” though ;^)

  5. doodler says:

    Awesome to see this, i just posted about this in the bargain bucket this morning about it being in a bundle for a dollar on Get it, get it now! it is amazing with friends

    And I see someone else beat me to the punch on this while I drove back to the office from lunch… Would love to see the RPS crew get on one of the 64 player servers this weekend…

    • Geti says:

      Completely agree that KAG is best enjoyed with some friends in close proximity or with VOIP rather than an entirely public setting. Much better when you have some reliable teammates, haha!
      Would love to have some of the RPS crew drop in this weekend, either to the official servers or to any of the larger/more stable servers.

      We’ve been having some server owners hosting above their weight at the moment – if everything seems to be going slowmo, bombs going off at the wrong time etc that server is probably maxing its CPU and you might want to pick another server. Just a heads up!

  6. Fatikis says:

    Don’t buy this game.

    Any admin can literally ban you from the game completely for no other reason than they don’t like you. The admins can also join any server (including your own if you aren’t careful) and then use their admins powers to cheat. It happens quite often and if you post about it on the forums they ban you and delete the posts.

    An admin joined our personal server started cheating and swearing at us and banned a friend of mine from the game entirely. They then banned and censored any post we made about it on the forums. It took three days to get unbanned from the games creator. The admin who joined the server was not punished even with us giving the game creator the server logs from the game showing that he cheated and used racial slurs at us.

    Do not support this developer. He also refused to give us refunds for the game after this happened.

    • The Random One says:

      Now that’s not very good service.

    • pbnjoe says:

      And here I was just about to say that you should really get the game as it’s buckets of fun and needs more players (and servers) :( really upsetting to hear about that, never heard of such a thing happening before (guess the censoring worked as planned).

      Well then :

      Edit: Good to get more info from Kouji.

    • Lucid says:

      Well, fuck.

      Why must games that sound too good be true always have a dark side to them?
      Letting 10 year olds be admins with that much power is just… what were they even thinking?

      • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

        Mmm, not really a dark side; just more Fatikis airing some old, stale, dirty laundry that we thought we’d cleared up years ago. *sigh* Apparently not. It would seem he still holds a grudge. >_>

    • Kouji says:

      Actually you guys can ignore this guy. There were some issues in the past with the global admins, but it’s was fixed after this whole incident (which by the way happened over 2 years ago while this game was still in Alpha). Lots of policies have been changed because the Devs actually saw it as a problem. If he starts talking about how his friends were unhappy, that’s also false cause they did end up getting a refund in compensation. This whole thing was dealt with seriously, but this guy can only remain butthurt and refuses to do anything but complain on every page that deals with this game.

    • pupsikaso says:

      I haven’t personally run into any of such problems myself when I played the alpha some years ago, but the Desura page for the game often contains posts about such nonsense in there.

      It’s actually important to say that these ‘admins’ aren’t the only ones that behave in such manner. It seems like such behaviour is actually the standard and is encouraged among the players. You’ll understand the moment you join any server.

      It almost feels like a haven for the worst of the kiddies from Minecraft.

      But the game itself is really not bad at all and has some serious potential to grow into something great. I’m just not sure if it can reach that potential.

      • cluster says:

        This is also inaccurate. The game has a free version, and like every free stuff, people are able to create trouble as they can create as many accounts as they want to come back and hassle. That’s where most of the troubles happens. The paid version has much less trouble, like any other game with servers and admins, not more, not less. The developers are very serious people, and people in the IRC chat of good help if needed. I played 50+ and maybe the double of this game, this is mainly fun, never seen much problem in the paid version (and that’s what we are talking about here). Still the free version remains very fun too.

    • Mazey says:

      fwiw: almost every game has a server with a badmin

  7. carlthuringer says:

    This is inspired by Terraria, right?

    You know, side-scroller block-based world where one of the primary things to do is break blocks then paint them back by dragging your mouse?

    Does anybody remember? Is it strange to say that the game is inspired by 3 games but fail to mention that oh, yes, in general visual style and mechanics, it looks exactly like this other game that came out a little while back.

    • pupsikaso says:

      Except that Terraria started development long after this game, and literally has no influence =/

    • Nevard says:

      Honestly it really doesn’t look very much like terraria

    • dE says:

      First I heard of King Arthur’s Gold was here:
      link to

      According to the Wiki, Terraria popped up on May 16, 2011. So chances are it’s one of those rare cases of unrelated paralell development. Could also have been spawned by the success of minecraft. There were a lot of people asking for there to be a more structured PVP ready version of that.

