Lots Of Bots: Mechwarrior Online Adds 12 Vs 12

How many mechs is too many mechs? Sixteen? Twenty four? Six million? I suppose it depends what you’re doing with them. Chances are, if you’re looking for companions as you slide into a hot tub with a freshly blended pineapple daiquiri, even one mech is probably too much to handle. For all of their undoubted charms, giant bipedal war machines are not suitable for holiday romances or erotic liaisons. Trust me on this one – the rusted oversize can opener in my garage has a single notch on the handle and is the keeper of a sorry tale. Mechs are best encountered in the wild, shooting and exploding one another. Twenty four is a good number in those circumstances, so the addition of 12 vs 12 matches to Mechwarrior Online is almost certainly a good thing.


Is there an RPS Mechwarrior Online community? I still haven’t found time to try it, despite my fondness for most things mech.


  1. mrmalodor says:

    Do they still not have European servers at all?

    • Carlos Danger says:

      Nope. But they have done some work on their netcode and HSR(host state rewind) to help out players in other regions. You don’t see much complaining about lag from the European players as much so I think it has largely worked for them.

      Actually seemed more uproar from players being split from the NA servers when they first announced their plans for European servers.

  2. Phros says:

    The MWO community recently held a community town hall, over 700 players in one mumble server with representatives from all corners. 4chan, reddit and Something Awful even playing nice together to discuss the communities concern over the direction of the game. Which is very lost.

    Shame there was no press coverage.

    • RogueJello says:

      4chan, reddit and Something Awful all agreeing to get along, now I know you’re making stuff up. :)

      Anyway, I’ve been pretty happy with the direction of the game, though it seems to have attracted it’s share of haters, just like every other video game ever.

      • Phros says:

        As a casual player, can you explain to me how Ghost Heat works? Where it is explained to a new player in the game?

        • RogueJello says:

          Ummm… push button, generate too much heat, try something else?

          Honestly, there’s a LOT of stuff in the game that is not explained to the casual player. Since it’s still in Beta, and they just introduced the heat system to punish alphas, lets see if they stick with it before punishing them for not explaining it to casual players in detail.

          There are a lot of other things that need explaination, “Ghost Heat” is pretty low on the list, IMHO. Starting with how basic damage works against things like internals, criticals, and the like.

          • Thirdstar says:

            How about heat penalties? Ferro Armor? Engine heatsinks?

            There’s no tutorial, at all. The UI does piss poor job of explaining ANYTHING at all to players.

            Please don’t don’t bring up ‘it’s beta’ like some sort of holy shield against criticism.

          • sasayan says:

            Ghost Heat took a second post full of graphs and equations for even experienced players to understand it. Even then, the system is needlessly complicated and could be done in half the steps.

            The main problem with it though, is that it broke several non-dominant strategies while leaving the ones it was supposed to fix almost completely untouched. I don’t think any players would have told you three and four large laser builds were overpowered, or that AC/2 boats were too dominant.

            I don’t have much hope of them repealing ghost heat as their strategy so far has been to layer new systems on top of old ones instead of fixed the established system.

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            Yep, Ghost Heat has made it such that there is no reason to run my 8mlas HBK-4P, but the 2xPPC 1xGauss builds were totally unaffected, and even my 4xPPC AWS-8Q, while being significantly less-good, still posts 800 damage games at least a few times a night. Whoops.

    • ilves says:

      Yes, and all the suggestions were basically things that PGI is already working on. I also don’t agree that their communication is lacking. Their main issue is project management and actually having realistic estimates and timelines for things they are creating. They’ve been so focused on fixing the CryEngine 3 code for server side authentication, developing 12 v 12 and other community warfare aspects that they hadn’t the resources to properly address balancing, but in the last few weeks they’ve been making constant tweaks to weapons, heat, etc, to try to balance the game better.

      Yes, they took waaay to long to make some the changes that they’ve now started to, but it IS moving in the right direction. Less snipers, less poptarts, more chaos. I do agree, however, that the ghost heat mechanic is idiotic. Too obtuse and you have to memorize arbitrary numbers to know what weapon creates what type of heat.

