EVE: Valkyrie Will Probably Sell A Million Oculus Rifts

Remember that Eve Online Oculus Rift dog-fighting game that Brendan had a peep at in April? CCP were very coy about it, stating it that it was a prototype, and even hinting that it might never see a wider release. Well, it turned out when they were saying that they were also wearing Oculus Rifts, so we couldn’t see the winking that was going on. This is the biggest flaw of the Rift: the subtle interplay between journalists and winking developers collapses when you can’t see eyes. Anyway, CCP have realised this and set the record straight at Gamescom: it will be coming out, it’ll be released in 2014, and here’s a bloody trailer of EVE: Valkyrie.

The “VR” part suggests that this might be the first time a major studio is supporting the Rift as the prime release platform, as opposed to it just being supported. That said, I can’t see why this dog-fighting game can’t also be released for people without expensive headgear. All it would need is a modifier button to move your head about, a bit like holding the Alt key in the Arma games. Please make it so, CCP! Please!

I’m usually pretty scathing about tiny trailers, but this is exciting. To offset the 45 seconds of action, I hunted down a few more videos for you. Here’s a slightly longer look at the prototype.

And if you have a Rift, I’m told that you can watch this demo on one. I am surprised it works like that.

2014 is the year of the Valkyrie.


  1. alialo says:

    The last one also works if you do the jiggery pokery that lets you view magic eye pictures

    • Drinking with Skeletons says:

      It does, but good luck manipulating your eyes for fullscreen viewing without them popping out of your skull.

      For those who don’t understand how this works, a simple exercise:

      1) CROSS your eyes so that whatever you are looking at now appears in double vision.
      2) If you can perform step 1, do it to the video so that one of the “spare” images from EACH of the two images overlaps.
      3) This is an inversion of the desired effect, but now hopefully you understand the basic concept.
      4) To achieve the desired effect, RELAX your eyes until you achieve a double-vision effect.
      5) Perform step 4 on the video so that one of the “spare” images from EACH of the two images overlaps.
      6) MARVEL at the lack of utility your newfound skill provides!

      • MashPotato says:

        Who needs an oculus rift? Weirdy blendy eye effects ahoy!

      • TechnicalBen says:

        Eye can do this easily. Really, I think I’m half Chameleon.

      • The Snee says:

        Not quite. you don’t want to cross your eyes for this one, since that will switch the positions of your virtual eyes and give you some kind of inverse-perspective thing that will hurt your brain.

        For this you need to relax your eyes so they are looking parallel to each other. it might help to get really close to the screen, then back off slowly.

    • vivlo says:

      I was jsut gonna say that ! Though it hurts your brain a bit, too.

      • BenAttenborough says:

        I lasted all of 20 seconds trying to do it full screen before I had to have a lie down and a cup of tea.

    • tuism says:

      Watch it on a mobile device – I watched it on my iPhone and worked like a charm. But then I’ve been playing with the magic eye idea and am well versed in doing it :)

  2. zind says:

    And it ends up integrated with EVE Online and carriers full of human-controlled fighters become the most OP things in New Eden. SIGN ME UP.

  3. BTAxis says:

    While I care nothing for EVE, I will applaud anything that might become a killer app for the Rift. I hope VR will establish itself in gaming more generally, as opposed to ending up as a novelty feature.

    • Perjoss says:

      People who have experience with it find it very hard to describe to people who haven’t, this along with the fact that some people puke when they have their first go with it (usually the roller coaster demo) makes me very excited to get my hands on it. Not to mention that some of my fav games already support it or will have full support in the near future. Euro Truck Sim 2, Lunar Flight etc :)

    • harbinger says:

      Here’s a list of already or soon-to-be supported games: link to en.wikipedia.org

      • dagudman says:

        I just noticed that a game named homesick will have rift support.

  4. Max Planck says:

    Free look on ALT needs to be in all games as far as I am concerned. Even platformer and pinball games. Well, first person games at least. After playing arma I keep trying to free look and it is causing me to crouch, very annoying.

    • Reapy says:

      Yeah even if there is no RIFT/TrackIR support, head twisting with alt looking around should come standard.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      I absolutely agree. My short time in Arma made every other first person game feel awkwardly non-head-turny. Hopefully a wider implementation of Rift support will have the side effect of introducing independent head motion to more games as a standard mechanic.

  5. Eleven says:

    Put a Rifter in the game. I want my Rifter.

