Pillow Fort For The Day: Sword ‘N’ Board

Sword ‘N’ Board looks like it could be a rather lovely thing. It’s a Zelda-like RPG adventure, but set in the imagination of a child. Pretend enemies, dungeons built out of pillows and blankets, and cardboard forests. All inspired by a tough childhood rendered safer through imaginary worlds. There’s a demo, and of course a Kickstarter.

Looking at the footage right now, things seem a little over-primitive, but I think a lot of that comes down to the animations which are being redone. But one-man creating team Robert Busey explains that this is in fact aiming to be a much more complex game than the genre tends toward. That certainly doesn’t come across yet, but then of course that’s why there’s fundraising going on.

With a good deal of experience working at casual developers like Big Fish, there’s plenty of expertise behind this. It’d be good to see some more vivid examples of the difficulty, puzzles, etc. However, there’s a demo, so you can get an idea of where it’s at right now.

It plans to release for PC, Mac and Linux, along with tablets later on.


  1. Tei says:

    My ocd suffers looking at these bricks for some reason.

  2. SwordNBoard says:

    Haha sorry Tei, and now, that can’t be unseen.

    Like John said, the animations are all getting redone, and the AI for the enemies is getting enhanced so they more than just wander the map. I’ll be hand drawing all of the animations and making them look a lot more dynamic. There will also be 8 directional movement in the game as well. A lot of people left feedback that they didn’t like the strict 4 way movement, so I’ll be changing that also!

    There’s more than 40 item combinations in the game, as each of the 10 items has about 4 different affects depending on what item it’s equipped with. It’s touched a little bit on the main page of the Kickstarter, and in on of the updates also, but those item effects will also directly affect the game’s puzzles.

    Also, there’s 2 secret areas in the demo, so feel free to try and find them!

    I guess now that it’s on Rock Paper Shotgun, I can die happy.

  3. HouseOgames says:

    The art in this game looks fantastic, and the story is kind of heart breaking! Can’t wait for the game to come out!

  4. SD says:

    Awesome, John! Thank you for a small piece of my childhood here, as well. I’ve many fond summertime memories of rescuing Zelda with my own makeshift gear and ragtag band of neighborhood heroes. Also enjoying the whimsical quality of the concept (feeling a “Costume Quest”-like theme here), and the demo plays pretty well on my rig.
    I’m hoping for a winter-themed world/level as well, with tunnels & turrets of snow, under-tree canopies, and iced-over hedgerows. Perhaps I’ll suggest that to the project creator :-)

  5. Intendant S says:

    I really love the idea behind Sword ‘N’ Board. It’s such a great concept of porting over using one’s imagination over to a gaming medium. And Robert is so passionate about it that it gets infectious. I really do want to see this Kickstarter succeed.

    And in case anyone’s taking the time to read this comment, I want to share an interview I recently did with him for our Kickstarter-related blog. You can check it out here: link to kickstartadventure.com.