Hi Sky! World Of Warplanes Out Of Beta Next Month

The only bad thing I can see about World Of Warplanes coming out of beta is that it signals an end of innocence for all children. After seeing the free sky sorties that Wargaming’s free-to-play action game is capable off, there will be no more childhood games of ‘Spitfire’, where kids run around with their arms out pretending to be planes, and occasionally gob on the other team’s coats. No-one will want to bother when it turns out you can do it for free and with much less phlegm involved. And when kids aren’t spitting on one another, then their innocence is gone. Though there might be some drool, because World Of Warplanes is a rather handsome game of sky violence. When can you expect it to peel the beta sticker off? I’ve posted that information, along with a new trailer, beneath.

September 26th! I got that out of the way to be nice to you, because I often feel bad about promising that then wittering on for a bit. That’s the date we can all take part in sky fights of War’s one hundred most iconic planes.

I have another treat for you: this trailer is CGI, but it’s also absolutely brilliant. Enjoy!

Via those bandits at PCG.


  1. pupsikaso says:

    Unfortunately the game follows the same pay2win model that World of Tanks does.
    I suggest WarThunder as an alternative. Although the complete business model is still to be seen for WarThunder, the game at least is more entertaining already.

    • Dragonfang says:

      Since when WoT is pay2win? The only thing you can`t attain without paying is premium tanks, and they are overall underperforming in comparison to their regular counterparts. Above else, you can always win lots of gold from challenges, skirmishes and tournements. Premium Ammo can be buy with credits since like a year, is not even worth call it premium anymore. WoT is maybe one of those few F2P games that is not P2W so don`t talk things you know nothing about.

      On the other hand, WoWP is just terrible as a whole, it needs lots of development and 1 month is not even enough taking in count they should almost remake the whole thing, and WT being such a superior game in the Air Forces, its obvious, WarGaming does not give a f**k about WoWP anymore and they just want to launch it and grab some money.

      • pupsikaso says:

        link to greedygoblin.blogspot.ca

        Or read the three part full breakdown here:
        link to greedygoblin.blogspot.hu

        • Film11 says:

          Gold ammo can now also be purchased with in-game money, as well as real world money.

        • DarkFenix says:

          It should perhaps be pointed out that that Greedy Goblin guy is an idiot, using at best carefully cherrypicked statistics to ‘prove’ the conclusion he wants and whore hits from non-scandals.

          If you really eat up everything he’s saying, you’re either gullible, clueless about WoT or both.

      • Jason Lefkowitz says:

        My personal experience playing WoT was that it was great fun until you hit tier 5 or so, at which point it became teeth-gnashingly grindy unless you opened up your wallet.

        That was a year-plus ago, though, so hopefully something has changed.

        • guus says:

          The grind up to level 5 and even 6 is perfectly doable, its just that there now is as credit shortage due to everything being acquired easier.

        • Premium User Badge

          Bruski says:

          That happened to me when I hit tier 8-9. However, after not playing for a year, I’ve logged many many hours in the past few months, because when playing with friends at tiers 3-7, the game is incredibly fun. Now that gold rounds are buyable with credits, I find I don’t have to spend any money to have a blast and kick ass, complete with awesome explosion!
          (I also didn’t begin buying them until well after they were buyable with credits instead of gold, and never really ahd a huge issue with the system, though I’m glad they have said they won’t be reprising it in WoWS)

        • battles_atlas says:

          Man that’s terrible. A free to play game gets grindy after about 20 hours! Ridiculous! Is almost like they want a viable business model. The bastards

          • Jason Lefkowitz says:

            I was actually paying for a premium subscription for most of the time I played it. The game was fun enough through the first five tiers that I didn’t mind paying a bit every month to get some extra XP and visual enhancements. It was when I realized it was painfully grindy even with a paid subscription that I bailed on it.

        • MellowKrogoth says:

          It’s still pretty much the same, except they’ve given around 10% more income to high-level tanks so you can probably get a level higher than before without the grind turning you insane. But really, even with a premium account the grind is still very long to get a lvl 10 tank, they’ve made sure it’s the ultimate achievement for really dedicated players.

          Really, you could just ignore that tanks above level 7 (lower if you game less) exist and play 100% free, there keep adding so many interesting tanks that you won’t run out of things to unlock for the rest of your life.

