The RPS Bargain Bucket: Caramageddon

Hello there! Cara here. Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of a bucket. Mr Lewie Procter is moving house currently, as he is leaving London for newer pastures. I imagine him as a kind of suaver Shaggy from Scooby Doo type, buying a Mystery Machine and going on adventures as the bootstrap-pulling entrepreneur selling cheap videogames out the back of his VW. But it turns out he is just going to travel around the world Savygamering to fund himself. BORING. Tune in after the jump for a haphazard selection of cheap Cara games from

Saints Row IV, PC– £24.05

So, Saints Row IV. It turns out that me and Ben Barratt used the Saints Row IV ‘dong picture’ in our news posts way too much one week, because someone on the forum made a SFW Cara filter to stop getting the below picture in their news feed – even though the dong is not-dong!


It has been rectangled out! Someone was offended by not-penis, as Kieron Gillen so expertly labelled it in this trailer analysis. We at RPS Towers this very minute are trying to figure out more ways to fit this picture into everything now.

Anyway I have been thrilled this week by John’s reportage on Saints Row IV, as it appears that even though Deep Silver’s love for tacky stripper PR stunts has not waned, the actual Volition talent for cramming as much freaking ridiculous enjoyment as they possibly can into a game has not waned either.

Space Hulk, PC – £14.62

So, it turns out that Rab, as a boardgame purist, wasn’t as much of a fan of Space Hulk the videogame as we expected, but when me and Alec saw it at Rezzed we were still rather delighted by it. I’d trust Rab’s judgement if I were you, but if you absolutely need a computerised Space Hulk, this is the cheapest Lewie could find it. Registers on Steam.

Psychonauts, PC/Mac/Linux – £1.60

If you missed the Humble Double Fine Bundle, for the price of a latte in Brighton? Of course you should get it. Of course.

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches, PC – £6.40

Jim super liked it, and even my old boss the dreamy Mr Simon Parkin gave it a 9/10 at Eurogamer (oh my gosh! I mentioned NUMBERS) – it seems like those DLC bros at Arkane have been very kind to their loyal fans.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist, PC – £22.50

This is all you need to know about Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Imagine Sam Fisher had a kid and then he played hide and seek with the kid. ‘NO. WE ARE HAVING THE LIGHTS OFF.’ ‘BUT DADDY!’ ‘NO FISHER JR I HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE NO HIDE AND SEEKS WITHOUT THE LIGHTS OFF.’ ‘I’M SCARED DADDY – ‘ *flicks light switch off* *Sam Fisher chuckle*


Finally, there are some BUNDLES I would like to bring to your attention.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, XCOM: Enemy Unknown & DLC, XCOM: UFO Defense, XCOM: Terror from the Deep, XCOM: Apocalypse, XCOM: Interceptor, XCOM: Enforcer & Spec Ops: The Line, PC – £20.25

So you can get all the XCOMs. Only one of them is any good, I will leave you to decide which. It’s probably not this one. Also Spec Ops! Yey.

And Humble Origins Bundle.

So, why isn’t Simcity on this bundle? Huh? Huh? Is it because more than five people on the servers at one time will OVERLOAD THE SYSTEMS?


Also Lewie would probably take a Glock and shoot my face if I didn’t tell you that Mirror’s Edge is totally worth the buy, even though ORIGINS, EA, etc etc. (Sometimes I wonder why EA doesn’t get mad at all our potshots – probably because we still talk about their games. I feel so used! Like that time someone sent me to a preview and then I hated it and now everyone wants to send me to previews, even though I hate them, but then people give me money to hate them, and then now all I do is previews.) Anyway, if you get over all your inner conflict about EA etc you can scrub yourself down in the bath after flinging yourself off virtual ledges, and think about how you donated to charity.

Also I hear there’s a Starry Night bundle over at Indie Royale. I imagined it’s an elaborate pun on S.T.A.R.S but it actually wasn’t.

Because you all requested I post about dongs and Britney Spears, I have found a post about Britney Spears talking about Justin Timberlake’s dong. Remember folks, like Britney teaches: penis size only becomes an issue if the penis in question is attached to someone who is a massive berk. And that is advice that Lewie would never be able to give you. Thus endeth the lessons from Britney & Cara.

Here is a ninetiesesque piece of pop trash by Annie that has just come out that I loved. It’s called ‘Invisible’, and I don’t think this is the official video because it’s not out yet.

Enjoy your Savygaming!


Top comments

  1. Gap Gen says:

    It leaves plenty to the imagination. Why, anything the size of a toblerone could be behind there. Is it a penis? Or is it a cucumber? Perhaps a family of tiny Borrower people, clinging for dear life as they swing to and fro. Perhaps it's a womangina thing, or whatever those are. Or maybe there's a forest of hair so dense a colony of lemurs lives there, jumping from folicle to folicle. Or maybe the fabled Third Genital, heard of only in the dusty lecture halls of the great medicine departments and in the tall tales of old, bearded muff divers and salty seamen. Or maybe it's just another black rectangle, cunningly cached behind the first.
  2. LennyLeonardo says:

    I like Rock, Paper Shotgun, and all who post thereon. You can put that on the back of the box if you like.
  1. Serpok says:

    The only good XCOM in that bundle is Apocalypse

    • sinister agent says:

      Apocalypse is my favourite.

    • Navagon says:

      I love Apocalypse too. If they could combine the complexities of Apocalypse with the fundamentals of Enemy Unknown then I think we’d have the perfect XCOM game.

    • Nick says:

      apocalypse is shit.

      • Mad Hamish says:

        Booo. I even prefer Terror from the Deep over the Original. Aquatoids forever! But Apocalypse is great there’s no denying that. All I have to do to remember that is to recall that when I was short of cash in it I would send two androids to raid a Cult of Sirius building and just steal all their shit. Bloody alien lovers. The more complex simulation of a smaller environment was a masterstroke.

  2. Noburu says:

    Cara is my fav!

    • AlmostPalpable says:

      I like her style and she’s done well to come out the other side of that shit-storm a while ago in a good way. That shit was CRAY.

  3. RiptoR says:

    It’s “Origin”, not “Origins”. One mistake is a typo, twice or more isn’t. Not saying I’m a fan of Origin though.

    *edit* Also: was hoping to see Carmageddon in the post, but alas…

    • Cara Ellison says:

      You’re right! I know nothing about ‘computer’ ‘games’! *kills self*

      • Uncle Fassbender says:

        So, uh, you gonna fix those typos?

      • RiptoR says:

        Just to clarify: I’m not saying that you’re dumb or anything. It’s just that when I came across “Origins” and the subsequent potshots at the quality of the service, the first thing that popped into mind was: “hmm, if you want to make fun of something at least try to get the name of that thing right, now you just sound like someone who just wants to make fun of Origin because it’s what the cool kids do”.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          C’mon man, you never heard the phrase “humble origins?”
          You’re making a big stink out of a pun. It’s not a typo.

          • RiptoR says:

            My first reaction also: “humble origins” is a nice pun. But when the second “ORIGINS / EA” came up, I didn’t think it was intended as a pun anymore.

            But yeah, I’ll shut up now ;)

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            haha I didn’t notice that second one.
            I probably should shut up now. But tough luck!

      • kregg says:

        The ultimate Carageddon.

        EDIT: Shit didn’t realise this was done in the title of the post :(

      • Gap Gen says:

        Computers’ games.

    • Revolving Ocelot says:

      Rayman Oranges.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Rayman 2: The Grape Escape, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havocado, Rayman Shavin’ Carrots.

    • thedosbox says:

      I assume it’s being used knowingly- as in “the internets”.

      Anyhow, thumbs up for more pop trash. Cara is a pretty good not-Kieron.

    • John Walker says:

      Wow. Headpalm.

  4. mpk says:

    Pretty happy with the bargain I picked up yesterday – Civ V Gold for £15 on Amazon UK. It says it’s for Mac, but you get a Steam key so it works perfectly well on PC. Half the price of Steam too. Also, Brave New World for a tenner.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, I think that’s a little bug with the listings on UK amazon downloads. I got my Brave New World key from there, and it too was in the Mac section. Loads of stuff is.

      • trjp says:

        Civ 5 is Steamworks and Steamplay means you get all the platforms for one purchase – so any game which uses both (as Civ 5 does) is a universal key.

        Sort-of the opposite of Origin’s approach which is to offer 20 different localised/locked versions of everything…

  5. Pengwertle says:

    Actually, most of the games in the Origin bundle, including Mirror’s Edge, come with optional Steam keys if you prefer that.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      \o/ Well I guess there’s no excuse now: Lewie will be pleased.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Yeah, I got keys for Origin and Steam for all of the games except Deadspace 3 and BF3

    • trjp says:

      Once upon a time, Steam EA games just installed Origin for you anyway – is that still not the case?

    • Nogo says:

      Anything without a 3 in the title can be registered on Steam (so no Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, or Sims 3).

      trjp: Haven’t been forced to install Origin via Steam

  6. Italianmoose says:

    Is that a massive nosebleed or a beard? It’s been bugging me…

    • Grygus says:

      It is the often sought but rarely attained bloodbeard. Success unlocks the pirate skill tree.

    • Devan says:

      My guess is that it’s a nosebleed. In Japanese anime, it is used to indicate arousal.

  7. DrScuttles says:

    Lewie provides sound advice for our gaming moneys with the occasional spot on analysis of Bioshock Infinite.
    Cara provides sound advice for our gaming moneys with the occasional spot of penis analysis.
    I hate favouritism, but I really value penis advice. Sorry, Lewie.

  8. malkav11 says:

    I don’t know if EA even would want to put the new SimCity in the bundle, but I could easily see its absence as the Humble Bundle folks refusing to sell something with such awful DRM. Either way.

    Though, there’s still time. As I said earlier in the week, it’s not uncommon for a second wave of games to be added to a Humble Bundle.

    • nearly says:

      I sure do love me some litotes. I kind of have my fingers crossed that SimCity gets added, as I’d never pay money for it but I wouldn’t turn it down if they gave it to me for having already bought the bundle.

      • PopeRatzo says:

        I’m not unhappy that Simcity has not been included in a Humble Bundle. They’re got a decent reputation and staying away from Simcity’s awful DRM won’t hurt them.

