RPS Asks: What’s Your Bank Holiday Playlist?

Thanks, Rabbie.
Hello everyone. Over here in the land of smashed hard-drives, terrifying tabloids, and warm socks, the upcoming Monday will be a holiday. Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Faith, Queen, and mother of four, has seen fit to give us an extra day off. Thanks, Queeny. I think she must have a games industry connection, because she’s given us this treat just as Saints Row IV and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are unlocking on Steam. Oh and Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Disclaimer: It’s great, and Jim owns this site and makes that game). Anyway, for the people that have time off, what games will you be playing now you have three days instead of two this weekend?

Heck, tell me what you’re playing and what you hope to be playing even if you have a regular weekend coming up. I like knowing. Particularly if you’re playing something that hasn’t been extensively covered on the site.

Will you be taking the time to play something new, or will you be returning to an old favourite? I’m sadly not going to be anywhere near my desktop this weekend, otherwise I’d be playing the co-op modes of SR:IV and Blacklist, and finishing off the final Dishonored DLC. Instead I’ll be taking many photos of John’s kitten, possibly poking around the drawers of Gone Home on my laptop, and I hope to find the time to return to Kerbal Space Program. It’d be good to know what Lucy thinks of those, after her spectacular reviewing debut earlier on in the week.

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  1. El Spidro says:

    I bought the x3 goldbox yesterday. I’ll be pouring many hours into space shenanigans over the coming days I feel.

    • bills6693 says:

      Oooo, enjoy! Tons of fun… bit of a learning curve though :P

  2. Cardinal says:

    The twin peaks of Europa Universalis IV and Spelunky.

  3. Sheng-ji says:

    Been saving Shadowrun Returns for the bank holiday

  4. bills6693 says:

    Probably a few games:
    Dungeon Keeper 2
    Wargame: AirLand Battle
    Civ V (G&K and BNW)
    Empire and/or Napoleon Total War
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

    Who knows, I tend to flop around different games for days, until I find something that catches my fancy at that time, play that a lot then start playing little bits again…


  5. Ansob says:

    I just bought a 5.1 headset that should arrive today so I can play the new Dishonored DLC in surround sound. Other than that, I’ll be finishing Dead Space 3 in co-op (a fun game, especially for $1), playing a bit of Warframe since it’s an event weekend, and probably reinstalling Dead Space 2 to test the 5.1 out some more.

    e; also, I’ve been on a Tron: Uprising kick recently and this has given me a profound longing for Tron 2.0, so I need to reinstall that if I can find my disks. :(

  6. luukdeman111 says:

    Europa Universalis IV, I’m finally starting to figure out how that game works.
    Dishonored, Yeah I’m a bit late but I love it so far
    And I’m in doubt wether I should replay the walking dead before playing 400 days and season two… I lost my savegame….

  7. Faldrath says:

    Are there any games other than Europa Universalis IV? I wasn’t aware.

    • nindustrial says:

      NO! There are no others, it is ALL EUROPA ALL THE TIME for the foreseeable future. And damn is it good.

  8. Fenix says:

    The Longest Journey!

    I played Dreamfall when it came out not even knowing it was a sequel, and was looking for an opportunity to play the original (which I keep hearing that is 20 times better than Dreamfall). I really liked Dreamfall, so I feel excited about this.

    • Bluenose says:

      TLJ is an excellent game, certainly better in terms of the gameplay mechanic but for me the story in Dreamfall is just amazing. Screw the HL2@Ep 2 cliffhanger, Dreamfall Chapters cannot come soon enough.

    • povu says:

      Enjoy! The Graphics are rather dated, especially since the resolution you play at is very low and AFAIK there’s no way to force any AA, but it’s still a great adventure game.

      And yeah the Dreamfall triple cliffhanger ending is way worse than the ending of HL2 Ep2. But at least we now know Dreamfall Chapters will be made.

  9. Om says:

    Realistically I’m not going to be able to escape the musty embrace of EUIV

    • soulblur says:

      Musty, but bracing! Much like a fine cologne. Speaking of which, Cologne has got to be close on my list of states to take over next. Viva la France!

