Keyboard Kombat: Battle Type

Like a faster-paced Twister that only involves hands rather than entire bodies, Battle Type is the perfect way to do a digit dance with somebody close to you, or to challenge a nemesis to a knuckle-knocking bout of severe violence. As in The Typing of the Dead, all violence in Battle Type is committed by correctly spelling words as they appear on the screen, but there is a twist. Using one keyboard, Battle Type allows two players to compete, attempting to complete the word on their own side of the screen before time runs out. Speed and territorial dominance are necessary. The game is free and has a generous amount of polish. Also beavers. Lots of beavers.

The trailer feels like an early nineties trailer, although I’m struggling to recognise exactly why that is. No matter. Download now. If you don’t have any friends willing to share a keyboard with you, then try playing single player, doing both words at the same time. It becomes stressful quite quickly.


  1. kerbal says:

    Nice beaver you got

  2. DrScuttles says:

    There’s an alternate universe somewhere out there in which the idea of “another typing game, but this one has zombies!” would provoke such an eye-rolling response here that it most readers would come down quite nauseous. Thankfully we’re not in that reality and The Typing Of The Dead is one of the best things ever, closely following sliced opium, robot dinosaurs and getting a massive lump of chocolate at the bottom of your Cornetto.
    But alas, I lament enforced multiplayer. Though it’s entirely understandable when the whole game is based around it. Still, looks kinda fun.

  3. cal40k says:

    Aw, I knew we should’ve kept up development on our game. Ah well.
    Mate and I did pretty much the same thing for Global Gamejam this year, only with gibberish words, a mildly offensive logo and up to 4 players.
    We added in some optional rules, B.U.T.T.O.N-style, as well. Things like shouting your “word” out before you type it or only using one hand. Probably should’ve left “Type with your nose” out though, didn’t really think that one through.

    It’s still up for download on the GGJ site if anyone has a desire to destroy a keyboard and/or desk. Source code’s there as well. link to

    • beavernutsgames says:

      @cal40k: tried your game. It’s pretty fun. You should totally finish it and release it. The world needs more games that involve physical contact. :D

      • cal40k says:

        Cheers :D
        Love the idea of having half the game take place outside the computer, the playtests were great fun to watch. Ended up buying a cheap keyboard and popping the windows keys off when we showed it to the public.

        We were thinking of giving it a bit of polish and sticking it on Kongregate or somewhere similar. There were a fair few ideas we didn’t manage in the jam’s timeframe, so hopefully I’ll find the time to try them out.
        Keep getting distracted with other projects though, doing the Oculus VR jam at the moment.

        • beavernutsgames says:

          Yeah, we experienced real interesting stuff when gamers were trying Battle Type. There were aggressive players, who were much more concerned with marshalling the opponents away from the keyboard… Then there were the more cooperative minded players, who seemed to be more focused on succeeding rather than attempting to disrupt the opponent’s efforts. Generally, shy people tended to perform more unsuccessfully, however, this seemed to go away relatively quickly. If nothing else, Battle Type seems to be relatively consistent at making people giggle, which is a very empowering feeling for us.

          The Oculus VR Jam sounds real interesting! Best of luck with that. We are taking a bit of a break from development for a month or so, then we’ll probably get busy again. Best.

  4. Widthwood says:

    What if I don’t have friends?

    Err… I mean is there a multiplayer?

  5. The Random One says:

    Doesn’t look like my type of game, but if you say it’s good I’ll take your word for it.

  6. Syra says:

    They say you paid good money for that keyboard and a moment later they are destroying it with their grubby mits!

  7. smeaa mario says:

    On a single keyboard?

    • RvLeshrac says:

      Why wouldn’t you be interested in having people beat the hell out of your $100 hardware? Sounds almost as good as the iPad game that has you wrestling it out of your opponent’s hands.

  8. Branthog says:

    I’d actually be interested in this . . . if it had online multiplayer.

    Yes, I’m serious.