This Week’s MEGADEAL: Humble Paradox Bundle

Sound the alarm and lock up your wallets, those gents and gentesses at Humble Bundles are roving for your cash once more. After the stratospheric success of the Humble Origin Bundle, you’d think they’d calm down a bit. But no, their ever hungering need to supply you with cheap, brilliant games has flared once more. Paradox are up for it this time, with a selection of their titles available for a dollar an up, two more at six and every game they’ve ever published (excepting Europa Universalis 4 and DLC) for $125. Value. More details and what RPS thought of the various games after the cut.

So, for less than the cost of a cheeseburger you can get:

War of the Roses: Kingmaker, a 3rd person 15th century stab-em-up. This will also give you access to the upcoming War of the Vikings.
Warlock, a fantasy turn based strategy game.
Dungeonland, a four person co-op dungeon crawler which Jim had a chat about with the devs.
Leviathan: Warships, a fleet-based strategic action game. Read wot Adam thought.
The Showdown Effect, a callback to 80s kablam-em-ups. Read wot Adam thought.
Europa Universalis 3 Complete, the grandest strategy title.

Then if you can somehow stretch that little bit further to a full happy meal, you’ll receive:

Magicka, the incredibly messy, incredibly fun explode-your-friends simulator.
Crusader Kings II, medieval deep strategy which Adam won’t shut up about.

Finally, for the rather hefty sum of $125, there’s all of this stuff minus EU4. Adding this all up reveals a rather impressive saving of $606.56, give or take various conversion math problems and Steam’s “unique” way of pricing games in different regions. Probably worth it. Our small but growing Linux audience may also be interested to know that CK2, Teleglitch and Knights of Pen & Paper as well as the unincluded EU4 are all available on the platform.

So, are you going in? Honestly, even I’m tempted and I barely have the patience to put my socks on in the morning, nevermind this grand strategy nonsense. If you ever some how exhaust this sheer amount of game, Paradox do have a habit of releasing mountains of DLC. Some may deride this but you’ll never have nothing new to play and, let’s be honest, saying the Europa Universalis guys sold you less than a full game is probably missing a trick.


  1. d32 says:

    Sooo, are any DLCs included in first two tiers, or not?
    Pardon my lack of cognition, it’s already after dark here!

    • Nameless Knightshark says:

      doesn’t look like it.

    • cwoac says:

      Hard to say – presumably EU3 ‘complete’ does, but …

      • thebigJ_A says:

        ‘Chronicles’ is the one with all the dlc. ‘Complete’ came out before the most recent (i.e. the one you really want). Still, you can upgrade for like a buck during one of the practically monthly times Paradox stuff is on sale on Steam.

        • dE says:

          Slightly unreleated to the bundle but related to the whole complete thing.

          Paradox, some indies and a few other Publishers are in the really odd habit of calling something complete, when it isn’t. This has put me off a couple of times already. Especially when there is an ocean of DLC.

          Look Paradox, I’m ready to pay a bit more for the complete pack, just make it – you know – complete. Don’t make me wade through that ocean, one tiny portrait DLC at a time, and check whether it’s included or not. I don’t follow your DLC releases, I don’t want to doublecheck everything to see what’s missing.
          With a self proclaimed complete package, I want the complete deal. Not into the future of course, but when you release stuff after a complete pack, it’s time to make a new complete pack.

          • killias2 says:

            Europa Universalis Complete came with the two major expansion packs that were out when it was released. I guess you could argue that they could’ve waited, but these aren’t AAA-style DLCs. The third expansion pack came out over a year after the second, and the fourth came out over a year after the third. Considering I purchased the Complete version when it was new and had hours of fun with it, I’m happy I didn’t have to wait two and a half years just so the word Complete would still hold true years later and satisfy grumble grumble internet people.

            That said, it’s stupid it doesn’t come with Chronicles. I also don’t think Chronicles comes with the Sprite packs and stuff, but.. seriously? Those are -completely- cosmetic. I’ve never been able to tell the difference between Paradox games with those packs and without.