    • Totally heterosexual says:

      It does not look similar at all. You are a moron.

    • The Random One says:

      I guess that if you hadn’t played Soldat you’ll think it looks like Terraria. If you’ve played Soldat, it looks like Soldat.

    • Geti says:

      Just to clear it up as one of the developers, I’ve never personally played terraria. MM has recently with his son. Neither of us were inspired by it to make the game because until it came out, we hadn’t heard of it.

      Unfortunately for us, it took off a little bit faster so we tend to get a lot of “looks like terraria” or worse “copied terraria”.

      “Block building” is one of the more convenient ways (in terms of programming) to do destructible terrain, there’s a reason it’s the dominant technique there. Terraria didn’t invent it. 2d destructible terrain has been around for ages, earliest example I’ve played a lot of being liero on DOS.

      KAG is also quite a bit more competitive than terraria, and seems to fill quite a different niche (modded role play co-op servers not withstanding ;^)

  8. Detrian says:

    This game has actually been available for purchase for a while now. Not only that but if I remember right it was a miserable flop.

    This is some really odd relaunch kind of thing. Beware.

    • Geti says:

      A Flop? I wouldn’t really say so. The game’s crowd funding through development has been able to keep Michal and I afloat financially and provided work to some contractors and community members through the 2 years development so far.

      From the site, over about 2 years:

      282,221 Registered Warriors
      22,814 bought the full version

      I wouldn’t really call that a flop for an unfinished game, nor would I call this a weird relaunch thing considering development isn’t finished, but maybe it looks that way from the outside world?

    • Mazey says:

      Normally, an Alpha version isn´t even open for public.
      So that basicly means when they started the beta they had ^that amount of players already, isn´t really a flop in my eyes.

    • cluster says:

      They fully revamped the game from scratch, so no, that’s not a “relaunch”.

  9. Houd1n1 says:

    Don’t waste your time on this, you can’t even log in, still, they made buying the game work perfectly.

    • Leb says:

      i just bought it and logged in sooo………

      • Houd1n1 says:

        I managed to log in after copying my username and psw I wrote in notepad and pasting it in game, since typing it in game doesn’t work. Hahaha, these “devs” :D

        • Wonkyth says:

          Now ain’t that the strangest glitch what I ever heard! xD

        • Geti says:

          Hello Houd1n1!

          When you say you cant type your pasword, does the game completely not respond when you type into the password field or does it stop responding after a while? We’d like to get strange bugs like this sorted out asap of course and I cannot reproduce the issue at all.

          Do you have anything notable about your computer, different language windows or different hardware? The toolkit that we use for all the GUI stuff, irrlicht should (and does, as far as I’ve ever seen) handle typing passwords in without issue.

          • Houd1n1 says:

            So I select the usrnm field and start typing but nothing is happening. When typing my psw I get the stars but it’s not written properly, meaning that I have to paste username AND psw from windows. My PC is a regularr mid-range PC, and I rarely have any issues with other games, and I didn’t ever have an issue like this with any game/software.

          • Monsteri says:

            Are you perhaps using some special letters out of the english alphabet?

  10. mb says:

    Be wary of this game. I’ve been part of the game ever since it was actually about capturing gold, and have watched the devs promise and renig so much that I have lost a lot of hope for what this could be. They had this grand idea for an overworld in which gameplay would exist on multiple fronts, then scrapped it due to reasons undisclosed, despite promising it to be the “full” version. The best justification they could give was “You guys like it how it is right now riiiiight?”

    They also diverted there attention from developing the actual game to make a zombie mode that took incredibly too long to put out and probably forced the former decision. Also, combat is incredibly unbalanced, Archers continue to get nerfed while Knights continue to get buffed. The changes they made to get it into beta are indeed interesting, but the game runs like such shit that everything rubber bands all over the place. There even used to be a custom course that was literally about how to abuse the games movement mechanics because the control is so incredibly imprecise.

    This game used to hold a lot of promise, but after the devs said they were reworking everything because for whatever reason they didnt feel like using objects and instead hardcoded nearly everything I lost hope. Indie games like this show such much promise but fail due to incompetent devs.