      But I’ll probably take another stab at Sir! to mix things up, and I’ve got my iPad beside me, so some casual gaming as well. The old body can’t take sitting in the same chair for hours at a time anymore.

  10. JiminyJickers says:

    I’ve got too many things. At the moment it will probably be Saints Row IV and The Bureau. Maybe a dash of Sir You are Being Hunted on the side.

  11. philbot says:

    Wargame AirLand Battle.
    And then some more Wargame Airland Battle.
    This game is fun.

    • lordcooper says:

      The tutorial, however, is shite. Do you know of anywhere I could find a decent guide to basic strategy and deck building?

      EDIT: You guys are awesome.

      • sith1144 says:

        this one is good: link to steamcommunity.com its a bit outdated though, it doesnt contain the units and gamemode from the free DLC, but that doesnt matter really

      • philbot says:

        There is an absolutely enormous guide in the steam hub for it. The deck building has a big learning curve, but it all makes sense after a while.

        There is also a bunch of guides on basic deck building in the forums. add me in-game if you need some assistance: KeyLord. I am often on.

  12. frenz0rz says:

    I’ll be enjoying a large plate of Anno 2070, with a splash of Counterstrike: Global Offensive and a dollop of Dead Space 3 on the side. I must also resist purchasing EUIV because TOO MANY GAMES.

  13. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Mostly King’s Bounty: The Legend.

  14. golem09 says:

    Spelunky, Skullgirls and Eador: Broken World. As soon as my best mate is back from his vacation, we’ll play Borderlands 2 on two 42″ TVs besides each other in comfy chairs. And probably RE6.


    • GameCat says:


      Seriously, it’s one of these consoles where emulating them just takes away half of fun.
      Buy it, it’s cheap right now.

      • jrodman says:

        Pretty sure android has touch.

        • GameCat says:

          There’s more in that console that it’s hard to emulate than just touchscreen.
          For example a gap between the screens link to kotaku.com or having physical buttons.
          Not to say that some games requires touch screen precision that can be done only while using stylus and guess what – most of smartphones works only when you’re touching the screen with finger.

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Your Nintendo device can’t play ISOs, though
            or ROMs or whatever.

      • golem09 says:

        Playing it on my tablet is more fun than ever, the touchscreen is much better and you get more precision though size. The gap between screens? Don’t make me laugh, it’s irrelevant for 90% of the games and 16:10 is perfect for showing two screens in portrait mode.
        And why would I even attempt to play games that use the hardware buttons on this?
        So, all in all, Phoenix Wright is perfect for tablet use on a couch.
        And I do own a NDS. And the games. It’s just small and shitty, and the calibration is broken and I hate it. Also not as comfortable to use for visual novel games. I held off on playing Ace Attorney after seeing that it’s made for android/ios. Then capcom decided to not release the android version in the west, because they don’t like money. Well, now I play it on my tablet anyway, and don’t have to rebuy everything. Thanks campcom for not wasting my money.

        • GameCat says:


        • Tacroy says:

          I got a 3DS XL (basically for Animal Crossing), and it’s a very good size. The World Ends With You is a lot better on it.

          Pity it only comes in red or blue though, I would have preferred black…

  15. Arona Daal says:

    Nwn 2 Complete Edition.
    Maybe explore the less played Gamemodes in Bf3 before i drop it.
    Some MP in MOW:AS,
    sadly PR 1.0 is no longer a real Option for me.

    Also i did the freaking Impossible ,after 2 Years i *finished* UFO Aftershock.

    • SimulatedMan says:

      Re MOW:AS
      Does anybody know of a tutorial or guide to how unit-selection is supposed to work, including what the various options that can be changed do? I tried the game a while back but was never able to get comfortable with selecting soldiers.

      [edit]Cheers for the info. I will have to try it again.

      • Arona Daal says:

        The Controls seem to originate from some strange Parallel Universe where everything is the wrong Way around (means : Russia).