      My main issue with the game right now is lack of additional game modes, difficulty in dropping against other groups in an organized fashion, the obsoletion of mediums in the current meta (and to some extent, lights), and the promised CW and UI 2.0 that have been coming for the last year or so.

      And not a huge fan of the phoenix packs.

      • Moraven says:

        Doesn’t team matchmaking supposed to put people against similiar Total tonnage?

        Yah the phoenix promotion to me seemed like a big additional money grab and a middle finger to your founders. Should have given them to your founds based on their founder buy in and then sell them like any other mech.

        I am a Centurion fan back from my Mechwarrior 2 days and reading of Justin Allard’s trilogy back in the day using Yen-Lo-Wang. How I wish you could get titanium claws.

        To many people are playing the game to min/max, and eat up whatever is flavor of the month, much like every other competitive online game. Which is funny since this game has no real ranking or anything right now. Play with what you want, with a interesting more realistic weapon setup, play smart and you can have lots of fun.

        • ilves says:

          In 12 man there is no tonnage matching, its just whatever the group is.

          In singles or 4 man groups, its mostly based on Elo, which is supposed to be a measure of your skill. I can’t recall at the moment if they also threw in tonnage matching as well or not.

        • Thirdstar says:

          Supposedly is correct. The matchmaker rarely functions properly and weight AND skill mismatches are often the norm instead of the exceptions.

          I want to address the earlier comment that PGI’s communication isn’t an issue. I think Russ Bullock’s 3rd person view post speaks volumes about the disconnect between the developers and players.

          The entire post is an appeal to emotion where Russ appears to jettison the current community’s concerns and even their own data and metrics because of nebulous reasons.

          Instead of prioritizing an exhaustive tutorial to help new players, they’ve instead chosen to insert 3rd person view into the game. They also felt the need to reduce in-game earnings in the most recent patch.

          • drinniol says:

            It comes down to how long you want to wait for a game, really.

  3. Orbos says:

    The developers have been doing some rather disappointing things in the last six months sadly.

    In the interest of “Reducing pinpoint alpha-strike damage”, they bolted on a convoluted undocumented system to stun-lock people who shoot too many weapons at once (And the threshold for what is ‘too many’ ends up affecting many of the Mechs that they sell for 20+ US Dollars each). This system however, doesn’t actually affect the sniper weapons they were purported to ‘fix’, and really just silently punishes people who don’t know its there (The only place its explained is in patch notes and a handful of screenshots on the forums).

    As a result of these changes, the new 12 man mode tends to just end up being packs of the heaviest, most expensive Mechs in the game standing on ridges on opposite sides of the map sniping eachother. Anyone who steps out from behind cover immediately gets pinpoint sniped by half the opposing team.

    Players have repeatedly and constantly pointed this out to the developers, and the developers have made an explicit point of ignoring them as “Noise”, according to a leak from the dev forums.

    Don’t spend money on this right now.

    • drinniol says:

      What map are they doing that on, pray tell?

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        All of them.

      • Orbos says:

        All of them, yep. Basically, get the biggest mech you can, fill it with as many PPC’s and gauss rifles as you can, and thats the game now. Somehow gimping missiles and lasers make it harder to dominate with the ‘sniper’ weapons (That have no functional difference using at close range).

        • drinniol says:

          Well the only map with line of sight across the map is River City. What ridge are they standing on in the others?

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Seriously. Stop defending this now please. If you’re refusing to acknowledge the problem, you must have an agenda.

            Or a paycheck.

          • PoulWrist says:

            I’ve never seen the sniping as being worse than it is in any other game. But theb, I don’t sit and slavishly play the game 8 hours a day, crying about dying to snipers.

    • ramirezfm says:

      I haven’t played for a month or two and played a few matches lately. It was exactly as you said. Bunch of heavies/assault mechs standing in one place and PPC/LRM each other. I heard they nerfed PPCs, but my 4xPPC Cat seemed unaffected, i even did better than last time I played as it was way easier to hit those big stationary targets…

  4. sasayan says:

    There’s still a small group of regular players for MWO who can usually be found on the unnoficial RPS mumble server.