    Also, they circlejerk with the KAG Guards on the forums and any attempt to say something outside of the status quo usually gets flagged.

    relevant links:
    fatikis’s incident pastebin because devs deleted thread
    while the mod issues have been solved, the mentality is still decidely there. the haves and have nots and geti/mm are basically designing the game solely off kag guard feedback.

    sry guys we are scraping everything for reasons we wont tell you

    it should also be noted that they are so far behind on all deadlines, including the one they laid out in the above post.
    i’m angry at all this because this game was legitimately one of my favorites for a while, but i’ve watched it fall into what it has become now, making every bit of new more or less bittersweet. not to mention most of the community has left due to their lack to maintain any proper promised release schedule.

    • Reapy says:

      Hrm, unusual amount of drama around the game. Don’t feel bad about grabbing it in the bundle for a dollar, but I would probably hesitate over spending 10 on it off the site.

      • Mctittles says:

        I’d say with the percentage of comments here that “all the drama” could have easily been created by just one troller.

    • Vandalbarg says:

      From one of the guys involved;

      “Shadlington, no problem. No refund necessary. I love the game and would like to see you reach some of the outlined goals.

      I’m mostly carrying on at this point because I have your ear and I think these issues need to be dealt with on a higher level than case-by-case.

      Anyway, thanks, have a fun weekend. Consider me pacified.”

      Between that and Kouji’s response (2 year old problem, apparently fixed, plus apparently they did get a refund) I’d be more confident in the game.

      Full disclosure; I played this when it was in alpha years ago and had a ton of fun, so I’m a little biased.

    • dE says:

      I took the time to read through the pastebin and from that, it seems like your usual internet duck and cover drama. It usually starts with “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, therefore the system is clearly corrupt and needs to go, who’s with me?”
      During a duck and cover drama, it’s never really relevant whether the intitial person was actually innocent. It’s there to cast doubt on people and get the crowd hungry for blood.

    • pupsikaso says:

      I have long held the opinion that as guards are unpaid volunteers providing crucial assistance in dealing with a widespread problem of in-game rule-breaking it is unfair to insist that they radically alter their play styles and personalities to conform to some standard of professionalism. The only reason that they are in the games moderating them is because they enjoy playing them, so limiting their enjoyment would be unfair and counter-productive.

      This is from that pastebin. This should be enough for anyone to know that this is not a game you want to get involved with.

      • thebonesauce says:

        How is that at all fair? THE INCIDENT HAPPENED TWO YEARS AGO. You can clearly see that is true since the link in the pastebin is from, which doesn’t even fucking exist anymore. I have been playing this game since January 2012, and if you really think this game isn’t worth it, listen to me.

        I am 26 and have tried pretty much every online multiplayer game imaginable. I bought KAG when I first heard of it because I enjoyed the idea and loved the coming attractions. Since January 2012, I have been playing this game for about an hour a day (give or take a day or two) every day since I bought it. It’s really disheartening seeing faggots so hurt over TWO YEAR OLD INCIDENTS and that people actually give them their attention, because I have had my $10 worth of enjoyment at least 1000 times over.

        Ignore all the hate spread around this game. A lot of issues have been taken care of, the Guards are being phased out as it is, and Alpha is still around, which I play often. Don’t listen to some little boy crying wolf. It IS unfair to expect people who aren’t being paid and are volunteering their time to adhere to some code of conduct. I’m an administrator on many servers, and I have always said, “I’m not a babysitter, I’m not being paid, therefore, I will act how I like in game. I will, however, take administration very seriously.”

        Fatikis needs to get the fuck over it already.

        • pupsikaso says:

          Your immature response makes you rather suspicious, especially since you seem to know Fatikis.
          I am going to guess that you are, or were, one of the “admins” in the incident and are obviously feeling quite shameful now, having grown up to an oh so wise and mature age of “26”.

          Let this incident be a lesson to you. Real life is not a video game, and it’s not an internet chat room. The things you do or say in real life will have consequences, sometimes ones that can persist many years down the road including, seemingly for you, such a grande span of time as “TWO YEARS!!!”.

          • thebonesauce says:

            Actually, when I say I’m an admin, I mean a SERVER admin, not a guard. Never have been. I don’t know Fatikis, but we’re laughing about him on the forums and how even after two fucking years he’s still crying about a single, isolated incident and painting the landscape of a tortured victim who has been shunned forever. Which is completely, entirely, 100% untrue.

            Nice assumptions though, bro. I wasn’t around during the Gold Rush days.

          • thebonesauce says:

            Also, what the fuck are you on about REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES? I’m very aware that the internet and real life are two different things. That’s why I hold down a job, pay my own bills, have a nice, solid group of friends and a house to live in. What the fuck does that have to do with a couple little boys being banned from a fucking video game two years ago?

