Second Act: TesserAct

I like to pat myself on the back when I see first-person puzzle games, because when I originally played Portal I immediately said something like “well there’s a new genre”, and lo, so it came to pass. Well done, me. (I suppose you didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to call that one.) Anyway. Here’s another instance of that particular genre, this time called TesserAct. The team, Propelled Bird, explain: “Waking up in a strange facility, college student Sam takes control of a device called the Catalyst; a device that manipulates space-time and alters physics. Inspired by the critically acclaimed “Portal,” players will use the Catalyst to change the laws of physics with whatever they happen to fire upon. Players will walk on water, create floating stepping stones, and much more!”

It looks okay, below.


  1. Harlander says:

    Did they pick the name Sam because it could apply to someone of either gender?

    • Boris the Impregnable says:

      Sam’s a girl. There’s a screenshot of her on the indiedb page.

  2. Lintire says:

    I like to pat myself on the back when I see first-person puzzle games, because when I originally played Portal I immediately said something like “well there’s a new genre”

    Did we all suddenly forget about Myst? I’m so sad. Inside. This statement just brings me down as a human being.

    I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose it’s just


    • Harlander says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but I’d say that Myst and Portal are qualitatively different.

      Maybe “first-person real-time puzzle game” for the Portalites?

      • hemmer says:

        First Person Physics Puzzle Game? FPPPG!

        • fenriz says:

          I trust they’re not(all) physics puzzles in this one here?

          Cause that’s like adventure gaming for kids, blocks and shapes.

          And to me puzzles shouldn’t BE one genre, but IN every genre. I remember back in the 90’s many action games included items picking-up and use. Now why must they limit themselves?

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Myst didn’t have any camera control, did it?
        I’ve always hated Myst as to me it was the birth of pop-casual games.

        • Prime says:

          Hipster. You liked games back when they weren’t selling in the millions to Mums and Dads.

        • Flatley says:

          I don’t think anyone who actually completed Myst could possibly qualify as a casual gamer, unless they went and looked up how to do it beforehand.

          Anyway, even if you hate it, (I loved it, of course), the game standardized the CD-ROM as an inclusion with PC’s, which was monstrously important. PC gaming would look a lot different if that format had been only partially adopted.

        • morgofborg says:

          Not in the original incarnation, but there was an edition called realMyst with free-roaming 3D in place of static viewpoints. Definitely the version I would recommend to anyone who’s for some reason playing Myst for the first time in 2013.

  3. mrt181 says:

    since steam is available on linux, I first need to know if it will be available on steam and linux. You should start each article with providing this information

  4. vnsl says:

    The posted screenshot looks magnitudes more intersting than the gameplay video.

  5. Kein says:

    Looks quite generic, to be honest. Also, what’s up with anorexic arm?

  6. TreuloseTomate says:

    I couldn’t really tell what was happening, but it looks boring. Maybe they should have picked different clips from the game?

  7. randdy says:

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  8. yhancik says:

    Well it’s good they went for that distinctive look…

  9. Pookey says:

    HI, I am Propelled Bird’s beta tester, Michael. The picture above is a current photo of one of the levels we are currently designing. However the video posted is our oldest video of an alpha demo. In-fact that video is so old that it still shows our previous company logo at the beginning (which was Proxima Centauri Games). If you would like to see the progress done since then you can visit our our web page at and underneath projects/ tesseract, you can play our current demo. We also have a Facebook where you can see what we as a company have been up to recently just look for Propelled Bird Software you can’t miss it. You can even check Youtube for previous updates we have made to the demo and the catalyst (gun).We will be distributing the game upon completion through Desura. As for a Linux version of our game the Unreal Development Kit does not support Linux in our case, sorry. We got a laugh from the “anorexic arm” and will let our head modeler know. We are glad that you recognize our “distinctive look” but you haven’t seen anything yet I can promise you that.