          • dE says:

            Uh, you didn’t really read what I wrote, did you? My entire point about comlete packs doesn’t give a damn about longevity, “necessary for the game” or game quality. All I’m asking for is that when they do a complete pack, they make it complete.
            If there is content further down the line, that’s fine. When that comes out, rename the old complete pack into “old days before dlc” or “not that complete anymore” or “my dog ate the DLC”. Or remove the old comlete pack from sale – and then make a new complete pack that is once again complete. Happily charge more money for the new pack too, that’s cool. How in what shape or form is that unreasonable? Please do tell, since you’re so good with labels.

          • Baines says:

            Chronicles does not come with any sprite pack or music DLC.

            Complete (minimum version available through Steam) == EU3 + In Nomine + Napolean’s Ambition
            Chronicles == Complete + Heir to the Throne + Divine Wind
            Collection == Chronicles + all sprite pack DLC + music DLC
            DLC Collection == everything that is not in Complete

            dE is right and possibly wrong about the naming. Normally I’d just agree. You shouldn’t call your collection “Complete” if you are going to keep releasing DLC. The problem is that I don’t know if Paradox might have felt like it was done with Complete. There is a ten month gap between the release of Complete and the announcement of Heir to the Throne. Maybe Paradox felt it was done with the series? Though I don’t really believe that. I figure that they were open to making more DLC, and thus “Complete” was a poor choice to use at the time. They could have used “Collection” or “Chronicles”, saving “Complete” for when they were truly done.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      And Warlock pretty much requires the DLC’s to be a decent game, as does CK2 to a lesser extent. Both are great games with them though.

      • JonathanStrange says:

        Don’t know about the others, but Crusader Kings 2 is just fine without DLC. The way they’ve been doing all the post release support has been fantastic, even without paying an extra dime you’ll still be playing an improved version of the game and fully capable of playing with any friends online, whether they own DLC or not. The only limiting factor is who you can choose to play as since that’s the big selling point for the DLC.

      • HothMonster says:

        Yeah I too would disagree about CK2 needing DLC. All the DLC is nice and adds cool things but certainly isn’t necessary and not having it doesn’t cheapen the core game.

        • thebigJ_A says:

          “All the dlc is nice and adds cool things”

          Nope. All but one. One is lame and adds just about the dumbest thing ever.
          Fuckin’ Aztec invasions. C’mon.

      • Baines says:

        Warlock is okay without the DLC, certainly $1 game okay. What it really needed was bug fixing. I don’t believe Paradox ever bothered to fix some of its bugs?

      • Vesperan says:

        Is Warlock that much better with the DLC?

        I have the vanilla version and the main problem was that the AI was way too passive. I looked at the DLC and decided that none of them changed that fundamental issue, and so I passed on it…

        • Grey Poupon says:

          They even put some UI improvements in the Warlock DLC’s that you can’t get without them. I liked both Warlock and CK2 without the DLC’s, but after you’ve played with the DLC’s the games feel somewhat incomplete without them. Though obviously at the price they’re selling the games, they are worth it. Warlock just feels like a game that has purchasable patches and CK2 feels like a game that’s been stripped of content in order to sell DLC’s. Both leave a sour taste in my mouth, even though they’re good games.

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        as does CK2 to a lesser extent

        The lesser extent being you can’t play as any Muslim rulers without Sword of Islam, Byzantium without Legacy of Rome*, Merchant Republics without The Republic or Pagans & Zoroastrians without The Old Gods. And you can’t start before 1066 without The Old Gods.
        There are also smaller features tied to certain DLCs like Retinues (basically a standing army) are unavailable without Legacy of Rome.

        * – you can play as Byzantium without Legacy of Rome but there’s not much reason to as most of the mechanics which make them different from Catholics don’t exist without it.

        • thebigJ_A says:

          To be fair, all the features are added to the game regardless of whether you buy the DLCs (and importantly all the fixes are as well). If you don’t want to play as a merchant republic, you don’t buy that dlc, but Merchant republics will happily work in your game the way they do in the dlc. They’ll use the features etc. and you can interact with them, making for a much richer world than when the game released.

          And I personally hated the idea of starting earlier. The world in 800 just doesn’t fit the CK2 mechanics. I didn’t want to play pagans, either. But, the pagans in my properly medieval game were a richer opponent.

  2. Suits says:

    Seems attractive for the strategists among us.

  3. mpk says:

    Giving into temptation on this one.