        • nearly says:

          I guess I just don’t see their reputation being ruined or altered in any way by offering a game with always-on requirements in a bundle solely for charity.

  9. AngoraFish says:

    Well, the dong/not-dong picture doesn’t leave much to the imagination… like pasties, or f**ck… or bikinis for that matter. Why bother going through the charade of pretending anyone cares? I know I sure as hell don’t.

    Still, given the sensitivities of some people, the readily identifiable anatomy of the blacked-out dong-shape looks NSFW to me. The image only works as a comedic send-up of puritan sensibilities, not as any kind of actual self-censorship.

    • Shookster says:

      This is another one of those times where someone says something on the internet and I have no idea if it’s a nudge-nudge, wink-wink kind of thing or a “Cara, let me explain this to you,” kind of thing.

      Either way, I like that we’re using the word “dong” so much.

    • Gap Gen says:

      It leaves plenty to the imagination. Why, anything the size of a toblerone could be behind there. Is it a penis? Or is it a cucumber? Perhaps a family of tiny Borrower people, clinging for dear life as they swing to and fro. Perhaps it’s a womangina thing, or whatever those are. Or maybe there’s a forest of hair so dense a colony of lemurs lives there, jumping from folicle to folicle. Or maybe the fabled Third Genital, heard of only in the dusty lecture halls of the great medicine departments and in the tall tales of old, bearded muff divers and salty seamen. Or maybe it’s just another black rectangle, cunningly cached behind the first.

      • DrScuttles says:

        You may well joke, but the crux of the matter is that we crucially don’t know whether it has been circumcised or not. That unresolved question looms above my head, a black cloud colouring my every action until such time as the truth is unleashed upon this realm.
        Is there foreskin behind that censor bar? I, for one, must know.

      • Vinraith says:

        All we can say for sure is: It’s not a pickle.

    • Vinraith says:

      Yeah, I’m unbothered, but not-dong is still pretty NSFW, just like not-boobs would be with a thin black bar over the nipples or the like. If the problem is wanting to be able to read the site in an office environment, I can completely understand the complaint.

  10. Aaax says:

    Picked up the EA bundle and I’m pleasantly surprised by Battlefield 3. Pick it up!

  11. Iskhiaro says:


    • Cara Ellison says:

      Oh no! Someone has an identity! ON RPS! CALL THE WRITING POLICE! (ahem)

      • Jimbo says:

        You can throw your gender in my face any day, girrrlll

      • HothMonster says:

        Would you call the writing police? I would figure you had to send them a letter.

    • Gap Gen says:

      WAIT, IT’S A FLOCK OF MALE GEESE, FLYING IN WITH TRUNCHEONS oh no, sorry, that’s the *gander* police, false alarm everyone.

      • The Random One says:

        Where they really? I didn’t look at them very carefully, I only took a gander.

    • cog says:

      a ham?

    • John Walker says:

      I want you to go away and not read our website any more. Thanks.

      • Stillquest says:

        Somewhat of a dong move on your side, John?

        Like it or not, OP has a point, and you’re being a bit of a bully. I generally like Cara’s writing, but…

        [Edit: I’m not having this shit on my website – John]

        • Lewie Procter says:

          Volition started it.

        • Premium User Badge

          Buzko says:

          “her gender DOES tend to come up distressingly often in her posts – IMO, usually to their detriment.”

          What the actual fuck does that even mean? This site is about the writers’ personal reactions to games. If you want po-faced technical analyses or gushing retreads of official press releases or simple listings of what’s on sale this week, there are other sites which offer those things. If you want to avoid any chance of catching girl-germs from RPS by being exposed to Cara’s distressing gender, almost every post features the author’s byline, so you can just not read her posts. Accusing the site of bullying for reacting unfavourably to silly comments about gender is itself just silly. And not in a good way.

          Cara, please never change. Your perspective on things (including mentioning your gender) is refreshing, often educational and almost always hilarious. Thank you for another classic post.

        • cpugeek13 says:


          I want to hear what women think about gaming. Women are important to the industry, and their voice matters just as much as men. That said, both men and women can write pretty tasteless words. I think that Cara writing some much about penises in her articles does nothing towards making women more respected in the industry. If anything, I think it has the opposite effect, making her seem more shallow instead of insightful.

          • John Walker says:

            I’ll tell you what. I’ll edit my website, and you go away and stop dictating what women are and aren’t allowed to write. Good deal?

          • alteSocke says:

            Ha ha! Nice try, but your meek little +1s won’t save you! Only complete obeisence will do.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            John, that’s a great idea…. if men also stop being dictated to.

            So hows about it?…Stop your male writers giving editorial on how they personally feel about any given material and there will be no need to ‘bring to task’ your female staff for doing the same… because surely in the interests of equality you would stop your female staff doing the same also?

            Then we’ll all be happy… more dull, but presumably happier…. Oh wait.. nah, we’ll just find something else to bitch about.

            Either there are off colour comments or material on your site or there isn’t… but don’t have it one sided, presumably to redress past ‘wrongs’ by us evil men… That’s called ‘agenda’.

            I don’t give a fuck either way on the ‘argument’… but I’m not going to sit by and watch it become one-sided the other way.

        • Gap Gen says:


          • Stillquest says:

            This whole discussion stemming from a joke does make it seem rather pointless, doesn’t it? But I do want to answer Buzko:

            People differ in their level of tolerance for Gonzo style journalism. In my case, writers start losing me when I feel they moved from “writing about our perpective to X, what X made me feel” to “using X as a launching point to talk about ourselves”. It’s 100% a matter of personal taste. There’s no right or wrong there.

            But that’s all beyond the point: You’ll notice I didn’t call out Cara – as you’ve said, if I have THAT big of a problem with her style I should simply stop reading her – I called out John.

            When a site’s owner tells a reader to “stop reading us and go away, please”…. It IS bullying. It kills debate dead. It makes people afraid to voice contrary opinions. The very fact that criticizing Cara’s choice of style falls under Poe’s law should be telling enough.

            Unless of course John’s remark was ALSO made in jest…? In that case, I’ll wait until an official cynicism icon is adopted and enforced before ever posting again.

          • John Walker says:

            I find the views you previously expressed disgusting, and I’m under no obligation to host such nasty crap on my website. That you are unable to understand why posting on here to dictate what a woman is and isn’t allowed to write is wretched might rather be the problem. HTH.

          • Stillquest says:

            Where the hell did that “posting on here to dictate what a woman is and isn’t allowed to write” come from?

            Some people don’t appreciate Cara’s writing style. Some love it. It’s divisive. That much is fact. What you seem unable to grasp is that having an opinion on the matter doesn’t make one sexist. I regard Cara as a writer that HAPPENS TO BE a woman, yes? A generally fine writer, that tends to go on a bit too much about herself (Sorry, Cara! Constructive criticism!) for my liking. One of CARA’s favorite hooks is the whole “female gamer” schtick – but apart from that her gender has zero relevancy for me. I can say with confidence I’d feel the same towards her writing if she were male – question is, can you?

            Seriously, John, get off your high horse. You’re building strawmen so you could tear them down.

            EDIT: As you’ve chosen to edit out your “Let me bully you too, go away” opening line, I’ve amended the part referring to you as “not acting like a bit of a bully, but a huge one”.

          • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

            The relevant comment’s gone, but, c’mon, that’s the whole point of John Walker. Other people write about gender issues because they care about those affected by them – John Walker writes about them so he can show just how right-on he is.

            Obviously it doesn’t help – Walker’s self-serving frothing does nothing to actually change anyone’s opinion on the topic of gender, and we’re no closer to ‘dealing with’ the issues of a tiny minority of people who post bullshit on Cara’s articles, but clearly John Walker isn’t about ‘helping’ – hell, if too many people agreed with him then he wouldn’t be a martyr any more!

            Such a shame that RPS’ coverage of such an important issue is held hostage by Walker’s self-righteous, man-hating, 1980s Third Wave Feminism. I’d love to see people playing video games – unfortunately when Walker looks at somebody he only sees their chromosomes.

          • AndrewC says:

            ‘I am an evolved being to whom gender is IRRELEVANT, but I am still weirded out by a penis, so there’s that’.

            Cara’s milkshake really does bring them out to the yard.

          • Stillquest says:

            I actually take a somewhat kinder view of John here, Eduardo. You see, one of the best tells as to when a person cares deeply about something is them having no sense of humor about it. John really, really cares about gender issues – having done some archive diving, I realize how much so.

            Actually, it seems I also care deeply about something here, because my sense of humor seems to be gone as well. And I think I know what it is:

            The main problem with having extremely strong opinions about something is the sense of dichotomy it breeds. There’s no room for subtlety or true debate – either you’re with us or against us. Any contrary opinion is automatically tagged as Evil, morally reprehensible. The one you’re talking to never gets the benefit of doubt, arguments never discussed on their own merit: Any opinion that’s not in complete and total agreement with The Cause is obviously the thin veneer over a (poorly) hidden agenda for the Other Side. The slightest whiff of disagreement is grounds enough for violence – be it verbal, social, or physical.

            It is literally CATEGORICALLY impossible for someone to hold honest reservations – as the jabs from both Iskiharo and AndrewC so patently show.

            Happens a lot in politics where are I live, to everyone’s loss. Got me a healthy dislike to this phenomena.

            But why bother? There’s only one way out of my little faux pas here…

            I’ve seen the light, people! Just realized everything I said was an attempt to deny my deeply rooted misogyny, which I shall immediately proceed to tear out using the dullest knife I find. I throw myself at your mercy.

          • Gap Gen says:


          • Stillquest says:

            Yeah, well. This one I earned. :) I blame the whole “English as a second language” thing.

          • John Walker says:

            For those playing along at home, Mango’s comment falls under the third entry in Part Three here:

            link to

            No evidence for any of the ridiculous statements made, just a pretense that there’s a desire for this debate, if only it weren’t conducted by someone who they’ve made up is doing it for the wrong reasons.

