Put Your Feet Up: Hero Of The Kingdom

Nothing pleases more on a Monday than watching a video of a game that starts with its menu, and then goes on to be completely honest about its sedate pace by clicking through more hand-drawn maps and menus. Hero Of The Kingdom (via Blue) is a mixture of genres, part adventure, part RPG, and part RTS, all set in the kind of pastoral world that only seems to have ever existed in the vision of videogame designers. It’s an odd sort of thing: mostly about indirect resource gathering than anything you might expect from an RPG or RTS. You can see the game happening below, or even play it just here.

Oh and there’s a trailer too, containing more of the same but set to dramatic music.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Harlander says:

    Play it just where?

  2. razgon says:

    Nice – I am also pleasantly surprised Bluenews is still around. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I don’t think there’s a single site on the internet I have read daily for as long as I have Bluesnews.

      • Branthog says:

        Damn. Like The Onion, Blues is one of those sites I forget ever existed until it comes up in conversation every blue moon.

  3. Branthog says:

    This seems like the kind of thing that should be on the ipad or something. I wish there were more RTS/RPG games along these lines than tower defense and candy crush with free-to-play monetization garbage. Especially something like this, which almost seems like it would be played far more on the convenience of a tablet or phone than at a desktop.

  4. Didden says:

    The pointless way the four corner icons continually moved in and out started to irritate me just watching this, let alone what it would be like playing it… just leave them in place please developer!

  5. squareking says:

    King of Dragon Pass Lite?

    • sinister agent says:

      Ih, King of Dragon Pass was all about the personalities, I thought. This looks pleasant, but the interactions look too basic and abstract for me.

  6. omicron1 says:

    This looks SO MUCH like Haemimont’s venerable Imperivm (Celtic Kings) series, it’s not funny.

    That said, it’s not quite identical. So I forgive them.

  7. nindustrial says:

    After watching the gameplay video, I’m not sure how much game there really is here other than clicking in various places until you have clicked enough to be able to click on another place, which lets you click more places.

  8. snv says:

    RPS is great, great joke posting this thing as if it were a game worth considering for even just second

  9. Zorn says:

    You’d be surprised. I was surprised. Also it may seem like it’s not much, I found it quiet soothing.
    It took my mind wandering, leaving the annoyances of day behind. It’s like reading a fairy tale,
    with giving you the feeling that you’re involved in it. Or maybe, it is like when you were a child,
    and a story would have been read to you. I can’t say. It’s lovely. I didn’t plan to find it lovely.