        There is an Option to reverse Left and Rightclick.
        1. Do that.

        After that its standard:
        LMB is select
        RMB order,
        RMB and drag is order and rotate,
        RMB and drag on target is move,face and fire at target.

        2. Reconfigure the Keys.

        for Example:
        Shift +Number = select Group
        Shift + Number = define Group.

        If you do these Things it controls much like every other RTS.

        Also there are some unusual Keys like DIRECT CONTROL.
        Which is useful for finer Movements like getting that Tank Hulls down in a Ditch.

      • ajf0 says:

        +1 for assault squad. Bank holiday is perfect for wallowing in co-op skirmish for hours at a time

  16. Kollega says:

    If i’ll be playing anything at all (i’ve been losing interest in games), it probably will be Battlefield 3. After i abandoned TF2, i thought i could live without competitive multiplayer, but it turned out that it isn’t so. Sometimes i just want to indulge in mindless multiplayer shootery.

  17. GameCat says:

    Replaying Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid series right now.
    I’ve finished SH Origins and first one on PSP, now playing SH: Shattered Memories (aka the most underrated game ever) also on PSP, SH3 on PC after that.

    Finished MGS: Peace Walker on PSP, tried MGS: Portable Ops (prequel to PW) – it have shitty gameplay so I’m gonna just watch cutscenes on youtube and pop up PS2 emulator with MGS3 and then MGS1 & 2.

    • DrScuttles says:

      Being a Wii / PS2 game did Shattered Memories no favours, which is a shame. It was pretty much fighting an uphill battle from the off anyway, what with being a reimagining of Silent Hill 1.
      It does baffle me that Konami don’t want to spend a little time and money to tune the old ports of SL 2,3,4 and sell them on Steam et al. I’m sure they’d pay for themselves in no time. It’s not as if they haven’t proven themselves above shitting out dodgy updates with as little effort possible in the past.

      • GameCat says:

        They would probably just throw that terrible HD collection, so better not.

  18. lordcooper says:

    Fallen Enchantress (anyone know if the expansion is worth it?) is taking up a surprising amount of my time so far. Other than that, I expect moderate bursts of EU IV, a little more Sir, and I’m also currently downloading Medieval 2 to check out that Stainless Steel mod I’ve heard so much about.

    • Grygus says:

      The expansion is what I’ll be playing, and in my opinion Legendary Heroes is a significant improvement. You get it for half price since you already own FE, too.

      Stainless Steel is great; if you are interested in such things, there is another Kingdoms mod called The Third Age that is the best War of the Ring game of which I am aware; highly recommended.

    • Laurentius says:

      I had a blast with Legendary Heroes. It’s really good, sure some things could be done better but overall i was very impressed with this game.

  19. Taidan says:

    Torchlight 2 with my significant other, most likely.

    Any leftover time may go into either forcing myself to play through a little more of Defiance’s thoroughly mediocre DLC, or making a good start on the first Witcher game, which I have bought twice at retail on its original releases, and still haven’t bloody played.

  20. Premium User Badge

    Gassalasca says:

    If I manage to escape the clutches of DotA 2 and LoL, then hopefully XCOM.

  21. Demiath says:

    One advantage of having a very late summer vacation is that there are some actual games coming out when I have plenty of time to play them. Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Bureau and Saints Row IV are all games I’ve just started to get into. Also, in the not-PC department there’s a Disney Infinity Starter Pack to pick up on Monday because, well, why not? It’s not like I’m in the business of growing up anytime soon…

  22. Vurogj says:

    I’m close enough to level 30 in LoL that a hard weekend should get me there.

    Then again, since I picked up Brave New World in the Amazon sale recently, I’ve been all over that.

    Then again again, there’s a whole bunch of other games that are interesting to me. It’s all good.

  23. YoungSeal says:

    I think you meant to say Great Britain, NORTHERN Ireland and the British Dominions across the sea.
    Ireland certainly isn’t under the dominion of any Queen and even more certainly going to be in work on Monday.

