How Is It Still Called WARFACE?

It's staring you in the face, Crytek.

Just think: two million years of evolution got us to this point, give or take one divine intervention. Hundreds of billions of humans have lived and died to get the world to the state it’s in now. We’ve sent men, women, dogs and monkeys into space. Mapped the globe. Put the internet and all of human knowledge into every pocket. Landed on the moon. Made Bulletstorm. And after all that, all those struggles and triumphs and long rainy days the best name Crytek could come up with for their free to play multiplayer shooter is WARFACE?! WARFACE! Say it out loud and listen to how ridiculous you sound while you watch the trailer below.

Perhaps it’s a marketing strategy so we spend our time endlessly mocking the title and don’t notice the eminent dullness of the trailers. Look, I like military shooters. They’re fine, they’re fun and I’m not quite sick to death of them yet. One day I might even have the requisite courage to say something nice about Call of Duty right on this very website. But I scoured this trailer for a good five minutes for a usable frame for the header image and settled on what you see above. It’s just not interesting and I don’t think the free to play tag is going to carry it far. Still, if you’re a member of the Crytek-sponsored GFACE (oh my god) program you have a final chance at the closed beta now.


  1. Lambchops says:


    • RaveTurned says:

      WORF ACE!

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        It’s a terrifying rhythm-action game in which you play as Worf, hitting the buttons as they appear on screen to complete the Klingon Tea Ceremony while fending off attacks from enemies.


    • BobbyDylan says:

      I suppose RapeFace was already taken.

    • Adriaan says:

      What is it good for!?

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  2. razgon says:


    • Burc says:

      I’m more of a “War… war never faces”-man myself, but that works to :)

    • gamma says:

      Very true:
      My Warface is the same as my Gameface, which all round up in the same Pokerface for any matter.

      Edit: yes… it is also exacly the same as my SuperMasterSargeantPersonFace

  3. Dowr says:

    First they obsessed with “Cry” now they obsess with “Face”.

    • gschmidl says:


    • Lambchops says:

      Shame they didn’t choose to be obsessed with “Sis” then they could have beaten CoD to the female soldier punch with their breakout title “WAR-SIS”

      • The Random One says:

        WAR-SIS could be a game about an 11-year-old contextualizing his older sister teasing him as campaigns in a gritty military shooter he enjoys, Doug Funny style. I’d play that.

    • FakeAssName says:

      WarCry is trademarked by GamesWorkshop for their Warhammer CCG.

      CryWar is about as stupid as WarFace, maybe a little bit better since it would be recognizable as a CryTeck product. However, breaking away from the Crysis series (and being conjoined to EA) is the whole point of going F2P with their shooters (and the logic behind hopping in bead with Trion is …) so nix that.

      So, uh, hey “Warface” isn’t taken; at least that is a real word and since spunk gargle we-we has been coined what else is there?

      It is actually a pretty fun game, minis the co-op cluster fuck attempt to force respawn coins down your throat.

      • Dezmiatu says:

        They could have used Combat Yodel, Skirmish Squeal, or some other loud action sound combo. English is very versatile that way.

        • FakeAssName says:

          Then you wake up one morning and read an article on Ars Technica about how the Boy Scouts of America are suing another youth organization for copyright infringement on the word “Scout.”

          Then you realize why things are getting named these cock vomit names that baffle logic to pick.

          Like today, today was that day.

      • Cloudiest Nights says:

        CryWar has already been done. See Binding of Isaac.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    I think the reason for WARFACE is that for people whose first language isn’t English, things that sound weird to a native speaker don’t to someone who learned a language later in life. Things like phrases and subtle cultural cues are very important to learning a language well. There are plenty of English-language advertising slogans here in France that work grammatically but sound very weird to a native speaker. It’s very likely also true for American speakers hearing UK dialects (someone got very confused when I said “where’s he to?”). Plus, WARFACE was originally intended for the Chinese market.

    After all, Call of Duty is also a garbage phrase if you think about it in isolation.

    • DrGonzo says:

      To answer the call of duty, or along those lines is what Cod is getting at, Warface is just a nonsense word. But I get your point.

      • MichaelGC says:

        Or, like, “above & beyond the …”.

      • Gap Gen says:

        “Fix your bayonets and put on your warface, men. Don’t let the enemy see you’re afraid.” (EDIT: OK Fragtastic said it first)

    • Fragtastic says:

      It is no more hilarious than the term “stiff upper lip”

      Actually it is FAR less hilarious than “stiff upper lip”
      I try to work “stiff upper lip” into conversations as much as I can. Sometimes people laugh at me for it, but I try to keep a WARFACE!

