Capital Letters! Space Hulk Launch Trailer

What's it called again?
Deep breath. Take it right in. Expand those lungs, fill them with air until you feel like you’re going to burst. Now exhale. Feel your body contract as your breath heaves out of it. Remember that feeling of clean air, because it was taken in a pre-Space Hulk world. In about an hour the game unlocks on Steam (6pm UK time), and from then on each breath will be tainted with the smell of oil, death, burning Genestealer flesh, and if you live anywhere near a Lush shop, the lingering aroma of boutique soap. Not even death and war can cover that smell up.

I know a fair few people who are watching their clocks right now. Their expectations for Full Control’s recreation of the classic board game seem ridiculously high, but then Alec’s short time with it was enough for him to quit RPS for three months and sit at Steam just waiting for it. He’ll be back, but he won’t be the same man. Everyone who sees it comes away goggley eyed and dripping with the enthusiasm. Lead developer Thomas Lund has that effect when he demos it.

Here’s his baby’s launch trailer.


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  1. abremms says:

    noticed yesterday the game was listed under Steam's Coming Soon tab three times so that it said "SPACE HULK SPACE HULK SPACE HULK"

    i lol'd
  1. sonson says:

    23 quid!!?? AHAHAHHAHAHA

    I bought my copy of the original boardgame on Ebay for not much more.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      So what you’re saying is you paid more for it.

    • Drake Sigar says:

      Price doesn’t seem that bad, but it’s releasing during the busiest time of the year for videogame releases. I made the mistake of participating in the Steam sales, then buying Shadowrun, then buying Dragon Commander, then Papers Please. And Wasteland 2, Saint’s Row the Third, and Rome 2 are just a few of the greats coming out very soon. I’m afraid Space Hulk is very likely to be a casualty on my list.

    • Dominic White says:

      On what planet can you find Space Hulk for under £100!? Even a pretty beat up copy of the second edition (and not the improved, more recent third) will set you back at least 80.

      • Bull0 says:

        I’m assuming he got it some time ago. Bearing in mind 1st ed Space Hulk has been around since the ’90s.

      • sonson says:

        On Ebay, from sellers who don’t know the value of things. My GW collection has been very well and thrifty bolstered by mothers selling things during clear outs. £35 for a complete first Ed, more or less mint. The old terminators are silly mind.

        To put it in perspective they’re charging only 7 quid shy of something like Europa IV or Rome 2 for what is nothing more than a simple (if excellent) board game ported, by the looks of it fairly averagely, onto PC. Death Angel card game is a out 15, that seems about right to me for something like this. Felt exactly the same about Blood Bowl as well.

        • Asurmen says:

          Seems to me that if people are willing to pay that price, the sellers know the value all too well.

          • Jorum says:

            there is an famous quote in marketing “when customers complain but buy it anyway, you’ve found your price point”

    • Syra says:

      Yeah this seems tragically overpriced for a fairly limited scope game. I really want to play, and I will, especially if it has a favourable WIT, but for 23 quid I will buy it on a sale.

  2. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Is this releasing on Steam now, or is it just an Alpha access kind of thing?

    • cpt_freakout says:

      It’s the full release.

      On another topic: does anyone know if this will be released on GOG or some other service apart from Steam?

  3. DrScuttles says:


  4. deadfolk says:

    12.01am on Friday the 16th of August? What time zone?

    According to Steam, it’s unlocking at 18:00 BST today (15th), like most games. That’s, like, less than an hour from now.

    Been watching this closely, but the lack of pre-release reviews has me a little concerned.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      How odd – it was midnight when I looked.



    • Thirst says:

      I’m a little concerned, it feels like they didn’t spend much time making this game considering they were still in alpha in June.

  5. Dunbine says:

    The Emperor says, “Hells yeah!”

  6. Kohlrabi says:

    So, they have the same voice sound effects as Relic had, but far worse voice actors?

  7. Runty McTall says:

    Didn’t listen to that with sound on (at work, innit) but did it really say 1,000 Blood Angels deployed to the hulk and 50 survived? Aren’t there only 1,000 Marines in a post-Heresy Chapter? So the whole Chapter deployed and it basically got wiped out?

    /lore quibbling

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Was just going to ask EXACTLY this.

