The RPS Bargain Bucket: Paid For

Where do you go when you want to buy the cheap games? Hopefully by now your immediate response should be to shout “SavyGamer Dot Co Dot UK“, and/or “The Bargain Bucket”, but who knows, maybe this is your first time round this part of town. Here’s the deal: Every Saturday morning, hangover be damned, I tell you about some of the best deals on PC downloads, right here on this very website, and then you can pop along to SavyGamer for updates on discounts across all platforms throughout the week. Here’s this week’s selection:

Tomb Raider – £5.99
Apply coupon “GFDAUG20UK”. Registers on Steam.
A Tomb Raider game that’s far closer to Naughty Dogs’ Uncharted series than the older Tomb Raider games. The core game mechanics are pressing a button when the game tell you to press the button, and then shooting men in the face until they die over and over and over again. It’s shiny, and there are some proper spectacular moments, but quite-good-combat wasn’t quite enough to hold the whole game together, not for me anyway. The occasional bits where there are actual puzzles are often quite fiddly, and the upgrade/experience system didn’t do anything for me. There’s definitely some great moments to be had in Tomb Raider, but many of them are sections you’ve probably played before in other, better, games. There’s a couple of set pieces that are taken straight from RE4. More from John over here.

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition – £8.70/€10.11/$13.49
Or get this bundled with Batman Arkham City Goatee Edition, Lord of the Rings: War in the North & Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection for £14.18/€16.48/$21.99.
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
I’ve always thought that the Mortal Kombat games were a load of krap. This is largely based on the fact that as a young child playing kompetitive local multiplayer video games, I was quite good at Street Fighter, but not very good at Mortal Kombat. I dunno if this new one is any good, but I’m going to stick with my adolescent grudge, and reiterate that Street Fighter is better.

Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon & Multiwinia – Pay What You Want
Registers on Steam.
A boatload of Introversion for not very much money. You can also get their hot new joint, Prison Architect, if you pay enough. Here’s wot John thought of the magnificent Uplink:

I think it taps into a nightmarish fear that we all must have experienced at one time. That thing we did, or may have done without knowing it, that catches up with us. Like that time I paid for a packet of Fruit Pastilles in pennies, knowingly one coin short, and the man in the petrol station said to me: “I won’t count it. I’ll trust you.” Mobil closed down a few years later, which surely has to be at least partly my fault, and I know that one day the policeman will knock on my front door. I’ll look up from the jigsaw puzzle I’m completing with my wife and our two children, and he’ll say, “Are you John Walker? I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.

More here.

Bientôt l’été, qrth-phyl, Sentinel, Sword of the Stars: The Pit & Tower Wars – £3.37/€4.50/$5.23
Bientôt l’été, Sword of the Stars: The Pit & Tower Wars register on Steam.
Another interesting and varied bundle of indie games from the folks over at Indie Royale. The headliner from this pack has to be the fabulous unpronounceable neon spectacular
that is qrth-phyl. It is a game that is a bit like snake, but get this: its in 3D. OK, classic game being remade in 3D isn’t really all that exciting, but it’s the execution that sets qrth-phyl apart. It’s an extremely stylish and polished thing, and the graphics and the sounds will give you a funny feeling in your tummy.

Deal of the week
Joe Danger & Joe Danger 2: The Movie – £8.05/€9.36/$12.49
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam. Also individually discounted.
After one of the longest gaps between initial promise of a PC version and actual delivery of a PC version I can ever remember a game going through, both Joe Danger games are finally available on the almighty grey box. Good timing, too, because I sold all my console toys recently, and these would have been towards the top of the lists of games I would have missed. These are a bit hard to describe, but I’ll give it my best shot. They’re arcadey sidescrolling platformers, with tight controls, super bright colours, and brilliant level design. Once you get to the harder levels, it takes a lot of learning and practise to beat them, but it’s highly rewarding to finally beat a level after hundreds of attempts.

Also of note:
The Swapper, PC – £4.83/€5.61/$7.49
Scoregasm – Pay What You Want
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians – £7.20/€8.63/$10.79. Apply coupon “GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN”. Registers on Steam.
DuckTales: Remastered – £9/$11.25. Apply coupon “GMG25-OGRUH-7SM8H”. Registers on Steam.
Maia – £13.64. Apply coupon “SAVYSAVVY”. Registers on Steam.
Anodyne – £1.75/€2/$2.50
Little Inferno – £3.47/€4.49/$4.99

For more cheap games, get yourself over to


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Anyone picked up Beat Buddy? Would be interested to hear opinions.

    • moocow says:

      It got a good review on this cool little website link to

      • baby snot says:

        Slap in the face to Cara.

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        Obviously I read Cara’s review. But more opinions = more opinions.

        • mechabuddha says:

          I’ve only played through the first two levels so far, but really like it. The music groove lets you just chill through some areas. Other sections are a bit more frustrating if you’re trying to be a perfectionist, as currents will pull you through to new areas and prevent you from going back to explore at your leisure. Also, the levels have been deliciously long – it took me ~30 minutes for each of the first to levels. And it’s pretty!

  2. RLacey says:

    KAG is still cheap in the indie pack at link to, for anyone interested. A PWYW deal.

    • baby snot says:

      Barely anyone playing in Aus. I haven’t been able to get into the beta as much as I was addicted to the alpha for a while. I use to be a happy miner but now there’s water everywhere and I drown and I wonder why I’m being punished for wanting to dig.

  3. lordcooper says:

    Is Little Inferno much of a game? It intrigues me.

    • Xocrates says:

      A bit grindy and short, but certainly worth a playthrough.

    • AngoraFish says:

      No, it’s repetitive and much overrated.

      The final cut scene is a let down – very much the pretentious indie style you might expect.

      There is a mechanic that enables you to save power-ups, which you might assume could come in useful for a final boss or fight, except there is no final boss or fight. The game just ends.

      Combos get repetitive after a fairly short period and can seriously grind if you’re not a puzzle person.

      Basically, the first 15 mins is virtually identical to the last 15 mins, as is every intervening minute in between. Thankfully, the game only lasts for two and a bit hours, or up to three and a half hours if you save up some of the time saving power ups for a non-existent end game.

      Still, it’s kind of meditative and different if you have spare cash and two or three hours to throw away, but even for the couple of quid it cost me I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve got nearly anything else to spend a couple of quid on. More than that and it’s a good deal more expensive than you’re likely to pick it up for in a future indie bundle.

      • Iamerror says:

        “very much the pretentious indie style you might expect.”

        Not sure what’s so ‘pretentious’ about it…

        • wireless says:

          I assume he’s talking about the way they deliver the message.

          They make you grind and deal with stupid mechanics to make the point that you shouldn’t grind and deal with stupid mechanics. Using their ‘indie, coffee house’ status to send a message that plays against the entire experience you just played, emphasizing greater importance than a Zynga or whatever.

          • The Random One says:

            The Hipster Board allows this use of the word “pretentious”. Carry on.

        • Rise / Run says:

          My favourite definition of pretentious (though defined by describing why a given album may or may not be pretentious).

          I wasn’t a huge fan of Little Inferno. I must have missed whatever the point was. I also didn’t make it more than an hour in before I got bored.

          • AngoraFish says:

            I’m going to go with the Google definition: “Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.”

    • Bugamn says:

      I like to think of it more as a toy than as a game. There are many things to burn, and most of them have different reactions when burning, and there’s also this puzzle that you try to make combos of burning things, but there isn’t much else.

    • Synesthesia says:

      I think the question you ask might give you the answer. It’s not much of a “game” as many people expect, but its very fun, it has excellent music (reminded me constantly of ren&stimpy) and is just good to stand beside, idly looking at, while doing repetitive, satisfactory actions, like pushing buttons and killin- i’m sorry, burning things.

      I spent quite a while with it with my girlfriend, and it was awesome. If you look forsomething very serious that you want to excel at, stay away from it. If you can handle not being obligated to FUCKING WIN, then go for it.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      I doubt I’d pay $5 for it, but as a bundle game, Little Inferno is a blast. It’s actually quite well written and has a lot of room for creativity. If you take your time and enjoy it and work on combos without cheating, it is quite entertaining for 4-5 hours. There’s more “game” to it than the majority of games in the adventure genre.

  4. golem09 says:

    Spelunky is 10% off. That is enough of a bargain for a bazillion hours of gameplay.

    • Vesuvius says:

      I’d snatch it up if I weren’t waiting on their humble store release- purportedly. ‘soon’

    • Aaax says:

      Played that and I have to say original spelunky had more charm. Art style and music…

      • The Random One says:

        Music? Yes. But art style? The new one is pretty perfect, and fits the game incredibly well. You’d have to be the world’s greatest pixel art fan to prefer the old one.

    • KDR_11k says:

      To me the difficulty just turns Spelunky into a brick wall. Unlike Binding of Isaac there are no smaller goals to aim for, it’s all or nothing and given the extreme difficulty with plenty of instakills “nothing” is far more common. I don’t expect Rogue Legacy but Spelunky makes me feel like I have no chance anyway so why bother playing well?

      • Chris D says:

        Spelunky is hard but fair. If you play well you have every chance of getting through. Which isn’t to say you won’t die horribly due to a careless mistake but, for me, the satisfaction is in learning to consistently get that bit further than I did before.

        Personally I prefer it to Rogue Legacy because in that game I’m never sure whether I’m getting further because I’ve got better or if it’s just that my character has.

        • KDR_11k says:

          Of course it’s fair but the number of instakill traps in the game combined with me not being perfect just makes it a total brick wall.

      • golem09 says:

        The game is totally fair about it’s difficulty. When I die, I either do because I was impatient, greedy, stupid, or discovered some now way to die.

        And there definitely IS progress. You unlock shortcuts to the deeper areas, so that you don’t have to play the game from the beginning anymore.
        Aside from the all progress is in player skill and knowledge.

  5. Cardinal says:

    Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon & Multiwinia also available as centerfold freebie offer from PCGamer this month

  6. Flea says:

    Sleeping Dogs for $6.24 at
    link to

    … and a bunch of Assasin’s Creed sales too.

  7. Yosharian says:

    Tomb Raider’s well worth 6 quid, good bargain that.

    Maia for 14 quid? Yup, that’s being pre-ordered.

    • CaidKean says:

      You could have gotten it for £10 by backing the Kickstarter. Still a great deal though.

    • iridescence says:

      How playable is the alpha that’s out? I missed out on the KS which I should’ve backed. Is there a big advantage in getting it now vs waiting til actually released?

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        The last I knew “playable” was entirely the wrong word. You could put some buildings in places and watch characters walk around a prefab base, that was pretty much it. If you’re buying, buy it for what it may become rather than what it is now.

  8. trjp says:

    Tomb Raider is an OK third-person shooter but it lacks – well – it lacks any Tomb Raiding of the sort the series has been doing since it was invented.

    Oh there are tombs – sure – but they’re sidequests and they usually solved by “shoot this/climb that” – doesn’t anyone remember the puzzles which took 2 hours to solve in the original!?!?

    The story is overblown, overemotional bunkum and effectively disappears after about 20mins – the ‘survivor’ aspect is ridiculous, you’re just a mass murderer on an island full of them…

    The ONLY thing which rescues it is the bow cos it has one and bows a cool and this is a particularly cool bow – upgrade it and use it relentlessly, it will make everything feel better in the end.

    Oh – and keep a bottle of something strong for the odd annoying setpiece which WILL antagonize you endlessly as you die and die and die because enemies appear from nowhere like scripted puppets.

    My favourite bit was hiding in a bush, trying to make my way to a guarded cave entrance – I missed a shot and the alarm it triggers caused enemies to dematerialse in the middle of the river ahead of me – I thought that told you everything you needed to know about the game – an old-skool shooter with obvious event triggers, loads of exploits (hide in the cave, the enemies won’t come in) and so on

  9. Fiyenyaa says:

    I clicked with the Mortal Kombat style of fighting way faster and easier than I did with Street Fighter.
    The latest MK game is actually a pretty good package; got a nice story mode (the story is super-cheesy and forgettable, but it introduces characters and gives you a nice pace to learn them), lots of unlockables and a challenge tower as well as the traditional fighting game arcade modes and soforth.

    BUT, if you want to play online, then forget playing online with any kind of decent latency. The netcode was bad on the console version and is still bad on this version. So only buy it if you want local multiplayer or single-player stuff.

    • drinniol says:

      If you’re a MK lore nerd like me, the reboot is a great remix of the first three games. Does the PC version support 2 player local?

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        Yes, MK:KE does support local two-player. Actually, it supports up to 4 players, locally, so you can have 4 people playing tag-team. It also has co-op tag-mod online, with a caveat. You can play tag-mode online, but you have to have two local players on one computer, and they will play online against two other people on another computer. It’s kinda crappy that you can’t do tag-mode with your partner being on another machine, but oh well.

  10. malkav11 says:

    I never much got on with Street Fighter. The characters are mostly a spectrum of similar muscle-bound martial artists without much real creativity and the moves are mostly at least vaguely similar to what actual martial artists would do (minus the fireballs). I’m sure it’s a really strong game mechanically and for people who really get into the technique and competitive scene I imagine it’s rewarding. But I have zero interest in mastery or getting to a point where I could actually hope to win against real human players.

    The sort of fighter I like has a wide array of crazy characters with flashy, varied special moves and is reasonably friendly to button-mashing and solo (vs AI) play. Mortal Kombat is probably the ur-series for that sort of thing and the version on sale right now is really well done. (Of course, Mortal Kombat doesn’t really hit the “crazy” to the same degree as, say, Guilty Gear/BlazBlue, but that’s okay.)

  11. XDeus says:

    Railworks/Train Simulator 3/Train Simulator 2013/whatever it’s called now, is cheap-but-not-quite-steam-sale cheap over on link to and a few select addons are at about BOGOF price, which I think is about as cheap as it gets for them.

    Also, being a little bit cheeky here, but has anyone seen Europa Universalis 4, Rome 2 or Saints Row 4 going cheapy anywhere reputable? GMG were doing SR4 and TW:Rome 2 for £28 each on the DVD versions, but by the time I had the funds to buy them SR4’d gone. GMG are also doing EU4 for £35, but with a £5 or £7 credit, so getting Rome and EU4 there would average out to them being £28 each.
    – Edit: Amazon appear to be doing EU4 for £26.42 but their release date is listed as Friday 16th – I think I can skip that small a discount to play it a couple of days earlier.

    (Usually I wouldn’t pre-order, but I’m already sold on EU4 and Rome, while SR4… I like the series and can’t really see it going wrong, but no blimmin way am I paying £40 for it)

    • The Random One says:

      On this Brazilian website it’s R$ 74,99, which Google tells me is £21 of the Queen’s money.

      link to

      Disclaimer: I’m Brazilian and probably wouldn’t be buying stuff off Brazilian sites if I weren’t. The website is totes legit (and not just key sellers), but I don’t know if they have some way to prevent or hinder purchases from abroad.

      • XDeus says:

        I… actually can’t seem to load the website. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I’m a bit iffy about buying the game from another region, just in case.

  12. Moraven says:

    Brave New World still 50% off at Amazon UK

    link to

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      That’s being advertised as the Mac version, but I’m assuming that the code will work for the PC version on Steam?

      • Paul B says:

        I’ve just bought this expansion on Amazon and can confirm that the code gets you the PC version on Steam. After you’ve paid you get the activation code sent to you in an email. Just enter that into Steam and you’ll get Brave New World for PC & Mac.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          I took a chance and bought it, and it does work for my Windows copy. Hooray!

          Now I know how all the Brits feel about having to enter a false address just to get the good deals at the US Amazon portal. What a pain in the ass.

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        If a game has the SteamPlay logo, then that means you get both PC and Mac versions of the game. So, even if you buy a Mac version of a SteamPlay title at retail, you will also get the PC version.

  13. revan says:

    Gamefly, pff! Can’t buy half of their games due to region restrictions. Never mind the fact that I have most of them in my Steam library. Or stupid thing like being able to buy DLC for a game locked behind region restriction. Guess for them Southern Europe is on Mars.

  14. tormos says:

    Dammit all, I’ve been trying to stop buying games since i realized my backlog was pushing 40 but then EUIV comes out this month and now Uplink is being sold on the cheap?

    • jezcentral says:

      A gaming backlog that is still in double figures is no gaming backlog at all.


  15. MattM says:

    Sots: The Pit sucked me in with its charming graphics and solid combat and crafting systems, but after many many hours of trying to complete it on normal I found that its mid and late games are dominated by randomness. You have a finite number of opportunities to get necessary equipment and ammo and despite making looting skills a priority it’s very unlikely that you will find enough. As number of enemies per level increases your resources will be rapidly depleted despite all efforts to conserve them. Many enemies will directly take large chunks off of your equipment’s durability and repair mechanics have diminishing returns. Even when you have dozens of weapons, losing your starting pistol can be disastrous as it may be the only gun you have that can use pistol ammo and you need it to clean up lesser enemies while saving better ammo for tougher guys. You can have full health, plenty of food, and enough ammo to kill a dozen enemies and know that you are probably in a a no-win situation since all of that ammo will be used soon and not enough will be found to replace it. This game can be lost over and over and there is little the player can do to change this. The player won’t die and think “I know what I need to do differently next time.” The developer frequently posts in the forums to say that the dominance of the randomness is by design and argues that this is what makes roguelikes fun for some people, but I think he is really misinterpreting what other games have done. In most of the good roguelikes I have played randomness can end your game in the early levels, but as time passes you learn how to manage the randomness and deal with the worst possible outcomes. As a character advances you get additional tools to deal with problems and the randomness can work in your favor by giving you the occasional unexpected bonus. In this game the randomness really kicks in hard at around floor 20 (6-10 hours into a game). Unless you made a long string of lucky finds in the first 20 levels you will start running out of resources.
    So yeah I don’t recommend it.

    • Vesperan says:

      Holy block of text, Batman!

      I was always think SoTS The Pit is another SoTS expansion providing you with more ship designs or something.

    • kalirion says:

      Been playing SotS: The Pit last few days. After my Marine on Normal starved to death, I decided to take a few Engineers through on Easy to find recipes – and even then its not “easy”. Current game – only weapon found by level 20 was an energy rifle, and ammo for that is hard to come by. Lost the pistol and the knife by not repairing them in time. Was down to nades and the fists, and there weren’t that many nades.

      Thankfully had a Chitin(sp?) Armor recipe and found the ingredients by floor 14 – and then spent a lot of levels simply punching everything to death. Do you know how many punches it takes to take down a Light Security Bot Mark 3? A lot! Then I found a recipe for fist blades which doubled the punching prowess, but they are damaged too easily. Two more okayish melee weapons found. Found a heavy gun which I can’t use due to missing PBA somthing or other.

      Finally found an auto-shotgun – which rocks! But while shotgun shells are easier to come by, there are not near enough for an only weapon. So yeah, closing in on level 30, and still punching / stabbing / slicing at 80% of the enemies….

  16. kalirion says:

    Groupees Doujin Bundle

    $1.50 for any 2 games, $0.75 and decreasing for each additional one. Bonuses are added to every purchase.

    Main games:

    – Cherry Tree High Comedy Club (Steam / Desura / DRM Free | Windows)
    – Ether Vapor Remaster (Steam / Desura / DRM Free | Windows)
    – War of the Human Tanks (Desura / DRM Free | Windows)
    – Yatagarasu (DRM Free | Windows)
    – Croixleur (Desura / DRM Free | Windows)
    – Yousei (Desura / DRM Free | Windows / Linux / Mac)
    – CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ (Desura / DRM Free | Windows / Linux / Mac)

    Unlocked bonuses, added to every purchase:

    – Pester (DRM Free | Windows)
    – Jisei (DRM Free | Windows / Linux / Mac)
    – Kansei (DRM Free | Windows / Linux / Mac)
    More bonuses to be added later, next to unlock will be an Android version of Cafe 0.

    One thing to note for those to whom it matters, the two games on Steam – CTHCC & Ether Vapor – both have Steam trading cards. If you sell the cards from these games on the Steam Marketplace, at current prices you will more than make back the money spent to purchase them in the bundle (albeit in Steam store credit.)

    • Svardskampe says:

      The cards won’t sell quicker than the price drops, so you have a very slim chance of actually getting your full expense back. Also I found Ether Vapor simply very bad. I did like Cherry Tree, however it is very linear and just suited for a single playthrough. War of the human tanks wasn’t as wacky as I hoped it would be. Have yet to try out Croixleur and the kansei series.

      • kalirion says:

        Funny, I’ve been very impressed by the couple hours I spent on Ether Vapor so far, but Cherry Tree High Comedy Club just isn’t doing it for me for some reason. But as far as linearity, since you only get 3 additional members for the club, isn’t there a little replay value in trying different people?

        And the card prices already dropped, and are now on the way back up, at least for CTHCC. Those cards used to be $1-$2 each, then fell to $0.20 or so, now the lowest of them is $0.26 or so. So yes, you’ll make a profit if you pay $1.50 for the two games with cards.

        link to