    Despite the series of discouraging choices PGI has made about the direction of the game, there’s still fun to be had. Unfortunately, a single style of gameplay has become exceedingly dominant. (high alpha snipers) PGI has put forth a number purported fixes, but none of them have had any noticeable effect and have managed to break other parts of the game in the process. Also, despite their promises of giving all mechs a role, the game has devolved into go big or go home.

    Tutorials of any matter have yet to appear, combined with multiple obtuse and hidden systems, make the game unforgiving to beginners. We’re happy to bring new players up to speed, but I wouldn’t recommend playing it without a mentor or several other players to play with. Solo play as it stands is an exercise in frustration.

    Summary: If you try it, don’t do it alone. Don’t spend any money on it yet.

    • Thirdstar says:

      That summary is spot on. It’s F2P game so ahead and at least give it a try. But attempt to drop among friends or you will most certainly regret it. There’s no place here for the solitary player, none at all.

      And yes, don’t give them any money until you’ve done your research and come to conclusion that they deserve it, because they certainly don’t at the moment in my opinion.

      • JonathanStrange says:

        Really not sure I agree. Maybe it’s just because I’m a veteran of the Mechwarrior franchise but I’ve had no serious problems getting into MWO and I’ve been playing solo. The game still needs a lot of work before I’d seriously consider dropping money on it, but as far as big stompy mechs and deathmatch gameplay go it’s a blast, as has been playing around with my mechs loadout and trying new things.

        The game certainly still needs a lot of work but for a fun way to spend an hour or two when I’m in the mood for explosions it’s fantastic, and maybe I’m just being a blind optimist but I really do look forward to seeing where this game goes in the future. The core elements for a fantastic game are already there, just need to see whether it lives up to its full potential or not.

        • Thirdstar says:

          I’ve been playing since Closed Beta (a period of just over a year or so) and I’m afraid my blind optimism is long gone.

          I’ve already seen how terribly managed this game has been for that period so I’m sure you won’t fault me for not having a similar level of faith in the developers as you do.

          • ZombieOutbreak says:

            In reality, Thirdstar has not actually played that much and mostly spends his time trolling the forums. One of the first things he did was attack anyone who donated to the game. He has since bandwagoned on all of the hate topics of the vocal minority. I am surprised to find him posting here.

          • Thirdstar says:

            I think the first thing I did on the forums was ask how double heats sinks worked, my memory is fuzzy, it’s been many moons.

            If you actually look through my posting history on the forums, you’ll see that in the beginning I was one of the most ardent fans the game ever had. I introduced many casual friends to the game in the hopes of helping it grow only to watch them bounce of the cliff like new player experience. I even made thread begging the Devs to insert a proper tutorial in the game, complete with a Transformer: The Movie reference.

            I’m jaded now, it’s true but only because the direction the game has taken has made me that way.

            Also, vocal minority is it? Is that what we’re calling it when the forums are constantly on fire, and the game has terrible word of mouth?

    • drinniol says:

      There is the local training mode. Plenty of info on the website. And hundreds of YouTube tutorials which were linked to right from the client (not sure if they still are). Alpha limits are not a new player problem.

      • Thirdstar says:

        The local training mode is simply dropping onto a selected map with 8 dummy opponents who don’t move. No guidance is given at all.

        This mode also many of the more nuanced features of the game turned off.

        This is 2013, no new player should have to dig through forums or youtube videos to simply learn the very basics of a game.

        And alpha limits are most certainly a problem for new players as they are given stock ‘Trial mechs’, whose configuration cannot be changed and who suffer disproportionately from hidden mechanics such as heat.

        • drinniol says:

          This is 2013 – I have my younger brother over often (14) and he spends as much time on YouTube watching training videos than he does playing those games.

          As for tutorials; “We found little evidence to suggest that restrict- ing player freedom to focus attention on a particular interface object or game mechanic is beneficial.”