      Hopefully someone out there with better knowledge can answer…

      • caddyB says:

        Oh boy. While some chapters don’t follow the codex very closely, as far as I know Blood Angels are structured in line with the regulations. Most chapters won’t even have full strength of 1000 marines since their creation, losses and the fact that it takes a lot of time to train ( and implant ) new marines.

        Maybe they meant 100? Like, a company of Blood Angels? It makes more sense, though should probably be even less marines.

        • Bull0 says:

          In the 40k novels, the Blood Angels get pretty badly fucked over quite regularly. After a major event in the novels (don’t wanna spoil it; they’re good fun) the chapter is badly depleted, so they summon all their successor chapters (the Flesh Tearers, Blood Drinkers, etc) and announce their intention to tithe recruits back from those chapters to the Blood Angels proper. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did some o’ that after this thing with the space hulk, too.

          • caddyB says:

            Yeah, I read that one too. Well, I guess I’ll consider it that way.

          • Bull0 says:

            In that case, I spent a good two minutes of my day outlining the plot of a novel to somebody who’d already read it. And feel appropriately silly for having done so :D

          • Oasx says:

            But still, losing 950 Space Marines to anything is crazy. It should have half the imperium on a mission to destroy every single alien in that space hulk

          • Bull0 says:

            Yeah, it’s not the most internally consistent example of the 40k lore. I’m a big blood angels player of the tabletop game and had never heard about this event until it was mentioned here, so it isn’t like, regularly referred to in the rulebooks or the expanded fiction.

      • DougyM says:

        It has happened to several of the loyalist chapters since the Heresy, The Crimson fists for example where almost exterminated fighting the Orks when their fortress was hit by their own malfunctioning surface to space missile and it set off their munitions.

        It wiped out nearly the entire chapter (80% of the marines and all 6000 of their recruits and serfs) only 2 companies survived, both of which where outside the fortress when it was hit.

        The Ultramarines lost their entire 1st company (all their terminators) and suffered heavy losses to the 3rd and 7th companies during the 1st Tyranid invasion, and it took them over 100 years to recover.

        Astral Knights chapter got wiped out to a man destroying a Necron World Engine.

        Black Consuls got wiped out by the Word Bearers.

        Fire Hawk chapter was lost when it tried to Warp jump and something went badly wrong, they never showed up and where listed MIA… its believed 200 “survived” and are now the Legion of the Damned, a shadowy force of loyalist marines who are consigned to their death at the hands of some sort of warp malady, vowing to die for the Emperor and killing as many enemies of the Imperium as possible in the mean time.

        Sons of Gideon turned traitor and then got wiped out by the Crimson Fists.

        All in all there are about 30 or so loyalist chapters that are known to have been wiped out and many more that have suffered massive losses in the 10,000 years since the heresy… some recovered and some barely clinging onto existence.

        • Bull0 says:

          wiped out by the Word Bearers

          Hooray! :D <3

        • Cradok says:

          And more ‘recently’, the Iron Warriors showed the Ultramarines why it’s a bad idea give your enemies ten millenia to study your Big Book of War. They lost about a third of the Chapter, along with most of their fleets and several Shrine and Agri worlds.

        • Runty McTall says:

          Top stuff, I enjoyed reading up on all that. Cheers.

    • bill says:

      Sounds like it. Since they are still trying to redeem themselves 600 years later.

      Was that the plot in the board game… I don’t remember.

    • Wallace says:

      It’s actually a thing that happened to the chapter:
      link to

      • mpk says:

        Oh god no don’t link to the Lexicanum oh damn you already did. Well there goes the next few hours…

        • Bull0 says:

          “reading lexicanum in its entirety” is how I spent every lunchbreak in 2012. no joke

      • Runty McTall says:

        Cool, cheers for the link.

        I guess what I found unrealistic was that a whole Chapter (give or take) would deploy to one hulk. Hell, even be in one place to deploy to a hulk.

        Guess those 50 got pretty dramatic instant promotions though :)

        “Uh, well, so I guess I’m Chapter Master and, um, Jenkins, you can be Chief Librarian…”

        • Jorum says:

          yeah I didn’t like that when I read it in the 3rd edition rulebook.
          as you say –
          a) what’s the chance that the entire Blood Angels chapter would be close enough to assemble in reasonable time?
          b) even if possible, why would a first founding chapter of immense experience and history throw it’s entire force into a space hulk problem? Granted the Blood Angels are somewhat unbalanced in the head, but Chapter Master would have to be loony.

