Guild Schools, Too: Super Adventure Box Returns

Those of you with special organic brains that can actually retain information for more than a few moments will recall the Guild Wars 2 April fool that materialised into something real: Super Adventure Box was an 8-bit “demake” of the MMO, a free standalone dungeon which amused the MMOing masses. It turns out that ArenaNet were rather pleased with the idea, too, because they’re revisiting it with Super Adventure Box: Back To School. “The asuran genius Moto is back with his new and improved Super Adventure Box! This virtual reality simulator was designed to educate young asura, but anyone can enroll! Face new challenges and new enemies in World 2, or put your skills to the ultimate test with the aptly-named Tribulation Mode!” There are a bunch of new rewards and such, too, of course, so you might want to get your 8-bit pauldrons ready for its September 3rd release.


  1. Smashington says:

    Super pumped. There is a big list of more exciting things than SAB included in next weeks patch. The addition of ascended weapons and the changes to legendary weapons. Crafting being raised to 500. And everyone’s favorite…. *drum roll* THE REMOVAL OF FUCKING MAGIC FIND GEAR!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!


    • snowgim says:

      I haven’t read the patch list yet, but you just made my day.

  2. Lobotomist says:

    This is one of best parts of GW2. The guy that designed it is genius.
    I only hope one day someone will be smart enough and make MMO in the same style…
    (cube world comes to mind…)

  3. Barberetti says:

    This time round, hopefully they’ll make it so that when you get to the final boss room, the camera doesn’t zoom up so high that you can’t see your fucking character.

  4. Merus says:

    The Super Adventure Box is a quick content drop, but the big important change here is adding new, specific resources gained by completing particular activities. At the moment it’s very easy for the game to get pretty grindy because there’s not a lot of reason to do the more unique content. There’s been a lot of work on fixing the drop and reward systems recently, which appears to be helping. (The endgame issue they had at launch seems to have been mostly solved with the Living Story approach.)

    • RvLeshrac says:

      Super, so now instead of grinding ONE thing, you get to grind a dozen things, some of which may be complete crap to do.

      Except, of course, for all the farmers with bots, who are never actually banned.

  5. Noviere says:

    I can’t wait. The first SAB came at a time when I had given up on GW2, and it managed to draw me back in. Now the bi-weekly updates are enough to keep me in the game for at least a couple of hours per week.

  6. Nick says:

    I literally hate what they have turned Guild Wars into.

    • Caerphoto says:

      Must be nice to have so little of importance going on in your life that you can get so worked up over a game.