Awesome: Awesomenauts Expansion Hits Goal

Awesomenauts has two main goals in its existence. The first is to defy all genre definitions with its blend of 2D RTS platforming and MOBA-like character selection and power usage. The second is, or was, to raise $125,000 on Kickstarter for the production of an expansion. This has been thoroughly smashed within just seven days, opening up a whole slew of stretch goals to now attain. This will pile on top of the already impressive promises of new characters, a spectator mode and more. Dev team Romino Games are understandably pleased with the situation and their slightly frenetic, totally adorable announcement video is below.

With the success of the Kickstarter, there’s plans to open up options to donate via Paypal for those who’d rather give directly.


  1. wisnoskij says:

    It is just a DOTA clone. The genre is not that hard to define.

  2. qeloqoo says:

    MOBA market seems to be f2p. This one you have to buy. In addition to that they make expansion with essential features for MOBA (spectator mode) also with price tag. In most of my attempts to play awesomenauts one or another team had bots on it – speaks about low player population. It’s really a mystery for me how they didn’t fail on that kickstarter. Even tho characters are fun and controls are less clicky than common MOBA (WASD FTW) I barely know anyone who plays it (even tho there are dota2/LoL freaks among people I know).
    I have no idea how popular this game is on consoles and whether PC players are pitted against console players…

    • fooga44 says:

      Many people ‘tried the trial version’.

      Everyone who plays it usually likes the game but the base game is incomplete it wasn’t enough to purchase the game. Hence you see the kickstarter. The team is talented but Awesomenauts is just an example of developers releasing an unfinished game and expecting players to buy it.

      No developer wants to commit resources to make a game that has enough actual content to be worth the purchase. So this is why we’re seeing stuff like this.

      The team behind Awesomenauts is talented, they’ve proven that. But they’ve also proven they are short on funds and couldn’t get development money from publishers to actually create something with enuogh content to be worth buying.

      When you’re PAYING for a game it better have more then a level or two and some characters.

    • Commander Gun says:

      Dude, the game was like $2.50 in all steam sales and then the game is supported with free chars for over a year. By a startup company who actually posts a lot on forums and listen to the community. What’s not to like?

      • qeloqoo says:

        Well, alternatives are free. I play mostly HiRez’s SMITE which is free and technically you can unlock all characters without spending a penny. It has more characters, also takes different approach compared to normal RTS-style MOBA and has *spoiler* players actually playing it.

        EDIT: Just to make it clear, question is not about money, but why would I pay for something that has less content than games in same genre and will require me to invest even more (15$ for copper rank in KS pledge equals to indy game on release) for features which are essential to game.

        • DerNebel says:

          I play Dota 2 which is basically heaven while St. Peter has a day off.

          You get in for free, stay for free and can play all the characters. Furthermore, you get way more mobility on your hero and waaaay more complex stuff to pull off in-game. Come join us!

          • qeloqoo says:

            Thanks for offer but I have allergy reaction to mouse movement controls. In WASD we trust.

          • gunny1993 says:

            Smite bretherin unite in our unholy casualness.

            BTW I recommend the god pack, probably the best deal i’ve had in a game like this.

  3. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    Can we call them “lane pushers”? Sounds a bit rude maybe.

    I got awesomenauts in some bundle. It’s good fun, but in the end it makes me feel the same way as all games of its kind: I could be getting more game for my time. Even though matches in awesomenauts are shorter than in more typical specimens like dota and lol, I still don’t feel entertained throughout. Why should I waste time fighting AI creeps in a multiplayer game when I can get constant tension and challenge in more traditional pvp setups?

    • Hahaha says:

      Fighting creeps in awsomenauts? your doing it wrong.

    • jamesgecko says:

      Creeps are basically mobile resources in MOBAs. You and your opponent dance around them and manipulate them to put pressure on each other while tightening your grip on concealed knives. Then your opponent strikes. All of a sudden all your creeps are dead, and half your health is gone, and the enemy creeps are attacking you and your opponent is readying their ultimate attack while cackling evilly. You hesitate. Do you run? No. You turn and stand your ground like a warrior. You are cut down within seconds, exploding like a pinata filled with fail.