            Stillquest – you’re still not getting that the comment of yours I deleted was not anything like the way you’re presenting yourself now. It was a patronising and offensive diatribe against Cara for writing about the fact she’s a woman. I will not tolerate that crap here. I’ve written about being a guy many times, and oddly enough not had people telling me off for it. Cara is allowed to write what she wants – you can say you didn’t enjoy it, but you cannot say she’s not allowed to do it.

          • Iskhiaro says:

            Ugh, now I really regret starting this. Mango’s post is vile!

          • dE says:

            No real way to distinguish I’m afraid.

            But there is? Ask questions first, shoot later. People from many different language heritages post here, plus humour or irony is hard to communicate without tone or gesture. I know from some of the responses you (John Walker) made to my posts, that I must have miscommunicated or you have misunderstood them with a resulting broadside from you, with no way to clear up the miscommunication. Maybe a bit of “benefit of the doubt” might work wonders in these instances. Maybe in the end, it turns out there aren’t nearly as many asshats around as you seem to think there are.
            That’s not to say there aren’t, it’s easy to scroll up in this instance for example, but friendly fire doesn’t help much either.

          • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

            Hi John!

            I didn’t say “RPS”, I said “John Walker”. RPS does some good work on gender, John Walker does excellent work shouting and screaming and turning people off the topic of discussing gender.

            John claims ‘no evidence’ thing because when somebody does bother citing examples, he’ll flatly refuse to venture into the comments section. It’s typically of his incredibly dishonest approach to this whole conversation. I could go link his posts, and go through them point by point, and he’d ignore it.

            Anyway – you carry on with your sixth-form grade activism, John – I’ll stick to actually discussing the topic with people, actually trying to help, actually trying to improve the situation for women (and men).

          • Stillquest says:

            John, hope it’s not against the site rules – but I call BS here. I remember the wording of my deleted comment pretty well, and the intention perfectly. There was NOTHING there that could be construed as a “diatribe” or for that matter, “shit”. I don’t know where you came up with the “shouldn’t be allowed” part of your response, as I’ve never written anything to that tone in my life and despise people who do.

            There was nothing there which I didn’t repeat in my later comments… I don’t do retcons. You see, I know where I stand with gender issues. We agree on one point though – try as I might, I can’t for the life of me see what prompted your reaction. I’d appreciate some clarification.

            * I said that Cara tends to put a lot of stress on her gender in her writings. I think that’s simply stating a fact. (BTW:That part also contained the single word I regret using and apologized for – I said she tended to do it “distressingly” often. A better way to translate my meaning would probably be “distractingly”).

            * I said it’s natural enough, being a woman in what’s still very much a “manly” profession. It’s a hook, and a good one. Fact is, a lot of people claim they like reading Cara exactly for that. Again, I fail to see anything offensive here.

            * I said it can be jarring, and some people find it annoying. John, read the comments. Once again, it’s a reflection of how things are. That’s the heart of the matter, though, isn’t it? I believe it can be a gender-natural reaction. You obviously see it as stemming from chauvinism. I’ll get back to that point in a minute.

            * I then opined your “Stop reading that site and go away” is too aggressive – a massive over-reaction for what I saw as a half-humorous,half-serious jab at Cara’s style. One I wouldn’t make myself – it’s impolite and somewhat offensive – but nothing I considered worthy of such an attack. The fact that the OP was actually trolling, and got us both… Well, I think it both vindicated my point and put it in a somewhat silly light.

            * I think I finished by referring to the Britney/Dong line as an example of a particularly distre…. I mean, DIVISIVE statement, and wondering if a comparable non-sequitur by one of the male writers about female genitalia/secondary sexual organs would pass muster. Yes, I was obviously insinuating that it won’t, as it would be (rightly) deemed crude and juvenile at best – and an example of sexist humor at worst. There IS criticism here… But it’s not aimed at Cara.

            I think women have just the same capacity as men to be stupid, silly, crude (Cara, please believe me, NONE of this part is in any way aimed at you! Well, apart from “crude”) or even downright nasty. Criticism aimed towards a woman doesn’t equate criticism towards women. Frankly, I believe anybody thinking otherwise is de-humanizing women just as much as the most strident chauvinist. It may be well meaning, but it’s patronizing.

            John, you can be as cynical or dismissive as you’d like, but I think you’re being WAY too trigger happy where gender issues are concerned. Ad hominem attacks aside, Eduardo does make one good point: There IS a lot of potential for interesting debate about gender roles in computer games and the computer industry. You’re killing it by going off like a bomb whenever somebody raises the issue.

          • John Walker says:

            Mango *could* evidence his nonsense statements, but he just won’t, because of the reason he’s just made up. But he definitely could.

          • John Walker says:

            Stillquest – you said before, and you’ve repeated again, that you find it “distressing”, “distracting” whatever, and not okay with you, that Cara refers to the fact that she’s a woman.

            If you cannot see why that – no matter the caveats that follow it – is problematic, and not the sort of crap I want said about my employees, then we have failed to communicate.

            And yes, you very patronisingly hypothesised that were a male writer have said something that it wouldn’t have been okay, and then based conclusions on that ludicrous assumption. Both the assumption, and the conclusions based on it, are gibberish, and the suggestion that Cara ‘gets away’ with things because she’s a woman is offensive to both her, and me. It’s such patriachal bullshit, this perspective that as a man you know better what a woman shouldn’t be writing.

            It’s also extremely troubling that you took the time to point out the one thing you think “Eduardo” got right, but no time to be horrified by the rest of his comments written in his perceived agreement with you.

            You might also want to take into account that your patronising instructions for how often a woman is allowed to refer to her sex appear in a thread where I’m deleting accounts for the sexually offensive remarks being made about our writer, and perhaps recognise the context in which your comments appear.

            Finally, your last statement is pretty impressively offensive. I’ve done a great deal to stimulate debate on such subjects on RPS, recently appeared on discussion panels at a conference on the subject, regularly take part in interviews, podcasts, and so on about it. I widely and passionately encourage this debate. It is not debate for people to post that Cara needs to stop saying she’s a woman, and criticising her writing based on her gender. THAT is not debate – that is chauvinism, and I will continue to police it. Go ahead and criticise Cara’s writing – you’ll notice (well, you won’t, but I can dream) that the comments critical of her style/prose/content are still in this thread, and others – but not based on her sex.

          • Stillquest says:

            John, seeing how you can kick out a 6 paragraph response in 3 minutes flat makes me feel like a heckler going against an insult comic. But I’m NOT going to back down from your increasingly slanderous attacks.

            Had a Sound Blaster as a kid? Remember Dr. Sbaitso? It was basically ELIZA with sound. You’d write a sentence, the program would respond. It took my 6 year old self a while to realize I was not having a real conversation. You see, the responses were based on keywords. Subjects were maintained, but all intention and meaning were lost.

            I’m getting an ever growing feeling you are not having this argument with me, you’re having it with the little straw closet-chauvinist in your head. You know the type: Realizes it’s not PC to reveal his actual views, can’t stop them coming out loud and clear from between the lines. Smart enough to somewhat veil his intentions, not enough to do it well?


            Hammer at every square peg long enough, it would fit in any shape hole – or is that a poor choice of words, considering the subject? – It seems you just spend enough time reading my comments to see how they can be best made to fit the cookie-cutter stereotype.

            You start by claiming I said it’s “not okay… that Cara refers to the fact that she’s a woman” and go on from there, which is so wrong-headed as to almost leave me speechless. You quickly proceed to infer that I believe I know better what “a woman should be writing” than herself. The Patriarchy. You’re on safe ground from there on, everything else I’ve written being “caveats”.

            Let’s see what you’ve done there, shall we?

            You took a statement referring Cara’s rather constant STYLISTIC CHOICE of using her gender as a hook – something that often works, sometimes not – and decided it can ONLY come from a dark and primitive world-view of gender roles and where women should be “allowed”. Repeated, horrified denials on my side go unheeded. Well, fair enough: keyword=”gender” context=”criticism of female writer”.

            You give lip service to the “stylistic criticism is OK” line, but it’s instantly belied by your response to it. Face it: According to your system, there’s NO WAY a man can criticize a woman talking about her gender, in ANY context, without it being a sure sign of chauvinism. Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if there’s any way a man can criticize a woman at all.

            My suspicions about Cara’s somewhat tasteless dong (gotta stop doing this) joke NOT being OKed for a male writer have nothing to do with her – certainly not with what is “proper for a woman to write” (Seriously, where did THAT come from?! The 19th century?) – and all to do with YOU. Considering the way you treat much milder and ambiguous texts that have to do with gender and sexism… I simply can’t imagine anything of the sort going on the site without you going completely ballistic. Patronizing? Hardly. I see it as an educated guess, surely less far fetched than the ones you made about me.

            Which segues nicely into your complaint of me… Not being horrified by Mango’s comment? I’ve reread it. It’s a rather scathing personal attack on you. Not my style, nothing to be horrified about either. You’ve hardly extended me the courtesy of treating my opinions – or myself, for that matter – with respect. Am I supposed be terribly aggrieved when someone else does it to you? In some ways, it was an interesting read as it at least suggests one way of interpreting where you’re coming from – something I frankly haven’t been able to do.

            You see, John, I feel like I’m in an argument with a Joe Pesci character. It’s not that you and I have that much of a difference in our world views, it’s just that you seem very, very determined to be offended.

            But it’s pointless, right? You’ve probably had this discussion – with many other square pegs – at least a hundred times.

            I think I see where our opinions DO differ, though. You’ll obviously assume me deluded or lying, but I’m one of the most ardent believers in gender equality I know. While you… Well, I don’t really know what you believe in, and unlike you I wouldn’t presume to guess. But you DO treat women differently than men, you know? Not necessarily in a good way, either. The way you leap to Cara’s defense, all ready to do battle, eager to take offense for semi-perceived slights… Does the need to constantly delete accounts created by sexist jerks put it in perspective? Certainly. Fully explain it? I’m not so sure.

            As for my claims your attitude towards the subject of gender roles is killing off debate – which was, incidentally, the main point of my censored OP – I stand by them. Perhaps we differ on what we define as “debate”…? I think It requires at least two sides, you see, both of them at least trying to listen. Both of them addressing each other’s actual points. Call it a wild guess, but I suspect there are a lot of people here with worthwhile opinions to share about the subject… That are simply cowed into silence. You’re indeed “policing” the discussion. Stasi-style.