        • Lord Byte says:

          Because ONE hulk can infect thousands of worlds, and each infected world, if the stealer cult gets strong enough (enough of the government and organization have been subverted) it sends out a Psychic call that will attract a Hive fleet. As of this moment NO single planet has ever been able to survive a Hive fleet, all of them have been stripped of all life and every morsel of energy used to increase the size and strength of the Hive fleet.
          Even starting to defend is pretty much impossible if you don’t know how many thousands or millions will silently subvert and sabotage everything you do…

          When a stealer infects a human no-one can see that, only further generations will start showing signs of the infection and the eight will produce a purestrain genestealer again (with a chance of a Patriarch, one with huge psychic abilities).

          A hulk will pop in and out of the immaterium and just needs to be close enough to an inhabited world for one stealer to reach the surface (they are known to survive the vacuum of space AND reentry) of the planet for an entire world to be lost,

          • GuiltySun31 says:

            If by no single planet has survived a Hive Fleet, you mean by a planet solely on its own and its local defenses, then yes that’s true. If you mean however that no planet targeted by a Hive Fleet has never survived, that’s completely incorrect. Macragge is the biggest example of a planet surviving a Hive Fleet attack. But then again, it basically took two fleets, a full Chapter of First Founding Space Marines, and untold numbers of PDF/Defense Auxillia troops to do so. Also Tarsis Ultra also survived attack by the Tyranids, although it was only a splinter/tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. But again, this was only achieved by a sizeable combined force of Imperial Navy, Guard, and Space Marines, and mission undertaken by Ultramarine’s Captain Uriel Ventris and an Ordo Xenos Deathwatch kill team. So one planet alone cannot survive a Hive Fleet, even a Chapter Homeworld cannot stand alone against a Hive Fleet, as is proven by the destruction of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter defending against Hive Fleet Kraken. But a massive combined military force can stop, decimate, or even destroy a Hive Fleet in order to protect a single planet or system.

    • TomxJ says:

      Yup that happended in the analogue game.

    • Syra says:

      Yeah it seems ridiculous that an entire chapter can be lost but blood angels aren’t a codex chapter, so not strictly limited to 1000 marines. They have a long and painful history of bleeding almost their entire genepool and having to recruit back from their successor chapters, this is actually canon.

      As for entire non legion/first founding chapters dying out – happens maddeningly frequently, there are thousands of chapters and they all die or they get worn so thin they don’t have the resources to rebuild so they disband etc. plenty just say “fuck it” to guarding the imperium and turn to chaos too, effectively wiping out an entire chapter.

      • Runty McTall says:

        I thought that the whole Chapter thing was largely to limit the impact if any of them went rogue again and so although some of them might not hew so close to the tenets of Guilliman they don’t have that much scope for getting too big before they get told to knock it off for the safety of the Imperium.

        Also, any examples of post Heresy Chapters going over to Chaos? I thought it was almost unheard of.

        • Jorum says:

          The Badab War four chapters went rogue led by the Astral Claws. Although I don’t think a chaos thing just a power-hungry tyrant who wanted his own empire.
          The Astral Claws ended up having a name change and becoming chais marine space pirates though. The other three chapters were deemed to have been misguided and allowed back into Imperium on condition of doing some crusades as penitence.

        • Oasx says:

          In one of the recent codex’s there is a titbit about a chaos demon trying to get the Fleshtearers to switch sides, given that they are already completely psycho, that probably shouldn’t take much.

        • Syra says:

          In the 6th edition chaos codex there’s a whole listing of renegade chapters with a little story for them, which is just meant to be an example of a few who have gone to chaos, and as I have it handy here’s a few:

          The Seekers of Truth (now The Scourged) – Tzeench dropped a truth bomb on them on the nature of their inquisition allies.

          The Shining Blades (now The Flawless Host) – Got so good at winning they thought they were perfection so Slaanesh took them.

          The Desolate Brotherhood (now The Company of Misery, never really stood a chance with that name did they..) – Got pretty worn down from being sent on shitty missions all the time and gave up, bit like the iron warriors.

          The Crimson Sabres (now the Crimson Slaughter) – Had to do some genocidal cleansing of a few planets, got a little carried away and then started slaughtering nearby planetary populations to cover up the original crimes, and so on.

          The Astral Claws (now the Red Corsairs) – Had the whole Badab war thing and took a few chapters with them, long story.