          • KirbyEvan says:

            Although he is rather immature, what with all the caps, cussing and use of “faggots”.

            The hilarious part is that instead of reading your entire post he just read the first few lines, crafted a paragraph as a retort, then read the rest of it and made another comment just for the second half.

          • thebonesauce says:

            Actually no. It’s a thought I had after I thought more about it and realize I clearly had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. I find it humorous that people are actually considering not buying the game because of a bunch of whiny little kids who were banned ages ago and because I said faggots. HO NOES

            When did the internet become so goddamn sensitive? Seriously? Can someone please tell me why everyone is such a timid little bitch and is afraid to speak as they please?

          • The Random One says:

            It’s almost as if people cared about other people right?

          • bohno says:

            Watch out, we got a “badass” over here.

          • jrodman says:

            You lost any respect from the crowd when you decided to engage in trash talking.

      • thebonesauce says:

        Kouji is also a forum administrator and I think he knows a little bit more than you do on the subject. Quit fucking crying already.

        • qrter says:

          If you are any indication of the people who regularly play this game, I think I’ll pass.

          • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

            Fear not. TBS is loud (and proud of it), but he’s only representative of a small portion of our community. If you can forgive us for having some uncouth edges I think you’ll find a tight-knit group of people who fiercely love what MM, Geti & THD have been putting together these past 2+ years. :)

          • Peder Johnsen says:

            Then I recommend you stay away from any online game that exists, because every online game has people who just want to ruin the experience for others.

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        Of all the arguments in these comments I can see none more compelling than this. So be it then, I have other games I can spend my time on.

        • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

          True, except that he’s cherry-picking and left off the last part of the paragraph, which changes the tone somewhat:

          In addition, a major factor in who we choose is whether or not they are considered to be good and honest, so this freedom has rarely ever caused controversy.

          Not to mention that recruitment policies have improved in the 2 years since.

          • hotmaildidntwork says:

            Concerning though that interesting interpretation of volunteering was, I was actually referring to “thebonesauce” ‘s response.

            That this individual is apparently part of the (presumably self-appointed) welcome wagon for the game just dials the ironometer all the way up to 13.

          • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

            Ah, fair enough. My mistake.

            And yeah, as I’ve said elsewhere, we’re not all like that. :L

    • darkChozo says:

      “sry guys we are scraping everything for reasons we wont tell you”

      Point-snipping pretty heavily here, but that sounds less shady developer practices and more indie PR mismanagement combined with most people not understanding how development, particularly game development, works. They explained exactly why they weren’t delivering on features (dropping features because of impending deadlines is next-to-omnipresent in software development). Promising features in the first place is a bad thing, of course, but I’d be willing to guess it was less maliciousness and more treating their game description as a pitch and not the signed-in-blood contract that the Internet would (somewhat justifiably) treat it as.

      As for missing deadlines, that’s just about every single indie game ever. Again, not a good thing, but I can’t think of a single indie game that I’ve followed that has been able to meet its deadlines set in anything resembling early development. Avoid attributing to maliciousness that which is probably (extremely common) incompetence and such.

      • thebonesauce says:

        This is a good way of putting it. A lot of the projected ideas were just that, ideas. They had a disclaimer that I read before I purchased that specifically said that nothing on the list was promised, they simply had hopes they would reach fruition. It’s pretty much two guys working around the clock to build a game that thousands of people play. It’s incredibly difficult and I’m pretty sure MM never wanted to remove half the features that they were forced to.

    • Abyss4 says:

      Mb’s evaluations of Kag and it’s development process is accurate. I’ve been a Kag Moderator (Guard) since 2011. During the last two years too many conceptual mistakes were made, coupled with abhorrent bug fixes and a rapid proliferation of ‘Feature Creep’. Basically they keep adding a bunch of useless features that add nothing to game play and muddle the competitive, responsive nature of the game, at the same time not fixing bugs and running combat (Kag’s bread and butter) into the ground.

      They made endless promises with a more then patient community, then ran the version of the game everyone fell in love with into the ground and abandoned it. The new version is even more clunky then it was before, rife with so many useless features it would take a few pages to list them all.

      I’m biased on the new combat system so it’s hard for me to be reasonably objective. All I will say is, they couldn’t balance the simple nature of Kag Classic combat (when they had been given perfect solutions to time and time again from the community and ignored) , there’s no way in hell they will ever balance multidirectional combat, especially when all it does is promote jab spam. All and all it’s just terribly sad. MM and Geti are brilliant dev’s, they just really need a third party to stop them from making really poor decisions.

