Guess What? There’s Another WildStar Video!

Like my prongs?
RPS now has three pages worth of WildStar posts. Looking over the reaction in the comments, I’m seeing a fair amount of goodwill for the handsome MMO. And though public opinion took a bit of a dip when the payment model was announced, where it became clear it uses subscriptions and/or in-game currency as payment, there’s still a fun looking game behind that. This little look digs into the the game’s Crowd Control attacks, where it shows how being stunned and knocked down won’t be as frustrating as it is in other games. Because it mostly doesn’t happen.

Elements of it will remain, but the crowd control spells and effects can be countered by the player’s ability. Being hit with Disarm, for example, doesn’t just theoretically stop you from using your weapon, but it knocks it out your hand. You just need to run after it and grab it. This is the most basic example: there are ways to counter almost every controlling assault that the game throws your way, even allowing you to spam shots while blinded, though the Disorient spell looks like it might be tough to shake-off.

It’ll be out around Spring of 2014, but there’s a closed beta running right now if you feel lucky.


  1. Noburu says:

    Pessimistically excited for this, but RL dictates I wont have the time to play :(

  2. Thermometer says:

    I like this very much. You could just wait for the CC to wear off (for example, your weapon will teleport to you after the disarm duration), or you could try and shorten it by doing these things.

    Also, devs said a macro for spamming the button to remove stun wouldn’t have that big effect. There is a maximum number of presses per second that the game accepts, so you would be on par with other people that spam the button normally.

  3. ZephaniahGrey says:

    Since I heard they were going with a $15 a month subscription to play, I’ve pretty much given up on this game. The option to grind enough in-game currency to buy game time from other players isn’t much better. Frankly, I’m just going to wait for this model to fail, like EVERY subscription game in the last decade, and then try it. Looks awesome, but not going back to subs. Ever.

    Sorry NCSoft, nice try though.

    • RedViv says:

      It’s not 2015 yet! :P

    • Sakkura says:

      WoW features paid subscription, twice as expensive as this, and it hasn’t exactly failed. In fact, it’s the most successful MMO of all time.

      • ZephaniahGrey says:

        Yes, but nothing will ever be WoW again. It’s pretty much hubris to think anything will be. There’s a pretty long list of MMORPGs proving this.

        • mtomto says:

          There has been no ACTUAL attemps of dethroning WoW. There has been a LOT of marketing of subpar MMOs though and it has hurt the genre as a whole. In time, I’m sure there will be a greater and better game than WoW.

        • Sakkura says:

          WoW has managed to be WoW for a long time, but won’t last forever. Once WoW is gone, there’s no reason to believe the MMO market couldn’t sustain a “new WoW”.

        • Smashington says:

          You sound like a baby. WAHHHH if the game isn’t free NO ONE WILL PLAY IT! (Because I’m mad.)

          The fact is, a TON of people are going to play it. Wildstar is the one game in the past decade that actually has the polish and gameplay to replace WoW as the dominant MMO. (Been playing the beta for the last 3-4 months. Believe the hype.)

          It doesn’t have to launch with 11 million subscribers. 2-3 million is acceptable. Actually even less than that is good enough to be a success and sustain development. But if GW2 could get 3 mill at launch with it’s lack of end game and casual nature I’m fairly certain Wildstar which ticks every box of what a hardcore raider and a casual player wants will do alright.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      Isn’t Eve Online a subscription model? Oh, that’s right, you said “of the past decade” and Eve Online has been going for more than the past decade (started May, 2003).

      I would say a subscription game that has been up and running for more than a decade is pretty successful, no?

      • tyren says:

        EVE is deliberately aimed at a niche market. I don’t think you can say the same for Wildstar.

    • Lemming says:

      You should be able to estimate how ‘grindy’ it is on launch. If you’re putting in the same play time you would’ve regardless, you’ve not lost anything surely?

  4. Seafort says:

    Still waiting to play and test this game. It looks interesting but I’m not too happy about the monthly sub. I told myself I won’t sub to another MMO after The Old Republic and I’m sticking to it. That includes FFXIV and Elder Scrolls Online too.

    The only viable MMO for me now is Buy2pay like Guild Wars 2. If Arenanet can do it and make GW2 successful I don’t see why other companies can’t.

    • Smashington says:

      GW2 is a successful business model. But is it a fun game? That’s debatable.

      Their awesome item store has funded a development cycle that puts out content every 2 weeks… Wonderful. That content is completely doable in about 4 hours the day of the patch. I’ve played all their 2 week releases in the last 3 months and I’m completely done all the achievements and content by the end of the first day. (With the exception of purposely grindy achievements that have requirements that can’t be done in one day.)