  4. eleclipse says:

    While it’s a really nice bundle i sure hope they’ll add the dlcs.

    Magicka and crusader kings are almost incomplete (and cost a LOT more) without them, to the point that if (as it probably is) you have one of them it would be cheaper to await some steam or amazon sale that include the dlc.

    • Martel says:

      Yeah, it’s almost a bad thing if you decide you like it and want the “complete” game, since DLCs don’t appear to be included.

      I ended up buying the damn thing even though I already own just about everything on there but didn’t have Dungeonland or Leviathan.

      • DrScuttles says:

        Honestly, this has pretty much put me off the bundle. I was umming and aahing all over it but the main game I’m interested in here is Crusader Kings 2. Though Magicka is also tempting.
        But as I’m trying to stop pissing away money on bargains I’ll never play, it’s almost a relief to be talked out of it.

        • iridescence says:

          Geez, people actually expect hundreds of dollars worth of games and DLCs in a $1 bundle? Just getting the base games for CK2 and EU3 for $1 is a steal and the DLCs go 75% very often so it’s not like it’s going to make anyone broke to get them later if you enjoy the games. You can easily get a lot of enjoyment out of both games without any of the DLC installed. They are very generous about giving you the most up to date patches even if you have no DLC/expansions installed.

          • WrenBoy says:

            CK2 alone is worth the price they are asking but there is no need to exaggerate, its many times more expensive than 1.

          • DrScuttles says:

            No, iridescence, I don’t expect that. That would be mad.

          • Baines says:

            To be fair, you don’t get the base game of CKII for $1. It is a BTA game, which is currently sitting at $5.80.

            And while EU3 is a great game, it isn’t necessary if you already own (or even plan to own soon) EU4.

            Still, I bought the bundle for $1, even though I already own some of the games (including the two BTA games), and am not interested in some of the rest. $1 is cheap enough to try Dungeonland and Leviathan. Maybe I’ll even install The Showdown Effect, which I would not have bought on its own. (I already owned Warlock, EU3, CK2, and Magicka. I likely may never even install WotR:Kingmaker, which seems to be best known as “that game that isn’t Chivalry”.)

          • iridescence says:

            Yeah Sorry, I didn’t notice you have to pay $5+change for everything (I already own all the games I think I want from this bundle). I still think it’s a very cheap price for all the games you’re getting here. Even if you later feel compelled to drop more money on DLC later you’ll still be getting a bargain.

    • mpk says:

      In fairness, most Magicka DLC is available for pennies whenever there’s a Steam sale on, although iirc I picked up a complete package (complete at the time, anyway).

      • derbefrier says:

        CK2 and its must have DLC’s constantly go on sale too so its really not a bad deal if you like CK2 spending a extra 15-20 bucks during a sale for all the must have DLC is nothing. you’ll probably come out cheaper in the long run or at least about the same.

        • HothMonster says:

          Why would you consider any of the DLCs must haves. The base game is great. Playing as a pagan or republic is fun too but you can have a grand time conquering Europe without any DLC.

    • Baines says:

      I wonder if I could play Magicka again if I got rid of all the DLC. It always ran fairly poorly for me, but some time later after activating all the DLC, it became completely unplayable. Even navigating the main menus took around 10 seconds for it to recognize a command.

    • Jalan says:

      The DLC for Magicka is the height of non-essential DLC – even the story DLC (which I think most could argue toward only due to the fact that they’ve done the unthinkable and tied specific achievements into them, the heathens). Honestly, they’ve dropped way too much of it since release that it’s lost any semblance of real value.

    • Borsook says:

      They will not add anything, it’s not a humble bundle but a weekly bundle, those never get additions, sorry,.

  5. Smashbox says:


    Chivalry or War of the Roses?

    …aaaaand GO!

    • Meldreth says:

      All right then : Chivalry.

      • Reapy says:

        Mount & Blade: Warband…. then Chivalry…. Avoid WOTR if you can.

        Also, isn’t kingmaker free to play?

        I got the bundle for CKII finally + Warlock.

        Showdown effect was just in a 1 dollar bundle last week which I purchased, boo.

        • Baines says:

          WOTR is free-to-play. Kingmaker is a $20 DLC add-on that “includes arsenal and armor updates, three new maps and two additional gameplay modes, including the Assault Mode,” at least according to its Steam page.