            Well, took me WAY too long to write this. We do seem to agree there’s little chance of either of us convincing the other. I’ve nothing more to add.

            And by the way, Cara? Your piece about Tomb Raider? One of the best things published in RPS. Ever.

        • Wisq says:

          [Edit: I’m not having this shit on my website – John]

          Ooo! So frustrating! I love seeing wrongheaded people get slapped down by moderators, but actually editing the text away makes me immediately want to see what they said so I can see just what sort of wrongheadedness got them slapped down in the first place.

          I could claim it’s to learn from their mistakes or somesuch, but I imagine it’s really just the same sort of thing that makes people watch train wrecks with morbid fascination. Or at least, I’m guessing, since I haven’t ever had a chance to watch any actual train wrecks. But I imagine they’re morbid and fascinating.

          Ah well, I suppose I can imagine the worst. … … … Ugh! Horrible! Deleteitdeleteitdeleteit oh good.

          • Stillquest says:

            Forbidden fruit and all that. I aim to please. I tried re-iterating the main points I made above (from memory). You might be disappointed, though.

      • Winterborn says:

        I thought the OP was joking – the thought that he was not is a touch distressing.

        • jrodman says:

          With the way it is worded, it’s very hard to take seriously. non-ironic allcaps?

          • Iskhiaro says:

            For the record, I was joking. I thought that would be clear by the allcaps and (ahem) at the end. I was referring to the post a few months ago about how people were angry about cara’s thread because she was “throwing her gender/sexuality at people”. The fact that the post could have been taken seriously by anyone speaks wonders for the community of this site >_>. Cara is great, her gender has nothing to do with it.

          • drewski says:

            Think you ran into Poe’s Law there.

          • jrodman says:

            Yeah, a little googling and your post history pretty confirmed the sense of humor.

            I found it funny, at least.

          • John Walker says:

            Apologies then – as you can tell, such a comment is far too often not a joke from some of the revolting people who post here. No real way to distinguish I’m afraid.

          • Iskhiaro says:

            Not a problem at all John. I probably shouldn’t have posted it at all, as it seems to have brought out some of the people I was trying to mock >_> Hopefully these people are merely a vocal minority, and most people appreciate the journalists on the website for their opinions and not for gender, sexuality, race or any other irrelevant identifier.

          • AndrewC says:

            Compliments along the lines of ‘you are such a good writer it doesn’t matter that you are a woman’ do raise a chuckle in me but hey, we’re enjoying Cara’s writing, so we’re fine.

            In conclusion: I love the penis, and would like more penis.

          • jrodman says:

            @AndrewC: Are you commenting on Iskhiaro just above?

            Pretty sure that says “I think your writing is great and that your gender is not an important criterion for evaluation.”


            “I think your writing is great so I am fine with you being a woman.”

            as you *seem* to be implying? Or were you talking about our *friend* StillQuest?

            Personally I think gender is of some importance. Enough to celebrate participation from both genders in game making, game playing, and game-topic writing. But not so important as to dominate discussion on all such articles. But I know *why* that happens and I wish those people would stop.

      • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

        I could, but there’s evidently no point. I think you proved that well enough in your first reply to me, didn’t you?

        I objected to; your particular style of writing. You refer me to ‘point three’ of your list – shall we have a look at it?

        “Why are you writing about feminism on a GAMING site?” Did I say that? No. I think this is the perfect place for discussions of gender.

        “What happened to this site? You used to write about GAMES.” Any evidence I said that? Of course not!

        “You’re just trying to be a white knight/get laid.” Beg pardon? Didn’t say that.

        “Why don’t you talk about men’s issues?” Didn’t say that, either. I said that YOUR articles – those written by John Walker – imply a sexism to me, but that’s not complaining about ‘the lack of coverage of men’s issues’.

        “I know a girl who thinks X, so you are wrong.” Nope.

        “People are exaggerating on both sides.” Nope.

        “It’s just a bit of fun.” And nope.

        So someone disagrees with you, and you patronisingly, smugly, categorise their opinions in one of a half dozen boxes you’ve laid out. Obviously nothing I said falls into those boxes, but you don’t need to prove that, right? Evidence is for those of us who aren’t The Blessed John Walker.

        So why on earth would I, or anyone else who doesn’t agree with you 100%, even bother trying to get into a discussion with you? Someone disagrees with the grand Walker! Oh, I’m sure that’s covered in point three – he must be wrong, after all, he disagrees!

        I don’t require you – or anybody else – to agree with me. Opinions are made better when they’re challenged and nobody ever benefited from a mutual back slapping session – I just object to the way that you patronisingly dismiss anyone who disagrees with you, as if you were something more than some website columnist with some opinions.

        Edit – oops! Got it in the wrong place. I’m sure you can tell where it was supposed to go.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          “Other people write about gender issues because they care about those affected by them – John Walker writes about them so he can show just how right-on he is.”


    • dsch says:

      I’m fine with her gender. Just wish she’d stop writing like a teenager discovering sarcasm for the first time.

  12. Shookster says:

    Is that pic from the latest season of Venture Bros.? I haven’t watched it yet, but this makes me realize how badly I’ve missed it.

  13. LTK says:

    GetGames has a Devolver Digital sale on here:

    link to

    Includes all the Serious Sams, Hotline Miami, and a combination of Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Classic. Everything except the last is €5, so it’s nothing if not bargain bin priced.

    If you haven’t picked up Serious Sam BFE yet, now’s a great time.

  14. RaveTurned says:

    Is RPS Towers just another name for Castle Shotgun, or is one the town house and the other the country manor?

    • Cara Ellison says:

      They put me in a tower cos I was noisy.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      If Castle Shotgun is the immense Serehfa Fastness, RPS Towers is the orbital elevator Fast-Tower.

    • The_B says:

      Castles can totally have towers, and RPS is no exception. Then there’s the RPS Ramparts and Walker’s Moat.

      Never ask what’s in Walker’s Moat.

      • Chris D says:

        Is it filled with all the tears he shed while playing The Longest Journey?

        • Skabooga says:

          As well as the dead bodies of all those he has failed to heal.

      • AlmostPalpable says:

        What about Roy Castle? Man, he deserved a tower or two, towers of respectitude.

        • RProxyOnly says:

          Dedication….. Dedication…. Dedication, that’s what it needs.

      • The Random One says:

        The RPS Ramparts is where you ask whether or not games are Ramparts.

    • buzzmong says:

      I’ve a theory that RPS Towers is just an extension to Castle Shotgun, but due to time/space complexities of which only Horace can understand, they’re in physically difference places, even though there are doors in both which lead to one another, hence the interchangable use.

      I don’t dare ask about the dungeon though.

  15. Decimae says:

    Also of note: Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 platinum for $5 (Steam): link to

  16. Ahkey says:

    I think Gone Home might be a Brighton Hot Chocolate cheaper direct from the dev (£11.50) than on Steam (£13.50).

  17. Scelous says:

    What is that first picture from? Is that a show?

    • freakoftheuniverse says:

      That’d be The Venture Brothers, from the episode “What color is your cleansuit?”

  18. tossrStu says:

    The lead track from that Annie EP has THE most amazing video.

    • Paul B says:

      Just checked out that Annie A&R EP on Spotify after the video recommendation – it’s rather good – and I’m glad I did. Hate to admit that the last track of hers I listened to was “I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me”, but it’s good to hear she’s still putting out good stuff.

  19. thekeats1999 says:

    Got the Origin Humble Bundle but already have The Sims 3 and the two expansions. It’s my sister, honest. Anyway, here are the keys if anybody wants them.

    The Sims 3:-

    High End Loft Stuff

    Late Night

    Battlefield 3 Origin Key

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Just FYI, I doubt you’re supposed to use the Origin keys and Steam keys as if they were separate. They do say that they’re for your personal use only, and even with EA I don’t think it’s too great to be double-dipping by sharing your Origin keys while using your Steam keys.

      • thekeats1999 says:

        Fair point. Removed all the ones I have used personally (if they still exist). The others I have no intention of using and couldn’t double dip even if I wanted to.

        • jezcentral says:

          Are the codes not the same? I always “back-up” my EA games on Origin, using the CD keys I’m given on Steam.

    • Koozer says:

      Just so people know, the Late Night and Loft Stuff keys have gone!

    • strangeloup says:

      Took the Battlefield 3 code, cheers sir :)

      Edit: Or I would have if EA’s system wasn’t retarded. It says ‘Hey this is a code for Battlefield 3!’, click Next and it says ‘oh wait actually it’s been used’.

  20. wild_quinine says:

    comparatively very good price for saints row IV, but a bit of a risky key reseller, ain’t it?

    Lewie’s a lot more reserved about it on Savy, than Cara is on RPS…

  21. Tacroy says:

    Oh my god that reminded me of Stars!

    I still think it’s the best 4x strategy game ever made. It’s what Endless Space, Sword of the Stars, GalCiv and StarDrive want to be when they grow up.

    Pity the graphics are literally nonexistent.

    I wonder if I still have it lying around somewhere…

    • Bugamn says:


      Such a great game. Once I’ve searched the nets for a place to find it. I’ve found a copy bundled with win 3.11 so it can be played on dosbox, together with keys to run. It seems the original developer doesn’t sell it anymore.

    • Gap Gen says:

      “Oh my god that reminded me of Stars!”

      Open the comment bay door, Tacroy.

  22. Liudeius says:

    The Indie Royale bundle was already over before this was posted.

  23. Sirbolt says:

    I refuse to believe that Jacques “Le Coq” Grande has a small todger.

  24. kalirion says:

    Groupees Build a Meridian4 MegaBundle

    27 Meridian4 published games of varying quality, pick which ones you want, 3 for $1. Unlocked bonuses are added to each purchase.

    I’m too lazy to list them all, but Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood and Scratches: Director’s Cut are supposed to be pretty good.

    For those who are interested 3 of the games have Steam Trading Cards which may or may not pay for those games once sold on Steam Marketplace:

    Stellar Impact
    Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
    Trapped Dead

    • Ross Angus says:

      I came here to post that. It’s also got some bargain basement Soviet FPSs.