          Most players just ignore them.

        • RogueJello says:

          DOTA/LoL have similar issues, and yet seem to be some of the most popular video games on the planet.

          Complex games are far more difficult to explain than easy ones. If you game can be easily explained in 5 minutes, it probably doesn’t have the depth I’m looking for.

          The move towards extremely simple, easy to play, jump right in, type games has been a huge step back in the evolution of computer games IMHO. The Tetrises of the world are great, but I also want something I can’t master in an afternoon, and then get quickly bored with.

          • Amun says:

            There’s “depth of gameplay” and there’s “a mess of mechanics all piled on top of each other without order or logic.”

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        Training mode schmaining mode the ghost heat crap doesn’t even make sense, at all, and it isn’t documented in game, and it isn’t warned about by Betty.

    • PoulWrist says:

      I’m wondering how much you have to play to see this sniping all the time… I see maybe one or two snipers pr. match. Seriously wondering who is seeing these things. Maybe just people who drop in 8 man groups or whatever. In solo queue there’s very little of this kind of thing.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        When you go higher up the rankings all you will see is PPC and Gauss.

        You even see mediums and lights with PPC’s.

        For some of the higher level RPS players it’s all they will see in games.

        To remain competitive you also have to copy the load outs too otherwise, you will lose. It’s as simple as that.

  5. PatrickSwayze says:

    We actually have an RPS group operating out of the forums here under the name of ROCK PAPER SRM, and we mostly play on Wednesdays and on the Tuesdays when there is a patch.

    We use the graciously provided mumble for voice coms too so we are fairly organised and quite welcoming of new players.

    Unfortunately, we don’t play as much as we used to, and this is mostly down to the developers. They ignore their community and have made some strange design decisions which are leaving newbies completely dumbfounded and proving quite alienating for veterans also.

    I’m a veteran of Mechwarrior games for some twenty years now and have been quite excited by this game that was proving to become the best roboshooty game on the market and have actually spent well over £100 on a founders pack and extra currency, but have now become utterly disillusioned by strange changes which have created a completely unbalanced game and lies which have been told by the developers in regards to game features.

    It might be good for RPS to interview the devs and find out what’s going on and confront them. You’ll find all over the internet people are really dismayed by the game so its about time PGI talked about their game openly and what they’re trying to do with it, and if they’re going to do anything to try and keep the fast dwindling player base. The game is due to leave beta in just over a month for launch and besides balance changes which have damaged the core mechwarrior experience, a couple of new mechs, and three extra maps, there’s hardly been any content added to a game. They haven’t told us what else is coming either. Everything is conjecture. The playerbase is ignored. It feels like something of a sinking ship sadly.

    A lot of our group has migrated to Warframe now which has lovely developers which mingle with and listen to their community and make changes according to their feedback. PGI could watch how Digital Extremes do things and probably learn a lot.

    • Thirdstar says:

      I would love for the RPS gang to confront PGI about the direction the game is headed.

      Ask why the game is almost functionally identical to what we had a whole year ago. Why QA simply doesn’t seem to exist as a concept as far the game is concerned. Why PGI/IGP felt the need to nuke the General Discussion section of the forums and finally settle to ‘only’ split it into nine different sub-forums after the playerbase revolted.

      • drinniol says:

        It’s functionally identical to MW2. It’s funny how there are complaints it is not newbie friendly. They wanted to introduce third person view to assist newbies and holy hell was there an uproar. It’s my understanding that UI 2.0 is going to give information regarding alpha limits. The limits themselves are an idea that is functionally very similar to more than one community suggestion. It was the 6 ppc alpha strikes that was the main problem. They’re taking an approach that will let them balance weapons on the fly instead of hard coding solutions for each weapon type. HSR works a dream. The new maps are great. The performance is improving each patch. They’ve stated that now 12v12 is in they can balance weapons properly.

        So good on PGI. They have to put up with Blizzard forums levels of hate and stupid.