      Mb’s most glaring observation hits it right on the head. The ‘Guards’ and forum moderators tow the line. It’s not an environment where you can speak up without being silenced in some capacity. Worst of all, speaking against the grain usually results is chastising and harassment.

      • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

        Can’t decide if troll or just terribly misinformed. :V

        • Abyss4 says:

          I’m sorry my post comes off as trolling FBB. It’s not intended to hurt Kag and it’s future in anyway. Its a mix of potent frustration and criticism in a venue where I won’t be steamrolled by forum moderators saying “quit bitching”, “get over it”, or locking threads and deleting content for no good reason.

          Many of the thoughts I’ve written down in my post are representative of a huge consensus among long term players, the type of people that have played Kag long enough to constructively articulate what mechanics are heading in the right direction and what mechanics need drastic improvement. Endless posts have been made about several key issues and were mostly ignored.

          Kag isn’t my property so this may fall on deaf ears. MM and Geti are going to do what they like regardless of what anyone says (except maybe Rayne and a few forum mods and guards). But I do hope they take into consideration striking a balance between what made Kag classic great and what they are trying to implement now. KAB is too far a retreat from what has made it popular during it’s more populated days.

          • Monsteri says:

            You said combat is the bread and butter of KAG, so I have no idea where this comes from:

            “KAB is too far a retreat from what has made it popular during it’s more populated days.”

            Dude, seriously? Combat is exactly the thing that is broken as fuck in classic. In CLASSIC jabspam is promoted and only attack move that actually has a chance of registering, in BETA however jabspam isn’t viable AT ALL. Jabbing a shield will stun you.
            In Beta the hits actually register as well and bombs don’t obliterate everything. Multidirectional hits only mean you need to vaguely aim your blows. It’s not hard and if you think it is, you have the motoric skills of a 6-year old.

            It seems you haven’t played beta at all or you are terrible at it, since all you spewed about it is complete gibberish. Don’t criticise a game before you actually give it a go, or you might as well start a career as a game journalist.

            Also just out of curiosity, what is your KAG username?

          • Abyss4 says:

            “It’s not hard and if you think it is, you have the motoric skills of a 6-year old.”

            This is unnecessary and is symptomatic of the attitude I touch base on in my first post. I have played the new version enough to have my own opinions about it, there’s no need to slander me. It’s juvenile and along the lines of saying “lrn 2 play newb”. Mine is not a minority opinion, it’s server wide and prevalent.

            Your right though, Kag classic combat is extremely broken in it’s current form, hence why I said “the game has been run into the ground”. It’s potential for greatness peaked before kegs and zombie implementation, when Kag mechanics were responsive and hits use to register. Now it’s been reduced to phantom swings and bizarre combat side effects.

            I prefer my anonymity. Too much witch burning and harassment on the forums, prefer not to make myself a target in a potentially toxic environment.

            The culmination of my post was simply to remember what made the game attractive and great in it’s more populated days. If they can do that, It might retain it’s unique core competitive nature.

      • FuzzyBlueBaron says:


        — Ffs, Monsteri, we all know you like Beta combat; however, as you've been told on the forums, please don't go around trying to shove it on other people.

        — Abyss4: judging by your writing style & usage I have a fair idea of who you are. I'm sorry if you feel the forums an unsafe place; I take it as a sign that I need to further my efforts there.

        That said, you have a habit (both here and on the forums) of stating your opinion as if it is fact; which does tend to open you up to harsher responses– particularly on topics of controversy. You claim your opinions are shared by the majority of long-term players, but I cannot honestly say I have heard of discontent at the level you describe. In fact, several of the long-time critics of combat post-Build 190A have recently said they are now happy with the combat in Beta.

        While I understand the frustration you must feel in not having others share your opinion, I find it disingenuous that you would claim to love the game and then bring such wranglings to RPS. Please, by all means, give the RPS community an honest insight into a game they might consider purchasing; but to bring your personal gripes and paint them as the living truth is scurrilous in the extreme.

        If you have concerns about the game, please bring them up on our forums. We are not a police state; dissent is not only tolerated, but the devs actively encourage constructive criticism. If you want to make a thread about stuff, I'll personally make sure no crucifying goes on…

        Or, you could not. In which case I say: "Go home, troll. You're drunk."

        • Abyss4 says:

          “judging by your writing style & usage I have a fair idea of who you are.”