      • Jorum says:

        I can tell you Stalin’s Subway is quite an experience – so unbearably bad quality it’s kind of interesting/funny

      • Gap Gen says:

        I love the idea of Soviet-era FPS and Facebook games.

  25. Premium User Badge

    iris79 says:

    Cara, yr getting up to Daria level coolness these days

  26. rockman29 says:

    Damn, I read this all wrong… totally thought there was some Carmageddon deal here… lol.

  27. Gnoupi says:

    For the next day, you can also find Europa Universalis 4 for a ridiculous price (around £13) on Nuuvem : link to

    Works good, gives you a Steam key, and takes Paypal.
    The only issue is feeling guilty for paying so little.

    • drewski says:

      The good news is that your guilt will evaporate after Paradox make you pay for the patches.

      • innokenti says:

        Yeah, they don’t actually do that… (I can add an ‘anymore’ if it makes you happier)

    • melnificent says:

      Made my weekend, thank you :)

  28. Phantom_Renegade says:

    I really don’t get why Simcity isn’t in there, I think the Sims 3 is probably more expensive to them since people actually buy that. Also, I’d totally get Simcity if it was a dollar. If that dollar was going to charity and not to the people who fucked up Simcity.

    • Wisq says:

      I imagine it has something to do with a) not destroying their servers with another rush of sales, and b) not having to effectively pay for each user with ongoing hosting costs for giving something away for free.

      Sure, (b) describes Origin itself, and the whole point of the bundle is to act as marketing for Origin, but at least that’s a platform upon which they expect people to buy additional games.

    • fish99 says:

      Well, Sims 3 base game won’t be selling anymore, but by giving that away they can sell a ton of expansions. As for Sim City, as much as us informed folk may hate all the DRM nonsense and may have boycotted the game, I fancy it’s still selling decently to the less well informed. It’s just too early to go in the HB.

    • IonTichy says:

      For me it’s simple: the game is too recent

      BF3: they don’t care, BF4 is coming out and they count on a mass migration of current BF3 players
      DS3: not selling anyways, so the inclusion into the bundle is a marketing improvement for that game
      Sims 3: nobody cares about sims (or do they?!)

      Sim City? Hell no, better pay up!

  29. Leb says:

    What are us colonists supposed to do without prices in dollars? Injustice! Down with the Queen!

  30. Premium User Badge

    zapatapon says:

    DROD RPG is on PWYW (min 1$) at link to

    Haven’t tried it yet, but will definitely grab it — I suppose at that price it should be worth the investment for anyone having at least a passing interest in the DROD series.

  31. DarkMalice says:

    Very happy with the cheaper Space Hulk, cheers!

  32. The Random One says:

    I spent this last two weeks doing double takes on every RPS article thinking it was Cara’s and now that I read an article by her I didn’t recognize her! Aaaaaaah

    • Gap Gen says:

      I remember a while ago someone made a JavaScript plugin that stripped the bylines and allowed you to play a guessing game of who wrote a given article and scored you at the end. No idea how you’d find it again or if it’d still work, though.

    • Cara Ellison says:

      The girl on the right hand of the picture looks so much like me it gave John the weirds, if you ever want to know what i look like

  33. Hulk Handsome says:

    Nice SimCity burn, but not as nice as burning a copy on EA’s front lawn.

    Also, thanks for the morning dong.

  34. drewski says:

    More variety in Saints Row IV dong pics plz.

  35. nemryn says:

    If only every day could be the Carapocalypse.

  36. RProxyOnly says:

    If males are tackled about being sexist, then isn’t it sexist not to tackle females when they are guilty of it?

    Surely males being brought to task for something isn’t a signal for females to think they can now get away with it… So if I have to put up with bitching and moaning about how it’s incorrect to show scantily clad females in inadequate armour, then I shouldn’t have to put up with crap like this…We know this kind of thing is in SR4 from a previous article, it’s redundant and a bit dumb to reiterate it..The prick itself doesn’t offend me, the double standard does.

    Either stop, as a site, commenting on lack of PC in other places, or stop showing crap like this, you can’t have it both ways. Equality means equal, not “we’ll swing to the other side of inequality for a while.”

    • 7Seas says:

      Oh piss off you twat. Is it just me or it a huge red flag every time someone starts referring to “females”.

      • DrScuttles says:

        Yes, but being a massive nerd I couldn’t help but read their post in the voice of a Ferengi.

      • RProxyOnly says:

        What would you prefer? “Bitches”?

        Anyway, why wouldn’t I use the word female, if I’m also willing to use the word male.

        You fucking idiot… Either make a point or stop sniffing your own farts.

    • drewski says:

      I think it unlikely the naked guy is in the game purely to satisfy the female gaze, nor has it been displayed here for that purpose, so no, it isn’t a double standard.

      • jrodman says:

        Also let me know when naked dudes like this are in a majority of games.

      • RProxyOnly says:

        And in the majority of games where females are supposed to be portrayed in an unacceptable manner, it’s not done to titillate males, IT’S SIMPLY AN ART DIRECTION CHOICE, not everything has an agenda behind it…

        However if we aren’t even allowing that… then it shouldn’t be allowed to go the other way AT ALL.. So called ‘equality’ isn’t an opportunity for females to get their own back for a while… that’s not the meaning of the word, it means neither gets it.

        It’s all just fucking hypocrisy.

        All of the furor over the hot coffee patch and THIS kind of thing is now a feature.. The hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.

    • melnificent says:

      I love seeing this argument come up again and again. It’s not fair if you do to us what we do to you. A couple of years ago I would agree with you, but you just don’t see it.
      Sexism is something that needs a spotlight shining on it. It’s so pervasive that you are bombarded with it, wether you realise or not.

      National newspapers with naked women every day (no covering either), none with naked men in….. and society doesn’t even blink, it’s normal. But you put up one picture of a half naked man and the world goes into meltdown.

      Tried playing a game online? How many times has a gamer online threatened to rape you or “f**k you then slit your throat”? or even get you pregnant and kick the…. you know what finish that sentence yourself,….. Corporations don’t really care about that as those in charge are unlikely to play online or even have been exposed to that sort of abuse if they do….. being you know, mainly male.

      In hot weather have to think hard about wether to wear something abit shorter as it will attract unwanted attention because there are lots of men that think anything around the knee or higher is an open invitation to flirt if your lucky, and follow you home if they REALLY don’t understand no (more than you think)…. society accepts that this is the norm. How many times have you heard “If she wears that then what does she expect?”. How many men get told that?

      Call of Dutys big news this week is a good example of games industry sexism…. article after article after article on how one of the major changes is being able to play as a woman. Because it’s not standard male fantasy territory.

      Check the comments section on articles by female writers, you will find them far more comments about looks, and their gender than from male writers.

      I gave up online play about a year ago on consoles as the sexism and abuse when exposed as either female or trans was finally too much. And ignoring it only goes so far.

      Shining a light on it be throwing it back makes you feel uncomfortable. Good, it’s a shame it’s so minor compared to what happens on a daily basis for most women and women gamers and writers even more.

      But you know what , this is just the tip of the iceberg. Try a month from the other side of the looking glass. You will be a changed person, and realise that what you thought you knew about sexism was either completely wrong or a tiny, tiny part of what happens in society as a whole and particularly in the gaming sector.

      Women had to take to the street to get the vote, that’s how much worse things used to be. Seen as less than human. Alot of the time things only seem to have got better on the statute books since then.

      • alteSocke says:

        Wait, lemme get this straight. Are you saying that two wrongs make a right?

        • melnificent says:

          Well naked pictures aren’t wrong are they? Or else there wouldn’t be any “lads mags” and page 3.

          There is a constant barrage of sexism direct towards women that has made it seem normal to most people. Calling people out for sexism generally gets nowhere except an even worse stream of abuse.
          Take for example greeting a stranger…. If it’s a man probably sir, mate or at a push ask for a first name. If it’s a woman then babe, duck, darling, love are the initial greetings from most men. It’s so ingrained in society to use pet names for women strangers that even though it’s belittling it is seen as “normal”.

          How about kids? Talking to a boy is “what are you doing?” to a girl it is the more common “You/that looks nice/pretty/beautiful”. One is encouraging discussion from the child on their behaviour/area of interest the other is saying you are an object and the first thing people care about is how you look, and that is the most important thing.

          Holding a mirror up to those frankly ancient attitudes seems to be the only method that gets a debate going that doesn’t belittle women.
          But even then you disregard the sexism that is all around and lots of examples I gave you to focus on wether a ingame picture of a naked man (sans penis) on a specialist news site is the same as naked photo of a real woman in a national paper. Really? That’s what you took, not the online abuse, not the real world abuse, not the lengths that were gone to to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law (vote).

      • Fred S. says:

        Now wait just a minute. I never did any of that to anyone, so when did it become OK to do it to me just because I’m a guy? Because some other guy somewhere did it? This is what identity politics does to people.

        • melnificent says:

          Sadly that’s what happens when dealing with numbers larger than one.

          I’m not saying anyone on here has done any of the above, just that’s my experience, the same as yours is one of tolerance :)

          On the plus side switching to PC did drop that online abuse to a more manageable level (though still higher than none). My daughter thankfully has had no abuse to date in online gaming…. though I know that it will only be a matter of time.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            I wondered why your posts were so obviously female biased, you seem to think it’s acceptable to make excuses for females to be able to act in a manner that is frowned upon for a male…. THEN I SAW IT..

            “My daughter, online, abuse”…. yeah dear, that’s not sexism that’s the fucking internet.

          • melnificent says:

            Dear…. really?!! Do you speak to most people you don’t know in such familiar terms?

            And this is the problem, how can abuse be normal? You just disregard it as though it’s always been that way. In 30 years online things have changed alot, it’s only in the last few that abuse has become a social norm. What is wrong with speaking out against it? What is wrong with holding a mirror up to it? Is this a case of getting too close to your comfort zone. Why should anybody expect abuse as a normal thing? Why should women expect it more than men? When did you last get followed home by a woman you didn’t know because “you look fit you know”?

            It’s only taken one of the biggest franchise 10 years to realise that maybe they have been abit sexist by never having a playable female soldier model until now. Now this is undoubtedly a good thing, but it ranked as less important to tell people than the dog…. the dog made E3 back in June, Women made a PR this week. Still so much growing up to do and sexism to shed.