  6. DrScuttles says:

    -will sell body and perform questionable, shameful acts for an Oculus Rift-

  7. psuedonymous says:

    I’m told that you can watch this demo on one. I am surprised it works like that. For a given degree of ‘works’. Youtube limits everything to 30fps, so you’ll get a headache from the juddering movement. But the lack of control over head movement will give you even more of a headache (one of the cardinal sins of VR is not to have at the very least the horizon stay still while your head moves). So, double-headaches.

    Double-headaches that are worth it to come the closest you’ll get to actually trying it for the next several months, but be prepared with a bag if you get nauseous easily.

  8. Jerkzilla says:

    So is this somehow exclusive to Oculus Rift users? It seems kind of silly but that’s what I took from the article.
    Many people in the flight sim community use Track IR, Freetrack or Facetrack noIR for similarly effortless panning around in the cockpit, but presumably much less immersive than an OR.

  9. Cloudhead says:

    “That said, I can’t see why this dog-fighting game can’t also be released for people without expensive headgear.”

    Expensive is a bit of a misnomer considering the consumer version is going to either be the same cost as a gaming monitor and or will follow a freemium format (a bit like cellphone services). All current info says the most you’ll pay is sub $300. That’s a bargain…well, it’s a bargain once you experience the RIFT for yourself ;)

    Oh and you guys should seriously consider covering “The Gallery: Six Elements”. The first game actually designed FOR the RIFT. link to youtube.com

    • derbefrier says:

      if by sub 300 bucks you mean 299.99 then i might believe that. I can get a good monitor for less than 150 bucks and i don’t for a second believe the Rift will at the very least cost twice that much. As for this freemium thing you reference. I think i heard something along those lines before but past experience with those types of contracts usually end up costing you more in the long run than just saving for a few months and buying it outright.

      • Cloudhead says:

        I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Palmer pre-Kickstarter fame and continuing with that relationship as we develop our game. I know that Oculus is doing every kind of dancing possible to make the commercial version potentially cheaper (or even free) for consumers. That’s not saying anything off the record mind you since they’ve mentioned it publicly several times.

        Its important that they get that price down to “gaming monitor” levels and they know it. The thing is, it brings to the experience of gaming something far more profound than a monitor ever could (even the best 3D monitor doesn’t compare). And that as they say is something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand.

        • TechnicalBen says:

          Qualify (or even free). I’ve not seen PC mice, keyboards or monitors given out free. But the Rift will be?

          • darkChozo says:

            It’s something the OR folks have mentioned as a possibility previously (RPS article). Essentially, they’re thinking about how the console hardware subsidization model could be applied to something like the Rift. A bit pie-in-the-sky now, but still interesting.

      • Apocalypse says:

        Amazing, the cheapest good monitor I can find is $450 (Dell u2713hm) and even that one I would not consider for work, because the colors are not really good.

        Guess its a question of the definition of good. if 80% SRGB is good already, if TN panels are good already for you, if lack of portrait mode and other ergonomic features are fine for you than I am sure you will find a good decent size monitor for you. And even than it will most likely be either a rejected qhd panel or just fhd in resolution.

  10. jezcentral says:

    Oi, Dark Water Studios, get on the case with an Occulus Rift version of Dogfighter, please!

    EDIT: Oops, it’s now owned by Instinct Software (made up of previous DW employees). You, then, get on this.

  11. Lord Byte says:

    Yes, and add trackIR support dammit!

  12. frenz0rz says:

    Give me a dogfighter space-sim in the Eve Online/DUST 514 universe; an Oculus Rift; a copy of the Starlancer and Freespace soundtracks on infinite repeat; and a squadron of friends on Mumble.

    Once I have that, I shall never require another game to be made again.

  13. mpk says:

    So this finally sold the hardware to me. DO WANT.

  14. Lev Astov says:

    I’m really excited by what I saw of the view while launching. Note that the view remained fixed on a point in space, while the cockpit and ship bobbed around. That’s a bit like how your head naturally compensates for motion. It’s little touches like that which will make using the Oculus both exciting and tolerable. (if the view bobbed with the ship, it’d be sickening)

  15. mwoody says:

    That was freaking AWESOME with the rift on. Though it was maddening not being able to glance down at those beeping control panels… Kept catching myself trying to do head tracking.

  16. KirbyEvan says:

    Dah, blasted one eye being nearsighted.

    It’s generally not a problem for me but for those cross-eye illusions when I unfocus my eyes one of my eyes is still generally focused due to it’s natural close-up lensness or something and one image gains superiority over the other in my mind and flies back to the side

    I get small glimpses of glory and holy crap I want one now.

