Project Eternity Looks Like Its Concept Art

I have a tedious complaint about the process of games being conceived and then arriving on our screens, and it’s that so often the concept art looks better (more artistic, more atmospheric) than the eventual reality of the thing. I browse concept art all the time, and there’s always a Bioshock painting that looks more interesting than the game. Not so with mega-Kickstarted RPG Project Eternity, as evidenced by a couple of new shots, which you can see below.

In an update, Obsidian’s Rob Nesler and Brandon Adler present the following:

– Concept

-In Game

(Click for full size.)

None of this should be a surprise for anyone who watched the Rezzed developer session:


  1. Choca says:

    It could be better, it could look like pizza.

    • Alexander says:

      It depends on what kind of pizza. Some look horrible.

      • Choca says:

        Yes, but most look like pizza.

      • db1331 says:

        BBQ chicken w/ onions and jalapenos is the best pizza. Fact.

        • Anthile says:

          Chicken on pizza? What are you, chaotic evil?

          • meloncrab says:

            I could kill for such a pizza right now, so I guess it’s true.

          • gunny1993 says:

            The only thing that doesn’t go on pizza is pineapple

          • Triplanetary says:

            The only thing that doesn’t go on pizza is pineapple


          • Fanbuoy says:

            Yes, liar! No fruit works on pizza!

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Isn’t tomato a fruit? I suppose technically it’s a berry.

          • BooleanBob says:

            The only thing that doesn’t go on pizza is electricity

          • Synesthesia says:

            nah, that works too.

          • Kaira- says:

            … I like both pineapple and chicken on my pizza.

          • Widthwood says:

            Pineapple so does go on pizza! and normally I’m not a fan of pineapples…

            *Pizza* doesn’t go on pizza – like in those pie-pizza hybrids that can’t decide which way they want to swing

          • Tuco says:

            I’m Italian and the awful things some of you guys can put on your pizzas offend my national identity.
            Or something.

        • sysdefect says:

          Mexico in fact had some of the best specialty pizzas. Mexican style stewed beef, refried beans, bacon, chorizo, and jalapenos all on top of a nice pie.

          • squareking says:

            That stewed beef (barbacoa I think) is what dreams are made of. Better than bacon.

            I SAID IT

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            I guess carne guisada is Mexican style stewed beef. Barbacoa is…well, are you sure you want to know?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Oh great, now I crave pizza. Thanks a lot.

    • The Random One says:

      Pizzas always look awful. But that’s so you don’t feel bad about eating them.

      • Rizlar says:

        That’s the advantage of them basically being a 2D plane – they can consistently look awful.

  2. ResonanceCascade says:

    But what it really looks like is Baldur’s Gate. Which is a very good thing indeed. I loved the look of those games.

    • realitysconcierge says:

      That’s literally all I can think about when I see these

  3. soulblur says:


    I refute anyone who says differently.

    And not just in pc games – board games as well.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Well perhaps soon. It’s not the golden age until all this stuff gets released.

      • The Random One says:

        You missed a chance to say that the golden age will be when these games go gold.

        I’d even say it was a golden chance.

    • JonnyBase says:

      Please advise of some good new board games!

      • Leandro says:

        That’s quite a broad question since there are so many boardgames out there now. It’d help if you said what themes you enjoy and what sort of game you have in mind (long/short, co-op/competitive, how many players, etc). I’d recommend you started browsing some boardgaming websites such as Shut Up & it Down to try to pinpoint your interests.

        • soulblur says:

          Well, I was more broadly referring to board games that have come out in the last 7 or 8 years. Dominion is the best of these, I would say, but Pandemic, Survive! escape from Atlantis, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride. Sme of those are a bit older, but perhaps have only gained awareness in an English audience relatively recently. Eurotrash is a ridiculous insult – these are great games which draw in whole families. And they aren’t irritating like Monopoly or Risk. Just far better designed.

          So that’s what I mean by a golden age of games. True, we do need to wait for some of these kickstarted games to come to fruition, but the indie scene in the last couple of years has been immense, and kickstarter just seems to be a means to move that up to the next level of scale and polish. If it’s not these projects, it will be some others soon.

          And that’s an exciting time to be a gamer. So I’m excited about every new day – what games will be announced today? What permutations will I see in existing ideas? What novel concept will be explored? A fine time to be alive, is what it is. A fine time.

      • Pathetic Phallacy says:

        Some great games that came out this year (or last):

        Mage Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        City of Remnants
        Lords of Waterdeep
        City of Horror
        Terra Mystica
        Mice and Mystics
        Robinson Crusoe

        . . . Jesus Christ I’ve bought a lot of games that have come out in the last two years.

    • Gonefornow says:

      Careful there.

      Golden ages only last for about a dozen turns.

    • botd says:

      Actually I think the golden age of boardgames has long past us. All I see are a tide of Ameritrash and worker placement Euros. I add a few games to my collection each year, but if I had to be honest after the shiny wears off I would rather play an old Knizia classic or another hand of Tichu.