          Interesting. Your probably wrong so I wouldn’t throw anyone under the bus.

          “I cannot honestly say I have heard of discontent at the level you describe.”

          We will have to just disagree on community consensus. I feel strong in my evaluation of the matter.

          “To bring your personal gripes and paint them as the living truth is scurrilous in the extreme.”

          I won’t sugar coat my positions on the matter because your worried about PR. It’s exactly why I wrote them here instead of on the forums. This is a venue you can’t control. And you know what, It got your attention. These thoughts I’ve scribbled out are my own honest *opinions* and in my thoughtful *opinion* also represent a large population of Kag. You have every right to think they are wrong, but at least here they can be expressed without suppression. Your truly underestimating how many players feel this way about a game they have spent countless hours hosting, supporting, modding, endorsing, even policing.

          Criticism shouldn’t worry you so much, start worrying when more players stop caring and leave. You are a nice forum mod with a rosy disposition, rarely critical of the game or it’s direction. I understand that’s your role and I don’t expect us to see eye to eye.

          I’ll consider making a post on the forums, but at this point it would be like Malcom X running into a clan rally. Consider some of the things I’ve touched on. No one wants to see Kag die, especially me, but the team needs to start being scrupulous with their decisions, and truly listen to the dissenting, constructive opinions. This will be my last post unless anyone wishes to continue.

      • FuzzyBlueBaron says:



        [Yes RPS viewers, we like our drama over at link to We like it good and hot with a dash of hyperbole and not too much pathos. But don’t let that discourage you from the game. It’s good, fun, and contains 100% crazytimeteamactionKaBOOMgg harvested from the aether by scantily clad devs sporting well-oiled chins. Go. Buy it now. link to Oh, and quote the code “FBB101” so I get an imaginary pat on the back. You’re welcome.]

    • Mazey says:

      This game is great, great support, nice community.
      Basically what you say here never happens, guards do their job and are carefully selected.
      If you read TheBoneSauce´s posts you see how much he loves they game as many, many other players do including me (TBS is actually a good member of the community, he just got mad of this ´bs´). Just take a look here: link to and see how the community really is.

      Features that were promised, are basicly here, and those who aren´t are probably in developement on scrapped because it made the game unbalanced

      People who didn´t buy after reading this page, I´d really like to tell you that you should actually download the game and play single player (that´s DRM free) and if you enjoy it buy it! You don´t even need to get in touch with the community, as the in-game chat is nothing bad. Just make sure you don´t grief or hack. After you met some of the people in game, they´ll probably ask to join the forums and you´ll eventually like most of the people!

      Lately there was an IndieGameStand sale and there were around 4k codes sold. A lot of people who had problems with technical support just joined the IRC and got helped quickly and good, some even wrote at the ´Im new/leaving/back´ thread (a place to say hi and so forth) wrote ´hi´ and thanked for the great support on the IRC, those people didn´t see this page but bought it because they thought they´d like the game and not let it go because 2 years ago there was a problem, and they enjoy the game now.

      I´d like to end my post that I totally spent around 100$+ on this game, and I do not regret.

  11. Wonkyth says:

    First off, I’m gonna throw away any pretence of a lack of bias: I’ve been playing this game since day one (May 11 2011) and has, for the most part, been my favourite multiplayer game since.

    The game is unlike anything else, really. I’m sadly at a loss to describe why I love this game so much, so I guess I’ll just finish lamely…

    • pupsikaso says:

      First off, I’m gonna throw away any pretence of a lack of bias: I have been reading websites and commenting on them since day one (that I got an internet connection, sometime around 1995), and has, for the most part, been my favourite activity.

      This comment here is unlike anything else, really. I’m sadly at a loss to describe why it’s so amazing, so I’ll just shut up now.

  12. thebonesauce says:

    For everyone who is just trying the game out and are feeling a little lost, keep your eyes peeled for players with the clan tag MEDIC. We’re a group of veteran players making ourselves available to help new players become acclimated to the game and it’s mechanics.

  13. illu says:

    Hello folks,

    I’m feeling funny today so I got a little present for you: Whoever wants to save him-/herself some bucks I got a free King Arthur’s Gold key for you. Yes, that’s free as in free beer! The only thing you need to do is go to “” and send me a PM. (First come, first served.) I’m the one brandishing a sword and I go by the name of…well…”illu”. Don’t fear of “oh-lord-and-another-forum-registration-I-will-never-use-again” since this very account will be the same with which you’re going to play the game. That’s right, game and forum is connected so it’s all easy-peasy. Hope we’ll meet on the servers and push some poor archers into spiky spike-pits! :)

    Have an equally fun day.