      There. Now I’m just as bad as anyone. Damn you all I’ve fallen.

    • gunny1993 says:


      • jonahcutter says:

        Yeah, was just about to post this. I’m not sure, but I think the phrase “warface” may predate that film too. It’s likely considering Emery was a real life DI and created much of his own dialogue.

        The RPS tizzy over the word always seemed strange to me. It’s a phrase I’ve occasionally heard tossed around throughout my life, and one that makes perfect sense for an fps.

        • JamesTheNumberless says:

          If you repeat anything enough times it loses all meaning. If you repeat WARFACE enough times, it almost gains one.

          • Sugoi says:

            That’s called Semantic Satiation. And even outside of things that are inherently silly like WARFACE, I find myself thinking that any word I hear more than thirty times in a 5 minute period looks really, really strange.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            And, perhaps fittingly, both “semantic” and “satiation” work amazingly well for this :)

          • jonahcutter says:

            No it has a meaning.

            Literally, it’s the expression you put on when you intend to visit violence on others. Metaphorically, it is the summoning of the mindlessness and rage that is conducive to visiting violence on others. It’s right there in that film clip.

            Think of the term “gameface”. It’s similar. “Put your gameface on” means summoning the determination to face a difficult task. Or not letting your opponent see any weakness of fear in your expression.

            It’s part of the concept of masks, and expressions as masks. It’s actually all pretty interesting stuff.

            So the term does have meaning. Even if it’s used for the title of some dopey fps. And RPS comments want to pretend it has no meaning for the sake of a meme.

    • bit.bat says:

      Well ‘Face’ is apparently a the sociological concept of prestige/dignity in China so there you go. WARDIGNITY!

      • LukeNukem says:

        It is in the UK/US too, used in sociology, see the phrase “saving face”

  5. Shodex says:


  6. nopol10 says:

    That’s a pretty hilarious defibrillation animation. I love comedic games.

  7. Turkey says:

    You’re a loose cannon, Warface.

  8. Fragtastic says:

    OK, I know what site I’m on, so I’ll explain this. Warface is an American expression. You “Put on your warface” when you prepare for something difficult or dangerous. Probably comes from when Native American warriors would paint their faces in preparation for war. It’s a real thing and not made up.

    I know this joke won’t go away now, but at least I tried.

    • razgon says:


    • nopol10 says:

      *Puts on my warface* You can’t make this stuff up. *Wipes off warface*

    • Turkey says:

      Warface is hellface.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      I consume so much American media and I really haven’t heard it used like that before. I’ve heard “puting warpaint on” or some such. Honestly as a phrase I kind of like it, but as a single word it’s very silly.

      • InternetBatman says:

        I’m an American and I never heard it outside of Full Metal Jacket. Warpaint and game face are the ones I’ve heard.

        • Mr.Snowy says:

          Yep, it’s a Full Metal Jacket reference.

          Personally I think that Rottencrotch would have been a better name…

        • JamesTheNumberless says:

          Because FMJ is exactly where it comes from, anything else is wishful folk etymology.

          • Spectre-7 says:

            Google Ngram Viewer would like to have a word with you…
            link to

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            wow, Crytek have a time machine!

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            I don’t find it inconceivable that the term has been thought of and used many times in the past. After all the components are pretty common words in the English language in their own right.

            However, since the incidents of the word are so very, very few I think more research/evidence is needed to demonstrate that their appearances in the past are more than just separate authors coming up with the term in isolation and no guarantee that the word ever had an established usage.

            Also, because the appearances are so very few I would have to be convinced that the standard error in the OCR method used to gather this data isn’t introducing a significant number of false positives. All is not always what it seems:

            link to

            Finally Google nGram by itself tells us nothing about the term’s usage or meaning. What would be very interesting is to have an actual example of a text using this term prior to the release of FMJ.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            In fact I strongly suspect based on this:

            link to

            (which you get if you examine the google data)

            That OCR is the culprit and these are mostly misreadings of the word “warfare” which is just a curly font or a typo away.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            Here for instance:

            link to

            It’s clearly a typo. Freedom’s warfare with Authority.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            Ok, this is the closest I can get:

            link to

            “meet the grim visaged war face to face”

            Suggestive of the war itself having a face and unrelated to warpaint or the face of a person uttering a war cry, etc. And of course, not actually the word “warface”

            As you can see, I have a lot of procrastination to do at the moment.