      Then all your teammates yell at you for not running like the coward you are and say rude things about your gender and mother. Your opponent, slightly stronger from the encounter, comes to view you as a free source of money/XP and hounds you relentlessly for the entirety of the match.

      Things are slightly different in Awesomenauts than in other mobas, but you get the idea.

  4. draglikepull says:

    I play Awesomenauts as a co-op game with friends against the computer. I’ve had a lot of fun playing it that way. I think it shows that the basic MOBA concept can be made pretty approachable when you reduce the complexity to a level that a novice can grasp.

  5. Hahaha says:

    MOBA – multiplayer online battle arena – Worst fucking “genre” name EVER. Going by multiplayer online battle arena what multiplayer game is not a moba?

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      Probably the same number that aren’t role-playing games. Genre names really aren’t to be taken literally.

      • Hahaha says:

        Any online FPS is a moba
        Any online RTS is a moba
        Any online fighting game is a moba
        Any online RPG with PvP is a moba

        • darkChozo says:

          Interestingly enough, if taken literally, three of those four genres names could easily apply to the majority of games in all four genres.

        • Jad says:

          Call of Duty:
          You fight but it isn’t a fighting game.
          You’re in a war in a game but it isn’t a wargame.
          You shoot a lot of things up but it isn’t a shmup.
          You play the role of several soldiers but it isn’t a RPG.
          You battle online in the multiplayer mode but it isn’t a MOBA.

          More often than not, genre labels are incredibly broad to the point of near-meaninglessness. Seriously, what isn’t a fighting game? But we are able to attach meaning to those terms even if their surface denotation is not the same as our game-industry-specific conotation.

          • Hahaha says:

            The sims
            Kings quest

            Could go on

          • Hahaha says:

            Games are broken down in to sub genres by most people, but moba can’t be broken down it is just a generic name for online gaming that for some reason has been adopted as a genre

          • Jad says:

            As a follow-up to words having a very specific and different meaning in different contexts: I just listened to a podcast that was all about Fantasy Football (if you’re not familiar: Wikipedia, but basically it’s pretending that you are the owner of a fictional sports team, choosing various real-world players to be on your fictional team, and then using those player’s real-world actions in the sport to determine who among your friends is better at producing fictional teams).

            Most of the time when I hear the word “fantasy” it is about the storytelling milieu that is set in the Middle Ages and has orcs and dwarves and elves, but these guys were using it with an entirely different meaning, with different sentence constructions and all. (“His team may not do well this season, but in fantasy he will be a very good draft choice, you’ll get a lot of fantasy points out of him”.) I’m sure for many other people the word “fantasy” conjures up romantic/sexual connotations that have nothing to do with elves or football players.

            Off-topic, but I thought it was interesting.

          • Hahaha says:

            Fantasy is just made up, wanting a billion pounds and no job is fantasy just as much as dragons and goblins.

          • Jad says:

            “Games are broken down in to sub genres by most people, but moba can’t be broken down it is just a generic name for online gaming that for some reason has been adopted as a genre”

            “it is just a generic name for online gaming”

            But it’s not. I never heard those words put together in that form prior to League of Legends getting popular. I had played untold hours battling away in multiplayer arena shooters like UT and never thought of what I was doing was a MOBA. I also, as I noted, was doing a lot of “fighting” in those games, but at no point was I confused that UT might be in the same genre as Street Fighter II.

            And secondly, it still does not describe all online gaming. There are plenty of online games where you do no battling. There are online multiplayer games where the playfield does not really constitute an “arena” (a racing game for one, and I would not call Left 4 Dead’s levels “arenas”) . There are even online games that are not multiplayer (all those flash games on Kongregate).

          • Hahaha says:

            You do fight in racing games over position.
            L4D has PvP and even in co-op your fighting zombies

            Cool so we can just name stuff what ever we want with out caring what the words mean.