          The Emperor’s Wolves (now The Blood Disciples) – Bit of an aggressive bunch, around a full company got covered in tainted blood and went nutty for Khorne flakes. This is probably more common too, that part of a chapter becomes a warband of chaos and terrorizes the galaxy until someone hunts them down or they join a larger renegade chapter.

          Also not all chapters that leave the imperium turn to chaos…

          • Runty McTall says:

            Man, the Marines are a considerably more fickle bunch than I thought.

            Thanks for that, I’ll probably dig up some wiki pages and enjoy reading about the chapters you mentioned in more depth.

          • bvdemier says:

            And then we had the Abyssal Crusade where the inquisition thought it was a good idea to send 30 space marine chapters that had issues into the Eye of Terror ( The Eye is where most of the weird stuff and/or chaos forces are) on a penitent crusade. And guess what most turned to Chaos as well.

            But the funniest one is still the Relicors Chapter who thought it was okay to use Chaos infused weapons against the enemy ( only the Grey Knights are allowed that, long story). When the Inquisition found out they had a big laugh and then declared them heretics.

    • Lemming says:

      I was thinking the same thing, but then it said ‘centuries later’ so I assumed there were more back then?

      • Runty McTall says:

        Firstly (I’m starting at the bottom) may I say a grand “hooray” for all the 40K geeks on here :)

        Secondly, the Heresy was in the 31st millennium, so like 9,000 years before the setting of W40K (although various games, novels and what have you do move around by hundreds of years – the (excellent) Eisenhorn books span several centuries, for example).

        From the date at the start of this trailer it would seem that he arrival of the hulk was well after the Horus Heresy and the splitting of the Legions into Chapters.

  8. abremms says:

    noticed yesterday the game was listed under Steam’s Coming Soon tab three times so that it said “SPACE HULK SPACE HULK SPACE HULK”

    i lol’d

  9. ostrich160 says:

    NIDS FTW!!!

  10. Iscannon says:

    Calistarius….? Holy shit, Mephiston!

  11. dagudman says:

    You would think that they would have better cameras on their helmets…

    • KingFunk says:

      I think the GoPro wasn’t invented until the 42nd Millennium…

      • joedpa82 says:

        Inventing GoPro will ensure that you will be sentenced to death for meddling in the affairs of the Adeptus Mechanicus.


  12. KingFunk says:

    OK so maybe the previews answered this, but I really hope it has a turn based option – I’m not sure I can cope with the stress of real-time! Plus, everyone who played Cyanide’s Blood Bowl knows what happens when you try to real-time up a turn-based board game…

    …OK so I don’t know, because the idea of playing a game as complex as Blood Bowl in real-time was, frankly, ludicrous so I’ve never even tried. But, still…

    • Cleave says:

      it’s purely turn based, mechanics look pretty much as in the board game.

      on another note, it’s now 6:06 and I still can’t install :(

  13. P-Dazzle says:

    Not a single review pre-launch, not a single youtuber has been given a review copy… Looks like there was a review embargo – no reviews allowed until launch. Never a good sign.

    I want this game to be good, I loved the classic board game, and I even loved the PSOne Space Hulk game… but a review embargo always triggers alarm bells for me. Let’s wait and see…

    • Zenicetus says:

      Same here… I have my mouse hovering over the “Buy” button, but there is so little actual feedback about the game that I’m going to wait for some early reviews. Please let it be good.

  14. ceriphim says:

    According to Steam it should have unlocked for me 5 minutes ago, but I still don’t have the option to download? Stop ****ing with me Steam!!!

    • Machinations says:

      This happens on every Steam title launch. Restart steam, the button will be there.

      Edit: Checking Steam forums as I am looking for confirmation they didnt bollocks this up, seems others have the issue. Typically a Steam restart fixes this but maybe not in this case..

  15. Machinations says:

    Need a WOT, STAT!

    No reviews and some of the dev commentary have sensibly caused me to wait before purchasing. Am very interested in some thoughts and details about the game.

    • lowprices says:

      Yeah, the utter silence on the review front is unnerving. I would have thought RPS at least would’ve had a review copy, given how enthusiastic they’ve been about it.

      • Koshinator says:

        Apparently zero review copies were given out – so not really an embargo as such, just no availability for the press to play it before release. Not that it makes much of a difference – either way it’s generally not a good sign. It’s not a definite that it’ll be a bad game though….
        *keeps hope alive*

        • GozerTC says:

          Yeah.. very wary. I’ve been burned too often before so I’m waiting with baited breath. :)

    • Jorum says:

      Robert Florence twitter says he’s doing a WIT which is neat as there is quite probably no better person on the planet to review this game.

