Respecced: Forge Will Be Free-To-Play

One day, all of this will be free.
The skill of being a human being is to allow the correct thought to escape at the correct time. I have many thoughts that I don’t tell people about, because the UK has hilarious laws against libel, treason, and terrorism, and the courts probably couldn’t keep up with my awful brain. But when I’m not planning all the terrorism, I do think about games. One thought I had when I played the MMO-inspired action game Forge was that it would probably be better as a free-to-play game. Now Forge has hastily scrubbed over its price-tag and scrawled ‘free’ in biro, and I’m terrified at my other thoughts being given form.

The first question of free-to-play games is what form of free will it be? Forge will skew towards cosmetic item sets and XP boosts, with the developer promising “we continue to stand by our commitment that Forge will not be pay-to-win.” That is encouraging. So far Dark Vale is promising to focus on customisation, which means there will be hats, though they use the pretentious term ‘helms’ to describe them. Pfft. As is the way of free games, there will also be paid versions as well, bundling up items and boosts in easy to buy packages. Owners of the original game will receive the equivalent of one of these to get them started.

The free-to-play Forge should be out this week. I enjoyed my time with the original game, but I haven’t returned to it. It should make a decent distraction, though. It’s a good game.


  1. trjp says:

    I tried quite hard to get into this but 2 things really conspired against me

    1 – the controls are just not intuitive and don’t lend themselves particularly well to keyboards OR controllers alike – each has it’s pitfalls and benefits

    2 – the movement is clunky and slow – and in a combat game that’s just frustrating

    Shame really – some nice idea but the execution lacks polish (and it was released unfinished which is no way to get an online playerbase started either)

  2. LionsPhil says:

    That the devs say it won’t be pay-to-win isn’t very meaningful, since they all say that.

  3. RegisteredUser says:

    This is starting to become almost annoying. I was THIS close to buying this on sale 2-3 times, and now the lesson they are teaching me for online gaming is that there is a 50% chance if I just boycott online games long enough, there’s a chance they’ll become F2P anyhow.

    I’m not sure this is such healthy a way to go about things.

    • Dariush says:

      ‘Being THIS close to buying this on sale 2-3 times’ and ‘boycotting’ are really not synonyms.

      • Shooop says:

        No, it’s definitely not the right word to use, but I get his meaning perfectly.

        Why buy a game when if you wait long enough it’ll be free?

        • Boothie says:

          agreed, i didnt get forge, i did however play forge at a friends place a few weeks ago and the playerbase seemed beyond dead, practically no players to be found, it may be annoying if you paid for the game but atleast you will have an influx of noobs to which you can demonstrate your godly skills

    • dE says:

      Dunno about the boycot thing. Maybe I’m just misreading your intention. But I definitely agree on the message this is sending. There were several occasions in the past where I skipped Indie Multiplayer Titles, thinking “they’ll be free to play soon enough”. I admit, It’s not entirely fair towards their work. But everytime I thought to myself:

      “Looks nice enough, just not nice enough to warrant an instant buy. I’ll get this when I’ve got the money, if the community isn’t dead by then”

      Usually the game ended up F2P or dead by then. Which is a period of months at most. And yes, I’m involuntarily contributing to that. :|

      • Christo4 says:

        well i think it’s also a problem of the current economical situation.
        Not many people could go and buy a MMO and pay a sub for it, but more people would play f2p games and if they enjoy it spend a tenner after 1 or 2 months.

        IMO this is why some F2P games are succesfull now. If you pay for it and regret later it would suck, but if it’s f2p then you can play it and if you like it pay for it when you can.

        I think it’s a risk vs reward thing for the consumer since he doesn’t risk anything by playing a f2p game.

        • Smoky_the_Bear says:

          Yeah imo this is a problem for a game like Forge. There are so many F2P games out there that people can jump in and do a bit of PvP combat, even FPS stuff like Planetside and Tribes: Ascend. I think its really difficult for a purely PvP, MMO style game to get people to part with their money. Not enough players really hurts multiplayer games too. I think F2P is a much better option for the game, hopefully enough players will see it on the front page of Steam and give it a go.

      • Kitsunin says:

        I really do not see the problem with risking a purchase on a game as long as, upon the game’s free to play re-release, players who purchased the game receive free to play stuff of their choice (At least partially) at least equal to what they paid for the game. I just do not get why they ever don’t do that, if they don’t, then it’s totally just a shitty way to act towards your supporters. It’s not like it costs the game’s creators anything give away non-physical goods.

  4. ZombieRiot says:

    I was baffled when this came out and wasn’t F2P.

    I don’t know how I’d feel if I bought a game and it went F2P and as a “thank you” I got a bunch of hats and (I assume) temporary XP boosts.

    • Stevostin says:

      It typically more players hence more value for the money for previous buyer. That’s why they don’t complain that much usually.

    • Phendron says:

      Forge was conceived as a failed Kickstarter that had F2P plans, but despite failing funding they pulled the trigger anyways and I can guess they added a price tag just to recoup losses.

  5. pupsikaso says:

    I don’t know if this will help solve the game’s problems. It’s inherently flawed due to it’s design, not because it had a price tag.

  6. medlin says:

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  7. strangeloup says:

    This was one of the many games filed under “wouldn’t mind giving it a go, but not to the extent I want to pay money for the privilege”, so F2P is good. Hopefully if it’s actually decent, as I’ve heard, it won’t die on its arse within a couple of months.

    Edit: Looks like it’s already available, with a range of starter packs available from the entirely reasonable £11.99 one to a money > sense option that’s £60.99. There’s an in-game store too, apparently, for those who prefer to get things piecemeal.

  8. Zankmam says:

    I’m always baffled when games like this come out and *aren’t* F2P. Such a mistake to make from the get-go.

    I had the same feeling about War of the Roses, and look what happened – F2P.

  9. lomaxgnome says:

    There’s a ton of cheap keys and copies of this game floating around from bundles and multi-stacked coupons, so if anyone tries it and decides they like it, you can pick up one of them pretty easily and get the lowest tier package much cheaper than the current store price.