            But hey focus on the mirror being bad as it shows a reflection that isn’t palatable to your sensibilities and superiority complex.

          • Wisq says:

            that’s not sexism that’s the fucking internet

            And this doesn’t strike you as a problem? Something that should maybe be addressed? Perhaps starting by influential websites drilling it into people that there’s more than one gender online and they shouldn’t abuse other people based on those people not being the accepted majority gender?

          • jrodman says:

            I’m tired of people trying to blame their subhuman behavior on “the internet”. In the early 90s, the internet was already hosting conversations from people around the entire globe, and yet it was a fairly civil place, if somewhat argumentative. The tcp/ip protocol did not force people to start acting like assholes. They brought that with them.

          • RProxyOnly says:


            Of course it’s a problem.. but one that has to be dealt with separately from any “-isms”

            It’s when distinction are not drawn that the problems arise.

            The ‘net abuse’ issue cannot, and must not, be claimed as an umbrella issue for other problems.. Anyway, at the end of the day if you don’t like how the net is treating you you can always turn it off, or cease frequenting the offending sites, so in that regard people are entirely in control of the amount of ‘abuse’ they wish to suffer.


            I agree, but on the other hand you can’t then go and blame the internet for shit that you know can happen. The internet has become as sewer.. we know this, either fix it or don’t but don’t blame it for other issues, because those other issue were prevalent long before the net.

            @melnificent Yes, dear, but only in a patronising manner.

            You know the abuse exists as well as I do… why bitch about it? Just stay away from the site. If you stick your hand in a door and then close it you can’t blame the door for getting hurt. The internet is the same, if you wish to indulge there is always going to be a certain amount of shit to wade through… and that is NOT going to change without oversite over the net and that MUSTN’T happen.. so either get over it or stop using it.. however I’m sure there are corners of the web where abuse is not so prevalent, perhaps it would behoove you to seek those out for your daugther.. However if shielding you daughter from such elements is a priority, and I CERTAINLY do think it should be.. then perhaps monitored usage or even no usage at all would be more desirable until she is of such an age where she is able to understand the context of the net.. and may not be so harmed by it (I say that in all honestly.)

            I’m not saying that YOU do, however the amount of children just allowed to run riot on the net with no supervision is the most frightening issue of all………Parents that don’t give a fuck… there is your problem, not the internet, because like it or not.. most the issue we rail against, just like here are the result of immature children, online gaming is one of the biggest area of abuse and it’s also the biggest draw for children… At the end of the day it’s an evolution of playground behavior… and they were brutal places in my day, and the cause was the same.. Parents who don’t give a fuck.

        • RProxyOnly says:

          Don’t you know that’s what women do?..They go seeking ‘bad lads’.. they get burned then bemoan that all guys are bastards.

          Females DO regularly blame men for the sins of other men… also, have you ever heard them when they get into a crowd of their own?.. have you heard how they talk about men? have you ever seen how they act at a ‘women’s night out’. If they were to be judged on the general behaviour of their gender, as males are, they would be vilified FAR worse than men. We are just as much meat to them as we are accused of treating them as….. There is NO equality on either side, just this fucking loud noise.

          I know just as many sexist females as I do sexist males….. The whole argument is fucking stupid..It SHOULD come down to degree of PERSONAL insult and then THAT can be dealt with but it doesn’t for females it’s ‘insult one, insult all.” and it’s getting that way with the bacon, lettuce and tomato crowd too.

          The insistence of entitlement to personal rights (I’m not talking about the REALLY obviously important rights, I’m talking about someone hearing a random comment that they decide to take offense at.. which is what ‘sexism’ ultimately comes down to THESE DAYS, because it’s swiftly rooted out in any other form..) is just as damaging to a society as the so called ‘abuse’ itself… Abuse is abuse for EVERYONE, it’s not gender based.

          The sooner we all realise that the world doesn’t revolve around our own ‘personal’ feelings, the sooner we can get on with creating somewhere that is suitable for BOTH genders, not just the fucking loudest.

          I’ll end the post with this thought.

          Are there any males out there in a relationship with a female, who would discuss the size of their partners tits, how big her hole is or how good she is in the sack?.. NO, guys don’t discuss these things with other guys.. apart from anything else, it’s personal…Women think NOTHING of divulging personal things like that to other women and they all have a good laugh too, it’s normal for them and EXPECTED, women are expected to dish the dirt to other women.. That’s what women get up to behind their guys backs.. I’ve seen and heard it.. from strangers and from people I know. So no-one has any grounding to stand up and shout ‘Sexism’, because EVERYONE is guilty of it…and they have been from the dawn of time.

          • AndrewC says:

            Could you keep it down? Being a bit loud there.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            No louder than either of the other two sides of the arguement.

            However if that’s all you can think of saying about my post, then I’ll consider it could have been worse.. I will say though that your comment didn’t really amount to much, and could well be seen as being a waste of time.

            EDIT..@ AndrewC…(to the comment below me) At least I said something.. you said NOTHING.

          • AndrewC says:

            Yes, that really was all I have to say about your post.

          • Cara Ellison says:

            I don’t know if this will make you more angry or less, but I thought I should try and help anyway. Anything to help change someone’s mind. link to

          • Fred S. says:

            It’s not going to help. “Male privilege” is a lie. Can you change your mind, Cara? Are you open to that?

          • RProxyOnly says:

            Cara, if that’s all it ever came down to, was women discussing women issues.. then fine, I doubt anyone could call that sexist… As for being angry Cara.. well, yes I suppose I am, it’s burns my arse when EITHER side claim’s subjugation.. because it’s not true in the least.

            What IS sexist though is for women to downcry the behaviour of men, whilst doing the exact same, and I know for a fact they DO do the same thing, together, in groups as a matter of course.

            As for the definition of ‘feminist’…we’ll that’s up for debate.. BUT, in my own PERSONAL experience feminist means rampant, mad and foaming at the mouth, I’ve never come across someone self-descibed as a feminist who hasn’t been a batshit crazy man hater… Maybe that’s something women should talk among themselves about.

            However do you notice that there is no male equivalent of a feminist?.. not even now with all the splintering of our society and everytime someone has tried to set up a ‘male point of view’ is always been met with scourn or amusement, or just simply marginalised….. There’s sexism right there in a nut shell, as dictated by society. And let’s not get into the situation over children… gays and females have far more chance of getting ‘rights’ over children than fathers are.

            So until all the issues are sorted, the whole Sexist argument is pointless and redundant.. anyway for TRUE equality men would have to have the ability to give birth, without that there will never be true equality because one gender will always have a form of control over the other… Sort out the big stuff, and the small stuff will see to itself.

            EDIT.. and yes, FredS, ‘male privilege’ has been a lie since the 80’s.

          • dE says:

            However do you notice that there is no male equivalent of a feminist?

            Well, Men’s Right Activists. If you’re strictly talking about a counterpart to radical feminists. Actually there are some of those around. With any radical group however, any valid point they have is drowned in a sea of tinfoil hat nonsense. What can I say, radicals don’t do progress.
            But don’t let the internet fool you. It suffers from a very basic problem. It’s easier to see the idiots and assume everyone else agrees with them. This comic illustrates that problem quite well and should be mandatory reading in my humble opinion.

            If you want to engage in progress, you need to look at real-life. Search for groups that discuss these things, actively engage for equality. You’ll find a lot of women there quite sympathetic to mens problems too. Personally, I don’t believe in internet change. While the internet changed a lot of lifes, all it does is let people vent anger and frustration. To the point where they no longer have the energy to get up outside of it.

          • RProxyOnly says:


            And I know men who are sympathetic to the female pov also… that just proves that people are more alike, and have more alike issues, as the next person. Which is probably the crux of the pov that people should get their head around before arguing one way or the other.

            As for the men’s rights group.. yes there are (I admit my error when I said there wasn’t, you were right to bring me to task for his).. however, do you also think that they are represented equally within the media at large. I don’t.. ‘Women’s issues’ get FAR more air time than ‘Men’s issues’ ….. and all this does is bring us full circle.. The unequal ‘sex’ issue is unbalanced for both side in a multitude of issues, so at the end of the day, no one gender has the intrinsic right to bitch about how they are ‘put upon’.

          • dE says:

            This is odd, might be a national thing – western europe here.
            Most of the issues I can think off, are being publically adressed. Stuff like mandatory military service, lower life expectency and male health issues in general, chances of men in child custody lawsuits, the whole men equals suspect idea, reputation of men in decidedly “female” jobs… it’s all frequently brought up – even on the braintrasher apparatus (TV) and there was progress made as well.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @RProxyOnly –

            I don’t think you quite understand what people like melnificent actually are complaining about. They are not complaining about men talking about breast size, and despite your insistence that men don’t discuss and I quote “size of their partners tits, how big her hole is or how good she is in the sack”, it turns out that they do – see “bucket vag”, “enormous tits” and “she’s a right goer” to start you on your journey of discovery on what men discuss between themselves.

            What melnificent is complaining about is three specific things.

            1) The underlying tone of sexism in society. Don’t believe it exists? Reply to 1000 jobs with 2 nearly identical job applications, the only difference being the gender on the form. Add up the interviews offered to men and women. Look at the number of men and women on the board of the FTSE100. 83% Men. You yourself pointed out a brilliant example of societies underlying sexism, where you pointed out that women are far more likely to be granted rights after the end of a relationship. The problem is that people believe that your gender outlines a role – Women are expected to be a child carer, men are expected to be career focused. Women are expected to do the school run, men are often bullied at groups for children, women are encouraged to play with dolls, men are encouraged to play with cars and on and on. This is not an issue of one side vs the other, we all experience this kind of sexism on a day to day basis and if you roll with the role society dictates your gender should do, your life is easier than if you buck the trend and try to be a career woman or a male nurse or be a father at a baby sing-along etc. Now don’t get me wrong, there are bigger problems in society and things have improved greatly for both genders but this was mostly down to the actions of people who describe themselves as feminists. Feminism has done a lot for men too, trust me, I’ve seen Fathers not let in to baby sing-alongs not so many years ago.