            EDIT: More poking around. I’m afraid “warface” seems exclusively to be a typo or false OCR reading of “warfare” and “war face” is always part of a sentence such as “Those in war face hardships”

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            Hard Ships will be the Naval followup to WARFACE.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            So I win then? Cewl.

    • MichaelGC says:

      Full Metal Jacket clip (contains naughty words):

    • Zunt says:

      But that would be two words, war and face. Not a single nonsense word.

      Warface sounds like it should be the angry brother of Candace, or a misspelled jetty expert.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      That’s “game face” not WARFACE

      • Berzee says:

        Probably comes from when Native American warriors would paint their faces in preparation for games.

    • puppybeard says:

      I knew that, still find it hilarious. It just seems like they’re trying too hard.

  9. laijka says:

    Damn, I read WARFACE and came here thinking it was a War Face Paint simulator.
    You paint the faces of soldiers and send them out on missions and if you did a good job they survive.

    Then there’s the obvious Historical War Face Painting: Scotland DLC of course.

  10. gunny1993 says:

    Clearly the Devs are Kubrick fans

  11. kael13 says:

    I think we’ve waited all year to have the chance to validly shout WARFACE with gusto.


  12. lowprices says:

    I think it’s still called Warface because the only people aware of the game are RPS commenters who love that meme. Like how people managed to be interested in Snakes on a Plane, despite the fact it was always going to be shit, simply because of the name.

  13. AlwaysRight says:


  14. WinTurkey says:

    It’s not even an original name, the prequel to the WW2 RTS Men of War was called Faces of War

  15. Lobotomist says:

    Game designer : We have a great game set in modern war conflict. We want to call it – Modern fighter

    Boss man: Thats to complicated , we need something kids indentify with.

    Marketing executive: Sir, kids today like Facebook.

    Boss man: Ok we are getting somwhere now. So its about war but has to be connected to Facebook…

    Marketing executive: Warface ! Get it ? War + Face(book)

    Boss man: You are promoted. Just go and punch game designer in the gut.

  16. bstard says:

    8:30 @ sales and other divine beings, Crytec. An office, some naab, a suit, a whiteboard and some zombies, Warfare was misspelled.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was almost true. There must have been a reason they couldn’t use “warfare” as the name and someone suggested Warface as an alternative which must have sounded great to everyone in the brainstorming session.

  17. Prime says:

    We’re all saying it wrong. It’s a play on the word ‘surface’, which makes much more sense.

  18. strangeloup says:

    What is a manshoot?! A miserable little pile of killstreaks!
    But enough talk, show me your WARFACE!

  19. Monkey says:

    Give this to Warface, give this to Warface, give this to Warface…. wait a minute i am Warface

    • Convolvulus says:

      I just recently figured out that Baby Face was Dexter Fletcher.

  20. Tei says:

    Games on your browser-face

  21. PopeRatzo says:

    I think “Warface” sounds kinda cool, actually.

    But that’s just me. I named my dog “Genocide Worldkiller” (she’s a shitzu).

    My four kids are named Conquest, Famine, Death and Emily. My wife put her foot down on that last one. More accurately, she put it up. My ass.

    • Atrocious says:

      The dog doesn’t have to go to school and only lives a decade, but your kids? Have some mercy.

  22. nimzy says:

    Same reason we got “Full Spectrum Warrior” and “Medal of Honor: Warfighter.”

    It’s gotta have “war” in it somewhere.

  23. SirKicksalot says:

    It’s getting tiresome to see every RPS post about Warface being mostly about the name. Get over it. It stopped being fun a year ago.

  24. edwardoka says:


  25. Tjee says:

    So you’re a killer?

  26. Phendron says:

    Brand new tactics to crush your enemies, like the Powerslide Doctrine!

  27. stuntrey says:

    so the fov gonna be 55 again?

  28. Orontes says:

    Hang on a minute, this doesn’t look like a docking ship and port management simulator. I’ve been tricked!

  29. Don Reba says:

    WARFACE sounds like HOORAH and FREEDOM, you pansy.

  30. haradaya says:

    CryTek still refuses to make the advancement to rendering real scopes instead of zooming the whole view.

  31. mollemannen says:

    the rythm of the bullets fired are still ringing in my ears