    Still I’ll be playing some Borderlands 2, XCOM, Dishonored and unfortunately Awesomenauts. Cause I can’t stop myself playing that rage inducing awesome game.

  24. Menshai2013 says:

    Sadly, I have a first draft of a paper to finish and then a masters students thesis to read… as well as some c++ code to multithreadify + hack apart + probably rewrite using python. So I probably won’t get much time for video-games this bank holiday weekend! :(

    If I do though… I’m not sure what I’ll play! Possibly something with friends if they’re online (either LoL, Grid 2, CS:GO or SC2.)

    On the single player front, I just finished AC:Revelations and need to pick something to play next from the long, long back log of games. I’m thinking something of the FPS variety and relatively short (as with the way work is at the moment, I don’t want risk getting dragged into tens of hours of enjoyable game play) which basically throws Borderlands 2 out the window as much as I’d like to start down that deliciously satisfying looking road. Probably Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 or Rage…

  25. jezcentral says:

    Finally finishing To The Moon. I’m on the last stage.

    Then Saints Row 4…

  26. mrwonko says:

    I’m playing through SR4 Coop with my brother. I’m also trying out Sims 3, thanks to the Humble Bundle. It proposed Jade as a name, so thanks to that I’m now about to finally play Beyond Good & Evil. About time, it’s been years.

  27. lowprices says:

    Finish Hate Plus, then either play more Spelunky and Don’t Starve, or finally finish To The Moon.

    • lowprices says:

      Y’know what? Knackers to Hate Plus. It won’t let me carry on until I bake a bloody cake. In real life. Spelunky it is, then.

  28. SuicideKing says:

    I’ll be playing with the 8085 and its instruction set, and figuring out why Shannon and Hartley hated Gaussian White Noise.

    Also, “Queeny” always reminds me of Black Adder’s second season.

  29. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    The kingdom of Aragon will conquer the Iberian Peninsula this weekend. And then maybe France if possible, because the French are dicks.

    I might also play some SRIV, but I need to see this alternate history thing through first.

  30. drewski says:

    See if my housemate wants to do something multiplayer, but otherwise going to take a crack and smashing out a heap of Freedom Force missions.

    11 years behind but catching up fast.

  31. Conehead The Barbarian says:

    This weekend I’ll be playing M&B: Warband, Left4Dead2 and maybe some Modern Warfare2. What im really waiting for is my new laptop to arrive during the week, then I’ll be playing: World in Conflict, Skyrim, World at War, Xcom:EU, Just Cause 2, Wargames: EE, Civ5, Fallout 1,2 & tactics. Damn you weekend, go faster.

  32. boyspud says:

    Recently bought Interstellar Marines, Take on Mars and Betrayer on early access, so will probably give those a proper go (pretty sure I’ve done all there is to do in Betrayer so far, but ya never know).

    Other than that one friend wants to co op Dead Space 3 while the other wants to co op Dark Souls. I forsee a Dark and horror filled time ahead, and can’t wait for either!

  33. CMaster says:

    Making games, not playing:

    Ludum Dare Time!

    • The Random One says:

      I think the 10 seconds theme was how long it took me to give up. It might not have been the best idea to decide to make my best game ever during LD :-S

  34. Lex says:

    Just bought Hate Plus so it will be … hm … Hate Plus.

  35. AlmostPalpable says:

    I will be working. :( Still, the money is going towards a new gaming PC and a tea-cosy for my cat to use as a tent so it’s all worth it.

  36. Stuart Walton says:

    The Arma 3 Dev build containing Altis, the main island, is hitting on Monday. i shall be messing around on that.

  37. Kefren says:

    I’ll finish the Redneck Rampage expansion packs, and my current HOMM3 campaign. I can then start something completely new; I’m not sure what to pick yet though from my smorgasbord of games.

  38. fuggles says:

    Dawn of War 1 – 9 years old next month. Modding community still going strong, I’m currently hard at work with several teams to get several new races playable and released! It occurred to me the other day that a) I’ve been playing the same game for nearly a generation and b) It is unlikely that we will ever see a 40K game with as much content as the current game with mods.