    EDIT: Aaaaand you’re too late. Already gone. :)

  14. Mctittles says:

    As fun as Terraria is my exact words upon seeing the non-existent animations were “why can’t they have nice animations like Soldat” and now my wish has been granted. The time spent on detail in this game really adds to it’s charm. Just messed around in the single player and it’s pretty fun.

    Also noticed the game seems free with pay for customization (similar to Soldat’s model). I bought it from the bundle and registered on the site, but started playing after registration without putting in my key yet.

    • Mctittles says:

      Just FYI the free play doesn’t include the online multiplayer, but good to know for people who just want to try it out.

      • Wonkyth says:

        Consider giving KAG Classic a go!
        The classic client can be downloaded from the downloads page, below the main download link.
        Not sure how many people are still playing classic now that Beta has been released, but it does have free multiplayer. :)

  15. FredZepplin says:

    I too played this game since when it used to be about gathering gold, maybe two years ago, pretty regularly for at least a year. It was (and maybe will again be) an awesome game. The devs had a solid gameplay model going, but decided to scrap that to add a lot of aborted features, including the above-mentioned zombie mode, and all the oddly-complex buildings in the Beta. It seems they really could use the gaming equivalent of an editor because they’ve gone down many paths that just didn’t pay off gameplay wise. The beta”actual plays quite differently than the “classic” mode, and is still undergoing some pretty rapid iteration and change.

    Unfortunately as well, the game’s regulars seem to be some of the worst, lowest-common denominator teenage-seeming griefers and otherwise petulant kids. Expect all the usual “faggot/noob/u mad?” name calling and baiting, the “i’m just kidding”-style anti-semitism, and otherwise juvenile behavior in the chat, which for an action game, is annoyingly active on every server. I just logged in to check on the beta to see if the numbers are up because of this article (they aren’t) and saw a lovely coinage that was new to me: “cancer noob.”

    Despite all this, I wish the devs well and hope they pull it together. They had a solid little game going, and hopefully can bring it around to capture some of the magic of the early versions of the game.

    • Wonkyth says:

      Which is why we must band together, stand strong! :D
      Also: That’s what the “ignore” command is for. :3

  16. FriendGaru says:

    It looks very interesting and potentially fun, but after reading the complaints in discussions about the game and the abusive language in response, I get the impression of a pretty toxic community. I think I’ll hold off for now and come back to take another look at full release.

    • Mctittles says:

      I’d recommend going to the download page, download and register (seems a login is required for it to work but not a purchase) and give it a shot in the single player modes.

      I’m already hooked with the nice animations and how combat works much, much better than Terraria etc. If the online multiplayer doesn’t pan out I know there is a solid game here for LAN play from what I have seen so far.

    • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

      Fwiw, the loud people spouting naughty words (particularly looking at you, thebonesauce) do so because they love the game, not because they’re representative of the community as a whole. >_>

      As an admin of the KAG forum I’d like to invite you to come on over and see kaggites in their natural environment for yourself. Sure we have our fair share of loud, crude & obnoxious people, but who doesn’t? Pimply fanboys aside, I’ll wager you’ll find us a pretty likable bunch.

      Hope to see you ’round! :)

      • thebonesauce says:

        I will agree that I’m loud, I just stand by the product. I’ve certainly gotten my $10 worth. I promise I’m a pretty likeable guy in game and on the forums!

      • thebonesauce says:

        And FBB, I will have you know I’m a fresh faced, handsome young man. >:(

      • thebonesauce says:

        Lastly, I’m hardly part of this “toxic community” that I seem to be lumped into. I have done a whole hell of a lot for the community and am an active member, trying to help new players and providing a fun environment for everyone. Just saiyan, I don’t think it’s fair to be generalized like that simply because I’m sick of people ragging on the game, and even more so that people are quoting examples from 24 months back. I’m HARDLY a bad member of this community… >_>

        • tormos says:

          Pointer: try not to use language that will offend people and make them not want to buy a product when you are trying to convince them to buy a product

  17. Fatikis says:

    I love how random people are trying to make me out to be at some kind of fault here.

    I had legitimate issues that they tried to cover up. The entire system is flawed. They have in game “moderators” that enforce rules that are not part of the game. These moderators basically can decide what is a rule and punish you for following or not following these non-existent rules with any way they see fit.