      This weeks patch being the shortest. Clockwork chaos was a terrible patch. It added absolutely nothing. Some zone invasions that are just a zerg pile. I was fine grinding Frostgorge Sound and Cursed Shore champs for money. The story mini dungeon… (faceroll walkthrough) is godawful and tells absolutely no story. The new zodiac weapon skins seem like they were a troll. Does anyone actually buy them? I haven’t seen one equipped in game yet.

      So if Wildstar charging $15 a month will guarantee big ol beefy chunks of content including new dungeons and additions to PVP I’ll gladly pay it.

      This weekend is GW2’s first year birthday. Looking back on the last year I can say the biggest thing they’ve done is add Fractals of the Mists. That was in November 2012… What have they really done since? No new dungeons. No new meaningful long term content. Just this casual disposable story garbage every month that is never exciting. Yay F2P! …. GTFO

      • Jaggens says:

        I disagree. They also added Guild Missions in hope those will somehow attract raiding community, and those were sorta successful, but not as interesting as raiding would be.

        Guild Wars 2 is a proof that you can make solid mmo game with just b2p+mt. It’s also another proof that it’s not possible to make great mmo game without p2p.

  5. LionsPhil says:

    0:48 “Ok everybody, punch the air in the cylinder where the player is!”

    Dear RPGs and MMOs: please stop being terrible for “everyone stands around and plays precanned attack animations in the vague direction of each-other”.

  6. skyturnedred says:

    But will CC matter in PvE? I remember in vanilla WoW when you had to CC some mobs to get through even a normal dungeon. You actually had to think about the encounters for a second or two. Now, pretty much every MMO instance/dungeon revolves around spamming area-of-effect attacks till you reach the boss, and as much as I love playing with other people, that shit gets boring really fast.

    (PvP is of course another matter entirely, regarding crowd control effects.)

    • defunct says:

      I remember that, too, and I miss it. I haven’t played it in years, though. It used to be that CCing was important, and you had to be careful with AOE and bad tab aiming. When they took that away, all the stupid people won, and I was sad. Games are now made for mindless drones, who don’t watch what they’re doing or care. They just want to waste time.

  7. mtomto says:

    “The devs are listening”… lol, same crap as with Guild Wars 2. So far I’m in favor of EQNext unless this turd has some very special… special sauce :S

  8. Lemming says:

    The good will is well deserved I think. It’s a quality-looking MMO, not something that feels knocked together in a year to jump on a F2P bandwagon, and they are actually trying some new stuff with the game mechanics (or in the case of player-housing, bringing something back that seems to have been lost). NCsoft have put their nuts on the line and it shows.

    I’m certainly willing to fork out for the game and play for my free month before deciding whether to sub or not.

    I’m super-tempted by EQNext, but I think this will cure my itch for a GW2-like sci-fi game with a sprinkling of new mechanics.

    Hard to believe about five years ago I used to think the perfect Warhammer and W40k MMO would solve all my gaming problems for life!

  9. dagudman says:

    I know what the devs are trying to do. Fap starts with f, so pressing f multiple times means fapfapfap.

  10. Faxanadu says:

    Global Agenda, that Jedi thing, Tera, Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2… None of those really looked interesting. This looks vaguely intriguing. But oh there’s so many ways to fail.

    What is the game world going to be like, anyhow? Looks pretty funky. Maybe too funky. Altho that walrus seal, I LOVED IT, I want one as a plushie!

  11. vasek45 says:

    At last, an interesting non-f2p MMO, the wait since I’ve left WoW in Cata after 6 years is almost over!

    And seriously, I think most of the people moaning that it’s not free wouldn’t spend a single penny on a game after playing it for a while anyway, they just want the base game to be free and enjoy playing without any risks.
    The problem with other MMOs which went f2p is that they simply weren’t good enough/have enough high-end content to keep people p(l)aying. I’m actually very happy to see all of the big three 2014 MMOs (the new FF, ESO and this one) going with subs.

    • Orageon says:

      Seconded. Also never went with subscription-based since WoW, but I left WoW shortly after Burning Crusade.
      People complain about subscription because they just want to play for free. Or they want GW2-like model but still complain on the updates etc.
      There are no miracles down there, if you want decent regular new content for the game, money must come in some way or the other. Subscriptions seem to be a more stable way to ensure the devs are getting a salary and can earn it by improving and expanding the game. F2P seems a bit random and there isn’t even the first income of purchasing the game. That affects the quality.

      EQ-Next ? What do we know of it ? Next to naught. It’s way too early to be ecstatic about it imo. Ok, terraforming stuff looks neat on paper and cutscenes but how often did we see great ideas that ended up “meh” even though everyone was excited ? (skill system in GW2 without tank/heal/dps, Brink and it’s underexploited parkour and bodytypes, etc).

      IMO, wildstar seems to have a very good chance of delivering something that brings back the glorious feelings of early WoW, plus features that were cruelly missing like housing (god, now I miss Ultima Online).