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        The golden age ended when people started using the words Ameritrash and Euro.

  4. Anthile says:

    Looks good. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go back photoshopping myself into photos of Chris Avellone.

  5. Superpat says:

    Its pretty cool, but for now it feels too much like the old infinity games, I really cant wait to see that screenshot in motion, thats where the magic will happen!

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Isn’t feeling like the old games what this is all about?

      • Superpat says:

        Yes, but you want evolution as well, or else you’re stuck in the past and thats as bad as the shallow bs games we get from big publishers.

        But what I meant was that I can’t wait to see it ingame because the main graphical change in these new games is the world animation, character animations and better sprites and resolution. Which except for resolution, are hard to see in a screenshot.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          Agreed. I don’t want the new “cliche” AAA tropes or whatever, but yeah, modernizing some of the tech is going to be interesting. I love the shot with the water flowing, and how they have shown they can raise and lower water levels on the maps. Certainly exciting stuff.

        • Turkey says:

          If all goes well it probably won’t be that exciting to see in motion :)

  6. TallerThanTyrion says:

    This looks so much more lively than the tile-based art of Shadowrun Returns. After seeing the bland, outright boring graphics of SRR, I feared the worst for other Unity-engine titles like Eternity, Wasteland 2 or Torment, until I realized the SRR looks is just a result of this tile-based layout required for the editor.

    • Wonderboy2402 says:

      Shadowrun shipped with editor software, to allow the community to create content like new maps and stories. The toolset needed to be modular with tiles that snap together. They managed to create a campaign and get the toolset out in a year. While i agree the levels were not always the most elaborate in look or design, the community will carry the torch and is creating more tiles in steam workshop.

      • frightlever says:

        I just had a thought, which obviously can’t go unexpressed – I wonder is anyone working on Paranoia modules for SRR. Could be done, right? Hmm.

  7. Wonderboy2402 says:

    Looks great. Infinityq engine look was what they stated and what the pledgers supported so looks inline with expectations.

    Baldurs gate is a game i can revisit and replay. I personally just want the same memorable experience with a new story and higher resolution maps and art.

  8. Davie says:

    Well yeah, in a 2D game you can basically just use the concept art as the assets.

    This is definitely one of the prettier isometric games I’ve seen though.

    • Wonderboy2402 says:

      The final background might be 2d, but they first build parts of the map in a 3d program then render out the 3d object as a 2d background. They did a very similar think in the baldurs gate games. I thought BG was all hand drawn too at first.

      They then combine the 2d high res map with hand done touches and 3d assets like flowing water, animations for objects, lighting…

  9. Crosmando says:

    Damn, I hope there’s a puzzle in that room or something, that quality of art doesn’t look cheap

  10. Don Marcos says:

    Why are those guys all bloody??

    • Superpat says:

      Presumably because the artist forgot to draw in showers at key points in the dungeon.

    • Widthwood says:

      Corporate uniform, probably – they have red splotches in exactly the same places.

      Or maybe they got a discount on a defective batch from a local tunic printing shop. Maintaining that kind of real estate must cost a fortune and clearly some urgent structural repairs are required, so they probably have to cut down expenses on everything else.

  11. Quiffle says:

    I can’t be the only one who sees a parallel with that shot and Thalantyr’s estate from Baldur’s Gate; screenshots of which used to grace the old Interplay magazine ads. It gives me warm fuzzies!

  12. InternetBatman says:

    Not to be picky, but is there some reason these screenshots are being shown now? They were sent to backers a few months ago.

    • Deano2099 says:

      Because they’ve just been released to the press?

      I have to admit I’m astounded no games journos thought to back all these big KS projects for $1 just to get the updates that other journos weren’t getting…

    • amateurviking says:

      The concept is old but I think the screenshot is new. It was in the latest update on the kickstarter page.

    • Wonderboy2402 says:

      This latest screen has some characters and enemies standing on the map and some touches tot he map itself… Earlier pic was vacant.

  13. MellowKrogoth says:

    But does it have achievements?

  14. Widthwood says:

    Characters need more shadows… Sure it won’t be a problem though, they managed to add unbelievably complex 3D lighting on sprites – extra shadows should be piece of cake.

  15. Jason Moyer says:

    The change in the pillars’ orientation is causing my OCD to kick into high gear.

    • maicus says:

      My structures in construction lecturer would have a heart attack if he saw that column layout

  16. Frank says:

    Yeah, the early Bioshock concept art was really great.

  17. MeestaNob says:

    It looks exactly like a HD Infinity Engine game – which exactly what I wanted when I backed the Kickstarter.

    I cant wait for this to come out.

  18. Daarck says:

    Where’s the film from the pub?!?

  19. 2helix4u says:

    Not super interested in this one I gotta admit. Maybe because it just feels so generic, although that might be the point.
    A lot of the time you can gauge creativity levels in an RPG by looking at the character races, then we can use a modified version of the start-to-crate system:

    “RPGs can be rated and compared based on the shortest amount of time it takes a player to reach the first elf, which represents the point where the developers ran out of ideas.”