        • Thirdstar says:

          As I mentioned previously in the comments, I don’t see how a 3rd person view will assist newbies more than a comprehensive tutorial will, which we still don’t have. Priorities seem skewed.

          UI 2.0 and Community Warfare has been ‘in the works’ for a long, long time now. Wasn’t CW supposed to be in the game almost 6 months ago?

          HSR has so been wonky that devs themselves have admitted that more work needs to be done on it.

          None of your comments reflect the reality of the game, I say this because you brought up 6 PPC without realizing that’s it’s a joke build.

          But you’re going to write off my reasoned arguments as hate anyway, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m attempting to engage you in debate.

          • drinniol says:

            I assure you sir, I never write off reasoned arguments as hate.

            Just because you (as an experienced player) does not see the value in 3PV does not mean there is none.

            I saw a lot of 6 PPC builds so I think many people took the joke seriously. I never thought it was a problem apart from the perception of it being a problem by the vocal minority. It’s clear to me that the alpha limits were implemented to counter multiple pinpoint PPC blasts, as you can wait 0.5 seconds and shoot again with no affect on total heat.

            UI 2.0 was announced 8th of May so around 3 months in, and there has been regular updates. CW will come when it’s ready – again, you’ve got people claiming PGI has no QA and simultaneously people complaining CW has not been released yet when it’s clearly not done. Targets slip and they have done for decades.

            HSR, as it is, gives me far better performance than any other multiplayer game that I’ve played in some 20 years. If they can still improve it that’s awesome. They have the code in and it’s just little tweaks here and there.

            I’m sure I’m not going to convince yourself, but that’s not my aim – I want to make counterpoints because I believe the game overall is in a good state and is a good example of how to do F2P right.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Host state rewind? What does even mean to a casual player? Why should I even know about it?
            I mean, yay a patch that improves performance but so what, devs do that all the time. That isn’t content.

            And as for patching the game on the fly…. U WOT M8?

            The community was begging for buffs to SRMs so brawling could be viable again and nerfs to the PPCS to kill the awful meta that has developed for at least four to five months.

            Instead we got a hard coded ghost heat system which does little to solve the problems it was introduced for and instead nerfs a bunch of bread and butter builds for other mechs, and will make balance even more of a nightmare.

            Honestly your post comes across like someone who hasn’t played the game for three months or is an employee of PGI.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            Host State Rewind isn’t important to you. But to the parasites inside you, it’s great news.

          • drinniol says:

            Oh, it’s un-fucking-fathomable I enjoy the game. Sorry to disrupt your illusions.

            HSR is important because it means you don’t have to lead your targets with lasers. It’s important to a new player because the system is invisible.

            I was just in a match where not _one_ player had more than two PPCs. Engagement range was around 300 meters. There was one player taking two gauss. Plenty taking a variety of close range and long range weapons. Mixes of weapon types. This is the typical game I am seeing instead of the sit back and snipe game – you take a 4-6 PPC mech and get Terra Therma as a map you are fucked.

            The hard coded system means PGI can just change variables instead of code. Do you really need someone to explain how that is better?

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Host state rewind shouldn’t be an issue to the layman.

            And change variables?

            What variables?

            The spreadsheet they need to change a couple of numbers on and refuse to for months AND THEN MAKE SOME CRAZY HARD CODED GHOST HEAT SYSTEM?

            You’re defeating your own argument pal.


            10/08/2013 at 05:04 drinniol says:

            Thus the problem of relying on forum Madonnas and ignoring your own numbers. I was one of the people against the idea but you can’t on the one hand claim they are ignoring the community suggestions when many of them have been implemented – just not overnight like some people would like.

            Despite apparently being located in australia you really are starting to sound like you work for PGI

            Look mate I’m sorry you feel bad when your game is criticized but it might not be criticized if you listened to some of your forum ‘madonnas’. Some might just wanna bitch and moan, others have good ideas. But some are calling PGI out when they most definitely need to be called out. Getting emotional is a natural reaction.

            It saddens me what’s happened to the game too. I’ve spent a lot of money and pardon me for feeling like I might be entitled to expressing a negative opinion over MWO becoming, well, a mess. Look at previous MWO topics on RPS, in the forums and you’ll see I played a part in getting people to come play the game.

