Stone Age: Stone Rage

Stone Rage is a forthcoming third-person online, free-to-play survival game set in prehistory. You play as a cave-person of either neanderthal or home sapien descent, or even one of a number of prehistoric beasts, and try to stay alive in an era of oversized animals and other horrors. It’s going to be a bit “woolly mammoth LFG” out there: “Stone Rage offers a wide array of animals with different tactics, and abilities that will keep players gaming for days. We have put strenuous effort into picking out the best classes possible to keep players entertained. Our classes include the Entelodont for stealth, the Woolly Rhinocerous for defense, the Gastornis as a scout class, a Cave Bear for warrior class, Saber Tooth Tiger for the hunter class, and finally the Mammoth as the heavy.”

Yeah. More details below.

Yes it’s on IndieGoGo, and wants a mere €60k. Is the lure of prehistoric beastplay enough? We shall see. I sort of hope this one happens.


  1. Caiman says:

    The pitch video looks pretty good…

    …and then it gets to 4.40 …!

  2. faelnor says:

    I was already smiling at the guy’s terribly out of place tone, but the part that really got me laughing out loud was the neverending stream of adjectives in “free-to-play online third-person multiplayer action game”. And then at 4:40, I died.

    Still, this looks interesting and original. Far from being yet another fantasy MMO, the semi-realism of it is pretty enticing.

    • norfolk says:

      yeah. The spokesperson sounds half inspirational speaker, half used car salesman.

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        All this for just nine ninety nine, thats nine ninety nine!

      • Baines says:

        That’s kind of what Kickstarter projects are, though. Someone is selling a dream that may or may not be realized. You have to sell with confidence and belief, to get others to dream the same dream, and to believe that you can deliver that dream.

  3. razgon says:

    I’d love a good survival game, but I’m still unsure whether this is it.

  4. Alien426 says:

    Stoner Age: Collect weed. Build a hammock. Light it up.

  5. Muhu says:


  6. golem09 says:

    Interesting. Interested in seeing how much survival there will be and how big the maps are. When watching the vid I thought/hoped they are all one big open world.

  7. Boosterh says:

    Although I’m not terribly interested in ANY 3rd person action games, I love this setting. I would love to see a town sim where you instead control a stone age tribe trying to survive, or an RPG where the protagonist is a stone age tribesperson. Seems like there is a lot of untapped potential here.

    • Orageon says:

      This gave me old memories of “Sapiens”, an old Amstrad CPC game by french studio Loriciel. It was a decent game at the time, as far as I remember.

    • Ovno says:

      Quiet you you’ll give other people my ideas :)

  8. laijka says:

    Interesting idea I must say. But F2P and survival usually doesn’t mix that well.

  9. msing says:

    The animation and movement speed really needs to be synced…

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Quick, shoot them an email to inform them of this oversight.

  10. AngusPrune says:

    I’ve watched the video, and read their entire IGG page but I still have no sense of what the gameplay will be like. Is this going to be a fast paced hack and slash like Chivalry, or something slower that you play over several days? I have no idea. Do you play with friends or with strangers?

    It’s so vague that I’m not even sure they know what their game will end up being. I’m interested in what I’ve seen, but I can’t commit money without knowing what I’m buying in to.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      They don’t know yet, that’s why you give them your Euros and tell them what you want…all for nine ninety nine, thats nine ninety nine!

    • Turkey says:

      Talking out of my ass here, but I bet it’ll play like one of those dinosaur vs human multiplayer games that sometimes pop up on steam and XBLA.

  11. Pich says:

    Shouldn’t the Homo sapiens still be mostly black at this point in time? then again they have mammoth in rainforests so i don’t think they’re striving for realism.
    Also the sabre-tooth’s ass is hypnotizing

    • Canisa says:

      Yeah, I wondered about that too. Then again, Sapiens and Neanderthals coexisted and interbred in Europe for quite a long time, so maybe the game is set at a point where the European Sapiens had had enough time to turn white?