    DoW2 never got official tools and whilst there are mods, they were small fry compared to the likes of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod or a race combiner mod – mine has about 25 armies with the vanilla ones included.

  39. pertusaria says:

    Hoping to play some Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Trying to resist the urge to install something random for a short play-through, as I have several deep / challenging games installed and nearly untouched (as well as other things).

    • Skabooga says:

      Yes, I’m slowly getting pulled into Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and at this rate, I imagine it will take the lion’s share of my weekend.

  40. int says:

    Trying to play Warface. I get kicked out randomly so it’s not very fun.

    “Alright everyone! We are securely in the chopper the mission is comp… failed!”

  41. Navagon says:

    Mostly Skyrim. Maybe some other stuff.

  42. Gap Gen says:

    Going to attempt to do some Ludum Dare, although not in any way seriously.

  43. raskolnikov.mx says:

    Some Witcher 2, most likely.

  44. psuedonymous says:

    The Final Fantasy XIV early access period. After the servers come back up, of course (curse you MMO Launch Gods!).

  45. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    The Knight’s Quest and Greedy Gulch

  46. MadTinkerer says:

    Still going through Skyrim (bought the complete package on the summer sale). Taking forever because when you’re trying to finish one quest the game throws two more at you, sometimes without warning.

    Kill a dragon, go back to town to claim the bounty, run into a murder mystery, get kidnapped in the middle of solving the case and forced to commit murder because you accidentally steal-killed from the local assassin group, get ambushed by some cultists, fend off some wolves, fend off a random dragon attack, fend off some optimistic and tasty mudcrabs, fend off a courier delivering a message that some Jarl you’ve never met wants you to start some quests, accidentally aggro some bandits and clear out their hideout because they’re easy, take a break to mix up some potions and disenchant some items because your inventory is getting too full, finally get back to a previously mapped area so you can fast-travel, solve the mystery by following the suspect and pre-murdering him in broad daylight the instant he tries to attack his next victim, and finally get the bounty for killing that dragon.

  47. Haphaz77 says:

    Dishonored Brigmore Witches then probably Kerbal Space Program.

    Or I get pulled back into CiV BNW. As always.

  48. Michael Fogg says:

    Far Cry III. Mark a radio tower on the map, set out on a hike, shoot some komodo dragons and goats on the way, plus a bunch of pirates, then climb the rickety tower and zip back down. I don’t want this to end! RPS wasn’t far from the truth when they chose FC3 GOTY 2012.

  49. Malibu Stacey says:

    Not a bank holiday in Scotland thank you very much Craig. But if it were I expect I’d be playing a lot of Dota 2 interspersed with Orcs Must Die 2 same as the rest of this weekend.

  50. Ernesto25 says:

    Just got nexus the Jupiter incident on a whim and will start that, I should play but gave up on morrowind (annoyingly slow player running speed). Witcher (still don’t really get them or whats so special about the characters or a protagonist who sounds like he’s bored half the time). BG2. Oh and i play csgo alot with friends may as well enjoy it while its lasts in case it goes the same way as tf2

    • jnqvist says:

      Yes,you are quite slow at the beginning of your journey at Vvardenfell. :) receiving some athletics/acrobatics skill (cannot quite remember which one governs movement speed) should make things faster. As well as having an armor other than a heavy one. Oh…the possibilities of that game. Still have it installed on my HD,and spin it every now and then. I would warm-heartedly suggest giving it another go. It is genuinely spectacular.

      • Ernesto25 says:

        Im trying done a few fighters guild quest i’m a mage so i don’t carry alot so maybe ill give it a further go when i have the time. Problem is at the moment ill be spending half of my gametime just walking and i really want to get into morrowind as the design is alot more interesting than oblivion. Eventually i will try again i really wanted to do the pilgrims quest but then realised how far everything was and gave up. One day i will finish it …one day :P.