    Moderators who can ban you from the game and are not held to any level of professionalism. They do what they want and are allowed to ruin others games usually by freezing your character if you are doing good and they are on the enemy team.

    This isn’t even discussing repeatedly broken promises about time frames from the developer. How late was zombie mode? 5months?

    I’d also like to mention that none of the party involved in this situation received any type of compensation or refund. This developer made me very wary of trusting any indie developers.

    • FredZepplin says:

      Yeah, the devs have made moderators out of random regular players, and there is a definite lack of professionalism there. But, that’s just it, they aren’t professionals since they’re not getting paid. It’s just a shame that the devs have put the community (and the fate of their game) into the hands of what seems like a bunch of teenagers.

      I’ve seen that character freezing thing happen quite a bit btw…

      • Mctittles says:

        Unfortunately this happens a lot in indie development on the forums. I found the same issue trying to discuss on the Kerbal Space Program forums. There’s some non devs who get power trips being forum mods and stuff like suggestions starts a fight of getting defensive instead of allowing users to have a discussion.

      • Wonkyth says:

        For what it’s worth, the average moderator age is in the high tweens. :P

    • Monsteri says:

      >They do what they want and are allowed to ruin others games usually by freezing your character if you are doing good and they are on the enemy team.

      Seriously? Guards don’t do this, or well one did, he was stripped of guard rights and even banned iirc, and that was well before your incident. You are talking about server admins here, and there isn’t anything you can do about it other than complaining to the server owner. A common courtesy in most multiplayer games.

      The “freezing thing” is admins doing their job, not guards randomly freezing people. When a server moderator or admin points at a player and presses f3, it freezes the said player so that they can’t continue to grief or hack, whatever they were doing. If you are doing something suspicious, you’ll be frozen and usually questioned. No answer leads to a ban or kick in most cases, which was also what happened in your incident.

      Guards were originally implemented because there were very little server admins and KAG was crippled with griefers and speedhackers, and it worked, the game could actually be played again by legitimate players.

      I’d also like to point out that nobody tried to cover Fatiki’s story up, the thread was deleted because it was posted in the wrong section and had devolved into a massive shitstorm, which was expectable as Fatikis was completely buttmad in his post and threatened to sue the devs.

      >I’d also like to mention that none of the party involved in this situation received any type of compensation or refund. This developer made me very wary of trusting any indie developers.

      As can be seen from the paste you posted earlier, Shadlington offered you a refund which you refused. Blame yourself.

      This case was handled better by the game’s moderators than you deserved, in fact.

      • Fatikis says:

        I’m quite aware of what happened Monsteri.

        I don’t know why you would refer to someone who was upset that they were verbally abused (called racial slurs) and then banned from a game they just bought “butthurt”, but it clearly shows your character. Yes, I was quite upset a “guard” stalked us onto our private server called us racial slurs and then started banning us.

        Clearly you were one of those ‘guards’ in question seeming as you pretend to know specifics that others would not. Have fun being a bad person that ruined what might have been a successful game.

        Guards on losing teams do do this. It happened many times. I was not even the only person to complain about this. I will admit I have not played the game for a year. However, the very core of the games moderating system is broken. It should be obvious to any outside individual. However when I last played guards were STILL a year later freezing people for no better reason than they were losing the game.

        The post was not made in the wrong section. Multiple posts were made and it was admitted that they “handled it poorly” AKA tried to cover it up. Also I never threatened to sue the devs. I said I would open a paypal dispute.

        I am done arguing about this now. I was obviously wronged, the system is still ripe with abuse, and I urge others to not purchase it.

        If the guards were banned who intentionally abused the system and harassed us I would have never mentioned it again. However, the developer chose to align himself with those who he considered friends over having a game that was fair and fun for everyone.

        • Monsteri says:

          No, guards don’t freeze people because they’re losing. It would be wonderful if you could back that claim up with anything, e.g. screenshots or videos, but you can’t because they don’t.

          Server admins, as I said, might be a different thing – some of them might be abusive, but they’re not affiliated with the devs in any way. Learn to differentiate between green and red colour, green is for guards.

          Oh and no, I’m not a guard, just a long-term player who witnessed the drama you caused on the forums and had a good laugh about it. Your attitude really makes me wonder if you’re actually 29 years old, and if you are that’s pretty sad. My personal opinion though.

          • FuzzyBlueBaron says:

            Although, to be fair, at the time both server admins and guards had green names. It was this incident that prompted moving quickly to change the colour scheme to make differentiation easy.

  18. Noburu says: