Dirty Bomb Now Extraction, Nexon Publishing

The title says it all, really. There’s a new Nexon teaser site up for “Extraction”, which is the reborn Splash Damage multiplayer FPS, Dirty Bomb. Early footage (below) makes it look like a radically modified Brink in a new setting, that of a terrorised contemporary (or near-future) London. Looks like it will be free-to-play, of course, but Splash Damage are keen to stress it’s a purely skill-based game.

Expect an appearance from the game in early 2014.


  1. Echo Black says:

    Gameplay looks really uninspired, but it being Splash Damage, I’m sure it’s at least above-average.

    • qrter says:

      Being Splash Damage, it’ll have an interesting gameworld that’ll seem wasted on a multiplayer game.

    • Seiniyta says:

      Gameplay is really fun actually (playing in alpha). I can’t talk about specifics (nda) but it’s a fun game that’s still undergoing quite a few changes. If they can solve of the issues this game is going to rock. But it can also bomb. Unlike Brink and QW, this game has an early playable alpha and the game has changed a lot wiht the feedback of the players.

      Also, definitly somehting to take in mind. The above video is very outdated. the game looks significently better now then that trailer.

      • Rahabib says:

        Looks in the video just like Brink – horrible feeling weapons that are just spray and pray because there is no accuracy required.

        That and F2P from Nexon is an big red flag for this game.

        • Smashington says:

          I was thinking the same thing… It has a closed reticule like you’re in the prone firing yet he’s holding the trigger down. That kind of thing can easily be changed with a small patch but still. I was wondering if there was even going to be an aim down the sight feature because I never saw him use it. Eventually he actually aims for like 3 seconds with an assault rifle toward the end of the video.

          If there is going to be ADS then hip fire cannot be so accurate. It’s silly to have both.

          Also I thought it was hilarious that they only use Quake Wars as their credentials at the beginning. Claiming Brink would kill their business even though most PC gamers already know.

        • nickkim123 says:

          trust me, I played this game in the alpha phase during PAX, and the game was actually pretty decent. It has a sort of CS:S feeling with more of the better graphics and more teamwork gameplay. The weapons… well, they aren’t bad, but the sniper has to 2-shot most of the body shots and some of the classes are almost purely support – their weapons does almost no damage (i.e. medic’s submachine gun). However, this game’s actually fantastic to play with friends because communication’s everything and you have to cooridnate your offence and get support from Arty’s ammo refill and Sawbone’s med packs. I definitely recommend this game!

  2. Christo4 says:

    Curious to see how it will turn out. I don’t have a problem with F2P titles when they are done good (TF2, LoL, WoT etc.), but unfortunately i don’t think there has been a Nexon game to date that didn’t have pay-to-win so i am cautious about this one.

    • ForeverReign says:

      combat arms is 100% F2P. Many of the weapons/items sold for Gp in the in-game shop are quite decent, some being even better than the NX variant.

  3. Tendentieus says:

    This has “Doomed beyond recovery!” written all over it.

    * A retread of an previous title, which was itself a retread of a retread…. But each time a litle worse then the previous title.
    * Free to Play with unlocks, persistent stuff and such… While their pevious success was known to be Free (No unlocks or persistent stuff, community controlled with buttloads of modding and mapping.)
    * Change in publisher, pushed deadlines and sudden spikes of media focus before suddenly going all silent.

  4. Cytrom says:

    I wish Splash Damage could recreate the unrealistic, but fun enemy territory gameplay in a creative fresh setting, polished game mechanics that fit with the theme and execution… kinda like team fortress 2 did, but it seems to me that they simply lack the proper talent and vision to accomplish that.

    Quake Wars could have been it, if they’d been more brave and creative with the scifi weapons and gadgets.. and if they had a proper technical background (ie a good multiplayer game engine).

    Brink could have been also great if it wasnt a technical disaster that runs like shit while having cod level of graphics (or worse), and again the guns were boring, and the classes lost a bit of their distinctiveness ,and the scale of the multiplayer game were a lot smaller than in etqw or even ET, for no apparent reason. The parkour element fitted perfectly to it though.

    Here, the gameplay and the setting just clash with each other in an uncomfortable way. On the surface it looks like a modern military shooter, and has the kind of weapons and tools we expect there, yet people are just running, gunning, circlestrafing around as if it was quake… without the fun weapons, physics and tactics of quake, and I don’t see the synergy of the classes of previous ET games either, and there seems to be no grandness or epic feel to the objectives.

    It pains me to see such wasted potential, because the Enemy territory style gameplay (objectives + class based multiplayer cooperation) is worth pursuing.

    I guess Titanfall could have better a shot at it.. but that’ll be full of paid dlcs, origin exclusivity, and its own mutated version of battlelog.

    • Seiniyta says:

      A lot of the weapons aren’t in the game yet. But there’s some really cool stuff coming to the game in the coming months. And even now it’s a really fun game for people who are tired of normal TDM/Domination kind of modes. The game definitly has a lot of potential. But it’s up to SD to come true.

      Brink I feel was too ambitious for a small studio like SD. Especially since they were stuck wtih the doom 3 engine and it felt too stuttery. That’s one thing DB already does a lot better.

    • Monkeh says:

      I actually bought the $60 dollar ‘pack’ for Dirty Bomb, exactly because of what you describe above, hoping that maybe they’ll be able to sort of recreate ET’s gameplay in a modern setting. Sadly, I also know this is just idle hope.

    • Orageon says:

      “… but it seems to me that they simply lack the proper talent and vision to accomplish that.”

      — How so ? What about the influence of the publisher / producer ? Is this opinion based on Brink, or ETQW ?

      “Quake Wars could have been it, if they’d been more brave and creative with the scifi weapons and gadgets.. and if they had a proper technical background (ie a good multiplayer game engine).”

      — Quake wars was great, skill-based, with original and asymetric weapons gameplay between the two sides, which is hard to balance, and they gave SDK. What do you mean by “more creative with the scifi weapons” ? Can you see multiplayer scifi FPS with stuff like ETQW had ? Ok they didn’t go overboard, but they had a solid base which provided numerous gameplay styles to choose from when playing, instead of being lazy and providing x types of machine guns with only slight differences in recoil and spread etc. (Battlefield I’m looking at you).

      “Brink could have been also great if it wasnt a technical disaster that runs like shit while having cod level of graphics (or worse), and again the guns were boring, and the classes lost a bit of their distinctiveness ,and the scale of the multiplayer game were a lot smaller than in etqw or even ET, for no apparent reason. The parkour element fitted perfectly to it though.”

      — The parkour fitted perfectly ? Really ? Didn’t you follow the community (I’m talking PC of course) rants about how it was underexploited ? How only “light” bodytypes really made use of it and how level designs didn’t exploit it enough either ? Parkour mechanics where nicely made (imo) and brought some additional fun, but they didn’t fit “perfectly”. It could have been better. And this is because of the bodytypes messy design (that was one of Brink’s major problems, with weapon balance and imposed console-like gameplay elements). The graphics and design in Brink were really nice and refreshing (CoD ? seriously wtf is wrong with your eyes dude… or do you mean texture resolutions or something like that ?)

      “I guess Titanfall could have better a shot at it.. but that’ll be full of paid dlcs, origin exclusivity, and its own mutated version of battlelog.”