      Of course, making excuses is all well and good, but I wouldn’t complain if a few of the humans were made black. (Were Neanderthals ever black? I assume they must’ve been at some point, or did they move to Europe and turn white when they were still Erectus or something?)

      • Rizlar says:

        Yeah, the entire cast looks conspicuously white. Hopefully they diversify a bit at some point, even if there is no historical basis for it. Similarly, the line up at 2:06 seems to set womankind back by about ten thousand years.

      • Sheng-ji says:

        The earliest “white” european known is 6000 years younger than the last known neanderthal – link to

        • LTK says:

          You’ve misinterpreted that. Neanderthals went extinct 28,000 years ago, and Homo Sapiens got pale skin 19,000 years ago at most. So when Homo Sapiens coexisted with Homo Neanderthalis, Homo Sapiens was still black.

      • Pich says:

        By the locations shown, it seems like it takes place in Europe, or in a northern settings; so if the neanderthals are natives, it seems likely that they have white skin.
        I think one of the reasons why the sapiens are not black is that having white neanderthals defending themselves from the black sapiens invasion would have irked some people that didn’t made their research.

    • emertonom says:

      Well, they also mention that the game will be set in the “Eocene and Pleistocene eras,” but humans and neanderthals didn’t show up until about 250 thousand years ago, which is more than 33 million years after the end of the Eocene. I don’t have the sense that they did any research at all, except perhaps watching a few episodes of the Flintstones.

  12. somnolentsurfer says:

    Didn’t Molyneux try to make something like this a while back?

    • darkmorgado says:

      Yep, you’re thinking of B.C

      link to

      Last year at the EG expo I managed to grab Molyneux and asked him about it (and also why he always overlooks The Movies when discussing his development career).

      Unfortunately, after Lionhead was acquired by MS, they were given the choice of either cancelling this game, or Project Ego (difficulties with development meant that both needed quite a bit more time and focus to be completed). Molyneux ultimately chose to keep Project Ego (which, of course, we now know these days as Fable) and reluctantly cancelled B.C, but he did tell me it’s something he would love to go back to at some point (he let slip there were a couple of other games in the planning stages too, but didn’t go into any detail).

      A shame really, as it looked really promising and had some very interesting ideas (of course, being a Molyneux game, we don’t know how many of those features would have made it through to release) – a living ecosystem affected by your tribe’s hunting and gathering, a gradual evolution of the world – species would migrate to new areas as resources in the environment became depleted, go hunting, attack people as well as other creatures, defend their young, breed, etc) and management aspects with growing and guiding your tribe members into different “career” paths.

      Basically it sounded like a cross between STALKER’s A-Life system with a populous-style tribe management aspect and survival mechanics.

  13. lordcooper says:

    I’d have happily pledged if it was a single player (or even non-f2p) game.

  14. Fatrat says:

    The idea of something set in the prehistoric ages sounds like a refreshing change. I’d love a game where you hunt as a caveman, something current/next-gen.

    Not sure i’d be interested in a F2P game though. The quality is hardly ever there.

  15. Robbob says:

    I think the game is actually a f2p pvp game then a survival game so that being said survival would be a incorrect term but then again you need to survive the match to win hehe…stone age characters vs neanderthals vs beasts from what i dug up and form there Facebook updated they said you can customize you characters like in TF2 (weapon skins,character skins all that good stuff) :)

  16. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    the Mammoth as the heavy

    Now I’m picturing a Mammoth with a chaingun and silly clothes.

    -edit- Also, übermensch as a class? That and they need to learn how tigers move.

    • Robbob says:

      more like a armored mammoth or a zombie skinned mammoth id say :)

  17. Deadly Sinner says:

    I was meh on this until the part with the tiger and long grass. It would be amazing if you could hide in that grass as an animal and be practically invisible, but if you moved, you would rustle the grass around you (as seen earlier in the video.) Something like that would work better for PvP stealth than most other systems.