            The fact is now I just wouldn’t recommend that anyone join in with the game as it stands now.

            I’m still playing and will continue to up till launch to see what happens at least, though not in any way near as much as I have previously in the year.

        • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

          I agree, it’s fundamentally the same as MW2 right now. As someone who is working on a MW2 speedrun right now, I can confirm that in both games the hit detection is incredibly shoddy, only a few of the mechs and even less of the weapons are viable, and that most of the important game mechanics are hidden from the player and require some serious digging to discover what is really going on.

          It may have been a community suggestion to limit alpha strikes, but whenever people say this, they neglect to say that if you go back and read those threads from 4-6 months ago, they have a few people going “yeah this could work” and the rest of the people are all explaining why this is a terrible idea that punishes builds that aren’t problems while leaving most problem builds untouched. Lo and behold, after the solution was implemented, those exact issues were revealed. They can’t say they weren’t warned. Even post-GH, 4xPPC builds are still too good, and they were the main target of the change. Maybe instead of creating an incredibly complex system that affects every weapon in the game by some arbitrary limit, they could have just, I dunno, balanced the one weapon system that was broken?

          I also don’t know what game you’re playing where HSR works great, but with a 60-80 ping I still get 10-20% of ballistic and PPC shots doing no damage to stationary targets, SRMs are worthless against anything moving more than 60kph, and laser damage is a total crapshoot. The devs have even admitted they have more work to do with HSR and that problems keep recurring, especially with missiles. Framerate hasn’t gotten any better either- MWO doesn’t look all that great for a game this new, but I’m struggling to pull 50fps on high in most maps with a GTX680. Again, the framerates have actually dropped since a few months ago (used to be impossible for me to dip below the cap of 60) and that just blows my mind, since they keep removing things that make the game look good. There’s a whole thread on the forums where people are documenting the graphical features getting removed, and compare new and old screenshots.

          I remain civil on the MWO forums and really really do want this game to succeed, but when I look at the development of the game, it’s incredibly disheartening. CW was supposed to launch in 2012, and now they’re telling us we might get just the part that lets us choose a faction before launch on Sept 17. When my friends on mumble complain about how bad the devs in their games of choice are, I tell them about PGI and direct them to the MWO forums, and suddenly they feel a lot better about their games and the companies who make them- they can tell themselves, “well, at least we’re not playing THAT game.”

          • drinniol says:

            Thus the problem of relying on forum Madonnas and ignoring your own numbers. I was one of the people against the idea but you can’t on the one hand claim they are ignoring the community suggestions when many of them have been implemented – just not overnight like some people would like.

            As of the last patch they increased the base heat of PPC and ERPPC. Nearly every patch they’re playing with the numbers. But inevitably someone’s favourite gets nerfed or the one they hate gets buffed and off they go to call PGI idiots.

            I get 300 ping that spikes to 600. gg Australian internet. HSR made the game playable without relying on SSRM. I’m not sure the stationary hit detection issues are that much related to HSR as they were around before it was implemented.

  6. SofaKing1337 says:

    OK I am new to this site but really I question the tastes of rockpapershotgun.com I mean MWOnline is complete trash. If you were a mech fan from back in the day you would puke over nerfed lasers and $50 dollar mechs. Seriously rps go home you are drunk.

    • SofaKing1337 says:

      try Hawken where they have 12v12 from the start and maps that don’t look like they were generated from a Unity 2 IDE

    • drinniol says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, above you will see a specimen of Idiotus Forumtrollus. It is an introduced species which has migrated from it’s native Forum environment into comment threads. It is notable for it’s complete lack of coherent argument and hair-trigger aggression.

      • RogueJello says:

        Troll, or Hawken shrill? :)

        • sinister agent says:

          Hawken is fun, but I never felt like I was piloting a robot when I played it. You could reskin everything as a human and the gameplay wouldn’t be any different at all. See red square, shoot at it until its health bar goes down, move on.