  6. derbefrier says:

    I will have to buy this. I only own CK2, magika, and EU3 out of the bundle. Any one know how the keys come? I hope they will be separate so i can give the extra CK2 copy to a friend so i can force him to try out multiplayer with me.

    • Baines says:

      Separate keys for each of the $1 games. Probably the same for the BTA. (I already own the BTA games, so no reason to buy them.)

      • DragonOfTime says:

        Nope, CKII and Magicka share a key. I don’t know about the big Kahuna though

  7. Banyan says:

    Looking at the “Big Kahuna” bundle reminded me of how angry was at Majesty 2. I imagine the developers had the following conversation: “Hey, this a charming, low key casual sim title where players enjoy low-stress building management and watching sim characters get into amusing predicaments. Let’s do a remake where players have to turn the game speed to a quarter because of all the frantic destruction that they can’t directly counter, and then metagame their way through missions based on their knowledge of the scenarios triggers and creature spawn points after they get stomped a few times! People will love that!” I can’t even think of a title where the people who did the remake so clearly didn’t understand the original.

    Still thinking about getting this though…

    • Baines says:

      I’d forgotten why I stopped playing Majesty 2, and you just reminded me why. It went from entertaining to annoying when I hit a mission that appeared to be engineered for the player to fail unless they built stuff in a particular order, turning it into something of a time based trial and error puzzle.

    • frightlever says:

      “Hey, this a charming, low key casual sim title where players enjoy low-stress building management and watching sim characters get into amusing predicaments.”

      Is that a true thing? I mean, I entirely agree about Majesty 2 PC – it was the kind of frustration you get when you distil sheer frustration into a black-hole-dense knot of frustration and then wrap it up in that welded plastic packaging that need a blow torch to breach, but was the original really dreamy bliss? Never played it, I honestly don’t know. Just not the impression I got.

      Majesty 2 on tablet was okay if repetitive.

      • Banyan says:

        Well, maybe “casual” is overstating it, but it was pretty hard to lose a mission as long as you remembered to upgrade buildings and hire heroes, and maybe drop a guard tower near sewer openings that appeared. Plenty of time to watch your Priests of Agrela tag along in parties to heal melee characters and drop healing plants, and then see your rangers grab the plants to make potions. The missions near the end did require full attention, but I never got the sense that a particular build of structures was required. I still play the medium difficulty missions of the original Majesty when I want to while away some time. The only thing the game really lacked was a more efficient way to direct your tax collectors and maybe a way to notify you about really important fights (i.e. medusa taking down your marketplace); Majesty 2 actually made both systems worse, IMO. Just a baffling sequel.

  8. Jharper says:

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  9. Emeraude says:

    Note: This bundle provides Steam keys only.

    And here I was; stupidly having a modicum of hope for a second.

    • kincajou says:

      Exactly my thoughts! “Oooh i can finally get into CK2… oh wait…..”

    • Flea says:

      How do people not get tired of the same comments all the time? We get it. Humble Bundle people are bad, Steam is even worse, while Origin is the worst thing that happened to people on this planet after World War II. Could we move on now?

      • WrenBoy says:

        You think people dont tire of the Steam apologists asking not to be reminded of their gilded cage?

        • pipman3000 says:

          i so tire of the quisling gabenazis and their ethnic cleansing of our wallets to power their gaming concentration camps and software-gulags, steamstaffel, and how herr fuhrer “adolf” newell refused to shake the hand of bradley wardell after he won the team fortress olympics or how gabe “stalin” neonaziwell forcibly annexed poland so it can serve as the back drop for half life 3

          its enough to turn a man hollow (i kind of ran out of steam (hurr hurr) here))

          • WrenBoy says:

            As bad as Steam is, only console gaming is literally worse than the holocaust.

            And console gamers are not even snazzy dressers.

          • gunny1993 says:

            Well I get CKII for 5 quid.


      • jrodman says:

        1 – objecting to DRM is legitimate.
        2 – your post was content-free. Therefore it seems like you should move on.