  17. buzzmong says:

    Hmm, this is cool and all, but unless CCP have some *big* tricks up their sleeve, then this will be relegated to “arena” style combat within EVE and always remain segregated.

    It’s pretty much impossible to tie it into the current tech so that the current players could have a battle with peeps controlling fighters this way due to the server having a 1hz tick rate (ie, a processing cycle for the game is 1 second aka 1000ms), and they’ve stated time and time again that’s the reason why you can’t have joystick controls in EvE.

    For reference, a typical FPS server has a tick rate of 66 or 100 (66Hz and 100Hz respectively…or 15ms and 10ms processing time for each tick).

    • Cinek says:

      Oh, so still won’t be a competition for Star Citizen?
      What a shame.

  18. racccoon says:

    “EVE: Valkyrie Will Probably Sell A Million Oculus Rifts” = Million+ law suits for eye warping and Optometrist bills!
    On to the subject of EVE, wow! CCP actually realised that asteroids are spread out and roam the universe freely not in half moon clumps set on another map! Impressive and 10 yrs too slow!

  19. Misha says:

    Oh? This game will sell a million Oculus Rifts?

    Great. Where do you buy one? Oh wait, you don’t.


    Going back to sleep here.

    • Apocalypse says:

      Here buy one: link to oculusvr.com

      The developer edition has been sold since a while. So much for vapoware.

    • UncleLou says:

      Vapourware doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

    • Runty McTall says:

      Yeah, this is stupid – there’s pictures of people wearing them all over the place and they’ve demonstrated it to squillions of journalists. As someone above mentioned, they’ve sent out dev kits.

      The tech is clearly not at the end of the road, but equally clearly it does exist and it does work. What on Earth qualifies it as vapourware, therefore?

    • Misha says:

      Fair enough, all of you. I can pre-order one and a lot of people have been photographed wearing one so, technically, since it does exist, it can’t, technically, be vaporware.

      Just as I can, technically, buy a MiG, it’d just be very difficult and I’d have a hard time finding a place where they’d let me fly it.

      But you’re still right. The OR is not vaporware. I spoke too quickly.

      What it is, is an unsupported, unfinished product that I can buy a working prototype for and then proceed to, I don’t know, impress my friends with me owning one.

      And don’t get me wrong. I have full faith that the OR will, one day, be a thing that can actually be found, fully-finished, on shelves and, furthermore, be used to play actual games that support it. The team developing it certainly has the talent and passion needed to make that happen and I do, very much so, believe in them.

      One day. After another 10,000 breathless updates on this my favorite game site. I just wish they’d hurry up and git ‘er done already. Because I lust so very very badly for what the OR promises to be: A fully functional, ubiquitous, supported, awesome, affordable VR headset.

  20. TimR says:

    There’s also the graphically stunning WW2 flightsim War Thunder and the upcoming IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad that will be using OR.

    The cockpits in War Thunder in the fighter aircraft are a treat anyway with TrackIR – and with the OR should be even more immersive.

    Most serious or semi serious flightsimmers have already got a TRackIR – I expect the same for OR. Anything sitting down where you are in a cockpit or vehicle of some kind (space, racing or flight) would be ideal.

  21. Chaz says:

    So when are they going to release a proper retail unit of the OR? Surely it’ll only sell a million when that happens.

  22. MasterDex says:

    I know I can’t be the only one loving the revival of the space sim that’s been happening lately. MORE! I NEED MORE! GIVE ME MOAR!!

  23. AncientAcid says:

    It looks like a really boring Colony Wars.

    CCP is failing like this to me.

    1 They are only concerned about extending the shelf life of their software ala Eve Online just like WoW.

    2 They are not interested in taking that mass of fortune they have racked up and just rebuilding Eve from the ground up on a brand new engine and include all these new fangled toys in that one Eve universe. With all the new toys that’s came out since 2003 .. what they COULD do .. far outweighs what they ARE doing…

    3 If your going to be able to play as a fighter pilot of a carrier… why not.. let you play as a fighter pilot of a carrier in the EVE ONLINE universe… TRULY.

    4 Dust 514 and this.. need better cohesion with the eve universe.. im not looking to play their take on Battlefield 2142 . or Colony Wars reloaded…. here… Im looking to play the most immersive space game ever made thus far or known to man. Guess ill wait the X-Rebirth.

    Seriously CCP just rebuild the entire damn game from scratch .. and relaunch it. This is pretty sad when game software is outlasting the Operating System its built on.