            2) Women are abused online and the abuse is disproportionate to gender. Now your rebuttal of this is that men get abused too, but quite frankly, the difference is night and day. Project Gotham was the first game I played with a voice changer built into it. It enabled me to play games online again because I could give myself a voice most people assumed was male. The difference was night and day. If I created or joined a game with my natural voice, I would not get an hour of play in before I was driven offline due to the outrageous behaviour. I would have been abused and bullied to the point that I would be in tears. With a mans voice, this was not the case – yes I would get what I consider smack talk but it never got out of hand, it never upset me and it never drove me offline. Furthermore, when I gave smack talk back, people laughed and gave me thumbs up – as a female, if I dared to try smack talk, I would get negative feedback reported to XBox live and a pile on of people joining in. I am not talking about isolated incidents either, I am talking about decades of online gaming experience across nearly every platform capable of voice chat and I have seriously considered writing some voice changing software for a Raspberry Pi and slinging it in between my mic and my PC because so many games don’t have this feature built in! That’s not even getting on to the creepy wierdos who stalk you, trying to chat you up.

            3) The entire games industry being geared towards a male audience. I get it, I really do – A game comes out, say with a mutilated torso special edition and the internet seems to go utterly insane about it, calling is misogynist and sexist. You’re there, having been looking forward to said game, knowing that you are neither sexist or misogynist and scratching your head – You want the torso, you think it’s cool, what’s wrong with a bit of titilation anyway?

            Well nothing, and you’re not a misogynist for wanting said torso either. What people are upset about is that another game made for men is out and there’s no reason why it should be. Killing zombies on an island resort can be successfully marketed in a gender neutral way, so it seems that it is unnecessary to market it at men. You can’t blame the people who made the marketing though – they know their trade and they know what sells. The fault goes back to point one, the underlying sexism in society and who buys what. Society assumes that women don’t want to play zombie games and so market them to men, men buy zombie games and enjoy them. The next games look at the limited information on who bought zombie games and make the decision to market them towards men. And so on and so on. So you can’t blame the devs, you can’t blame men who enjoy the game and the marketing, you can’t blame the women who don’t want to play the game. There is no blame here but that doesn’t stop people getting angry about it. The question is, if people get angry about it and we can’t point to one problem to change the situation, what can we do? Well, honestly keep raising awareness, keep being noisy about women gamers wanting to play the same games male gamers want to play and slowly but surely we will give the idea that all games are for women too some momentum. Hell, 10 years ago, no-one though there were pensioners who wanted the internet – a decade later and the grey revolution is in full swing. My grandmother, who is over 100 refused to go on a cruise without free wifi last week and is trawling the web for smart phone reviews because she doesn’t like the apple app store.

            If I could wrap this up, I would say that there are women who want to play games and they don’t appreciate that games are so centred around men. It makes them angry because there are so few games which are either gender neutral or made specifically for them. If you want do do something about this, if you want to help, all you have to do is buy the games you want to play regardless of which gender the avatar is, look past the marketing and not allowing gender issues to cloud your view. If you feel that games are better when the men are powerful and the women are pretty (and there’s nothing wrong with that) then accept that until really good games come regularly out where women are not sexualised but powerful and men are sexy window dressing, people will be making noise about it. If you object to that noise, people will naturally assume that you are objecting to the idea of the games they want and will think you are sexist. Calling women “dear” and saying some of the other silly things you’ve said doesn’t help your cause either, nor does referring to sides and saying that you are on the opposing side. If you are genuinely not sexist, then the people making the noise are on the same side as you because surely you understand what it feels like to be marginalised and made to feel unwelcome and surely you don’t want that in your hobby?

          • Hulk Handsome says:

            “Are there any males out there in a relationship with a female, who would discuss the size of their partners tits, how big her hole is or how good she is in the sack?.. NO, guys don’t discuss these things with other guys”

            This one made me laugh. You must not get out much if you think this. Guys do this ALL THE TIME. Go down to a pub one night and just listen to some of the conversations among groups of men. And believe me, they’re a lot more demeaning to women than when women talk about men in that way.

        • Chris D says:

          Fred S., R Proxy

          It’s odd how both of you are so oblivious the fact that both of you are loudly denying the existance of sexism while both of you are grade A exhibits of premium level misogyny.

          Fred, I see you wen’t with the unfounded assertion followed up by the insistence that the person you were patronising be the bigger person.

          R Proxy, it’s hard to know where to begin with the stream of bullshit you just posted, which is only the latest in the river of crap that has been spewing out of your arse all day. but let’s just take your final paragraph where you state the nonsense that sexism is inevitable because men can’t give birth. You follow it up by saying that one side will always have control and that’s what this is really about. You’ve made it quite clear that you don’t give a damn about attempting equality, you just want control to stay with your side.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            The inequality of male representation in custody hearings is a MASSIVE part of the overall issue, you can’t talk about sexism without including that.

            As for….”Control to stay with MY side”.. Lol.. That is EXACTLY what I’m talking about, there IS no equality to be had in the first place…. it’s all utterly subjective to the individual.

            And please point out how everything else I’ve said is bullshit too.

            You don’t just get to call ‘bullshit’ and walk away… That’s not making any point, that’s making throw away comments.

            So please…. elaborate.

          • Fred S. says:

            “Unfounded assertion”, oh right, because I didn’t paste in the same links I’ve pasted in before, and because Google has suddenly failed to return search results on the phrase “male privilege is a lie”.
            But of course those would all be misogynist websites, wouldn’t they?

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Yeah, most are just thinking, “bullshit” and walking away without posting.
            Dude, you just ranted like an evangelical trying to convert us to his religion. We can call BS but don’t expect us to point out each little crazy thing you said.

          • JohnS says:

            “Yeah, most are just thinking, “bullshit” and walking away without posting.”

            For the record, this is absolutely true.

          • Chris D says:

            Here are some other things you said.

            “If males are tackled about being sexist, then isn’t it sexist not to tackle females when they are guilty of it?”

            “Either stop, as a site, commenting on lack of PC in other places, or stop showing crap like this, you can’t have it both ways. Equality means equal, not “we’ll swing to the other side of inequality for a while”

            “However if we aren’t even allowing that… then it shouldn’t be allowed to go the other way AT ALL.. So called ‘equality’ isn’t an opportunity for females to get their own back for a while… that’s not the meaning of the word, it means neither gets it.”

            Lets contrast them with another thing you said. ” there IS no equality to be had in the first place…. it’s all utterly subjective to the individual.”

            You appeal to equality when it suits you but you don’t believe a word. It’s just a tool for you to get your way.

            What you ignore is that none of this exists in a vacuum. Women have been oppressed for thousands of years. That has lessened somewhat in recent times but it’s a fuck of a long way from gone. Men don’t have to endure the abuse hurled at Christine Hepler or Anita Sarkeesian. Men do get raped sometimes but we don’t have to live with the threat of it constantly nor do we get told it was all our fault if it does happen. Men aren’t judged constantly on their appearance. Men don’t get told to shut up just for mentioning what sex they are.

            So no, showing a naked man isn’t the same as showing a picture of a naked woman. One highlights the existence of an oppressive system, the other perpetuates it. Those with less power punching up is not equivalent to those with more power stamping down.

            You want to bring up custody hearings. That’s not about women oppressing men. That’s about the same restrictive gender roles that harm women also harming men. That’s the irony you seem incapable of grasping.

            Feminism helps men too.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            ChrisD.. So by even bringing up a different point of view I validate myself as being part of the problem? LOL….

            For the entire length of the ‘sexism’ argument, it’s been entirely the focus of the female side of that arguement, it would be absurd to deny this. Sexism doesn’t mean equality, not in realistic terms, it has come to mean the female pov in that issue THROUGH PRACTICE… of course I have have the ability of pointing out the inequality of the other side.. I have a fucking brain in my head (it’s those who argue against the veracity of that who are perhaps not in touch with both sides).. it’s blatent to see that things aren’t exactly as some would have us believe… When more notice can be taken of ‘inappropriate armour’ and how women feel about it, rather that how the SYSTEM encourages an opposite side of the sexism arguement, then the whole arguement become useless and a waste of time..

            You also seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that I’m promoting the male POV.. well you see that’s subjective again..what I AM doing is pointing out that both side have their issues and as I am a male I am pointing out how I see it and how it affects my gender. Surely if a female is allowed to show support for her gender on issues that perhaps haven’t directly affect her then I am equally entitled to do the same… Or are men not allowed a pov or allowed to bring it up with out being called sexist, especially when it’s in answer to how women feel they are the hard done by gender?.. It’s absurd not to point this out and could hardly be called ‘open’ that being the case.

            “You want to bring up custody hearings. That’s not about women oppressing men. That’s about the same restrictive gender roles that harm women also harming men. That’s the irony you seem incapable of grasping. ”

            And sexism isn’t always about men v women.

            It’s the system that’s in place that also ‘promotes’ it one way or the other. It’s not a ground floor issue this reaches to highest levels of our society. As it’s all part of the same issue, you can’t separate it… There IS NO irony there.. that’s the way it is, IT’S TOUGH ON BOTH SIDE.. this constant assertion that it’s only women who are put upon is ridiculous.. the only time I see ‘sexism’ shouted is when it affect females… How is that equal?

            And why the fuck can’t I call a spade a fucking shovel, when I see it… or is that something else I’m not supposed to be doing?

            Can’t you see that NONE of your are contributing anything, all you are doing is automatically agreeing with one side of an arguement (I’m also inclined to believe that some people just don’t HONESTLY speak their mind on a subject because they are under the impression that internet disagreements actually mean something and are scared to be called ‘wrong’…whereas I don’t give a shit how any of you answer because mostly I feel your pov’s are as absurd as you seem to think mine are) and not seeing the other, and that doesn’t achieve ANYTHING, is as damaging to the pov you are fighting against as anything may be and is rather patronising to women also, if you are going to agree with the female pov, then do it because it’s right, not because you are being brow beaten by the ‘S’ word….where as I DO see both sides and see the hypocrisy quite clearly.

          • Chris D says:

            Yeah, we get it. You’re so enlightened that if this was Alabama in the fifties you’d be pointing out the injustice of whites not being allowed to sit at the back of the bus.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            Well you obviously don’t get it if that’s all you can think of saying.