        • Flea says:

          That’s exactly my point. I have moved on. I’m buying bundles, I’m buying games and I’m enjoying them, rather than pointing out to the entire world over and over again that I most certainly shall not buy that bundle because, you know, Steam. Or Origin. Or both. Or those traitors at Humble Bundle.

          • imagine says:

            If you have moved on, just keep enjoying your games and let him (us) mourn the death of another DRM free distribution channel. Although I would never tell someone to boycott Humble Bundle given its focus on charities, it is nevertheless true that lately it has become, from a consumer point of view, like a glorified Steam sale.

            I don’t pretend to speak for the OP, but for me the most irritating aspect is that, although I’d like to support them, the only way for me to do so without supporting a business model that I detest is to run the slider all the way to charity and then throw away the Steam keys, which is not particularly helpful for the future of the Humble Bundle initiative, nor it is particularly satisfying for me as a gamer. If it were a normal sale I would not care about all this.

    • rpsKman says:

      At least they’re upfront buzzkills. Next!

  10. Lone Gunman says:

    I can’t can’t keep up with these things! But I have been meaning to give Crusader Kings 2 a try so this is great!

  11. Creeping Death says:

    Anyone else find it strange that Magicka is a beat the average game? Especially without any dlc. I’m pretty sure they gave that away free for a week at one stage.

    Looking at the Big Kahuna bundle just made me realise how many Paradox published game I own. Might pick this up for Leviathan Warships though. The idea sounds intriguing and it somehow completely passed me by before.

    • frightlever says:

      I’ve pretty much given Humble Bundle my direct debit details and told them to get on with it at this point, so I didn’t feel too skeevy just putting down a buck for Leviathan – the only key I’ll probably use. I’m sure they’ll get a DLC sale out of it at least.

      Gotta wonder though. Why am I even paying full price for games any more? I realised this morning that I hadn’t even checked out a GoG sale for months because that low rent, low fidelity itch has been getting scratched with bundle upon bundle. Two years ago I was probably paying an average of twenty quid a week on games for maybe 2 games a week, generally on Steam sale but with some first day purchases as well. Now I’m spending half that for an average of eight games a week and no way keeping up.

      Actually I can’t remember the last full price AAA or even A game I bought. Though, it was probably from Paradox. (Actually, no it wasn’t – it was StarDrive back in the Spring).

    • Borsook says:

      No they didn’t, it was never free. But it was -75% a couple of times.

      • Baines says:

        I want to recall that it came with its DLC in a past bundle.

  12. HothMonster says:

    This isn’t a bundle, it’s a weekly sale. The bundle is the comedy collection. Get your Humbles straight man!

    • Jalan says:

      Other than the timespan, it’s a distinction without a difference as it’s locked to an “all time” average and now apparently even paying $1 requires the use of reCAPTCHA.

      • HothMonster says:

        I like to pick nits. If Ben is going to leave these huge nits lying around, I’m going to pick them.

        edit: Damn, I lose. It shows up under the category “bundles” on my purchase history. You win this round Ben, but I’m coming for you.

      • Borsook says:

        You’re wrong, bundles get additional games after a week, weekly sales don’t. There is a difference.

  13. Carra says:

    I’ll pass as I already have Magicka, Eu3 & Crusader Kings 2.

    That being said, I’ve spent 115 hours with CK2, 30 hours on EU3, 43 hours on EU4 and 4 hours on Magicka. This bundle gives excellent money for value :)

    • strangeloup says:

      I’m in the same boat. I don’t really get on with Magicka so much but the strategy ones are ace. Owning those three already, I’m not seeing anything else in the bundle that’s too interesting.

    • revan says:

      EUIV and CK2 are something truly special. I’ve been playing the former every free moment I get ever since the game was published. Currently thrashing England with Scotland in EUIV and Scotland with England in CK2. :D

  14. Vandelay says:

    The trailer for Leviathan Warships is something special.

    Only really interested in Crusader Kings 2, which I meant to buy in the recent Steam sale, but missed out on it. It is disappointing that you can’t get the DLC along with it, but you can’t go wrong for a little under $6.

  15. cyrenic says:

    Can anyone tell me if the soundtracks to these games are good? If they’re good enough I’d get the bundle just for the music.