  16. realmenhuntinpacks says:

    Whaaaaat?! That sneaked the fuck up on me, didn’t even realise it was near release! Not sure whether to shit myself in excitement or gird myself for disappointment, either way nothing’s getting done tonight. Here’s hoping there’s the opportunity to introduce a dreadnought to the proceedings, as I did when I was 12. Fairly sure we managed to fit a Leman Russ into one of the chambers once. Didn’t. Give. A. Fuck. Whatcha gonna do, Dean Bass? Whatcha gonna do?

  17. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    I think I bring this up every time I see something about this, but has anyone else played the Space Hulk: Death Angel card game? It’s more of a weird solitaire/sort-of-coop thing, but it’s pretty good.

    • Dog Pants says:

      I’ve played it several times sober and several times drunk. I just about got the hang of it sober. Failed utterly while drunk.

      • Drinking with Skeletons says:

        The setup would be simple enough to manage while drunk, but keeping track of all of the phases while weighing your options and executing your moves? That would just kill my drunk buzz.

    • Bull0 says:

      Agreed, it’s wonderful. And bastard hard.

    • Commissar Choy says:

      I need the expansions for it, because why fight genestealers when you can FIGHT TYRANIDS OH GOD WHY ARE THERE LICTORS

  18. razorramone says:

    Wow its been a long time since hearing those space hulky voices.

    It looks quite similar to the old Sega Saturn game. I’d love it if that were the case, it was the most fun I’ve ever had with a squad based FPS.

    • DrScuttles says:

      10-11 year old me found Vengeance of the Blood Angels the most terrifying thing ever. It was the closest thing I had to an Aliens game that wasn’t the rather ropey Alien Trilogy.

  19. GernauMorat says:

    The have a quote from RPS up on the Steam page as from a review, but the link is to a preview of the game

  20. Tei says:

    Have you guys read the subtext of this?

    The Space Marines represent the pure form of the boardgame gameplay. The genestealer is your average CRPG game, the result of hybridicacion of 1000 different alien genetics.

    The Space Marines sacrifice themselves, but his sacrifice will not be for nothing. His DNA will be integrated in the hivemind of CRPG games.

  21. XhomeB says:

    There are NO FEMALE TERMINATORS in that trailer!!! Such an outrageous display of sexism! Quick, RPS, write an article about it.

    Jokes about this obsession aside… I’m hoping the game’ll hit GOG sooner or later.

    • Yosharian says:

      Oh god, don’t invite the neo-feminists into this thread.

    • Dave Tosser says:

      It’s almost as if you people want to start an argument. You do realise that you have no right to complain if you kicked it off, aye?


    • Sunjumper says:

      Aren’t Space Marines technically sexless?
      If memory serves and I am sure that there are a lot of WH40K scholars nearby, the Space Marines procreate in an indirect way, thus there are no male Terminators either. Furthermore seeing how much modifications the recruits go through until the are proper marines one might even argue that they are hardly even human.

      • Asurmen says:

        Nope. Very definitely male.

        • bvdemier says:

          Well, space marines are all male. But they all get recruited right before or when puberty hits them. They then get so many implants and treatments that most people from the Imperium considered them no longer human.
          They then get an indoctrinationregime that makes North Korea look like kindergarden.
          After all this you end up with a supersoldier that still has his sexual organs, but absolutely no desire to use them. All the recent fluff book say the same thing: these guys can recognize a female that normal males would consider attractive but their only desire is fulfilling the Emperor’s will ( usually by chainsword).
          So when you are playing an astartes you are playing a chemically castrated eunuch.
          If they aren’t killing enemies of the Emperor, training to killing them better, or traveling to kill them, then they are wasting the Emperor’s time and a talk with their closest Chaplain is required.
          The only exception i could think of is Bjorn The fell handed, but he gets a pass for being awesome and a spacewolf.