          The “soft paywall” does act as a gate that only dedicated players cross, though, so lvl VIII-IX games have a way higher skill ceiling than most.

    • Venters says:

      The same notpay2win War Thunder that allows you to buy all of your plane’s upgrades with gold without having to grind any of the experience or credits?

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        “Pay to win” is such an overused and tired expression these days that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Unless you explain what you mean.

        – If you could unlock everything in World of Tanks/Warplanes by paying once like in Tribes Ascend, it wouldn’t increase your chances of beating in battle a guy that got the same things by grinding. If you join the game a few weeks after release you wouldn’t even know about it unless the guy told you. Yet some people call it pay to win. Worse yet, some popular commentators like TotalBiscuit are revolted by pay-to-unlock-everything in some games (Mighty Quest for Epic Loot) yet they find it ok in others (Tribes Ascend, Arkham Impostors, CCG games).

        – Stuff like gold ammo in World of Tanks when it was only available for real money really increased your chances of beating other players in battle. To me it’s the only valid definition of pay to win.

        – If you do your math, the fact that premium stuff is so expensive in World of Tanks and that credits are available for real money means that a player with a fat wallet can afford to use camo, premium ammo and premium consumables every battle, having a constant edge over his opponents, while a regular player can only afford those every, say, 10 battles, if he’s to be able to pay for his tank reparations and keep progressing up the tech tree. So you could still consider this pay to win.

        BTW they should just remove the overpowered items altogether, but WoT giving access to premium ammo to everybody has completely changed the balance of the game and made many strongly-armored tanks nearly obsolete.

  2. Sp4rkR4t says:

    It’s just not much fun unfortunately. WoT can suck me in for a few weeks at a time and I genuinely enjoy it without spending cash, though I will throw them some coin every now and then as support.

    • Doganpc says:

      I’ve heard this from multiple angles and ended up trying war thunder. Has all the familiar flaws (russian bias, horrible matchmaking moments, constantly reworked tech trees) but 3 levels of simulation play and designs from the beginning to include ground and naval forces… so far its been alright but I just started playing historical (one plane, land to reload, more realistic flight models) and supposedly that’s where all the funs at.

      • Ted D. Bear says:

        HB certainly is the mode I enjoyed the most so far. Arcade is all nice to get quick action, but HB can be tense without being overly complicated. Though sometimes you end up in really unfavorable matchups, leading to half of a team to disconnect right after loading into the map…

  3. LXM says:

    Great timing on this! I just started playing War Thunder and it’s brilliant…a hell of a lot more fun than what I experienced in WoWP’s beta

  4. EOT says:

    I didn’t realise this and Warthuder were different things.

  5. Smion says:

    Can you actually fly through tunnels with moving trains in them in this? If so, awesome, and I’d really love another Crimson Skies game. If not, then I’d still really love another Crimson Skies game.

    • Conehead The Barbarian says:

      and now im going to be humming the Crimson Skies main theme for the next two days.

  6. Svardskampe says:

    They can just wrap it up immediately rather than releasing it…Warthunder is better in every single aspect. There is literally not one single feature which is better worked out or more enjoyable than warthunder.

    • derbefrier says:

      Well that’s quite a statement. I was wondering how this held up against war thunder and I guess this is my answer! War thunder is a blast already, if this has nothing better to offer I will just stick with war thunder when I feel like breaking out my flight stick.

    • Gurrah says:

      I have to concur, though the one thing I’d say in favour of WoWP is that it has the better UI but in terms of gameplay it’s got nothing on Warthunder.

    • Tayh says:

      I could never get m+k to work properly in WarThunder. My only choices seemed to be Joystick mode(horrible) or mouse-aim mode, which somehow messed up my mouse sensitivity making it extremely hard to perform basic maneuvers such as… pointing the nose up or down. I’d pull my mouse all the way down, to the edge of my desk, and the plane would have changed 1 degree, at most.

  7. Bureaucromancer says:

    The War Thunder issue really doesn’t bother me much, but I really wish Wargaming would stop filling every bit of promotional material for this full of things haven’t shown the least bit of interest in actually adding. British aircraft? Sometime eventually. Heavy bombers? Maybe if we ever add a game mode, won’t be flyable.

  8. nimzy says:

    The only thing this game has going for it is the Flying Pancake.