    • Jalan says:

      War of the Roses has a pretty decent score. Magicka’s score, to me at least, sounds exactly like those other fantasy-inspired scores that have come before it. This works well in context of the game (in a somewhat ironic sense, which I’ve always thought was largely the entire point of the game itself – perhaps I’m wrong) but I think it makes for a generic listen outside of it. Those are the only two I’ve heard however, so if the others are worth it I couldn’t say.

    • Toadsmash says:

      Andreas Waldetoft is an astonishingly brilliant composer, and he’s done almost all the music for Paradox’s grand strategy titles. Look up Land of the Rus on Youtube. It’s a slice of Crusader Kings 2’s soundtrack.

    • revan says:

      CK2 soundtrack alone is worth the price.

  16. PegasusOrgans says:

    A very nice package for those new to these games. All very fun and excellent games. Probably the best bundle I’ve seen so far, and that includes the EA one last week.

  17. bstard says:

    I’d buy this for CK2, not for EU3, which is an ok game, but EU4 is way better, and worth the full price.

  18. Azhrarn says:

    I have most of what they’re offering, unless I go for the $125 monster deal, which I won’t. :)
    Still an amazing deal though, pick these up if you’re interested.

  19. revan says:

    Great bundle. Too bad I have Crusader Kings 2, otherwise I’d buy it. Other than EUIV and CK2 I don’t find any of their games that much of interest, and those two titles are way more superior than any of the previous iterations. I might pick up the bundle for War of the Roses, though. Anyone playing this and up for sharing their impressions?

  20. Deadly Sinner says:

    Be aware that the $125 deal may be padded out. Not quite sure of the rest, but I know, for example, that Lead and Gold (which I loved) is multiplayer only and dead and Gettysburg: Armored Warfare had all official servers and support removed, although the single developer is surprisingly providing what little support he can give (and might give you a free copy of his next game if you bought Gettysburg before.)

    Just know what you’re getting into is alls I’m saying.

  21. BlueTemplar says:

    So, I searched around, and here’s what I found :
    (I can’t vouch for this information, it’s all second-hand)

    – All games are Steam-only (therefore I won’t give any $ for the Humble Tip).
    – $1 tier games have separate Steam keys.
    – Beat The Average (now $5.80) tier games (Magicka & Crusader Kings 2) share one Steam key.
    – $125 The Big Kahuna bundle with 48 games (actually less since this seems to include the previous tier games) is a single Steam key. Which is a shame, since one of the reasons I would get this bundle is to get extra Sword of the Stars 1 & 2 keys to gift. (Yeah, I know, Humble Bundle doesn’t want us to do that, but if I were to shell $125 for 48 games most of which I probably won’t even play, I should at least be able to give some of them away…)
    – Some DLC’s are included, but not most of them, which smells a bit like a bad move from Paradox to force us to shell out for the missing DLC’s (which is why I won’t give any $ for Paradox).

    Here’s the content of The Big Kahuna bundle:
    link to

    So, I will pay $5.80 to the charities to get CK2, and rather use that remaining $119.20 for the SotS : Ground Pounders Kickstarter…

  22. Bobtree says:

    Pro tip: spending money on sales of things you weren’t already going to buy is not “saving” you money.

  23. Granitas says:

    1. Buy bundle
    2. Install Crusader Kings 2
    3. Download Game of Thrones mod
    4. Say goodbye to 200+ hours of your life.

  24. terry says:

    It’s perhaps worth noting that amazon is currently having a sale on a few bits and pieces of the CK2 DLC (excepting Old Gods and seemingly random other items). If you’re American or a filthy foreigner with an American zip code, of course.

  25. shimeril says:

    I bought it, but mostly for the soundtracks. Been listening to the EU3 soundtrack which came with the EU3 Collectors Edition I bought years ago and would have to say that only the Bastion and Ravenmark:Scourge of Estellion soundtrack comes close to it for hours of airplay. I love the work of Andreas Waldetoft.

    Mind you, I enjoy Paradox games too. Already have CK2, EU3, Magicka and Showdown Effect (which I’ve never even played as yet) so the extras are a bonus. Not prepared to shell out $125 for the Big Kahuna though. Can’t afford that right now.

  26. obd2 says:

    even I’m tempted and I barely have the patience to put my socks on in the morning, nevermind this grand strategy nonsense.
    link to
    link to