      — Do you think the budgets and backings are comparable ? Splash Damage took a (somewhat deserved) hit with Brink, although I also blame Bethesda heavily for refusing to pay Splash Damage for more patching, and sub-contracting the website for ladder stats to some people who screwed up on their own too. Just like ETQW, Brink had a rocky start but could have become something much better, provided a couple of patches would have been funded.
      Bethesda was happy enough to completely over-hype the game with expensive marketing, also push it on consoles (consoles players have different standards and expectations for FPS especially concerning solo parts), grab the cash of the first month’s sales, and then let the thing die. Such a waste…

      Splash Damage made some mistakes but I still think they can provide great games for their specialty : objective-based and class-based multiplayer FPS. I like Battlefield titles (I own and played extensively BF2, BFBC2 and BF3), but they never provided as much fun with objectives as ET series, and also the combat styles is very different (I like quake style with precise guns, some bunny hoping. I also like BF-like slower and more tactical play).
      ET and ETQW were awesome, Brink was crap because it came out nowhere as ready as it should have been, and also because of too many hazardous or ill-implemented design choices (basically, it wouldve needed a beta but it seems bethesda wasn’t patient enough).

      Although I don’t like the Nexon and F2P idea, if that can help them survive and come back later, that would be nice. Also, this game doesn’t seem too bad, I recognize a lot of things that I liked in their games. Still, once again they might have to force in some elements dear to the publisher (here, F2P mechanics) and endanger the whole recipe…

      • Nick says:

        Yup, there were about 3 places total in all of Brinks maps that even used the parkour stuff. That game was a fucking mess and a huge waste of my money. Never again.

  5. Seiniyta says:

    Having played the Alpha. It’s actually a lot of fun and miles better then Brink. I would really say give it a shot when it goes free to play. The gameplay doesn’t rely on gimmicky things like the SMART idea in Brink. It’s closer to W:ET in gameplay then Brink or QW were.

    I’m pretty sure this game will be pretty popular if marketed well and if SD can pull off balance.

  6. aliksy says:

    I think I hate nexon. I’m pretty sure all the games they publish have awful cash shops.

  7. cunningmunki says:

    The first sign this game is in trouble; the name change. “Dirty Bomb” was at least quite memorable, but…*scrolls to top of page… scrolls back down to comment* …”Extraction” is easily forgettable.

    • Seiniyta says:

      According to them Extraction was their initial name but they weren’t sure they could trademarker it globally so they renamed it Dirty Bomb. But that name doesn’t really roll all that well and for a lot it just sounds wrong. Extraction definitly isn’t an amazing name but probably better then Dirty Bomb. Maybe.

    • Cytrom says:

      Extraction is a better title, not great and about as generic, but at least it gives a closer impression of the actual game.

      Dirty Bomb just sounds like something cheap and would better fit to some realistic counter strike clone.

      • cunningmunki says:

        Dirty Bomb sounds naff but fun, Extraction sounds like another takes-itself-too-seriously-run-of-the-mill-COD-alike.

      • DrGonzo says:

        The exact opposite of what you just wrote.

      • brokeTM says:

        But this is a Counter-Strike clone… (ish).

        Planting bombs,
        deadly accurate while hipshooting, (tho for some reason you can use iron-sights aswel)
        the way characters seem to move, no pentalty on strafing.

        In fact, nothing in this video made me think of Brink. While Brink had some great ideas behind it, this seems very uninspired, and a cheap shot at an already oversaturated free2play “counter-strike with a twist” market.

        • Seiniyta says:

          You haven’t played W:ET or Quake Wars then or Brink for that matter. They offer variations of the same sort of multiplayer, varying in degrees of success. I think Quake Wars was their best game so far. (W:ET is better wtih mods, but QW was better out of the box)

    • KDR_11k says:

      Hell, I wasn’t even sure if this was the Minh Le game or what not. The name sounds like a relative of Breach.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      It may sound memorable to you but it’s a total myth, created purposely by people who benefited from the climate of fear after the September 11 attacks. The fact is that no dirty bomb however sophisticated would kill or harm even a single person (though part of the myth created under Bush was precisely that a rudimentary device with some radioactive material could do massive damage; neither are true).

      The US Department of Energy (and the Iraqi Army) even conducted their own experimental tests, and found that the resulting radioactivity and poisoning would not kill a single person, and in fact that even if ALL of the hypothetical victims would remain frozen in place for a year after the explosion, they would not be exposed to particularly harmful let alone lethal levels.

