One Day, Altis Will Be Yours: Arma 3 Footage

Ahhh, look at that sunset.

I love the disconnect of Arma 3. Look at the shot above. That APC is the IFV-6c Panther. You can tell it’s a scary beast because it has all those letters in front of it, and there’s that gun turret on top. And where have Bohemia plonked it? In front of a lovely sunset. It feels like a massive joke that got out of hand: “Can we recreate an incredibly holiday island?” “Yes we can. We can build beautifully a rendered Mediterranean island, with flatlands and rolling hills, tiny villages and huge cities.” “Great! Now let’s fill it with hulking war bastards and blow shit up.” And so they did. They’re so proud of it that they streamed an hour of their new island this weekend, and I have embedded it like an unexploded bomb. Except you may approach this.

It’s an hour long, showing off Showcases, the mission builder, the land, and a drone quadcopter that I’m going to name Choppy. I can’t wait to sit in the grass and zip around with him as we take a break from WAR! And while the game is being released on September 12th, Altis will hopefully be on the development build for players “around Gamescom”.

I love these developer sit-downs. Bohemia have shown a lot of the game off, probably more than Splinter Cell, but it just feels like they’re sharing it with everyone and not trying to sell it. Though I guess if you’re watching it live (like I did), you don’t need the game sold to you. You’re already there.


  1. TC-27 says:

    I have just being joining random MP servers and having a hit and miss experience with this game (when its good it’s very very good though)

    Anyone got any good suggestions for decent groups or servers to play on/with?…ideally one that doesn’t requite mandatory time commitments which real life never allows me to make.

    • demicanadian says:

      Once game is out, folkarps should have regular sessions.
      link to

      • Harlander says:

        If you like the style of play they go for FARPS are a great bunch to play with.

      • fer says:

        Folk ARPS (FA) is planning to move to ArmA 3 soon, although we’re going to do it when certain conditions are met. The good news is that we’re getting close – and things like the mission development framework we use, F3, are nearly ready for prime-time. In the meantime, ad hoc ArmA 3 sessions happen (just scoop up players from our Skype chat), and of course you’re welcome to join our Sunday and Tuesday ArmA 2 sessions (vanilla ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead and TS3 are all you need). We have a vibrant community which is, I hope, welcoming and friendly – particularly to new players, and continue to put on other events like joint sessions (last night’s session saw 88 players from FA, CiA and LDDK take on nearly 3 hours of combined arms missions).

        • TC-27 says:

          Thats great thanks for the invite.

          I have Arma2 with all the works so will get myself setup and join in when I am next free.

    • Professor Paul1290 says:

      Honestly, if you want to get the most out of ArmA multiplayer, you pretty much have to find a group/community to play with.

      I don’t recall jumping into random servers ever working well with ArmA and I don’t think the series has ever been much about public play.
      Sure some gamemodes try to work that way (Evolution, Domination), but it seems like everybody eventually finds a group or community to play with and switches over to playing that way instead.

      Thankfully ArmA has plenty of groups/communities to accommodate a lot of different schedules, play-styles, and degrees of commitment so it’s usually not that hard to find one you’ll be comfortable with.
      There’s enough variety there that you’ll probably find some group to play with whether your more casual and play for an hour or two on weekends or a hardcore mil-simmer who likes to put hours and hours into training.

  2. BAshment says:

    I’m glad you can fly the uav now.

  3. nimzy says:

    I think this means that Arma 3 needs a travelogue series.

  4. PatrickSwayze says:

    Nice to see it runs shit on their PC’s too.

    Makes me hopeful for optimizations

    • Cognitect says:

      Arma 3’s performance has improved a lot since the beginning of the alpha. At this point, I can max out the detail settings and view distance without the frame rate dropping below 30. It’s really quite amazing, joyriding in a MH-9 Hummingbird and being able to see the entire island in detail without anything obscuring the view.

  5. RDG says:

    The article is lacking curtains, or at least a vague reference to curtains.

  6. denizsi says:

    Anybody else notice how the add-ons on the rifle are all wobbly, like they are about to fall off?