      • 4th Dimension says:

        Space Marines are made by radically re engineering a common (well not so common, they search for recruits that display right amounts of aggressiveness and other SM traits) man, by giving him a whole bunch of new organs and abilities, including but not limited to, rib cage fusing together to form armor, blood changing color and being able to nearly instantly clot in case of injury and so on). During the transformation and even after that they are constantly exposed to hypnotic therapy (brain washing) in order to bring their minds in line to their new bodies.
        After all that you get something that looks like a human, but is way past trans human border post, and who doesn’t think like a human anymore.
        So while SMs probably still have their male bits attached, they also probably completely lack the urges to use them. Because after all, why would a weapon need to procreate. And it limits the amorous problems.

    • joedpa82 says:


  22. Nenjin says:

    I guess no one bothered to follow the game until today? Rps has written plenty on the game, AND showed it.

    The Emperor is disappoint.

  23. DrScuttles says:

    Oh, oh, oh, is it to be the esteemed Mr. Florence serving us wot he thinks of Space Hulk?

  24. Yosharian says:

    Need a REVIEW. Come on people, the game is out, someone must be able to post some first impressions.

    • Machinations says:

      *frantically mashing F5 on Steam forums, looking for a semi-coherent post that will tell his inner child exactly what it wants to hear (get it)*

      • Yosharian says:

        link to

        This guy is playing it, although he’s afk for the moment but he’ll be back soon.

        • Bull0 says:

          Ooh, the little active cams up in the top right corner are a nice touch.

        • Cleave says:

          So far I’ve played the 3 tutorial missions and the first 2 proper missions, so here’s wot I think at the moment:

          It’s pretty much what I expected, but in a good way. I love that none of the board game mechanics are hidden from you, all of the dice rolls are shown and the rules are explained well. I haven’t had much trouble tactically so far, completed the first mission without any casualties. Overwatch is immensely useful as you can fire on multiple enemies per turn, just be sure to keep a command point or two in case your gun jams. The special weapons I’ve encountered so far (flamer, heavy assault and warhammer) are all suitably powerful and allow for interesting tactics. Your units are very powerful but get ripped apart in seconds if you let them close in so it feels tense but not unfair.

          I almost completely screwed up the second mission. You have to split up your squad and block off genestealer spawn points at either end of the map or kill all of their reserves. I managed to block off one entry but both my guys died trying to take the other. What started as an efficient, tactical map clearance turned into a desperate last stand against a seemingly endless tide of genestealers which I barely scraped through. Good stuff

          I think the price might be a little steep. The campaign is only 12 missions long although I don’t see why DLC campaigns (or hopefully an editor) shouldn’t come thick and fast. A procedurally generated skirmish mode would have been nice though. It also doesn’t seem to be optimized very well. I’ve had to turn the graphics settings quite low to get a decent frame rate but it still looks good.

          I’m looking forward to trying out the multiplayer as it seems like it will be a spot on recreation of the board game with 2 players. It makes me want to get a copy of the board game actually :)

          • Cleave says:

            Just watched an old interview with the dev and he confirmed that there will be expansion content and a level editor coming.

            link to

          • WrenBoy says:

            Nice summary, thanks. I am very curious about how challenging it is though.

            How difficult is it compared to something like xcom eu? What difficulty level are you playing on? Were you a fan of the board game?

          • Cleave says:

            I’m playing on normal, which has the same rules as the board game. I’ve just played missions 3 and 4, completed both convincingly with only 1 loss on the 3rd and none on the 4th. I restarted the 3rd one though because i made a few stupid early mistakes.

            Tactically it’s quite simple because of the single berth corridors effectively making it all about protecting your lines. If you can do that then it’s not hard to stay alive as you get a lot of chances to kill them as they’re approaching if you’ve got a decent distance between you on overwatch. As you can see the entire map including where all the spawn points are it makes it much easier to achieve this than in Xcom. Also, you’re far more likely to hit the enemy than in xcom, you have to roll a 6 with 2 die and a 5 on subsequent shots (and there are no hit points, everything’s a 1 hit kill) and overwatch gets a shot on each point of movement an enemy takes although there is the chance of jamming if you roll a double. Subsequently you can mow down a group of genestealers pretty comfortably, it’s just when you get an inopportune jam or you don’t maneuver properly (movement is pretty limited as the terminators) you can get in trouble quickly.

            It is alot simpler than other games due to its nature as a fast paced board game but all anyone wanted was for them to recreate it faithfully and that’s exactly what they’ve done. I haven’t played the board game for years by the way but I used to love it. Also played a lot of Warhammer and other GW games. I’m looking on ebay now to get myself a copy, you can get a 1st edition set for around £30. The 3rd edition looks lush though.

