Not Dead: Chivalry Sells 1.2m Copies, Updates

They say chivalry is dead, but that hasn’t stopped it selling 1,200,000 copies on the internet. Sadly that’s because it’s actually a game about smacking people’s head off with a big piece of metal, rather than a noble code of courtesy and gallantry. But that giant milestone of downloadable seems like reason to celebrate, nonetheless: The latest update brings glad tidings for Chivalry players, too. There’s lots of small tweaks to gameplay, and a new character customisation thingum. Very handsome its results are, too. Chivalric, one might say. Heraldic, at the very least.

Oh, things down here? Try this:

Oh you mean stuff actually relevant to the game? Hmm.


  1. philbot says:

    I just realised that I bought this in the recent steam sale, and I haven’t got around to playing it yet. I really should fix that.

    • Captain Joyless says:

      I have said this about 10 different games in the past couple weeks.

    • Freud says:

      I keep finding games I forgot I bought. Games I never really was all that interested in sometimes turn out to be fantastic. I have many hours in NBA 2k13, and I only got it because it was bundled with X-com.

    • Master Realtor Marklew says:

      Same thing here. Chivalry has been gathering dust for a few months on my Steam. Alongside Trine 2. Damn, I didn’t even finish Saints Row 3 yet….

  2. Reapy says:

    Good for them. While the style of chiv isn’t something I want to pour lots of time into on a high end (think it still lacks the type of depth I’m looking for) the game is really fun and well done. I hope more people stand up and take notice of the ‘melee fps’ genera with their success here.

  3. Usul says:

    The game that teaches you to type “sorry” really fast.

  4. seventh_wave says:

    The King! The King is ambushed!

    • Tuor says:

      “No one shall wield Excalibur. No one… shall wield Excalibur…. BUT MEEEEE!”

      Yeah, I really love that movie. :P

    • Captain Joyless says:

      Oh man, one of my favorite movies as a kid.

  5. MadScientist22 says:

    How does this game compare to Mount & Blade: Warband? I played it at my friend’s place soon after its release and it didn’t compare favorably at all. It had better graphics sure but it had none of the gameplay depth and player formations in multiplayer that Warband did. Not to mention the complete lack of a single player.

    • viewtifuljon says:

      I enjoy it a lot more that Warband from a man-to-man combat perspective. Warband’s multiplayer never really appealed all that much to me (fantastic single-player though), and I’m betting Chivalry’s combat is much more substantial than you initially thought.

      This video covers some of the advanced techniques and tactics used in dueling (also applicable to large battles). If you’re curious check it out. link to Skip to the end (about 7:25) for a TL;DR version where he describes what tactics he and his opponent are using.

      Fantastic game, recent patches non-withstanding. I highly recommend giving it a fair shake.

      • derbefrier says:

        yeah I love dueling in Chivalry the most. I enjoy the big team games from time to time but for me dueling is the bread and butter of this game and I was so happy when a proper duel mode finally got implemented. I know there is a big fanboy fight over this or Mount and Blade and its cousin War of the Roses. I honestly hated Mount and blade and wasn’t to fond of WoTR either. I just wanted more visceral combat which i think Chivalry provides. I alos like the control scheme better as Mount and Blade and WoTR had some of the worst controls i have ever encountered in my opinion. It may not have the depth of other games in its genre( since i only played about an hour or two of those other games I cant really say) but there is enough depth there where skill will kill any nub running at you with the biggest sword he can find swinging it blindly and I have seen skilled players able to hold off multiple enemies and I have seen duels last for what felt like an eternity. All in all I say its a good game and I am glad its selling well.

        • Reapy says:

          I agree with you chivalry has more visceral punch, but m&b is a much tighter game, and the skill gap between a newbie and pro in m&b is much much farther than chiv vets to newbies.

          Chiv is still in flux with its mechanics, they are hunting around changing a lot in patches, each patch is going to reduce people’s growth at the game. M&B has been reasonably stable for a few years now so there is more time to grow for people. Not only that but m&b has many disciplines and mods to work with, so a person might be great at dueling, or great at infantry, or awesome on a horse, good with an xbow, good as an archer etc.

          I found the m&b controls actually one of the best I’d ever encountered in all my time gaming. Very easy to use and understand and does not take too long to feel comfortable with.

          But imho chiv’s main problem stems around one button blocks, it is just too easy for people, which led to binary feinting guesses, into what is around now with panic parrys and the feint grunt and the like. There is lots of pushing and pulling and tweaking, but at the root they will need to make defense slightly more complicated if they want to make people happy at a higher level.

          Anyway both games are great in their own things they do. M&B is a bit harder to swallow due to age and lacking as many animations / dismemberment, but it is probably the definitive medieval game out there by a long shot.

          • viewtifuljon says:

            I really don’t have any problems with the one-button block at all. I don’t love the panic parries added in the recent patch, but the concept of hitting one button to defend myself for a brief period of time works really well. You’d think it’d be much harder to score hits against opponents, but I don’t really find that to be the case at all. When I’m playing against a less-skilled opponent, I can usually kill them in 5-7 strikes or so, even if they are defending. First, blocking is directional, just less so than Warband. Second, it pretty much comes down to the same decisions anyway. Warband’s directional strikes are just as well-telegraphed as a feint (since the last patch), so it still comes down to mindgames and reaction time. A good player won’t just block the wrong way in the same way that they won’t just fall for a raw feint.

            Once you are able to block incoming strikes without fucking it up (something any decent player should be able to do in either game), the relevant skills quickly migrate towards positioning and movement, which are things that I think Chivalry handles much better.

            Like I said, I couldn’t really get in to Warband much at all, so I may be biased, but just because you can block by hitting the button once doesn’t mean a decent player can’t circumvent that every time.

    • Pathetic Phallacy says:

      I think Chivalry’s game modes are what make it so fun to play. The combat, however, does not seem to have the same depth and skill as Warband. I’m still waiting on Warband 2 to make me happy.

      • Natdaprat says:

        Warband is the name of the expansion, because to be fair, the only real advances they made was adding multiplayer. The sequel is going to be called Mount & Blade 2.

  6. Carra says:

    I had a lot of fun playing this game. Good players will defeat bad players every time, it really is a skill based game.

  7. Bimble says:

    I block your (possibly) spammy strike with my, er, block button.

  8. BlitzThose says:

    Chivalry + Oculus Rift the only way to truly enjoy being decapitated.

  9. bstard says:

    How noob frendly is this game, ergo how much (leveling-) advantages do the other half of humanity (the grinding no livers ofc) have?