You Can Play Legend Of Dungeon, If You Want

The journey of a videogame about hats and dying: it gets announced in a blaze of neon glory on Rock, Paper, Shotgun internet magazine (and probably other places), it blasts through its Kickstarter target like a bomb made of purified snake rage, it got Greenlit so hard it threw The Hulk through a destructible scenery, and then: BOOM, it’s on Steam for pre-ordering for immediate access to beta and all that hot French jazz.

Where will it go from there? Hyper-tentacular endboss? Cutscene full of Japanese emotions? Walking away from explosions with aviators on? I like those odds.

Four-player co-op on the same PC, I’ll have you know. Not many games that can say that, eh? Eh?


  1. whexican says:

    I’m not one for hot French jazz but I won’t say no to some lukewarm German line-dancing.

  2. Sian says:

    Maybe I’m wrong and someone will correct me on this, but when I played the prototype or alpha or whatever it was, I found the game to be quite dull, what with there not being any abilities other than whacking the enemies until they were dead. Did I just not persevere for long enough? Or was that the case with said build, but now it’s changed?

    Also, 4 player co-op on one PC to me is more of a hindrance than a good thing, because I don’t have the space to gather four people around my monitors. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this.

    • Chuckaluphagus says:

      The early builds were pretty sparse – I think they were trying to get the framework right before adding in too many new features. If you go back and get the most recent beta, you’ll find there is a ton more content than was there even just a few months ago.

  3. Screwie says:

    I’d rather have 4 player co-op over the internet.

    It’s become so commonplace that it’s actually a disappointing surprise that a multiplayer game on Steam can’t be played this way.

    • slerbal says:

      I agree. I would love to play this co-op online with friends, but local co-op whilst cute is a complete non-starter for me. That said I hope this does well and for those who can play local co-op I am sure the game will be a blast. As a small developer I can totally understand having to make that call, but as a gamer I really would love online coop to be added in.

      Fingers crossed it does well enough financially to allow the addtiion of online co-op.

      • slerbal says:

        Ah looking at the developer’s comments on the steam community board I can see that I’ll be waiting a long time, or at least waiting for a sequel. In that case I hope the game does well enough to justify a sequel :)

  4. PatrickSwayze says:

    I’m patiently awaiting my steam key since as we speak

    I only played this multi player for the first time last week and it was full of hearty lols.

    Bumping someone into Lava to get the experience they were going for is always grand.

    Most looking forward to the free pet DLC they’re doing.

  5. golem09 says:

    I’m waiting for the full release of this. I held out all these months, now I can wait for the balancing as well. Playing an occasional round of Hammerwatch instead.
    I also have just too many games to play. But starting tomorrow the holidays begin, and I can go on an achievementspree (without caring about achievements).

  6. markside says:

    That intro was hilarious.

  7. Datiwas says:

    Sorry, please. someone refresh me on why this game is worthwhile at all. Is it young programmers making their first go? Is this the community in support of people up and coming and sharpening their skills and learning their way around game design? Putting this project in the light for a kickstarter etc…ok but it seems and looks a bit hokey. to call it unpolished is like the pizza delivery man ding dong ditching you and leaving a flaming bag of dogshit on your doorstep rather than the pizza you payed for.

    • Kriegheld says:


      For starters, it features what I believe is the very first case of dynamically lit characters and environments with 2d art done in a very smart way. In fact, the only part about this game in terms of polish is that I was planning to introduce this exact method in my own game down the line and they beat me to it. The game functions well and is virtually without bugs. It’s full of content, and it’s only a few bucks, can be played with friends (online multiplayer is missing, sadly), and is uniquely entertaining every time you fire it up.

      It basically hits all the hallmarks of an indie release, so what exactly are you talking about?

  8. malkav11 says:

    Local coop on PC is rare because outside of the living room PC (still a novelty) it’s very badly suited to the PC format. Much like online coop is terribly badly suited to consoles, yet they keep trying to force it in place of the local coop that’s one of the few selling points of consoles as a breed.

  9. Shadrach says:

    Reminds me of certain parts of that Swords And Sworcery thing, I like it a lot!

  10. SirMonkeyWrench says:

    I’m really liking the environments but the pixel people are a tad on the bland side.
    I suppose its not their fault pixel art is getting so overdone.