          • Bull0 says:

            all anyone wanted was for them to recreate it faithfully and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

            Oh, I dunno about anyone. I could’ve gone for some more features, and am going to wait for some reviews. I’m glad you’re happy with it, though, I’m not trying to detract from that.

          • neems says:

            I’m tempted to turn the difficulty up to high (which introduces a timer) as overwatch makes it a bit too easy at the moment I would say.

          • WrenBoy says:

            Thats a very complete answer, thanks. Seems pretty good by the sounds of it.

          • Jorum says:

            imo having a timer on the Marine turn is pretty vital to Space Hulk.
            Firstly it gives tense and pressured feel for the Marines which is necessary for theme and feel.
            Secondly, without a timer is too easy on the Marines. Space Hulk is pretty simple mechanically and almost no hidden information so if given time Marine player can often work out optimal moves to make and not make any mistakes.

          • Cleave says:

            Yeah the timer can be toggled on and off, defaults on in hard difficulty. I’m not sure what differences hard makes other than that (and limiting command point rolls to 4) with the way it works. Hopefully it adds more and larger blips per turn.

  25. Kynrael says:

    Seeing this trailer made me remember how awesome Space Marines are. :D This game shall be mine as soon as i can afford it !

  26. squareking says:

    Another guy livestreaming right this very second:

    link to

  27. Rich Tea says:

    I’m still amazed at how utterly crap this looks. GW is awash with righteously killer artwork, with a strong (if unoriginal) world. So why does this trailer look and sound as if it was directed by thirteen year-olds?

    There’s not an ounce of style here. In a desperate attempt to market this product to non-GW fans, they’ve had to jettison any sense of tension or mystery, replacing the darkness of WH40K with lifeless voice work and dumbed down narrative. I am totally perplexed with peoples excitement towards this. What part of this footage looks promising?

    This trailer was so juvenile, so clumsily obvious, that I literally squirmed with discomfort.

    • Cleave says:

      A small team have made a faithful recreation of a classic and much loved board game, that’s why people are excited. Who cares about the trailer?

      • Bull0 says:

        Yeah, you’re right, Alien Assault is brilliant.

        link to

      • Rich Tea says:

        Because if a company cannot make two minutes of highly edited and supposedly stylized footage without dropping the ball, what hope does a (£28) game have?

        What I’m trying to say is we (as fans) should expect much more from a product that has been given every opportunity to excite people. This was not exciting, and I don’t think you can really justify defending it.

        • Cleave says:

          I can justify defending the game, which I think is good. Surely reading the previews on this and other sites will excite you if you’re interested, but yeah, they could have spent millions which they don’t have on a flashy trailer.

        • Boffin says:

          I’m not sure that making a game, and making two minutes of highly edited and supposedly stylized footage actually has that much skill overlap. You might as well say that a tuck shop’s crap because they can’t plan a wedding.

  28. Commissar Choy says:

    I failed the first tutorial 3 times because I forgot Goriel can’t shoot for shit, even when a genestealer is about to chew his face off T_T and chaos plz because i am alpharius

  29. Chiron says:

    £22 is a bit to much for me, I’ll wait till its £15.

    Though I have a feeling that this is a GW game so they’ll bump the price up after 3 months, call it a collectors edition, then withdraw it from sale the next day and I’ll never get to play it

  30. Dominic White says:

    So, I’ve got a review copy here – here’s a question:

    Is there any way in hotseat play for the genestealer player to play their blip tokens ‘face down’? Because right now, it has the BIG OBVIOUS NUMBER written on top, when it’s meant to be a secret. Am I missing something here?

  31. derbefrier says:

    I guess its time i Google space hulk and figure out exactly what the hell it is. As all this excitement over something i have never heard of intrigues me.

  32. Cutter888 says:

    I’ve wanted to try Space hulk for some time, but the price and scarcity of the board game has made this seem like it was never meant to be. Is this a worthy port? and is it worth £23?

    • Cleave says:

      Yes it’s definitely a worthy port, but nothing more than that at the moment although more content will come.

      As for being worth £23, until the map editor comes I think the campaign content will be exhausted quickly so it depends how interested you are in it I guess. It probably should have been released for about £15. You can play all of the campaign maps in online or local hot seat multiplayer though which should give it legs.

  33. joedpa82 says:

    Heresy!! *BLAM!!*