            Do you have anything more to the point to add?

    • John Walker says:

      I’m leaving this arsebucket’s comments here so people can get an idea of just how pathetic the discourse is when we don’t prune these threads.

      • melnificent says:

        Sadly it will also serve as a reminder on why I don’t tend to comment on RPS.

        I feel really sorry for you having to wade through that sort of stuff.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          Hmm… well I’d say his comments are worthwhile because Melnificints replies were certainly worth reading. And really, it’s his views that are offensive, but at least he presenting them in a sort of thought out way and not just ALL CAPS SLURS.

      • Wisq says:

        It’s certainly given me several more entries for my block list.

        But seriously — thanks. I realise now that the fact that these comments seem so outrageous and socially unacceptable in the RPS comments section is not (strictly) because RPS commenters are a universally enlightened bunch, but also because there’s a large amount of curation in play. So thanks for keeping this stuff a rare occurrence and preventing it from taking root as the norm around here.

        … Hmm. Pulling weeds, keeping them from taking root, preventing them growing into a giant ugly reply-tree. The gardening analogy is surprisingly apt.

      • kalirion says:

        Really? I thought you started using that picture to spark just these types of comments?

      • drastic00 says:

        Yeah. SO! Who wants to play video games?

  37. mlaskus says:

    The Brigmore Witches from GMG didn’t activate with my copy of Dishonored on Steam, so watch out with that one.

  38. fish99 says:

    That Batman Arkham Origins at £22.50 was too much of a deal for me to pass up. I know it’s not by Rocksteady and it’s a bit weird that you don’t get the key until launch (and fingers crossed it still counts as a pre-order), but I’ve used Green Man Gaming enough to trust them.

    Check savygamer for details, inc discount code.

  39. Commissar Choy says:

    RPS commenters make me sad sometime :c

    • JohnS says:

      Me too, though most make me happy.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      Hey, it’s ALL discussion.

      You can’t get to the points of view you personally agree with without going through the comments you don’t agree with and it’s a tad narrow minded to think that you can.

      And I HOPE you will agree that as a whole, for society, it is VERY damaging to censor one point of view over another… Like it or not, all sides have to have the right to discuss openly… and to equally disagree, just as openly.

      • JohnS says:

        Could you please tell us what you mean by “censoring”, RProxyOnly?

        • RProxyOnly says:

          Well, for there to be proper discussion on ANY subject.. you can’t have one side saying that that someone should not be saying what they are saying.

          It’s all very well, not liking the comments or disagreeing with them, but they DO have to be discussed, or at least have the right to be discussed.

          One SUBJECTIVE (and that’s all THIS PARTICULAR FORM of ‘sexism’ is, it’s subjective, what offends one person may not offend another.. and in that case where a particular pov is unprovable, it’s subject to the person feeling it at that particular moment) point of view cannot and must not be held any dearer than any other SUBJECTIVE point of view…

          There are points of view that are OBVIOUSLY detestable and should not encourage acceptance or agreement, pedophilia for example, but then again, that’s NOT subjective.

          • JohnS says:

            “Well, for there to be proper discussion on ANY subject.. you can’t have one side saying that that someone should not be saying what they are saying.”

            You’ve said plenty of stuff here that equates to “you shouldn’t be saying this”. For example

            “Either stop, as a site, commenting on lack of PC in other places, or stop showing crap like this, you can’t have it both ways. Equality means equal, not “we’ll swing to the other side of inequality for a while.” ”

            I assume you don’t think this was you “censoring” this site. So, what exactly does “censoring” mean to you?

            *edit* Ah, sorry, there’s of course another possibility – posting about one social issue but not another is so detestable that its comparable to paedophilia – is that it?

          • datom says:

            I HOPE you are VERY YOUNG, or VERY DRUNK.

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Or very old and on the way out

          • RProxyOnly says:


            Well of course I said that, It’s absurd to promote one pov over another and call all things equal.. To bitch about PC in one place, then blatently disregard on the other side of the coin… what doe that achieve? And as I KNOW John isn’t going to, and shouldn’t, take it down, then I’m hardly guilty of trying to censor anything, I’m (trying to at least) pointing out the inequality of the stance being taken and that he can’t have it both ways and still claim balance.

            However we are talking ‘discussion’ here.. the ability to promote an arguement through an article isn’t ‘discussion’, that’s STATEMENT….. THIS is the discussion part, and I haven’t told anyone to stop anything.

            @daton and spark.

            EXACTLY what is it you disagree with?

            Smart assed asides don’t say much.

            @JohnS… EDIT to your EDIT.

            Stop trying to twist my words, you know fine well the intention behind that statement… That’s just a cheap shot

            I was pointing out that not all points of view are SUBJECTIVE and up for discussion…. that’s is of course unless you are the one trying to promote Pedophilia as a valid point to be won or lost?.. See I can take cheap unrelated shots too.

          • JohnS says:

            Yes, you’ll notice that my question was “What do you mean by censoring?” Either your earlier definition of censoring is incorrect, or you did an act of censoring there. I assumed the former – so what do you mean by “censoring”?

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            It’s hard to say exactly what. Basically take a step out and I just disagree with your perspective. I’ve read the whole thread and there are many things you have posted that I disagree with, and very little to nothing that you have posted that I do agree with. I won’t go so far to say you are offensive to me or anything like that.

            Also, apologies but smart assed comments are the most comfortable way for me to communicate.

          • datom says:

            I think you don’t realise that your posts are better fodder for ridicule than they are discussion, which is why you’re getting all the smart-arse comments. Your ‘women think NOTHING of diverging personal details’ rant was one for the ages. The ‘women love a bad boy’ line screamed teen-geek angst or some variant therof. The impression your giving of yourself is not positive. I have no intention of disagreeing with your arguments because I can’t understand them, as you are neither logical or coherent. I think your examples are bloody hilarious, and extremely scary.

          • RProxyOnly says:


            Just because something may be a cliche… the ‘bad boy’ thing.. doesn’t mean it’s not true.. possibly not for every female.. but generalism is fraught through the entire thread regardless of the pov, so I thought that was a given?


            Ok you disagree that’s fine.. that alone doesn’t make me wrong. In fact I’d probably be more concerned if I was generally agreed with, because then there would be no reason/point to all of these comments if we thought the same.


            I’m not sure you are fully familiar with full connotations of the word ‘censor’.. it doesn’t simply mean redacting words on a page. You need to widen you vocabulary and understand the meaning of ‘context’

          • JohnS says:

            The word “censor” can mean many things in many contexts, but I am sick to death of it being misused, especially regarding discussions on feminism. You may not think it’s a productive area of discussion, but if you want people to take you seriously when you claim that someone is being censored out there, then we want to know what you mean. And I’m asking politely, because I don’t want to be accused of putting words in your mouth. If you’re not going to explain what you mean, that’s fine, but its another tally for you making statements without backing them up, next to the tallies for you stating you want a proper debate.

            You implied that your position on sexism is being censored. Perhaps not you personally, perhaps not on this site, but you did imply it. It is something feminists often get accused of – “censoring the discussion”. I want to dispel this notion once and for all, but it’s impossible when there aren’t any concrete examples of censorship to discuss. So, please – what did you mean when you said “it is VERY damaging to censor one point of view over another”?

          • RProxyOnly says:


            No, you’ve misunderstood me.. I wasn’t implying that MY pov was being censored, that was not my intention.. if that is how what I have said comes across, then let me put paid to that now.

            My meaning is that for ANY open discussion to take place, in general, then we can’t have censoring of povs. With ‘censoring’ in this context meaning any group or individual browbeating meant to discourage the raising of a certain pov.

            I wasn’t limiting it to this discussion.

            Is that any clearer?

      • Commissar Choy says:

        I’m not going to engage you because you are silly.

        • RProxyOnly says:

          Silly for saying that discussion should be open?

          It’s perfectly fine by me if you wish not to comment any further, in fact it’s desirable… however you may if you want to.

          See what I did there?

      • drastic00 says:

        SO! Who wants to play video games?

  40. LennyLeonardo says:

    I like Rock, Paper Shotgun, and all who post thereon. You can put that on the back of the box if you like.

  41. cpt_freakout says:

    I need to Kickstart my gaming addic… erm, hobby.

  42. RegisteredUser says:

    I am deeply fascinated by how a post that seemed perfectly normal to me upon reading sparked a comment thread about “gender” and “gazes” and how “women” and “men” are (ironically enough, given that even if the statements about them being uniform were true for even this culture, within which they already are not, they’d still only hold for a single type of culture in the whole world, and not all cultural habits worldwide and thus still not be all-of-gender encompassing, as gender is created differently in each) and whatnot.

    Have we become so insane about all of this BS that we’re now worse than the people in the 50s on the topic, just with more modern ways of being unable to cope with the fact that we all have hormones, upbringing, culture and sexuality?
    The sensitivity with everyone seems to be off the charts with this stuff, and I don’t get why.

  43. Greg says:

    Annie’s first big single ‘Heartbeat’ is still one of my most favourite songs ever. Also, yeah not quite sold on Space Hulk either…

  44. jonahcutter says:

    “So, it turns out that Rab, as a boardgame purist, wasn’t as much of a fan of Space Hulk the videogame as we expected, but when me and Alec saw it at Rezzed we were still rather delighted by it. I’d trust Rab’s judgement if I were you”

    What terrible advice to give. You say you were delighted by the game, but potential players should listen to someone who didn’t like it because he gave the official site review?

    Rab’s judgement was pretty confused. Hell, he complained about how he missed having another player across the board from him. That’s such a flawed perspective to have, it argues he probably shouldn’t have been chosen to give the official review in the first place.

  45. drastic00 says:

    AHH… I thought this story was going to be about “Carmageddon,” the best racing/destruction derby/Mad Max/Death Race 2000 simulator EVER. Oh, but it is “Caramageddon.” Cute.

    Anyway, man, things have changed so much… now I have Carma in my pocket on my phone everywhere I go (buy it, support the new game and play the classic while you wait): link to

    I SO hope they don’t screw this up.

    Hey, that avatar that was generated up there on the left… is… is that uh… a yellow space willy???