      Of course, not a single report in the mass media did their homework on this whenever these manufactured fears resurfaced, and mostly sheepishly reported whatever the Pentagon and White House at the time told them to when it came to these fabricated nightmares (we can all remember the hilarious alarmist graphics they ran with).

      Source: The Power of Nightmares pt. 3 The Shadows in The Cave (around 43 minutes in)

  8. kwyjibo says:

    Free 2 Play means at least it’ll be better than Brink was.

    You won’t have to pay to turn up on an empty server.

    • Seiniyta says:

      The game is miles and miles better then Brink already even in the current state in Alpha. Storytelling is going back to background (letting the enviroment tell the story more then in your face cutscenes like in Brink).

      Guns don’t have random spread anymore and feel good. SMART is removed, kinda sad at one side as some of the stuff was pretty cool, but in the end levels in Brink were made around smart so it made Smart more of a gimmick then something actually that added to the gameplay.

      Extraction still has a lot of possible pitfalls, where it could fail as a F2P shooter but it’s definitly better then Brink in almost every respect gameplay wise.

      • Grayman says:

        Shame about smart being removed. Unless that means “the shitty auto play aspects of smart are gone but the game still features mantle, slide and walljump parkour”.

      • Orageon says:

        Agreed. Although I liked some aspects of the SMART thing (mantle, walljump, slides), they were a bit underused and sadly most of the fun was restricted to the lightweight bodytype. I think the bodytypes implementation (in relation to fixed characters with XP) ruined a bit the thing.
        Still, I won’t miss the “lock in place” interactions like for giving ammo or hacking a command post.

    • Scumbag says:

      Although Brink was flawed its lack of players was its killer.
      I never understood why they did not do a little work and convert it to F2P. It had a heavy customizing system there with a load of other unlocks. May have given it some life beyond the first month.

  9. LionsPhil says:

    “Hmm. Brink kind of didn’t do so well.”
    “I know what scuppered it. It’ll be that bright and airy slightly-cartoony-but-not-just-aping-TF2 style and its whole ark-of-civilization-at-sea setting. Trash all that and set it somewhere more brown and ripped-from-the-headlines.”
    “Yes, this is surely the solution to all of our problems.”

    • Seiniyta says:

      The game definitly doesn’t look brownish once you play it, that’s old ingame footage you see. It takes place near where the studio is located.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Very sad yeah, they should have followed up with Brink 2, the actual game was very fun, just technically broken.

      • Vandelay says:

        Agreed. The ideas within Brink were quite good, but it just had a few elements that broke it. The biggest issue was the small maps and team sizes. The game just ended up in too much focus on choke points. There where ways to flank, particularly when you used the SMART system or went for one of side objectives, but splitting the team would just result in you losing the choke.

        The weapon system was also uninspired, as were the class abilities. This was made worse by having classes completely unusable until you levelled, not giving a good impression to newcomers. In fact, the unlock system in general had no place here (then again, I would say it has no place in any multiplayer game, but that is just me.)

        Then there are the obvious technical issues.

        Some of these faults, could have been corrected through patching, but it really needed a bigger rethink than that, which only could come from an (unlikely) sequel. The little I know about the above, I don’t think they are really making the right moves though.

        • FakeAssName says:

          Think back to that Brian Fargo interview and what he said about how little control he had over QA & Voice work on demon forge (as well as his comments on Obsidian getting dicked on the bonus mostly due to bugs when it was Bethshitia’s QA).

          SD was the first to complain (indirectly) by stating they would never work under Bethshitia again, but every single “publishing partner” that has shipped with them has said much the same thing once their game has shipped. Even ID has had major walkouts as people get tired of the bullshit and walkout.