          It’s not bad by any means, and the sound and particularly graphics are great, but it ends up feeling too simplistic to take advantage of its setting.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Congratulations, you’re officially a dumbass fanboy.

  7. ZombieOutbreak says:

    Where was RPS when the donation drive was about?

  8. dmastri says:

    I found this game got very boring. Me and a few friends jumped into it back in May/June and sunk a lot of hours. Bought some nice mechs. I even spent some money! However without community warfare there’s not much of a game here. Random arena automatch grind…. yawn.

    Personally one of my biggest gripes is the lack of VOIP. Completely unforgivable and the fact that they don’t have that lined up as a “launch” feature blew my mind. Certainly we are all free to host our own mumble/teamspeak/vent servers, but how does that lure in the new players that the developers seem so desperate to attract? Rather than hamfistedly shove in 3rd person, a downright contemptible “feature”, they should have focused on improving things that benefit the core of the gaming experience: community warfare and VOIP.

    I’ve probably sunk $60 or so into this game, but I don’t see myself returning any time soon.

    • PoulWrist says:

      I am continually amazed at the demand for voicechat. I don’t want voicechat with randoms. If you want it, you can have it.

  9. HenryMorgan says:

    Take heed now boys, Words from an old salt.

    Best to be avoiding this ship of doom, it be crewed by nothing but bilge-sucking landlubbers and brain addled fools, promising doubloons but course set for Davy Jones’ locker.

    • RogueJello says:

      Take heed now boys, words from an old salt.

      <— This guy is a troll, and doesn't understand anything other than how to make nasty comments on the internet.

      • HenryMorgan says:

        I bothered to register to comment.

        As someone who backed this game with cash in both closed and open beta I’m giving fair warning that the developers are misleading potential players with the gameplay footage they are releasing. Plus the higher level gameplay is a complete mess, there are two viable weapons, two and it’s been like that for over 6 months. Patches are making the game worse not better.

        Long term players have been made many promises that have been broken and have been quite vocal about this recently so I’m not that bothered to argue about it all.

        I will attempt to warn players who don’t know and if they choose to ignore the captain’s word, that’s their problem.

        • PoulWrist says:

          You bothered to register to troll. There’s no point to your argument. I’ve had nothing but amusement from MWO. If that’s not good, then oh well. I’ve only been playing for about a year and it’s been nothing but progress, fixes, updates and attempts to solve problems created by a game based on a system that is far from perfect or balanced in its original form.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            The game is a lot more balanced when the mechs are used in the correct manner. Instead the game is dominated by assaults when it should be mainly mediums on the battlefield and nothing is done to rectify this.

            You talk about the progress, yet what progress?

            Weapons are nerfed into oblivion for no reason like the SRMs. PPC’s and Gauss are left to dominate the game in its entirety.

            This went on for five to six months and the devs did NOTHING.

            Please instead of criticising people who are criticising your game after they’ve invested time and money into it, why not listen to them for a change? They want it to succeed too.

            And Henry Morgan isn’t trolling. Talking like a pirate, yes; but not trolling. He is simply expressing his displeasure at what the game has become.

          • HenryMorgan says:

            I like the way I’m meant to be trolling when all I’m doing is warning new players of issues that are extremely well known.

            There’s a website you can check with nearly 1000 players actually getting organised to try and get the developers to listen, savemwo.com, not to mention the representatives of thousands more players signing in agreement.

            Guess they’re trolling too. There are serious issues and you can expect the news to spread while the situation remains the same.

  10. isaiah2321344 says:

    Nice! I just got a Minecraft card code for FREE! :D freeminecraftgiftcodes{dot}net

  11. Teek says:

    I love parts of MWO. The game can be fun at times, I love the art design for the mechs, especially some of the really old ones like the commando and the centurion that needed to be updated for the 21st century. And the locust concept art looks amazing, much better than the original design, and all the unseen mechs now look more like their own designs, rather than just the old licensed designs. I hope they eventually take another look at the old unseen mechs based off of Macross and just take them in a new direction.