            Im not going to go back and add the two word that would be needed if we were not talking in a moba comment section so will add it below

            “Games are broken down in to sub genres by most people, but moba can’t be broken down it is just a generic name for competitive multiplayer online gaming that for some reason has been adopted as a genre”

          • jamesgecko says:

            Irony is when one states that words have meaning in a discussion where one attempts to redefine the meaning of a term.

            Not that MOBA is a particularly great term. It entered usage primarily because it sounded like DOTA and could be used as an acronym, not because “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” specifically defined DOTA and nothing else.

            In recognition of Hahaha’s earnest and persistent efforts to right society’s wrongs, I propose that

            1. MOBA is stupid.

            2. MOCA is a much more awesome name because it sounds like a Java library or a caffeinated beverage.

            3. MOCA may stand for EITHER “Multiplayer Online Creep Arena” OR “Multiplayer Online Creeper Arena”. I feel that the latter choice is the obvious winner because it insults the players of the genre.

          • gunny1993 says:

            The name is irrelevant, since everyone knows what you mean when you say “moba” it is clear that it serves its purpose.

  6. TehK says:

    I bought Awesomenauts just because I liked the style and they didn’t take themselves as serious as the rest of the “mobas” (or whatever you want to call them). Up to now I put 190 hours into it. That’s more than every other game on my steam list.

    The game is amazing, very fun to play and although it’s very easy to get into, there’s quite some skill involved in actually playing well. I can’t recommend it highly enough and for me it’s a genuine pleaser to see the expansion do well on Kickstarter.

    • Hahaha says:

      Yeah, the matchmaking is fucked though, expect to breeze through the ranks until ‘3’ when people actually start to be able to play. Some of the group attacks you can do are really op as well XD

  7. Ridnarhtim says:

    Only one new map? Those are the main thing missing in the game, imo – thoroughly bored of playing on the same 4 all the time.

    • GHudston says:

      Have you played a MOBA before? I’m stunned that Awesomenauts’ maps can be described plurally.

      • Ridnarhtim says:

        Admittedly, I have not. I didn’t even have the slightest clue what Awesomenauts when I played it – got it out of an indie bundle.

  8. Deathmaster says:

    Unless there’s a joke I’m not getting… it’s RoNiMo, not Romino.
    As it’s everywhere (but in the actual link), even the tags now give empty results.

  9. Commander Gun says:

    This was the surprise of the year in 2012 for me. Bought it in a steam sale for $2.50, and sunk more then 350 hours in it. For that reason alone, i happily contributed to their kickstarter :)

  10. _Nocturnal says:

    Love the game, would have gladly supported the Kickstarter, but a $15 minimum to get an expansion for a $10 game? Seems kind of backwards.

  11. Qwallath says:

    So I never played any lane-pusher (I like that term!) except the original Starcraft map thingies, but Awesomenauts manages to hit the right spot for me, not sure why. I picked it up as part of a Humble Bundle, and just checked it out one day when someone invited people over Twitter to play along.

    I guess it might be the one I’m playing now because it is (or appears) a stripped down version of some of the big ones out there, so it’s easy to jump into. After a while though, there’s still enough complexity in the game to keep you busy for a long time. As others here have argued, quite correctly, the game (and the genre) is all about the interaction between the characters, and applying the right force at the right time. With so many different combinations of teams, characters, and powers, there definitely more than enough depth to this seemingly simple lane-pusher variant.

    Another thing that I love is that it’s a bit wacky. Less of the faux-serious fantasy stock characters, and more of “whatever we can dream up”. They say they were inspired by saturday morning cartoons when designing the game and I can sort of see what they’re getting. Being Dutch, I probably grew up with the same toons that they’re thinking of. So, in all, the character design a bit less constrained by genre, which makes them more fun, or at least a bit different.

    So yes, I backed this thing, and I hope the team will be able to expand and polish the game further.