        • Orageon says:

          Choke points aren’t necessarily a bad thing, if they are made intelligently. They can be used to push players into teamplay, instead of having rogue skirmishes all over the map. And passing a chokepoint with proper teamplay feels quite rewarding. Add-in a couple of flanking routes and it can be okay.

          Of course, if it’s done bad and 90% of the action on the map happens at one choke point and if the spawning grounds are not well positioned, it can end up in a lot of frustration and feeling a lack of achievement overall. It’s a tough mechanic to tune, and that’s why betas and tools like their “Echo” thing are very much needed.

          In objective-based multiplayer, you’re bound to have chokepoints or at least concentrated action around objectives anyway, so it’s futile to try and remove them entirely but the trick is to tune them right so neither the defense or offense feels bullied.

    • kwyjibo says:

      What scuppered Brink was charging for a multiplayer game in an era of free to play.

      I guess they wanted to bilk some money from the console crowd. Paying money for a multiplayer game no one else plays. Still, at least it was better than APB – they wanted a subscription.

      • FakeAssName says:

        It is called “leveraging the power of your IP” and it roughly translates into “we think you are a stupid enough whore that you will put up with an infinite amount of bullshit to play our game.”

        It also translates into “Horse Armor” and “TSO.”

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      The caricature styling of Brink is called hyper-realism. The artist, Sebastian Kruger, specializes in hyper-realistic portraits and his work was a big influence on the character design of Brink.

      I would highly suggest checking out some of Kruger’s paintings. They’re pretty amazing.

  10. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    There’s something faintly uncomfortable about a F2P game being called ‘Extraction’.

  11. randdy says:

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  12. dagudman says:

    I remember this, It had some kind of engine that allowed the devs to see what parts of the map they used and where they would use cover and where people would get killed the most which allowed them to change the maps in order for the players to use all of it rather than one small spot. It’s a cool concept. I am hoping for something good even though it isn’t nice to hear that nexon is publishing.

  13. FakeAssName says:

    Disappointing, to say the least, and I am now quite glad I didn’t kick in on the find raiser like I wanted to (but couldn’t spare the coin for).

    SD make some stupid fun games and I think this could have turned into a major profit for them as a self published title, however if you don’t have the cash to finish the game …. I don’t count NEXON as a good addirion to the mix, but there are far worse options out there.

    … at least they aren’t back in “press sneak fuck’ Bethshitia’s hands to have another title ship with dog shit QA shafting them out of a bonus they need to not shut down.

  14. Tei says:

    Dirty Bomb was a good name, Extraction just sounds like a generic shooter.

    Looking forward what SD can do. But the power of the PC World is in the community, and consoles don’t have any. So game developers taking inspiration from the console world normally don’t give any freedom to gamers, resulting in weak games.

    • FakeAssName says:

      I like it better too, but while a inde studio self publishing could get away with it a big corporation like NEXON would get no end of shit shipping something named after a controversial and banned weapon.

      May as well name it “Six year old land mine detector” for all the shit they would get.

  15. lowprices says:

    I still want someone to make a Deus Ex style game in Brink’s world. I though the setting itself was fascinating, even if the game wasn’t quite up to scratch.

  16. Utnac says:

    I’ll stick that down in the avoid like the plague and wouldn’t touch with a barge pole lists then.

    Splash Damage live on a decades old reputation, nothing they have done anywhere recently has even been passable.

  17. Grayman says:

    So this means that Splash Damage is not self publishing anymore? Release date changing from soon(tm) to coming surprisingly soon.

    Please don’t suck.

  18. MeestaNob says:

    RIP Splash Damage

  19. SockDog says:

    It’s a F2P game, why are people acting like they’re going to have to pay to check it out? Is it not a bit more logical to try it yourself and actually play the game rather than leap off the cliff of assumption?

  20. DatonKallandor says:

    Oh Nexon, great. Europeans get fucked, the US gets fucked slightly less and the Asian Market is 6 months of content ahead of everyone else. And hard proxy proof region locking.

    RIP Splash Damage